Amnesty Program Ch. 03


Rebecca put on a petulant face. "Let's hope so," she said, and went out the door.

Jason knocked over his chair following her.


The ride to the mall was strangely subdued. For all her flirting earlier, Rebecca seemed to take the role of prim librarian to heart. She talked about authors and genres. She touched on the Shakespeare authorship debates. Jason found her infuriatingly hot and inaccessible. If she knew she was driving him crazy, she didn't let on. The conversation turned to education.

"What classes are you skipping today?" she said, smoothing her dress over her knees.

"Early American Government and Health." Jason found his eyes wandering to her legs. "I'll only have to check into Government once a week. Health I can skip the rest of the term and still get an A. You?"

"Just chemistry today. I did most of the material in homeschool though, so I won't miss anything. I just have to take the tests."

Jason drove in silence for a while.

"Did Professor Denton give you an assignment today?" Rebecca asked suddenly.

"Why- did you get one from Professor Suarez?

Rebecca folded her hands on her lap. "Yes. It was short. She said that I should try to learn something about myself from you today. Something that you know better than I do."

Jason nodded.

"What does that mean?"

He smiled and signalled to turn into the mall. "You're a beautiful woman."

Rebecca rolled her eyes. "I'm your weird sex gnome. What did the email say?"

"I'll send it to you tonight. It's going to be more fun if you don't read it yet."

To Jason's surprise, Rebecca seemed to relax a little.

"Well, if you say it'll be more fun, I guess I can wait." She allowed herself a very unlibrarianlike crooked grin.


It couldn't have turned out better for Jason at the mall. There was a book fair set up in the main concourse of the mall between the other shops. Jason gave Rebecca a nudge toward the books and she didn't argue. She was in her element. The sun came through a skylight over the tables of books and lit her up like a spotlight.

Jason opened the voice recorder app on his iPhone, pulled a clipboard, a short pencil and a sheet of paper out of his backpack and waited at the entrance to a stationery store for his first subject. He didn't have to wait long. A young businessman walked by slowly, looking for someone.

"Excuse me sir," Jason said in what he hoped was a good researcher voice, "I'm doing a survey on first impressions. Can I get your help?"

The man stopped. "Okay, but if my appointment shows up I have to leave."

"No problem at all," Jason said, surreptitiously starting the recording, "I'm going to ask you a few questions about someone. I'm looking for your impressions. Answer with the first thing that comes to mind."

"All right."

"Great. Do you see the lady in the grey dress looking at books?"

"With the brown hair?"

"Yes. That's her." Jason said, noting the beginning time of the recording. "She's a university student. What do you think her major is?"

"I'd say she's some sort of designer- maybe graphic design or fashion design."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well, she dresses conservatively, but it seems to be ironic, like she's emphasizing her beauty by hiding it. I see that in designers a lot."

"So you think that she's attractive."

"Sure. Yes. Of course." the man said quickly, "Did I get it right?"

Jason had to think fast. "I don't know. She's a model the psych department hired for the study."

"A model," the man thought for a moment, "that seems right too."

"Why do you say that?"

"Well," he said, evaluating Rebecca, "she has great skin, she knows how to carry herself, and she can make a plain grey dress look fantastic."

"What would you guess about her intelligence?" Jason asked, pretending to tick off boxes on his clipboard.

The man looked at him strangely. "She's reading Kant's Critique of Pure Reason."

"I'll put that down as 'high.'" Jason improvised. "That's it. Thank you very much."

"You're welcome. I don't suppose you know if she's single?"

Jason shrugged. "It would be a fairly large breach of privacy to tell you that even if I knew. Sorry."

"I've got to go. Good luck." The man had seen someone across the concourse and hurried away.


At first, when she entered the book fair, Rebecca drifted towards books about impressionist painters, which led her to the photography books, which led her in turn to the true crime books. She went from subject to subject, from children's books to philosophy, to 501 things to do with rubber bands. Time seemed to stand still whenever she was around books. There was a calming sureness about them, their smell, their finiteness. She held a fat biography just to feel the weight in her hand. Then she found the used books. She sniffed the pages of seventy-year-old pulp novels and caressed the cover of a leather-bound volume of Elizabethan poetry.

She was vaguely aware of Jason having conversations with other people, occasionally, then she would find another treasure.


Jason moved to the next store- a nutritional supplement store that catered to body builders. A fine specimen of their clientele was just coming out of the shop with an immense tub of protein powder. Jason started the recorder.

"Excuse me," Jason said, "can I ask you a few questions for a survey I'm doing?"

"Sure." The man looked like he always dressed for the gym.

"See the woman over there in the grey dress?"

"Holy shit," the bodybuilder said with feeling, "she's one fucking hot piece of ass."

"Oh, uh, yes she is," Jason stuttered, and tried to get back on track. "What do you think her major is in college?"

"God, I hope she's going to be a nurse." His face became wistful. "If I was in her ward I'd wet myself just to get a sponge bath."

"Uh," Jason stumbled, "uh, so, you'd say she qualifies as 'attractive?'"

"Attractive, hell. I'd like to pop the buttons off that dress and show her what she's missing."

Jason felt the conversation slipping away from him. "What do you imagine she's missing, exactly?"

"Well, I'd say she's starving for some good head." the man had set down his supplements and had his arms crossed, appraising Rebecca carefully. "The tighter a woman is wound up, the more she appreciates a little oral skill, and that chick looks pretty wound up. Then I'd bend her over a stack of dictionaries and teach her a few of the finer points of a slow, gentle fucking. And when she started to beg for a pounding, I'd let her have it with all the extras."

Jason caught himself staring, dumbfounded. Finally he managed, "'Wound up'? Why do you say that?"

"Shit. She's messing with our heads. She's dressed to undress. Look at all the contradictions. She could have pink panties under there or a leather thong. She wants us to wonder. You pull those pencils out of her hair there's going to be an explosion. The question is whether you just die or if you die happy." The bodybuilder shook his head in admiration. "And she's flipping through a fucking puppy calendar. A puppy calendar. Fucking hot piece of ass."

"So if you were to make a guess about her intelligence..."

The bodybuilder shrugged and grinned. "Well, she doesn't exactly have to earn her grades, does she? But she looks really fucking smart. What kind of research are you doing?"

"First impressions..."

"Right. My impression is that she's a squealer, but she might be one of those girls that's different depending on on what you're doing. My girlfriend can be totally silent when she's fingering herself, but she squeals when I'm hitting the right spot in her pussy and she's about to come."

"You'd better be talking about me." The voice came from behind Jason and he jumped.

The bodybuilder smiled. "Hey Baby. I was just telling this guy about how you squeal when..."

"That's enough telling," she said, walking up to him and grabbing a fistful of his tank top, "and not enough squealing." She had spiked bleach blond hair. It fit her. She winked at Jason over her shoulder and dragged her grinning boyfriend away.

Jason stopped the recording.


Rebecca was looking at a book of paintings of three masted sailing ships when Jason appeared on the other side of the table. He looked a little pale.

He bought her an old book on how to use explosives she was carrying around. He'd have to ask her about that.

"So, what's the verdict," she said, moving into step next to him, "Do I pass? Why do you look so... green?"

Jason didn't answer. He just led her to a bench that was a little out of the way.

"I'll let you hear for yourself." He pressed play for the businessman's interview.

Jason watched Rebecca's face as she listened, watched it change from a frown of concentration to a suppressed smile to wonder.

"He really wanted to know if I'm single?"

"You heard it just like it happened," Jason said.

"What's this?" Rebecca pointed to a note scrawled on the paper. It said "Skip 2:14 to 4:18"

"Oh, uh, that guy really crossed a line."

Rebecca raised an eyebrow.

"It's totally inappropriate."

"Let me hear it." she said, and her tone warned not to argue.

Jason closed his eyes and hit "play."

"Holy shit," the bodybuilder's voice came clearly out of the tiny speakers of Jason's phone, "she's one fucking hot piece of ass."

The phone's battery died.

Jason looked at Rebecca's face, expecting anger or disgust.

Her cheeks reddened a little and she swallowed. "I want to hear it," she said quietly. "All of it."

Jason's attempts to get the phone to turn back on, though, were met only with a sultry red recharge icon.

"I left my charging cable at home," he said, hoping Rebecca's resolve might weaken.

"Let's go then," she said, looking every bit the strict librarian.


Jason thought she was furious. She had been silent ever since they got into the car. He was driving down tree-lined neighborhood streets toward his house. He broke the awkward silence. "I'm sorry- this was a bad idea. I thought it would be a slam-dunk and I was wrong."

"No, I'm sorry," she said quietly, "I'm just confused. I thought I was the kind of person that would be offended at that kind of comment, but the only thing I can think is that he was talking about me. Me. And I kind of like it."

Jason shrugged. "Yeah. Well," he said, "he didn't stop there."

"Really?" Rebecca turned to him, her face interested. "What else did he say?

"I'll play it for you when we get there."

"Well, okay, but I think you owe me."

"I'm sure I do- what are you thinking though?"

Rebecca grinned a little. "Since we met, you've had four orgasms and I've only had one."

The car sped up a little. "That's a shocking injustice," he said, "and I intend to do what any good all-american boy would do to make things right."

"And what's that?"

"I'll buy you a dildo."

Rebecca laughed and hit his arm. "I don't need a dildo."

Jason laughed with her. "I'll give you anything you need."

"Will you do anything I need to have done?"

"With pleasure," Jason said, "but I'm afraid my mom is going to be home."

"Shit, I am going to need a dildo."

"No, but listen. Your favorite cookies are oatmeal chocolate chip."

"What? I like ginger snaps."

"Look, I love my mom, but she's nosy. She's going to try to get right in the middle of things."

"That could get really awkward."

Jason laughed. "Yes. At some point she's going to ask what kind of goodies you like. You're going to say..."

"Oatmeal chocolate chip."

"Yes. And then everything will be fine. Here we are." Jason pulled into his driveway.

The door opened before Jason could even get his key out and his mother appeared in the doorway.

"Jason! Who's this?"

"Hi Mom, this is Rebecca- she's the study partner I told you about. The one that can keep up."

Jason's mom opened her mouth and shut it again. "I thought you were... Well! Anyway. Aren't you cute! Come in- I'll clear a place at the table for you two to work."

Jason rolled his eyes and Rebecca stepped close.

"I'm not 'cute,'" she said so only he could hear. "I'm a fucking hot piece of ass!"

Jason went into a coughing fit and stumbled into the kitchen, Rebecca following smugly.

Jason's mom called from the kitchen, "You okay, honey? Here's a glass of water."

She came in, water in one hand, a dish towel in the other. "Poor dear. He has sensitive lungs. Call me Diane."

"Mom! I do not have sensitive lungs," Jason said, snatching the water out of her hand. "Rebecca just said something..."

"...that he's going to have to look up in the dictionary." Rebecca crossed her arms. "It upsets him when I do that."

Jason spit out his water, tried to disguise his laughter as coughing again.

"Well," Diane said, "I hardly ever understand what he's talking about. Here. You two can just set up all over the table here."

"Oh, Mom, sorry," Jason said, "We need a cable in my room. We're going to set up in there."

Diane deflated a little. "Oh, alright then."

Jason led Rebecca down a short hall to his room. She wasn't surprised to see that it was neat without being fussy. She looked around while Jason plugged in his iPhone. He hadn't done a lot to make the space his own. She guessed it was because his mother seemed to be pretty intrusive.

"Why don't you close your door?" she asked absently, as she looked over a few textbooks in his bookcase.

"Mom." He said simply, "I bring you home looking good enough to eat and I shuffle you into my room and close the door... well, it's a rare mother than can let that go. My mother is not rare. She'd have her ear pressed to the door all afternoon. An open door though? At least we might know when she's around."

"You've thought this through."

"I'm a survivor. I have scars." Jason sat down on the floor, leaning against his bed. Rebecca sat next to him.

"So. What other dirty things did that guy say?"

Diane was suddenly in the doorway. "What guy?"

Jason froze.

"Oh, it's this subject in a research project we're doing," Rebecca said smoothly, "and he has Turettes Syndrome. Poor man can't stop cursing."

"I think I've heard of that," Diane said, leaning against the door, "it's tragic, isn't it."

Rebecca nodded earnestly. "Oh yes. Our subject said, um, excuse me, 'shit,' nine hundred and thirty... what was it?"

Jason squirmed. "Nine hundred and thirty one times in a row."

Rebecca nodded at Diane. "Imagine!"

"Well. That must be awkward. Listen- I was going to get some goodies and I just wondered if there's anything you kids want?"

"Do you have any cookies?" Jason asked.

"Not yet," Diane smiled, "what kind do you like, Rebecca?"

"Oh, I like all cookies, but my favorite is oatmeal chocolate chip."

Diane flashed a huge smile. "Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies it is." She disappeared down the hallway.

Rebecca turned to Jason, "Are you going to explain that?"

"Now she's going to be banging around in the kitchen, maybe four minutes of uninterrupted time."

"Then what?"

"Then she's going to realize that we're out of chocolate chips."

Rebecca kissed him. "You're brilliant."

Jason's iPhone finally made a little bleep and booted up. He plugged in a pair of earbuds and handed one to Rebecca. They had to sit close so she could share the tiny earpieces. "Are you ready?"

Rebecca's face had an intensity he hadn't seen before. She nodded.

Jason pressed play.

"Holy shit, she's one fucking hot piece of ass," the bodybuilder's voice played in Jason's head, and he hoped it wasn't as bad as he remembered.

He looked at Rebecca's face. Her eyes were closed, concentrating on the interview. She fumbled for his hand, squeezed it.

"...when she started to beg for a pounding," the voice was saying, "I'd let her have it with all the extras."

Rebecca's lips parted and Jason watched her breasts rise and fall with her breathing. He could hear his mom using the hand mixer in the kitchen. The interview ended.

Rebecca pulled the earpiece out, stared straight ahead. She bent her knees up and hugged them.

Jason pulled his earpiece out. "Are you okay?"

"I'm either going to melt or explode."

Jason pulled one of the pencils out of her hair, slowly and her hair loosened. He pulled the other one out and her hair fell over her shoulder.

Diane's voice floated in from the kitchen, "Oh, for heaven's sake." A few drawers and cupboards banged. "Jason!" she called, "I have to run to the store. I'm out of chocolate chips."

Rebecca was having a hard time holding still. "Okay!" Jason called. His voice sounded strange in his ears. He held his breath, heard the car keys jingle, the garage door open, the car door slam. Rebecca whimpered. The car started, clunked into reverse. The garage door started to close.

Jason's lips were on hers before she even saw him coming. She kissed him back hungrily, her hand on the back of his head. "You," she gasped, "are going to die happy." He kissed her neck and she bit his earlobe. Jason grunted, sat back on his knees and pulled his shirt off in a smooth motion. Rebecca sat up against the bed, breathing hard. She watched him to see what he would do next. Her eyes burned into him. She put her hands over her head and waited.

Jason took her in, sitting against his bed, her hair wild from the kiss, her knees slightly parted. Her dress fell between her thighs. He crawled to her and she watched him like he was a predator. He ran his hands up her thighs, watching her eyes, exposing her legs, her panties. "Yellow," he said.

He touched one of the buttons between her breasts with his tongue, took it between his teeth and pulled. The thread held and pulled, finally popped off. He spit the button across the room and looked into the opening in the dress between her breasts. He saw a flash of color. "Yellow."

Rebecca watched his eyes, watched the muscles bunch and roll under his skin. She squirmed.

Jason kissed the inside of her left knee, twice and she widened her thighs. He kissed the inside of her right thigh, lingering, tickling his lips up to the hollow at the top of her leg. He ran the tip of his nose along the edge of her panties and stopped to look at her face, to watch her bite her lip. He kissed the top of her right thigh and slid his hands up to pull down her panties. He rested his cheek against the inside of her thigh and paused, looking at her pussy for the first time. He loved every moist curve and wrinkle. He loved the light dusting of fine, soft hair. On an impulse, he blew on her lips gently. Rebecca tipped her pussy up at him, inviting. He kissed her like it was her mouth, feelingly, then he breathed in her scent, licked slowly straight up the middle.

"Ohhh," she breathed, then as he licked again, his tongue wider and softer, "that feels fantastic."

He smiled and started to play in earnest, making shapes, swirling his tongue in her flavor, memorizing which spots made her hiss, which ones made her moan, which ones made her jerk and squirm.

Rebecca's head pressed back against the bed, and her hands dropped down to cradle Jason's head. The pleasure was effortless, she was caught in Jason's current, drifting, spinning, tumbling, unable to stop the sweet growing pressure that crept through her body. He sped up and she felt Jason's arms curl around her thighs and felt his fingers tighten against her flesh. She knew vaguely that she must be bucking and rolling against him. He slowed a little, found her clitoris and softened his tongue against it. He swayed his head.

The feeling was immediately completely different, completely right. "Oh yess. That's..."

He did it again, two more times and Rebecca exploded in orgasm. She felt it flow through her like electricity. Her teeth clenched and a rising squeal stopped suddenly as her whole body clenched and shook.

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