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Amusement Park Fireworks


I was woken by the mouth of my wife sucking on my characteristic morning wood. With a hand hold firmly on my ball sac, she bobbed her head up and down, pressing her tongue on my shaft as she sucked. My cockhead swelled as my conscious mind registered what my unconscious had already been experiencing.

“Good morning babe,” I softly said, gently stroking her long hair away from her face.

“Mmmm, good morning,” she quickly replied not wanting to break her hold on me for too long.

Before inserting my cock back into her mouth, she traced the tip of her tongue around my cock’s glans, flicking the protruding ridge of its head. Releasing my balls, she squeezed my shaft, cutting off its blood flow, causing my cock to produce a dollop of pre-cum. With a cat lick, she drew my offering into her mouth with a broad flat tongue. I moaned and threw my head back on to the pillow.

Knelling perpendicular to me, I reached for her thigh, and made a pulling motion, wanting to get her on top of me in our favorite position: a 69. She eagerly responded and brought her leg over my body, her bald and glistening pussy winking at me, and lowered her hips so I too could feast.

I extended my tongue and ran it up and down her outer lips, purple and swollen; circling her whole pussy, avoiding her inner, brilliant pink zones and love nub. After my third revolution around her dripping pussy, Wendy sucked the whole length of my cock down her throat. I felt my balls tighten, and my vas fill with its imminent launch of man juice.

“Oh Wendy, suck me good baby, keep sucking,” my state of bliss jumped to a level ten times higher.

I continued making my circles, starting to spiral in, grazing her wet inner lips, until my tongue was pressing against her pussy’s hole. Wendy moaned on to my cock when my lips touched her puffy inner pussy lips. I extended my tongue and inserted an inch or so into her. I reached her outer pussy folds with both hands and pulled them taunt. The pleasurable sensation of being spread caused her legs to splay more so, and I began to fuck her with my tongue. She responded by increasing the pace of her head bobs.

Her exquisite pussy taste flooded my mouth: thick, and musky sour, coating my tongue. I lapped at her hole, thirsting for as much as I could drink. Her hips rolled and I released one of my hands to graze my fingertips along her back bud. She released my throbbing cock once again.

“Oh yeah Colt, suck on my nubbins,” she begged me.

Before I could reposition my mouth to encircle her clit, she returned her mouth to my cock, and started to pound its shaft with a tight fist. My cockhead immediately swelled, signaling to her its eruption. I squeezed her ass, bracing myself as my first jet of juice rocketed out of me.

“OOHHHHHH!” I grunted into her pussy as my cocked pulsed. She stopped sucking and kept her mouth still while her hand pumped my shaft. She locked her teeth right on the ridge of my glans, and tongue-flicked my hole as it spurted the rest of my load. I grunted some more as the pleasure/pain sensations wrecked through my legs with each pulse. My copious amount of man juice poured out of her mouth, across her hand, and down to coat my balls. As soon as I could regain my composure, I returned to sucking on her clit.

“AHHH, suck it, suck it,” she commanded as soon as my lips engulfed her clit. I sucked in, and as rapidly as my tongue could dance, I battered her clit with feathery flicks. Wendy released my cock, anchored her hands on the bed and arched her back. Pulling her hips into me, I forced her pussy hard on to my face. I saw her back bud flutter as her first orgasmic wave crashed over her.

“OOHHHHH, OH, OH, OOOHHHHH!” Her loud moan was guttural and primal. I locked my tongue in place, allowing her to direct the pressure on her swollen clit. I could feel its rigid ness scraping against my tongue, and her pussy hole shuddering against my top lip. My face bucked against here shaking sex as her gyrating hips flexed. I tried to desperately maintain contact with her quivering pussy. Stacey fell upon me, her hair cascading around my cock as I lost my lip lock on her pussy. I gently inserted a finger in her wet hole to the first knuckle. Grinding my digit in a circular motion, I fucked her as she pressed against her clit with her own finger. She slowly brought herself back to an elevated sexual state.

She pulled away from me, and swung around. Inserting my half-hard cock in to her pussy, she laid on top of me, planting a sloppy, cum-covered kiss on to my lips. We exchanged juices as our tongues wrestled. Her pussy was tight, even in my half-erect state, as was usual after she climaxed. Grinding her clit into my pelvis bone, Stacey brought herself to another orgasm as she scratched my pelvis with her coarse, but trimmed, pubic hair. My unresponsive cock eventually became too soft and her hot pussy expelled it from its grip. We both sighed heavily as our connection was broken. Breaking our lip lock, we made eye contact and giggled.

“Good morning, once again, Sunshine!” I laughed.

“Good morning indeed,” she giggled back. “Let’s clean up and get going.”

We were playing hooky from our respective employers today. We did this a couple of times a year. Today seemed as good as any: a rare Southern California occurrence: a cold, rainy, and dreary winter day that kept normal people indoors. What better day to go to the happiest place in the world. We’d have the whole amusement park to ourselves.

Wendy was in and out of the shower before I finished shaving, and by the time I was out of the shower she was dressed. She had laid out the clothes she wanted me to wear. “I little excited, aren’t we?” I asked.

“You don’t know how much so,” she replied with a naughty wink. She was dressed in a loose-fitting, plaid, wool school-girl-type skirt, which went down to just above her knees. She had on black stockings to keep her legs warm, and a fuzzy sweater to keep the rest of her warm. My clothes were a pair of my loose fitting rock climbing pants, and a turtle-neck rugby sweater, underwear mysteriously missing. Matching raincoats and hats completed our outfits.

As she walked out of the bedroom I called to her: “What, no underwear?”

She turned with a devilish look. “No,” she smiled.

We went out for breakfast before the park opened. I stared into her sparkling mischievous eyes. These hooky days always charged her sexual batteries, and made her extra frisky. But every time I tried to cop a feel, or make a move, she rebuffed me, keeping me at arm’s length. She was teasing me, and I loved it. After we parked the car in the structure we walked hand-in-hand to the escalators. Not raining at the time I carried our coats.

“Oh, we forgot the umbrella!” She exclaimed half way down, “I’ll go get it, you stay here.” I stared up the return escalator a she rode back up and enjoyed the view. Stacey nonchalantly hiked her skirt up, and bent to tie a shoe, revealing her bare ass cheeks, and pussy. Her stockings were held up with hot satin pink garters. Others may have seen her too, and I didn’t care, I was too mesmerized by her perfect ass. She quickly came back down, sans umbrella, a huge Cheshire-cat grin beaming as she approached me.

“What happened to the umbrella, and your panties, naughty girl,” I said as I gave her ass a quick swat.

“I don’t know,” she coyly whined like a little girl, pouting her lower lip.

Unfortunately for me, we shared a row of tram seats, prohibiting me from exploring my wife’s outfit. We entered the park, and both smiled as its main entry street was deserted; just as we had desired.

“Let’s go in the cartoon theatre,” she said as she grabbed my hand pulling me inside. It was empty, and dark. There were about six screens continuously playing different motion picture cartoons in an endless loop. The screens encircled a railed viewing area. Stacey’s intent for the theatre was not to watch any show, she leaped into my arms as fast as she could, crashing her lips on to mine. I dropped our coats over a rail, and pawed at her ass. Raising her skirt, each hand kneaded her muscular cheeks, squeezing them, scratching them, caressing them. Stacey’s hand instantly grabbed my cock; fondling it with fevered strokes. She quickly had my cock filling with blood. My loose-fitting pants allowed it to become fully erect as she stroked me through my pants. Lowering the elastic band of my pants, she soon had my cock head peeking out from its confines. She bent down and licked its slit, coating the head with her spit. Lost in her sexual insatiability, I lowered my pants to me knees, pulled her up, and turned her around. She leaned over the railing as I rubbed my cock against her leaking pussy. I placed the shaft in her well-defined ass crevice and humped her cheeks, achingly teasing her, and myself.

“Don’t tease, just fuck me,” Stacey pleaded, rising on her toes to get my cock in her. But just as I grabbed my hard cock to aim it in her we were shocked into reality by voices at the theatre’s entry. I quickly pulled my pants up as she ran outside. Just as a family of 5 walked in, I grabbed our coats to hide my pant’s pole. Thankfully it was dark inside, and the family was unaware of what had just happened. I left with my hidden secret still throbbing.

Stacey was giggling as she stood in the street. “You little wench!” I yelled at her half-heartedly. She just wrapped her arms around me, bearing-hugging to feel my still erect cock against her belly, and plunged her tongue into my mouth.

“Let’s go ride the snow toboggan roller-coaster,” she said, again pulling me along. While waiting, we kissed liked school kids; laughing, talking dirty and thoroughly enjoying each other. By the time we got to the end of the short waiting line, my erection had died. The ride has one person sitting in front of the other’s spread legs. We asked for the last seats, and rode with Stacey in front of me. As soon as we entered the mountain, and began the dark ascent, I reached under her skirt and placed my fingers on her surprisingly soaked pussy. Stacey craned her neck back, and pulled my head into hers, her full lips sucked on my tongue as my fingers rubbed her wet pussy lips. She placed her hand on top of mine and led me to rub her hard. I could hear wet squishy noises as my fingers slid across her plump inner pussy lips. Pressing against my fingers with hers, our digits ground deep into her flesh; her moans vibrating against my mouth. As the ride crested, I easily slid two fingers into her sopping hole.

The ride jerked us around breaking our lip lock. With its tight twists and turns I had a hard time keeping my fingers in her. Pulling my sloppy fingers to her mouth, she eagerly sucked them in to clean off her sour girl-juice. I reached under her sweater and grabbed each of her tits, massaging them forcefully as we raced through the faux-mountain. My cock was coming to life again, starting to poke her in the back. Stacey kept her hand on her pussy. I watched her arm flexing and shuddering, wishing my tongue could replace her fingers. The ride dipped in a sudden drop and I felt her tits become almost weightless in my hands. Stacey was screaming from the ride, and grunting from her hand’s gyration. But from experience we knew the ride was coming to its end. I pulled my hands out just as we splashed down in the man-made creek marking the end of the ride. Stacey growled, “Argh, I was so close!”

With our ever present coats hiding my erection, we slowly climbed out of the toboggan car. I looked her, flushed and frustrated, and asked where to now. “The 3-D movie,” she commanded, as she grabbed my hand and speed-walked to the theater.

We waited about 5-minutes, sat in the very back row, thankfully alone. As soon as the lights went off, and the few other people in the show were focused on the screen with their glasses, Stacey scooted her hips down, and raised her skirt. Her hand began to jiggle her bare and exposed nub. I didn’t care who saw me, I dropped to my knees, and sucked her pussy into my mouth. Stacey moved her hand, placing it on the back of my head, and pushed my face forcefully into her spread sex. I forcefully licked her clit: broad strokes, quick flicks, long rakes. “Make me cum, don’t tease,” she whispered in a hiss.

Sucking in her hard clit, I wagged my tongue back and forth. Her body clenched as her orgasm finally released. I kept wiggling my tongue against her convulsing clit as she bucked her hips against me. Biting her lip to keep her moans muffled, Stacey quivered under me until she pushed my head away. Every now and then she would vocalize her pleasure out loud, blending in with the audience’s occasional gasps, and shrieks at the movie. I quickly sat in my chair, gave a quick look around and was relieved we had gone undetected. As she pressed against her throbbing pussy with one hand, I grabbed her other to stroke my once again hard cock while we kissed her juices off my face.

I was again denied as the movie was ending. My cock was purple and red, angry at its burden of torture. My balls ached with another denial of release. We ran out of the theater: Stacey a little disshelved, me a little frustrated. I saw the restroom and led her this time. I quickly looked inside; it was empty! Grabbing her arm I pulled her in forcefully, and closed us inside the handicap stall.

My cock was still half-hard and was leaving a large wet stain in my pants. Stacey knew what I wanted and dropped to her knees as she yanked the waist band down my legs. My cock sprang out, begging for her mouth to take it. Stacey obliged, and sucked in its whole length. I moaned loudly as I grabbed her head to fuck her mouth. She wrapped her lips around my swollen glans head, and pumped my shaft with a tight vice grip.

“Yeah baby,” I hoarsely whispered, “Suck my cum out.” My hips began to flex in timed rhythm with her hand strokes. She scratched my balls just as they retracted into my body, ready to jettison their bounty. I rose to my toes as I felt my vas fill with cream.

I held my breath and bit my tongue to subdue my groan as I released my quim. Stacey felt my shudder and kept her hand still, using only her thumb to rub against the v-notch just under the pee hole. Her mouth was a vacuum, sucking all I had to give her. My body released and recoiled for every shot I could give her, as I was in pain from her mouth painfully clamped down around its ultra-sensitive head. She swallowed every drop, not even a drip came out to trace down her chin. I meekly smiled as our eyes met, her mouth still around my cockhead. Her eyes lit up as she engulfed my deflating shaft, burying her nose in my small patch of pubic hair. Raking her tongue against the underside of my shaft, she milked any last remnants of cum out me, before pulling me out of her.

Standing, she smiled devilishly as she kissed me. Her cum coated tongue enter my mouth and I tasted my salty essence. My, for the time being, satiated cock deflated and I pulled my pants up. Voices had by now entered the restroom so we stayed put until the coast was clear. At our first opportunity, we raced out giggling to ourselves, just what the place of happiness is supposed to make you do.

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