Amuse Bouche


Sitting knee to knee with Megan, Kara could not help but appreciate her sexiness. As much as they had gossiped about sex, she had never thought of her so sensually. It wasn't really attraction, but it sure was hot. Following the feeling, Kara softly petted Megan's shoulder.

Dan bit his lip. Kara noticed, and she continued to caress her friend's body as she pleased him. The touch, Megan could tell, was more admiring than desiring. But for Dan it was supremely erotic to see Kara's hands run down Megan's bare back, her hips, her thighs...

"Jeezss..." Dan whispered under a long, shaky breath.

The girls just smiled back at him, loving the way their mischief messed with him. Again, Kara swept back her friend's hair while marveling at the gorgeous head she was giving. Her mouth seemed to slide like a warm glove around Dan's pole.

Megan sucked and sucked, steadying her hand at the base and then pulled back with a long, slow...


"Mmm, I love that," purred Kara adoringly, smoothing her hands over Megan's hips.

Megan charged aggressively at Dan's cock again. Suck, suck suck...


"Ohh, damn..." Dan chuckled. The vibrations of the hard suck sent a tingle right up through his body.

Megan looked pleased with herself. Again: suck, suck, suck, suck...


"Ha ha, nice," Kara snickered, amused as she watched Dan's eyes roll back in his head.

"Give it a go?" Megan asked, tilting Dan's tingling member towards her.

Kara smiled, pulled up closer and took hold of it. Dan swooned as he watched her eager mouth engulf him and energetically suck, suck, suck, suck... Kara took a little time to get him really worked up and then...


Dan was knocked back on his heels.

"Damn, that's fun," he grinned, recovering his balance.

Kara and Megan snickered in agreement. Each took another turn wetting him up and popping his head. When it came back to Megan another time, she just had to squeeze his hardness with her hand, feeling how outrageously swollen he had become.

"That's a fucking HARD cock," she said, with an almost smug smirk.

"Um, yeah!" Dan retorted. "That's some fucking AMAZING head."

Megan massaged her hands appreciatively up and down his shaft. Pleased with herself, she squared up with him again and began to lovingly pet at him with her tongue.

"Now the real question..." she began to say between velvety licks, "... is just what ... we are going to do ... to get ... you to bust."

"Oh, damn," said Dan, feeling like those words alone could have done it.

Kara's heartbeat also quickened at the proposition. She was eager to be part of that game.

"Mmm, what indeed..." added Kara, leaning in right next to Megan and adding her own licks to the mix.

With determination in her eyes, Megan grabbed him at the hilt, wrapping the rest of her fingers around his balls. She put her mouth low on his shaft and lapped him hungrily with her tongue. Kara took him from the top. Her mouth bobbed loosely, letting his cock stir about her lips and the velvety flicks of her tongue.

"Oh fuck," Dan howled, his whole body feeling like a rope being pulled from both ends. "You are not kidding around!"

The girls hummed along unrelentingly. Megan slowly slurped up his shaft until her mouth touched Kara's, who then melted her way down low. Above, Megan engulfed him with corkscrew twists that were every bit as devastating to his cool.

Dan tried to steady himself by placing a hand at the back of Megan's bare neck, but feeling the rhythm of her bobbing head only made him swoon harder. He was losing control of his senses. The blood drained from his face, sending a tingle down his whole body. He had little choice but to bask in the sight of their splendid bodies and allow himself to be swallowed up in their pleasures.

"Mrrm, yeah," Dan growled as Kara came back up to meet Megan's twisting tongue. The two of them played together around the tip until Megan finally slid down to let her friend smother him once again.

Kara stroked her hands along his taut belly as she sucked. It heaved with deep, foreboding breaths that made her mouth water with anticipation.

"Unnh," she moaned in encouragement, her mouth still feverishly bobbing. His belly heaved harder.

Megan brought her mouth up to join her. Without hesitation, Kara let her friend take over. It was her moment to finish what she had started. And Megan seized the moment joyously.

"Oh, yes!" Dan cried out, audibly losing control of his voice as Megan started jacking him off while twisting her hot mouth around him.

Dan noticed Kara grinning at him as she witnessed what was on the verge of happening. She smoothed her hands over Megan's bare back and reached beneath to fondle her breasts. That was it for Dan.

"Yes! Mmmm..." he hummed, trying desperately to fight it back for a few more seconds of bliss.

But Kara had other plans, her mouth joining Megan's. The two of them sucked him off in synchrony. Dan reeled back and huffed out...

"Oh, yes... oh gah..!!"

A sharp breath pulled in against his last cry as the climax rushed through his body. Erupting into their mouths, he felt Megan eagerly jerking out the long-awaited surge of come. He watched her, his vision bending with the force of the pleasure. Her tongue rolled around the first burst, then let Kara's tongue edge in on the next, warm pulse.

"Nnnhh, yehh...!" Dan groaned, utterly in the throes of the most mind-shattering orgasm he could imagine.

The girls smothered and sucked off one hot pulse after another. Kara was woozy with excitement. She was still buzzed from Dan getting her off, and it gratified her to feel his come dripping from her lips. She licked his pole where it oozed down gloriously, letting her friend polish the remaining bursts from his tip.

"Gimme that come," Megan breathed between her hot embraces. She mouthed his spasming cock as if she were making out with it, sweetly but urgently. Each unyielding kick gave her greater satisfaction.

"Ah.. ah... ha..." Dan panted as the last pangs were wrenched from him, like a spirit yanked from the body of the possessed. He steadied himself on his heels and looked adoringly at his friends, drained of strength but filled with admiration.

His look said it all. Megan grinned smugly as she, along with Kara, soothed him with soft strokes and licks. Dan ran his fingers lovingly through their hair.

"So, I'm curious, Dan..." Megan began amid her soft petting.

Dan raised his eyebrows in wonder.

"How do you like being in the friend zone, now?"

Dan laughed deliriously. And so did Kara, grinning and squeezing his still-swollen cock along with her friend.

"Do I ever have to leave?" Dan teased back.

"Hmm," Megan hummed with a mysterious smile. That was the question, of course, that hung in the air: how had this changed things between the three of them? For now they left the question alone, simply enjoying the connection they felt in each other's adoring caresses.

=== EPILOGUE ===

Dan, Megan and Kara spent the next half-hour collapsed on the couch in each other's arms. Feeling so comfortable with each other's bodies was new to them, and they let their hands indulge their curiosity across their naked flesh.

"Are you getting hungry?" Megan asked after a while. It was getting on in the evening by now.

"How about I order us some pizza?" asked Dan. The girls agreed. They all wanted to stay together.

"Alright, I'm going to throw on some dry clothes," said Megan. She kissed Dan before she left to change. It didn't have to mean anything. It just felt right.

When Dan came back from changing upstairs in his apartment, the girls were just relaxing on the couch with some drinks. The pizza came, and it felt like so many other nights when they had hung out as friends -- except for the tingle they felt when they caught each other's eyes.

Dan went home later that night feeling a little bit like he was walking around in a dream. He sank into a chair, closing his eyes and thinking back on all of the details of what had happened. He hoped they could hold onto their friendship. Even if nothing happened between them again, this one adventure had made him feel closer and more connected to both of them.

Still, he was left wondering if some night, not too far in the future, Megan would come looking for him to return the favor. He was hungry for the chance.

It was late, but he didn't want to go to sleep. He didn't want to the day to end. The warm summer breeze drifted through his apartment window. And then, there was a knock at his door.

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