Amnesty Program Ch. 03


Rebecca's orgasm was unmistakable. Jason felt her hours of mounting tension suddenly release in just a few seconds. He felt the climax take her away, and he could feel her thighs begin to relax as she came back to him, shivering. He kneeled between her legs and felt sweat trickle down his back. When he looked at her face, she had tears in her eyes. She could only manage to mutter, "How?" and smile softly at him.

Jason looked sheepish. "I imagined I was you, feeling my tongue on your pussy. You taught me."

Rebecca put a hand on his chest, felt like she was touching something magical.

Jason leaned into her. "This is your taste," he said, and kissed her deeply.

Rebecca kissed hungrily, letting her tongue slip out of Jason's mouth and let her lips wander his chin, his cheek, the tip of his nose. "This is our taste," she said, and kissed his mouth again.


"How long?" she asked, lazy minutes later.

Jason sighed. "We'll hear the brakes squeal a little when she comes around the corner. Then it's less than thirty seconds before she's in the house. We might have fifteen more minutes."

"Fix my dress." Rebecca started unbuttoning the grey dress, pulling it open a little wider with each button. She dropped it on the floor.

Jason stared at her in awe. She wore only the yellow bra, then she wasn't wearing anything at all. She smiled at him and wandered to his closet, picked out a flannel shirt and put it on. She found her panties, but wrinkled her nose and dropped them. She opened Jason's underwear drawer and found a purple and grey pair of plaid boxers that matched the shirt.

Jason couldn't concentrate on finding the button. He watched, fascinated, as she dressed in his clothes, dwarfed by them.

Rebecca found a well-worn pair of jeans and slipped into them, concentrated as she threaded the too-big belt into the loops. She rolled up the legs and struck a pose, picked up her pencils and twirled her hair effortlessly into her librarian bun.

"You're beautiful."

"Right now," Rebecca said, "I feel beautiful."

"I know that better than you do." Jason found the button and stood up, the dress hanging from his left hand, the button in his right.

Rebecca suddenly stepped close and hugged him warmly, her cheek against his naked chest. "Thank you." She kissed the hollow at the base of his neck and unbuttoned his pants. She pulled his boxers down and gripped his penis in her hand, the long sleeve of his shirt completely covering her hand. She squeezed, closed her eyes.

"It wasn't at all what I imagined," she said, "your tongue on my pussy. It was different. More." She sank to her knees and licked the head of his cock. "You made me feel safe." She slid her mouth over his erection and sucked on the way back. "I trusted you, and you..." She let the tip of her tongue tease the bottom of his head, " made me explode."

Jason watched Rebecca's eyes turn up to his as she swirled his cock. She experimented, sucking, licking, pumping with her right hand, the sleeve of his shirt slapping against his thigh. He realized with a jolt that she was doing it too- dressed in his clothes, imagining what he felt like. He dropped the dress.

Suddenly she started moving faster, tonguing the hole in the tip of his cock, twisting her head, moaning. He saw that she had her left hand inside her... his pants, inside his underwear, fingering herself. She held his balls in her other hand and was scratching him lightly with her fingernails. She pulled back a little, looked in his eyes. She was almost gone. "Do you trust me?" she said, breathlessly.


"Don't be afraid."

Rebecca covered his cock with her mouth again, now the frantic movement of her hand translating to her mouth. Jason felt her teeth touch the skin of his cock just under the head. She licked his tip frantically as she sped her hand. Suddenly, he felt her bite down slightly, just enough to feel, but the rest of her body went rigid, her shoulders tightened and her eyes squeezed shut with her orgasm. He came with her, shuddering. He heard her squeal through her nose so she could take all of his come in her mouth.

Rebecca opened her eyes and slid Jason's cock out of her mouth slowly, leaving him clean and slick. She swallowed easily and smiled. She learned fast. She pulled his pants up as she stood and kissed him.

They heard brakes squeal.

Rebecca put her hand on Jason's arm, a huge smile on her face. "You've been telling me I'm beautiful all day, and I only believed you just now." She squeezed his arm. "Now save us."

Jason closed his eyes for one second, then he started talking as he put on his shirt. "Okay. You take my laptop to the living room. You'll be there when she comes in, typing our research report. Run. I'll find a needle."

They went into frantic action just as they heard the garage door start to open. Rebecca slipped her panties into Jason's underwear drawer.

When Diane came in the door, Rebecca was sitting cross-legged on the couch with the computer, making the keyboard sing.

"What happened to you?" Diane said, grocery bags still in her arms.

"Oh- I lost a button and Jason's putting it back on for me," Rebecca hardly looked up from the screen. "I have to keep pounding on this or we're not going to finish in time."

"I have a bathrobe you could have used," Diane said.

"Oh, thank you, that's very kind, but I think it kind of flustered Jason and he just gave me some of his clothes and went off to find a needle and thread. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him in a while."

"Jason!" Diane called.

"Hi Mom..." his voice was muffled and far away.

Diane set down the groceries and went back towards her room.

Jason's voice was plaintive. "Where's the sewing stuff?"

"On the floor of my closet."

"That's where I am."

"No, bless you. My other closet."

Rebecca grinned to herself and started an email:

Professor Denton,

I don't know if you take recommendations for the Amnesty program, but if you do, would you please consider my roommate, Emily Andrews. She is a very highly motivated Journalism major and I think she might make a good candidate for the program.


P.S. Whatever your assignment was for Jason today, thank you!

Diane came in a few minutes later. "I swear, that boy. I think he was hiding in there." She rubbed her hands together. "Okay, where was I?"

"Oatmeal chocolate chip cookies," Rebecca said, smiling, "my favorite."

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