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Amuse Bouche


"I'll take a double," said Dan as he settled onto the couch.

"On it," Megan called back as she took the bottle of rum from Kara and pulled it to her lips. She took a wet swig and then topped off three full glasses.

The girls' ground floor apartment was just down the path from the pool. After a good swim, the invitation for a drink sounded just right.

"So, any prospects lately?" Megan asked as she handed Dan his rum.


"Girls. Dates. The ladies... what's been up?"

"Yeah," answered Dan, as the two of them joined him on the couch. "Not so much lately."

The three had become close friends ever since Dan's ex broke up with him. Megan and Kara had been friends with Abby, but that all fell apart after what she did to Dan. He still had the apartment upstairs. He had thought about moving away from all the memories, but it was nice to have friends so close.

"Now, see, that's just not fair to our ladies. How much longer are you gonna keep this fine piece of tail off the market?" Megan teased, slapping his shoulder. Dan smiled. He had become an honorary member of their relationship gossip circle, even though he lately didn't have much to share. The two of them were good at keeping up his spirits.

"I've been on some dates...." Dan began to retort.

Kara cut him off.


"Hey, coffee's a date!"

"Only if you're drinking it in her kitchen the morning after!" joked Kara.

Dan laughed.

"Come on," he insisted, "that's not..."

Kara cut him off again.

"I'm just kidding. All I'm saying you've got to give someone a chance to get a little closer."

"Got to get our Danny Boy some pussy!" cheered Megan.

All of them laughed.

"Hey, if you've got some friends..." replied Dan with shrug.

"I'll put out my feelers," Megan said.

"Your pussy feelers?" teased Kara.

Megan just smirked and wiggled her fingers suggestively. They all kept laughing and sipping their drinks. Their gossip sessions were usually shameless like this.

Megan shook out her hair. Her shoulder-length brunette locks were still stringy but pretty much dried from the sun. Still in her cute, red and white polka-dot bikini, she turned to sit criss-cross facing Dan.

"And you?" Dan asked.

"Me?" Megan wondered, raising her eyebrows.

"Any prospects?"

"Ah, it's been okay. Met a cute guy at work last week, and I'm trying to figure out his situation. No ring, no photos on his desk, but I haven't really got him figured out yet. So yeah, no big moves of late."

"Guess I'm not the only one aching a little," said Dan empathetically. "Must be a sucky season for dating."

"Not sucky enough!" Megan toyed. "I mean seriously, it's been like six months since I've given a blowjob."

Dan looked surprised.

"You mean you haven't had sex with anyone since breaking up with Jay?"

"No, I've hooked up a few times..."

"But," Dan interrupted, rather sarcastically, "you miss giving blowjobs?"

"Sure. Why is that so surprising?"

"Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge fan of blowjobs. It just didn't occur to me that someone would get off on giving them."

"Totally. I mean, it's not like it's going to literally get me off. But it's really hot in its own way. Think about it..."

"Oh, trust me, you've got me thinking about it!"

Megan and Kara laughed. They usually censored these thoughts from Dan, but it was fun to get a guy's reactions.

"No," Megan continued, "I mean think about how hot it is when you're going down on a girl. You can take your time, get her all worked up. She's moaning for you. Her body is writhing, and you can feel her getting hot and wet..."

"Shit, Megan," blurted Kara. "Quit it! I've gotta go to sleep all alone tonight with that idea running through my head! Not cool."

"But aren't I right? Dan?"

She knew all this talk probably got a few ideas running through his head, too. Even though it pushed some boundaries, she was curious to hear them.

"Heh, heh... yeah, okay, I get it. I love foreplay, too. So, why haven't you just asked these guys to mess around a little when you're hooking up?"

"I'm not talking about foreplay. Sure, we mess around. I'll go down on a guy for a little while before we get to business. But I'm not talking about that. I'm talking about a blowjob. I'm talking about sitting a guy down... working him nice and slow... teasing him six different ways until his head is spinning... holding him, squeezing him... pushing him to the point that he has to stop watching just to make it last longer... and then taking him all the way. That's a blowjob."

"Alright, seriously, you've got to quit it!" said Kara. " All this talk about blowjobs is probably giving Dan a stiffy!"

"Stiffy? Hell, that almost made me come in my pants!"

They all laughed, feeling a little ridiculous.

"No kidding. Me, too," Kara admitted jokingly.

She really wasn't kidding. Everyone was getting a little tingly. They were used to being pretty open with each other, but this felt different. They all knew that the conversation was bordering on a tease, and they kind of liked it.

"I'm just getting a little tired of casual dating," Megan continued. "It would be nice to have a boyfriend. Someone I can get comfortable with."

Kara nodded. She nudged Dan.

"Well Dan, do you have any cute friends who are looking for relationships?"

Dan put his hand to his chin pensively.

"I don't know. That's a tough one. I mean, how many guys are looking for a hot girlfriend who loves to give blowjobs?"

"Shut up!" laughed Megan, slapping his arm. "Seriously, though. You know it's not that easy. I'm not looking for a relationship that's just about sex."

Dan nodded, admitting he was just teasing.

"And don't you dare go telling your friends about this conversation," Megan quickly added. "The last thing I need is a bunch of guys trying to get with me because I'm the blowjob girl.'"

"I'm sorry. You know I'm just joking. All I'm trying to say is that you shouldn't be worried about finding somebody."

"Well, that's more like it. You did catch me off guard, though. That's funny."

"What's funny?"

"That you think I'm hot."

"Why is that so funny? You don't think you're hot?"

"Oh, I know I'm hot," she said, smiling smugly. "I just didn't know you looked at me that way. I just thought, after Abby..."

It still stung a little to hear the mention of his ex's name.

"Abby dated me, not blinded me. Both of you are crazy hot. Why wouldn't I notice?"

"I just meant that it seemed like Abby was your type..."

"My type?"

"Blonde... big tits... surely you've noticed a pattern in your past girlfriends?"

"That's not true at all! That's just a coincidence, and a recent one. I actually have a thing for brunettes. And anyway, there are lots of ways to be hot..."

"Very interesting," Kara mused. She took on a teasing tone. "So have you been hot for us this whole time, and we've been putting you in the friend zone?"

"Ugh, I hate that whole 'friend zone' idea. And just because someone says you're hot, doesn't mean they're hot FOR you," he smiled cagily. "I'm sure the whole 'friend zone' thing happens, but it is possible, you know, for straight guys and girls to be friends and still have thoughts about each other...."

"Oh really?" broke in Megan. "Tell us about these 'thoughts.' And here I thought you were just making observations..."

She had leaned in closer. Dan could tell he was just digging himself a hole. He honestly had sort of ruled out the possibility of getting with Megan and Kara a long time ago. They had met each other through Abby in the beginning, and after the breakup he needed friends more than hookups. He was pretty sure they had always felt the same way, too. But this felt different. They were flirting. No, it was flirting with more heat. It was starting to feel a little like seduction. They had all slipped into it so easily that he was starting wonder what hidden attractions might have been there all along.

"Well, talking about blowjobs has a way of stirring up the imagination, doesn't it?" Dan retorted.

"Hmm, I am learning a lot," pressed Kara, "So, friends can imagine what it would be like to give each other head? And it's all just... friendly?"

Dan chuckled. The two of them had really talked him into a corner.

Megan felt her skin getting warm. She hadn't intended to put Dan in this compromising position, but the more they toyed with him, the more it wound her up.

"Sure," Dan answered. "There are all kinds of friends, right?"

Megan grinned at him. Dan's tone was losing the pretense of innocence. Their awareness of each other now felt more physical -- their closeness, the near-bareness of their bodies. She had moved even closer now, and he was really starting to wonder about her intentions. So was she.

"Apparently," agreed Megan. "So, tell me, what else can these friends do?"

Megan rested her hand on his thigh. Her fingertips laid just inside the leg of his shorts. Their eyes locked.

It was obvious to Kara that this wasn't just teasing. Something had changed. They wanted each other. Really intrigued by the whole scene, she hung on for Dan's answer.

"Well, they can get each other really hot when they want to, that's for sure..."

"Ah," Megan replied. "so now you are hot FOR me, huh?"

Megan saw Kara smile at the taunt. She could tell that her friend knew her mind almost better than she did and was getting a kick out of it. Megan's fingers crept another couple inches into Dan's shorts. Their faces drew closer together with each flirtation. Dan just smiled in reply.

"Well... since we're such good friends," Megan continued, really cranking up the seduction, "maybe you could help me with this little craving I have."

Dan's heart stopped as her fingers tiptoed almost to his crotch. His mind was screaming from her lustful request.

"Well, what are friends for?" he replied, his face finally drawing close enough to hers to touch cheeks.

Megan's fingers went for it, crawling around what was now a raging erection. She let out a soft whimper into his ear as she slid her fingers along its hardness.

"Looks like maybe I should leave you two alone," said Kara.

Dan sunk back into the couch and turned to catch her eyes. Kara was clearly as aroused as they were and even looked a little disappointed that Megan had out-flirted her. Maybe she wanted to go, but she hadn't even budged. Dan followed his instincts and rested his hand on her thigh.

"Unless... you want to stay."

Kara stared back at him, her eyes twinkling. They were all being bold, and she didn't want to over-think it. Reaching out, she brushed her fingers through his hair and then pulled his lips to hers.

"Unhh," Dan groaned as he and Kara swapped tongues. Megan had started massaging him through the thin lining inside his swim trunks.

He had no idea where this was going. He had never done this before, and it made him a little nervous to make moves with both of them. Maybe they would feel jealous or jilted that he did not have eyes for one of them alone. But somehow the three of them had all gotten into this mess of passion together. It was uncharted territory, but they were all just letting themselves go wherever desire took them.

Megan was actually a little relieved to see that Dan wasn't overly attached to her. She wasn't looking to make a boyfriend out of him. Right now he was hot, and she was horny. He was hard for her, and she was craving a blowjob. It didn't have to be more complicated than that. Megan pulled up his t-shirt and began planting kisses across his chest and abs.

Kara felt Dan's body swell, and it turned her on even more. She grabbed his hair tightly and forced her tongue deeper into his kiss. His hand squeezed the flesh of her thigh and slid up her skirt to find her hips.

"Mmmm," Kara sung in a high-pitched hum.

She peeked at Megan from the corner of her eye, wary of how her friend was going to react. Megan just smiled and kissed lower down Dan's belly.

Dan felt his throat close up when Megan's fingers tucked into the waist of his trunks. Her kisses kept descending until he felt her pull out the waistband to find the throbbing tip of his cock. Her next kiss landed near enough that his eager erection grazed against her soft cheek.

She had his full attention now. Kara's, too. She tilted her face flirtily at them both, letting her warm, moist breath hang over his swollen head. It was a delicious tease. But they all wanted more.

Megan slipped off the couch onto her knees. Taking Dan's hips from both sides, she swiftly tugged off his shorts. She eyed his hard-on, feeling almost giddy about how aroused she had managed to make her friend.

"You know I'm dying to do this, don't you?" she asked him, and seemingly Kara, too.

Dan gulped. This was really happening.

"Not nearly as much as I am right now," he said.


Megan reached up and scraped her fingers down the front of Dan's body until reaching the base of his cock. Lightly pinching it into an upright pose, she made it ready for her mouth. Her wet lips closed around his head. Dan surged with instant pleasure. He could feel her hot, velvety tongue smushing against his hardened flesh.

"Ho wow," Dan yowled.

Megan looked up at him with a wicked smile in her eyes. Kara clung to his arm. Her own excitement was palpable. Neither of them could have imagined in their wildest dreams that they'd be watching Megan do this.

Sinking down further, Megan felt her heart racing. Dan was so hard. She hugged him with her mouth and slowly pulled up his pole. When her mouth popped off, Dan's cock shimmered in the late afternoon sunlight. She took a moment to get to know it, pawing it it playfully with her fingertips.

Kara watched her with the same intense curiosity as she kissed Dan's neck. Megan scraped her fingers down Dan's thighs and back again to his balls. Pulling his erection back to attention, she wrapped her mouth around it and let loose with urgent plunges.

Kara moaned with Dan.

Megan peeked at her and realized that her friend wasn't just horny from watching. Dan's hand was inside her skirt, caressing beneath her rear. Looking to return the favor, Kara took a page out of her friend's playbook and softly raked her fingers across Dan's belly while Megan sucked.

"Urrmmm," growled Dan pleasurably.

"Feels nice?" Kara cooed in his ear.

"Nice? Oh, you have no idea..."

Kara planted another wet kiss on his neck and slowly peeled up his shirt. After tugging it over his head, she found her hands falling right back to his chest and his hands returning straight to her backside. This time, Dan reached both hands up under her skirt and nestled his fingers into her tight bikini bottoms.

The two of them indulged themselves for a few moments, groping each other's bodies as Dan savored Megan's fantastic head. The feel of Kara's soft, supple curves had Dan welling up with desire, and he could no longer hold back. He curled his fingers into the back of her waistband, bunched it tightly in his hands and pulled the suit down to her thighs.

"Nnhh, yeah," Kara whimpered needfully.

Dan guided her onto her back so that her shoulders rested on the arm of the couch. He pulled the bottoms all the way down her legs and tossed them aside. Kara's knees opened to him. Dan kissed her right knee softly and began to work his way up her inner thigh.

Megan paused to let Dan focus on Kara. The sight of her friend's chest heaving with uneven breaths was turning her on beyond belief. She sweetly stroked Dan's shaft as she watched him kiss his way to Kara's pussy.

Kara's body bucked as his tongue pressed into her sweet, wet folds. He was working her up slowly, attentively, just as Megan had done for him. It was driving Kara wild.

As Megan watched Dan getting tongue-deep into her friend, she remained keen on stealing away some of his focus. She lightly scratched her fingertips along the length of his shaft and tickled around his balls.

"Mmh, hmph..."

She heard Dan chuckle a little in delight with his face buried between Kara's thighs. Kara laughed a little, too, between her fevered panting. It was amusing how they could toy with each other's pleasure.

"Just enjoy yourself, Dan," called Megan to him. "I have a lot more in store for you."

"Damn, you really know how to play with a guy's head, don't you?!" he called back, briefly peeking out from Kara's embrace.

"Sure do," smiled Megan as she tweaked her fingers around the head of his cock. "That's why this is so much fun."

Dan chuckled again and watched Megan drop her lips to the bottom of his shaft, licking her way slowly to the top. She swirled her tongue around the head and took the journey back down. Dan's head swooned, falling back against Kara's skin in ecstasy. Megan kept at him, so he took a long breath, steadied himself firmly on Kara's hips, and dove back in for more of her pussy.

Kara huffed sensuously, running her fingers through Dan's hair while he ate her out. He gave fantastic head. All that talk from earlier about how much he enjoyed pleasuring a woman had really turned her on, and the conversation now echoed in her ears.

None of them had ever done anything like this before. Kara was on fire. She wondered how hot it made Megan to see Dan getting her off. Dan was clearly in heaven. He was delighting in Kara's body while his own skin was tingling with the sensations of Megan's tongue. He pictured in his mind every little swirl and swipe that he felt, yet sometimes he couldn't help but peek. When Megan tugged up his cock so that her tongue could dance around his balls, he just had to look.

"Oh ho, damn..." he chortled, craning his neck back to see her.

Megan's eyes were smiling right back at him, as if she knew this would rope in his attention. The whole picture was just setting his senses ablaze: the light squeeze of her hand around his cock, the flickering of her tongue across his delicate skin... and how gorgeous his friend looked while she did it. The look on Dan's face kept no secret of how much he was loving this, and that just fueled Megan's fire. She opened her mouth and softly pulled in one of his balls, giving it a tender and glorious suck.

"Erm hrrmm..." he grumbled pleasurably.

"Yeah, suck those balls, girl."

Kara's cheering got a chuckle out of both Megan and Dan. And it got them both a little hotter. Dan grumbled again as Megan switched to the other side and suck the nut with even more gusto.

"Oh, wow. That is just too good. Too good..." groaned Dan. He was so turned on that he couldn't bear to leave Kara waiting any longer. Full of excitement, he went wild on her pussy.

Flashes of heat raced through Kara's body as Dan sucked on her clit. She swore he was going to make her come. The strange thought of climaxing in front of her friend distracted her for a moment, but Dan pulled her right back into his spell. His hands clutched to her decadent buttocks, squeezing her and propping her hips to his lips. Kara had to steady herself on the couch as her body trembled with pleasure. When Dan pushed his tongue deeper, she could hardly control herself. Her back arched and her legs fell open, inviting him in.

"Huhh huhh!" Kara panted feverishly.

A smile spread across Dan's face as he kept at her pussy and clit. He reached further up her flexed body and squeezed one of her breasts. Even as friends, her lovely chest had never been beneath his notice, and his heart raced at the chance to fondle her. With both hands now, he adoringly clung to her breasts while he gave her head. Her soft panting quickened, and Dan tugged away the cups of her bikini to feel her bare bosom.

Dan could tell that he was getting Megan hot, too. It was a delicious circle of pleasure. The amazing blowjob made Dan crave that pussy, and the more Kara sang out her pleasure, the more turned on Megan got from sucking cock. Dan could feel her intensity. Megan's tongue eagerly swept up and down, from his head to his balls, and then she continued to alternate between sucking and jerking him off while she watched her friend squirm.

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