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My wife, Ann, and I had had a lovely week in Amsterdam. We had visited the tulip fields, seen the sights, and on the last night we agreed to go to a live sex show. Ann dressed very sexily that evening with a completely see-through blouse that I had bought her, no bra so her nipples were very visible, and black stockings and suspenders but no knickers under a black skirt that buttoned up the front. She left a couple of buttons undone so that the tops of her stockings showed as she walked on her black heels. We entered this club which advertised live sex shows. We'd never seen one but thought it would be fun and hoped it would put an extra spark in our love life. As the night progressed we saw lots of girls and guys getting naked and kissing and caressing each other. The hard stuff was kept for later, by which time Ann's inhibitions had been reduced by the amount of alcohol that she had drunk.

Anyway, a couple came onto the floor, which had been set out as a comfortable lounge scene. They kissed each other removed each other's clothing. Oral sex was quickly followed by the couple screwing right in front of us. It was extremely well performed. I was sporting a stiff erection and I could tell that Ann was turned on by the telltale sparkle in her lovely blue eyes. Next showing was a lesbian scene and then a bloke and two girls. Last on the agenda, the owner came on a told a few jokes, mostly about his wife. He then said, "Talking of wives..." and asked if there were any wife watchers in the audience. Ann giggled and pointed to me. We never had, but I had often fantasized with Ann and she knew that the idea turned me on enormously. "This is Carlo," the owner announced and a very good looking, hunky guy came out and took Ann's hand and kissed it. He pulled her to her feet and she blushed as he led her up on stage. She looked amazing with her lovely full breasts showing through her see-through top and jiggling as she tottered on her high heels. Even with her heels, she only came up to his chest. Carlo led her to the couch and sat her down. Neither of us had realised that it was audience participation, but Ann told me later that she thought it would just be some innocent fun and carried on.

Carlo kissed Ann full on the the lips and I could tell his guy was good as he touched her, arousing her far more quickly than I ever had. He stood behind her and was soon stroking her breasts through her sheer top, lightly tapping her nipples until they stuck out like bullets. Carlo slowly lifted her blouse and continued to kiss her mouth and neck passionately whilst caressing her flat tummy. Then, with a gasp from the audience, he exposed her chest showing off her tits to everyone in the room. His hand moved and before she even realized it, her skirt had been unbuttoned and fell to the floor. There she stood in all her glory, my gorgeous wife in the hands of a complete stranger and wearing nothing but her stockings, suspenders and high heeled shoes. Carlo was touching and kissing her intimate places and she was obviously loving every minute of it. She just couldn't help herself.

By now Carlo had removed all his clothes and moved Ann to a large padded table where he lay her down. He knelt in front of her like he was worshipping her and lifted her legs to expose her trimmed bush. His head moved lower to nuzzle her sex and, when he pushed his tongue out onto her clit, she gasped out loudly. Carlo lapped away, sometimes dipping the tip of his tongue into her pussy, but mainly licking her erect bud. "Oh fuck me, fuck me," she cried out. He stood up, however, and moved around to her head. He gently tilted it back and presented his cock to her mouth. His cock was long and slim and I was really enjoying watching him with her.

At first I thought she had frozen, but then the tip of her tongue came out and slowly licked the head of his prick. It was the most erotic thing I have ever seen her do. He leant forward and her mouth opened to engulf the whole of his cock-head. The sight of her red lips around this cock was truly amazing. She was licking around the head and he was moaning with delight. More and more of this cock entered her mouth and she was mewing like a cat. Then an incredible thing happened: he pushed the whole of his long cock all the way in to her throat, until his balls were resting on her nose. The audience applauded and I was amazed because she had never sucked my cock like this, let alone deep-throated me. It must have been the angle of her head because she never even gagged as he fucked her face.

He lifted her feet onto the table and pulled her knees apart so that she was fully exposed and started to finger her clit. This went on for several minutes and everyone could see her pussy opening up as it got wetter and wetter. Her juices started to round down from her pussy as she was obviously very aroused and it was so wet and open. All the time, Carlos kept sliding in and out of her mouth. Then a huge black man came out of the back. He was oiled all over and had no hair at all on his body. I was shocked when I saw his rising cock - it must have been 10 inches long and was very, very thick. Carlo spread Ann's knees further apart and the other guy knelt down opposite Carlo between her legs. He sat there stroking his massive erection.

Without actually touching her, he positioned himself so that his cock was aimed at the entrance to her pussy. Carlo sped up his thrusting in and out of her mouth and then on cue ejaculated. First he gushed into her mouth, then he quickly withdrew and spectacularly showered her face and tits. She swallowed his come and brought her hands up to rub his cream into her tits just as the monster black cock spread her lips and speared her pussy. The black guy slipped the full length of his cock into her in on smooth movement. Ann cried out in ecstacy as an orgasm racked her body. I knew that she was in for a few more. Her pussy lips spread tightly around the huge girth of his cock. It was massive and black, going further inside her than I had ever been and stretching her pussy as wide as it could go, or so I thought.

As he was slowly fucking her, she would occasionally cry out as he gave her more cock depth than she was used to experiencing. But she was obviously enjoying herself more than I could remember also. Once in a while he would completely withdraw and then plunge his cock deeply into her. As Ann became more accustomed to the length and girth of his mighty black truncheon, she began to encourage him to fuck her harder. He lifted her knees up so that they were up by her tits so that he could get even more of his cock meat into her. He began to build up speed and rammed more of his cock into her at an ever increasing rate. He fucked her until she was screaming out another orgasm, and he bellowed like a bull as he injected her cunt with a huge amount of white, creamy sperm.

You could actually see his cock jerking inside her as more and more spunk was pumped into her cunt. After what seemed an age he withdrew and left her there. Her pussy gaped wide open and was still in the shape of his cock. Copious amounts of his thick white spunk flowed out of it and down her legs and over her stockings. The compere then summoned me over and told me to clean her up. I got a tissue from my pocket but he shook his head and indicated that I should use my tongue. I looked stunned and took a step back and then he said, "If you won't then there are plenty out there who will volunteer" pointing to the leering crowd, some of whom held their arms raised for the honour of sucking all that come out of my wife's cunt. I thought for a few seconds and the compere waved a rather grubby looking bloke up. Ann looked at me and begged "Please!"

I got down on my knees between her legs and started to lap Ann's sticky and salty pussy to the applause of the audience. It felt strange performing this act on my wife in front of all these people, and my face was covered in a mixture of her pussy juice and spunk. As I got used to the taste, my own cock hardened even more at the thought of what I was doing. The black man came back and held his softened cock to Ann's mouth so that she could clean him up. She turned over onto her hands and knees and began to lick him and suck the huge plum of his cock-head into her mouth. I could see that she wanted more and sure enough it began to stiffen again.

Then Carlo returned and pushed his cock where my tongue had been. But it wasn't enough for Ann who wanted more of that massive black cock up her. She pushed the black guy down on to his back and mounted him, sighing with delight as she slid his cock easily into her open, wet pussy. She bounced on his cock, gurgling with delight. After a few minutes, Carlo decided to rejoin the action. He pushed his cock slowly into her arse, something she is not very keen on. After a few minutes of this double penetration, she turned and something to Carlo. He looked at her wide-eyed but obviously agreed with her suggestion because he gently removed his cock from her arse.

Ann carefully climbed off the black prick that was giving her so much pleasure. You could see in her eyes that she found it difficult to give up the feeling but she clearly had something in mind. She turned herself around so that she had her back to the black guy and then lowered her cunt to his prick once more. She held his prick in one hand as she slid onto his massive shaft. When it was all the way inside her so that all you could see were his hairless balls squashed by her arse, Carlo stepped forward once more. I could not believe she was going to try this (something we have done at home with my much smaller prick and a slim dildo) but she was going to try to take both of them in her pussy.

Carlo pushed gently at the opening of her cunt, above the black prick that was already embedded inside of her. After some shuffling, her pussy slowly expanded even further to take Carlo's cock. The crowd roared with approval as he slowly pushed his whole length into her pussy. Ann reached down and rubbed her own clit as the two men started pumping in and out, timing their thrusts to match each other, and filling her cunt like it had never been filled before. Ann quickly started to come and come, one orgasm rolling into the next. The two men were both still amazed that she had been able to take both their cocks and were clearly enjoying the sensation. After a few more minutes they both started to shake as their orgasms approached and then, with one final thrust, they both spunked into Ann at the same time. She cried out one more time in ecstacy as they both deposited large amounts of thick, creamy white cum inside her pussy.

After this Ann was completely spent. The compere lifted her to her feet and passed her clothes to me. She kind of smiled sheepishly at me as I helped her dress, and to applause all round, left the club. We took a cab to our hotel. Once in the bedroom I dropped her onto the bed, lifted her skirt up and plunged my cock into her. I could hardly feel the sides but the sensation of the other men's spunk running over my cock and balls as I fucked my wife, along with the memories of the evening, was enough to bring me off and add my sperm to that already inside her. We both slept soundly afterwards.

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