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Amy All Grown Up


As twenty first birthday parties went Amy's was not going to carved in stone and used as the bench mark for all twenty first birthday parties to come. It was not exactly low key, a local hall that was nicely decorated, a rather good band and a mix of friends and family, it was not a drunken rite of passage for anyone. So for someone my age, twenty eight if you must know it was something I could get behind without feeling painfully old and outdated.

We were here on this Saturday evening because it would have been bad form if Amy's only brother failed to attend her birthday bash. I had brought along my current girlfriend Erica much to the delight of my mother who had spent the last couple of years dropping hints about marriage and children whenever she got the chance. Erica and Amy could not be any more different. Erica was older by eight years, her hair was a warm chestnut brown and she had killer curves set off by breasts that got heads turning. Whereas Amy had dyed her hair a deep black that sucked in light, wore thick rimmed black glasses (apparently in a kooky and ironic way, as she had told me countless times) and her body was far more slim with small breasts. She was no less stunning for her differences and as she came into womanhood I would be lying if I said I had not been impressed by the change from nerdy, scraped knees and elbows tom boy into the woman who was today celebrating her birthday.

For her special evening Amy had chosen to tie her black hair up, the glasses were still present and she had purchased a rather outstanding fifties style swing dress in a bright red with white hibiscus flowers printed on. She stood out from the crowd which is what any self-respecting twenty one year old would want to do on their birthday. In contrast her boyfriend of three years Lee wore a rather loose fitting black suit, his dyed blonde hair spiked in every direction possible and he wore the look of a rather unhappy individual. "What's Lee's problem?" I asked Erica as I watched Amy dancing.

Erica shrugged as she watched the two of them, "Who's knows with that guy, I honestly do not understand why she is still with him," as if those words were her queue Amy stormed off the dance floor with Lee following in hot pursuit, they had gone perhaps ten feet before Lee managed to grab hold of Amy's arm. I instinctively went to stand up as I saw the look of pain on Amy's face but Erica stayed me by simply putting her hand across mine, "Let them be," she said to me while her eyes remained firmly fixed on my sister, Erica had been an only child and she had bonded with Amy for the two years we had been together treating almost as her own sister.

We watched, as did nearly everyone else at the party, as heated and hushed words were exchanged between boyfriend and girlfriend. Lee fumed and glared at Amy before pushing past a small group of onlookers and stormed out of the hall. Amy fled the scene in the opposite direction and Erica was quickly on her feet and following.

About half an hour later and one additional trip to the buffet by myself, Erica and Amy made an appearance. As they sat down at our table I could see the puffiness around Amy's eyes even with the glasses on, Erica looked at me and shook her head ever so slightly it was all that was needed to let me know that any words of wisdom I might have would not be welcome at that time. I picked at my food trying my best not to look Amy's way and failing miserably, "We split up," she finally said to me, her voice waivered slightly but it was easy to see she was all cried out for the time being.

"You okay?" came my lacklustre response over the half eaten chicken leg that waited patiently in front of my mouth. Amy's head cocked to one side her eye brows rising at the question asked, I shrugged then added, "atleast he got you a gift before leaving."

At this Amy laughed and took a deep drink from her glass of white wine. Erica punched my upper arm hard enough for it to go slightly numb, "Remember our discussion about thinking before speaking?" Erica said as she tried to hide her own smile.

For the next hour or so we watched Amy go through a bottle of wine, our mother and father, Trisha and Paul had come over just as the wine bottle had become half empty, or half full depending how you look at life. Amy did not want to talk to them, mom kept needling away trying to console her youngest child but also trying to figure out what had split them up. Paul managed to look both disappointed and unconcerned as he sat there watching his wife and daughter.

"It's none of your business mom," Amy said with venom and volume, "You never liked Lee anyway so stop acting as if this bothers you." Amy downed the glass of wine and got to her now unsteady feet. Mom tried to grab her arm and pull her back down, now more embarrassed for herself than for her daughter but Amy easily slipped free of the weak grip.

Trisha called out Amy's name, Paul tried too though with less keenness, even Erica got in the act but their calls fell on deaf ears as Amy stormed away. In her anger she barged past an older gentleman in a tweed jacket and slacks sending his drink tumbling out of his glass, Amy's anger still lit up her face causing the old man to bite his tongue. Erica, Trisha and Paul by now were in family conference mode, all sighs, tuts and aggrieved speeches. So I was the only one who saw Amy talk to the old man who looked around the room eyes wide, when he looked back at Amy he nodded once and Amy continued her storming out about thirty seconds later followed by the gentleman.

"Can you go find her honey, try and show some brotherly love and make sure she's not trying to hitchhike home or something equally as stupid" Mom asked in a pleading voice, she was close to tears now as she talked about her family being 'all grown up' and 'having no need for me'. I could have argued but the consequences would have been me sat at the table trying to calm mom down with my ever unhelpful father trying to work with me.

My response was a heartfelt smile and a simple "Sure."

When I stepped out of the hall I was surprised at how light it was, I looked up and was greeted by the sight of a full moon in a cloudless sky. I hoped that this would make my job that little bit easier. Spotting Amy in a bright red dress under a full moon in theory was simple, ten minutes later I had finished my second pass of the car park and was reluctantly heading towards a small groove of fir trees that sat clumped together a small distance from the hall, if they had caught a taxi or even the old man had driven my sister home then this would be a fruitless search but I would have done my duty.

I paused as I stepped into the tree line the light from the moon was almost blotted out by the heavy greenery above me. I was not scared this was merely apprehension at entering an unknown wooded area in the middle of the night. I heard what I thought was mumbling ahead of me so with a quiet sigh I crossed the threshold and walked deeper into the trees.

The ground was soft and I could barely hear my own footsteps as I walked across a bed of needles and soft soil, I paused every few steps looking about for any sign of a red dress, which, even in the gloomy light that now surrounded me would be easy to see. I do not know why I did not call out her name, perhaps I thought I might scare her off or perhaps I had an idea of what might be going on and deep down I wanted to see.

When I came across the old fallen tree it took me mere Nano seconds to pick out Amy in her red dress sitting on it. Yes I was moving through the trees stealthily and quietly and yes I knew the reason why I had not called out Amy's name at any point in the search for her. If I was respectable enough I would have stepped into the clearing and brought a halt to what was going on, but I am a red blooded male and one with an over active imagination and as a photographer I guess I am a little bit of a voyeur. You see I now stood half concealed behind the thick trunk of a fir tree and a low holly bush, no more than a few feet from me an unexpected scene that was playing out.

Amy was on the fallen tree, her red swing dress had been lifted up revealing the fact that she was in stockings and not tights as I had first assumed earlier in the evening. I could see the dark end of the stockings on her inner thigh where her pale skin began, her legs were parted but I could not see between her legs as the older man was stood between them. They were not having sex as the scene suggested instead it appeared that they were both masturbating.

This was my young and only sister a few feet from me I should have brought an end to it but every time I took a deep breath to call out the words lodged in my throat and I remained half concealed watching her and the old man. I could see Amy's left arm moving rhythmically slow, the angle of it meant that her hand was between her legs, the elderly man's own right arm was jerking up and down in a frantic motion I did not need any imagination to know his hand would be gripping his cock at that moment in time. Every now and then the man would mutter something, sigh or even groan. I felt a pang of jealousy that should not have been there, it made me feel uncomfortable, but not enough for me to leave. It was not right for me to be wishing I was in that man's position and seeing what he was seeing.

I knew I should have turned around and walked away but my feet were glued to the soft ground my eyes transfixed on the couple unable to look away. The old man's arm sped up his breathing becoming harsher, he moaned out loudly as his legs shook spasmodically. A slight gasp left Amy's mouth a moment later, not an orgasm but of surprise and I wondered where the man had unloaded. The man muttered a few things to which Amy only shrugged, now that the man had cum she seemed less interested in continuing to please herself, the old man turned and started to walk off on wobbly legs, thankfully he had not looked up giving me the chance to slip behind the tree and into enough semi darkness to conceal me as he walked past.

No sooner had he gone past I was peering round the tree once again. Amy was still on the fallen log, her knickers were back in place and I admit I was a little disappointed because of it, I watched as she wiped at the top of one stocking leg her face grimacing as she felt something there, it did not take a genius to know that the old man had done a god job of spurting over her stocking top and inner thigh. Amy wiped her hand absently on the log before pushing her dress back down before she stood up. I retreated to my hideaway and let Amy pass, humming away to herself.

I made a dash, or atleast a strange mimic of a dash as I tried to avoid making any noise in the tree's, I took a route opposite to that of Amy and the old man which brought me out at the rear of the car park, I caught my breath, quickly looking in a car's wing mirror to make sure I didn't look like a peeping tom then walked quickly up to where the hall was. Amy had already come out of the trees and was stood on the path her phone in one hand her thumb gliding across the touch screen. "There you are!" I said sounding relieved to have found her after a long search.

Amy glanced up from her phone, "Where else would I be?" she asked before returning her gaze back to her phone.

"Mom's looking for you. She's...We were a little worried about you." I replied

Amy lowered her phone and slipped it back into her little clutch bag, "Don't be," she said looking over her shoulder as a huge burst of laughter erupted inside the hall, "I'm a big girl now I can take care of myself," at this she actually pushed her shoulders back and raised her head, I let out a laugh and she followed suit. She bit her lip then said, "But I don't think I can face another inquisition with mom tonight, can I stay over with you and Erica?"

I understood where she was coming from, our mother would spend the night comforting her and trying to get as much information out of Amy about the break up as possible while her dad would give her a sad look and utter those four words, 'I Told You So!'

No one talked much on the drive home Amy sat in the back seat tapping away at her phone no doubt updating her status on a social network site somewhere. At the house Erica offered a cup of tea to Amy which she declined, "I think I'm just going to get ready for bed," she said as she put her clutch bag, phone and digital camera down on the coffee table.

"I'll get you some bedding," Erica said in a soft sympathetic voice. "Can you move the cushions?" she said to me as she left the living room and headed upstairs with my sister.

I grabbed the handful of colourful cushions which served no real purpose of comfort when sitting on settee they merely cluttered and made my comfort harder to attain I took some pleasure in throwing them across the room. The last cushion I threw absently over my shoulder and winced when I heard it hit the coffee table and Amy's belongings along with it.

"Crap!" I muttered under my breath blaming the cushion for its lack of aerodynamics as I kicked it away, I picked up the clutch bag and hurriedly shoved a few pieces that had fallen out back in, the camera had fallen face first onto the lens with a terrible sound I picked it up and was thankful for the robust surface and tough lens. I turned it over in my hand and switched it on and with toes crossed hoped it would function fine.

The back screen lit up and I sighed with relief, I closed the little door on the side that housed the memory card and watched a red light flash away for a second or two then I pressed the picture display button, a poorly taken image of tonight's birthday bash filled the screen and I gave out another sigh of relief. My finger tapped away at the little button and on the screen the evening began to rewind, dancing, group shots, candle blow out, people arriving the next click brought me to a picture of Amy holding the camera striking a pose in her red dress in front of the mirror no doubt the picture was already gracing her Facebook page profile.

I smiled as I flicked through a couple more shots of her in front of the mirror perfecting her pose or angle of shot. When I hit the back button again my heart stopped and I found it difficult to breath. It was Amy no mistaking the cheeky little grin and the glasses, no bright red dress in this photograph just Amy in front of a mirror topless. One hand held the camera up high covering half her face almost. Her other arm was crossed under one breast with her hand covering the other. I felt shocked and a little appalled at seeing my sister this way, yet I didn't turn the camera off put it down and walk away. Like a car accident I stared and took in more detail than I really should have. Her exposed breast was pale a hint of a tan line just visible on the lightly freckled skin, the breast itself was a pert mound with a small areola surrounding a hard, pink nipple.

My finger moved to the off button, but found its way back to the back button the next tap produced another image of my sister topless, the smile gone, eyes frozen mid blink but the pose the same. Another tap and another new picture, with this one both breasts were exposed I swallowed hard feeling guilty about the bulge that was forming rapidly in my jeans but unable to stop my eyes from taking in the images before me. The next photograph gave vent to an audible gasp, Amy bit her lower lip, and her free hand was raised and fore finger and thumb closed around one nipple squeezing it gently.

Had it not been for the sound of Footsteps on the stairs I had no doubt have continued my rather shocking viewing of my sister topless and who knew, with more time where that would have led, the bulge in my jeans gave some indication of its desire to be freed and played with. I hit the off button and put the camera down, I quickly covered the ground between living room and kitchen, getting in there just as Erica stepped off the bottom step her hands grasping a bundle made up of a duvet and pillow, "A little help!" she exclaimed seeing me leaning nonchalantly in the kitchen.

I rushed out and grabbed the bundle off her, "Oh! Someone's frisky." Erica exclaimed squeezing past me and feeling my cock prod her thigh as she did so, "I hope you are not expecting any action with your sister about." She said and gave me a playful slap on my cheek.

When Amy came downstairs wearing a pair of Erica's flannel Pyjama bottoms and tops I found that I was staring, it was impossible not too every time I refocused on my cup of tea or on Erica my eyes would drift to my sister, her legs curled up under her the top baggy on her small frame, her black hair washed and hanging limp and wet over one shoulder. This was my sister yet this evening had stirred something in me, I was seeing her more as a woman than the girl who had come crying to me when Billy from down the road pushed her over at the age of ten.

I was uncomfortable with the feeling, it did not sit right with my usual thoughts it jarred them and sat there like a splinter in my mind. She was a woman, but also my sister, she was attractive with a great body, but she was also my sister, I was in a relationship or just about in one anyway. Another glance her way and for a moment the flannel top disappeared, she was topless and her nipples were hard little nubs that were just begging for me to caress them.

I shifted uncomfortably in my chair, my cock once again a solid mass that spoke more truth than my mind could cope with at the moment. "I need to go to bed." I said with a weary sigh, I needed out of that room and away from my thoughts.

Erica took a sip of her tea, "You go on up, I just need to finish off my cup." It was kind of a blessing, I knew I could go to bed and sleep, though that was not the word that came to mind 'masturbate' had reverberated through my synapsis, thankfully the word sleep came from my mouth instead.

Going to bed seemed like an even worse idea, every time my eyes closed the images from the camera floated out of the inky blackness to plague my mind's eye. Opening my eyes proved pointless as the images instead floated before my vision, Amy's supple nakedness within reach if she were truly that close to me.

My hand found my cock, rock solid and eager to play. I started slowly, feeling guilty and dirty for wanking to the images in my head. Amy was my sister yet her naked body had aroused me more than Erica's the thoughts and fantasies ripened in my head as I continued to masturbate. Amy taking me in her hand, in her mouth, in her pussy letting me use her and her use me in return in ways that a brother and sister should never do.

I lifted my head off my pillow when I heard the bedroom door creak open slightly, a ghostly shaft of light painted the wall and a figure slinked into the bedroom, my mind was not my own and I whispered out, "Amy?" why she would be sneaking into the bedroom was beyond me I already knew who it was yet somehow those ghostly photographs had imprinted themselves over Erica.

"Of course not stupid it's me," she whispered and giggled. I laughed along with her pretending it had been a joke. In the semi gloom I watched Erica strip. The thoughts of May were slipping to the wayside as more and more of Erica's curvy flesh became exposed. Her black dress dropped in a heap around her ankles, I smiled as she unhooked her strapless bra allowing her heavy breasts to bounce free, her knickers were the last thing to go and in the light I could see her auburn trimmed bush.

I lay back expecting her to slip on some fresh PJ's she had made it clear sex was off the table tonight with Amy downstairs, though I still felt frisky for her, or Amy...I was not too sure at that point but what I did know was that I had an erection that really needed to calm down. I felt the bed shift as Erica climbed on, I felt the weight of her on my legs and at this I sat up. She was totally naked and sitting astride me, my legs pinned beneath her a wicked smile was on her full lips as she reached up and pulled the covers down from my body. "What are you doing?" I asked.

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