tagLesbian SexAmy & Carol's Intimate Secret

Amy & Carol's Intimate Secret

byIntimate Confessions©


If you have been following my story as it is posted, you will know that I am Rick's girlfriend. I have dark hair and a decent body, even in my advanced years as I approach my thirtieth birthday. You will know that Rick and I met the person you know as Intimate Confessions at an upscale resort in Park City Utah and he wrote the first installment of this story in which he met us. I wrote the second chapter and Rick wrote the third about his experiences with his step-sisters. You will know that Intimate Confessions posts our stories on the web and gets any responses we get back to us. You will know that this is the forth installment of a series that may go on for a long time.

You will know that I've been writing about my freshman year in college. You will have read about a certain night in the late fall when I awoke to hear my roommate Carol masturbating. Hearing this aroused me to a degree I had never experienced and after she went back to sleep, I spent the rest of the night rubbing off, hoping she'd catch (and maybe join) me. She didn't and when I'd regained my sanity, I was glad that she hadn't.

I was sick with worry that she really knew, but wasn't saying anything, but after a couple of weeks, it was apparent that she suspected nothing.

Throughout the rest of the year, this thing repeated itself about once a month. I'd wake up and hear Carol rubbing off then I'd wait in an agony of excitement and arousal until I was sure she had dropped off to sleep. I would spend the remainder of the night awash in a sea of sensuality spending real quality time with me, myself and I. Each time I suffered the tortures of the dammed, living with guilt and a sneaking suspicion that I was turning gay. Each time, she never gave even the slightest indication that she was aware of my darker sexual leanings.

By the time spring break approached, we had settled down into a nice little routine, a night of mutual, but private masturbation, a week or two of unspeakable anxiety and the dawning awareness that, once again she suspected nothing.

When spring break came, she invited me to go to her house in Dallas to meet her boyfriend, Larry and her brother Brian, who she was sure I'd like. Having nothing better planned, I took her up on it.


We packed the car the night before and got on the road about 12 AM, having slept late and spent some time shopping for last minute items. We drove straight east on I – 70 which is as desolate a drive as you could imagine with brown fields of scrub stretching to the horizon, unbroken except for the occasional cottonwood tree. Since it was Carol's car, she drove and I entertained myself watching the prairie rolling by the window at 55 miles an hour.

We made small talk for the first hour or so and then we lapsed into silence and our own thoughts as the road unwound beneath the car. We stopped in Goodland Kansas for a brief truck stop lunch and then climbed back into the car and drove east again.

At the store in Goodland, Carol had picked up a six pack of beer. She cracked one and handed another to me. The first went down nice and cool. We were starting on the second when Carol said, "Why do you dress like that?

I looked over at her with a puzzled expression and said, "What do you mean, like that?"

"You know, floppy T shirts, jeans, the whole covered up look?" It was true, I was wearing my usual jeans and spacious T-shirt.

I replied, "I could ask you the same thing, why do you show so much skin?" Carol was wearing a mid thigh skirt with a tight, slightly low cut top that showed the first swelling of her breasts. Not really appropriate wear for a road trip, I thought to myself.

Carol looked over at me and said, "I guess it's only fair that I answer first since I asked the question".

She settled back in her seat, took a long pull at her beer and said, "Ever since I was a little girl, all I ever wanted to be was a big girl. What I mean is that I like the attention I get when men look at me."

"Is it a sex thing?" I asked.

She wrinkled her nose, shrugged and said, "It's complicated".

I gestured at the apparently endless road unwinding in front of the car and said, "We've got nothing but time, what do you mean by complicated?"

"Well, complicated. I'm afraid that after you've heard the story, you might not be as excited about meeting my brother and Larry as you are now. If that's the case, I will be glad to pay your bus fare back to Denver with my apologies, but…"

"What?" I said.

She hesitated and said, "If I tell you, this has got to remain between us no matter what, if you stay or if you go, do you promise?"

I nodded and said, "I promise, I'll never tell a soul".


"OK", she said, "When I was about sixteen, my brother, who is a year younger then me had a friend over to stay the night. The three of us spent the day swimming in the backyard. I had a new swimming suit, a really cute bikini. I caught Brian's friend, Larry looking at me when he thought I wouldn't notice. It made me feel…well, good, sort of sexy. We spent the day swimming and playing in the water and the feeling that Larry liked looking at me, kept cropping up.

"About the middle of the afternoon, Larry remarked to Brian that he had to pee. Brian said he should just go there. I think Brian meant in the pool, but Larry just started going while he was standing there, his suit darkening, urine running down his legs and spattering on the ground. I don't think he knew I was right there, in the pool about five feet behind him, but I was and when he turned around to jump in the pool and rinse off, there I was, just staring at him".

"I can't really explain it, but watching this had such an effect on me. I was instantly aroused and felt, well, like I wanted him to see me do the same thing."

"About half an hour later Brian went in the house for something or other and Larry and I were standing and talking by the side of the pool. As we talked, I let my bladder go and felt my bottoms turning warm as I urinated into them. Then I heard my pee spattering on the cement between my legs and felt it running down my legs as we spoke. I refused to acknowledge what I was doing and just kept on talking while I pissed. I could see that Larry was trying to maintain eye contact with me, but his gaze moved as if drug by gravity to the spreading puddle fed by my streaming legs. When I looked down, at last, I could see that he had a king-size erection that he was too surprised to hide. I turned and dived into the pool and left him standing there with a hard dick and nothing to be done about it."

Later that night, our parents went out and we went to the den and hung out watching TV."

"We were all still in our suits which had dried off except for me. I had taken off my top and replaced it with a T shirt."

"After a while, my brother, Brian, said the movies we were watching were boring and he knew where our parents stashed their movies. I didn't say anything but his friend Larry asked what kind of movies they were and Brian said they were sex movies".

"After a little while, Brian asked me if I would tell on them if he went and got one for us to watch and I told him to go ahead. I really had no idea what these movies were."

"Brian went into our parents room and emerged with several videos. He put one in called Tease to Please. We all sat and watched it.


The road unwound beneath the car with an uninterrupted drone as the sunlight deepened into early afternoon. The beer we were sipping was having a relaxing effect on both of us. We stopped a couple of times to relieve ourselves on the side of the road. I noticed that Carol didn't bother to shield herself behind the car. It was almost like she wanted to be seen. Then we would climb back in the car and she continued the narrative about her, Larry and her brother watching an adult movie together.

As I listened to this story, I began to picture them sitting around watching an adult movie. I realized the picture that was forming in my mind was much like the fantasies I had titillated myself with over much of the past school year in the darkness of our room first listening to the sound of Carol rubbing off and then later doing the same myself.

A semi truck moved into the left lane to pass us. Carol shifted in her seat and her short skirt rode up almost exposing, well everything, if you know what I mean. The truck slowed, keeping pace with us until Carol readjusted her skirt, pulling it back down. The truck pulled in front of us as she continued,

"The whole story was about this girl who wore real short skirts and revealing clothing. She liked to show her body to guys and get them all hot and bothered. Later, she'd sneak up and watch them after she had teased them until they lost control".

As she talked, the late afternoon sun began to set behind us and the interior of the car began to fill with shadow. I realized that I was becoming slightly stimulated, you know, excited, listening to her story, just as I had become very aroused listening to her masturbate late at night.

"I mean" she continued, "it wasn't like a normal dirty movie where people where you just see people screwing with lots of gross close ups. I've seen those kind since then and if it had been that kind of movie, what happened between us never would have."

"What kind of movie was it", I asked, breaking my silence, "What happened between you guys?"

Carol paused at this point, opened another beer and said, "I hope you know that this happened just a couple of years ago and I'm trusting you with a secret that I'd never tell anyone else."

We were approaching Salinas Kansas and the sun had set behind us. At Salinas, we would change highways and start our drive south.

I said, "Carol, I'm never going to tell anyone. If it'll make you feel better, I'll tell you a secret that will pretty well make us even Stephen".

"OK" she said, "you're on".

I instantly regretted my decision, but I wasn't going to go back on it. What I said was. "Look, we've been driving for quite a while and I know we've got at least six or seven hours more to go. Why don't we stop and get a room for the night and a couple more six packs and we can talk a little and drink a little without getting into trouble or worse yet an accident."

"Good idea" she said and turned into the exit.


An hour later we were sitting on the floor of the Comfort Inn with a six pack of beer between us. There was another cooling in the little refrigerator that came with the room.

We had checked in and then at Carol's suggestion we had taken a dip in the motel pool to cool off and relax. When we returned to the room, Carol had simply shucked her dripping swimwear and was wrapped naked in a terrycloth robe. When my turn to change came, I had spent some time in the bathroom in an agony of indecision.

I looked at the girl standing naked in the mirror. She was flushed, her nipples were stiff, she had goose bumps across her breasts. She looked exactly like I felt; very aroused, confused and bashful. In the end, I left my bottoms on and wore a huge T-shirt that did a pretty good job of concealing the more physical evidence of my excitement.

Carol spoke first, "You were going to tell me something."

By this time I was blushing furiously, I said, "I will, but why don't you finish your story first".

Carol smiled and said, "OK, but no chickening out". I nodded as she began speaking.


"I told you that this was an unusual movie because there was a pretty good plot. This girl would start out teasing a couple of guys and wind up letting them look at her and touch her. Sometimes she'd have them jack off and once she had a couple jack each other off while she stood there watching them, telling them what to do."

"I looked over at Larry and Brian and they both had these huge erections making tents inside their swim trunks. They were both sitting so as to hide this as best they could. Larry had pulled a pillow over his lap and Brian was sitting with his legs pulled up against his chest. I realized that the movie was having quite an effect on me as well. What was having the most impact was that I was becoming aware that they both were stealing glances at me when they thought I wasn't looking.

"I realized that this was making me even more excited and instead of being embarrassed, I began to flaunt my state of arousal. I began moving so that my T-shirt was rubbing against my nipples, making them even stiffer and more visible, letting the bottom slide up showing even more of my legs."

As Carol continued to tell this story, it seemed to me that her bathrobe had fallen slightly open, revealing a little of her modest cleavage. I wasn't sure if this was intentional or even if it was really happening; I thought it might be my imagination.

I was surprised at the tremor in my voice as I asked, "What happened then?"

Carol took another drink of her beer before responding and then she said, "Well, the movie just kept getting more and more intense. The girl that was the star had progressed to letting people watch her masturbate or have sex and the people watching were so frustrated, sometimes they would go and rub up against furniture and stuff. I mean this was all new to me and I don't think either of the boys were expecting anything like this. I had been squirming for some time, not really aware that both the boys were watching me as much as the movie. Brian got up and excused himself, taking care that he was facing away from me, went down the hall to his room, leaving Larry and I alone."

"The movie just kept getting more and more explicit, now the star had a man and a woman tied up so they couldn't touch themselves or each other. The star and her boyfriend were bringing them both to the brink of orgasm, stopping and then fucking each other in front of the couple as they both pleaded for relief. Larry got up and said that he was going to see what Brian was doing and left me alone".

Carol stopped speaking and took another drink of beer. In the silence of the motel room, I could clearly smell what had become a familiar smell over the last few months; our mutual arousal. There was no mistaking the heavy dusky aroma, the same distinct fragrance that had permeated our dorm room on those nights we had pretended to ignore the sounds of our solitary, yet mutual indulgence as we both reached our unspoken and silent climaxes. This knowledge had an incendiary effect on my smoldering excitement, pouring gas on the glowing coals of my current arousal; I shuddered and excused myself to go to the bathroom.

Once the door was shut behind me, I hooked my thumbs in my bottoms and pulled them down. Instead of sitting down on the toilet, I gently caressed my slippery clit and then began to rub off in earnest. Whimpering with excitement I watched my image in the mirror, wishing I had the courage to do exactly what I was doing here alone in the bathroom while Carol watched and maybe did the same herself. I wondered if Carol was doing the same thing while she waited for me to return. Maybe she was, I thought to myself as my hand moved faster and faster. I was imagining Carol rubbing her own pussy while continuing telling the story when I was interrupted by a soft knock on the door. I just had time to yank my bottoms up again when the door opened and Carol walked in.

"Don't you want to hear what happened next?" she asked softly.

Her robe had come unwrapped when she reached to open the door. In the instant before she pulled it around her, I caught a glimpse of her naked pussy, swollen, red and gleaming with slippery lubrication; she was as inflamed as I was.

"What happened next?" I whispered.

Carol spoke, her voice echoing in the tiled room. "Well, he left me sitting there watching that damn movie. After a few minutes it became apparent that whatever they were doing, they weren't coming back. I slipped off my bottoms, intending to watch the rest of the movie alone."

My face was burning as I asked, "Were you going to touch yourself right there?"

Carol shot me a penetrating glance and leaned forward.

"Frankly", she said, "I don't know what my intentions were at the moment. I was very excited, more so than I had ever been in my life. I certainly was considering almost anything you could imagine. I wasn't thinking very clearly, but I guess I was going to do that, I mean rub myself there."

"Did you?" I asked. sitting down on the edge of the bathtub.

"No", she said, "The dammed movie ended at that point, leaving me sitting there alone, wondering where Brian and Larry had gone and what they were doing. I got up and walked down the hall to Brian's room and stood at the door listening."

"What did you hear", I asked.

"Nothing at first, but then I could hear Brian and Larry talking, so I knocked at the door. I heard Brian say something, so I pushed the door open and walked in".

"Brain had double beds and they were each in a separate bed. The lights were out so I flipped the switch on the wall that lit Brian's desk lamp. They both had their knees up under the covers and were clearly embarrassed by my presence. I asked them what they were doing and Larry told me that they were talking about the movie and me".

"I sat down on the edge of his bed, letting the T-shirt ride way up on my thighs and in the most innocent voice I could muster under the circumstances asked him what about me they were talking about."

"Larry started to say something but was interrupted by Brian who told him to shut up and not say anything. I told Brian that I just wanted to know what they were talking about and I'd never say anything about it again."

"Larry didn't wait for Brian to say it was OK before blurting out that Brian had said he wanted me to tease them like the lady in the movie was teasing everyone and that they were jacking off and talking about it when I came in".

"I asked them if it didn't seem weird, two guys together masturbating, but this time it was Brian who replied that talking to someone and watching made it more exciting. I asked them if they had done this sort of thing before and they both said they had done it several times together. Often they would take turns reading dirty stories to each other until they were too aroused to stop. This was the first movie they had watched and the fact that I had been watching with them made it hotter."

I looked over at Carol. She was flushed and breathing unevenly. I realized that I had unconsciously repositioned myself during the story rubbing my bottom on the cool edge of the bathtub and was pulling on my T-shirt, much as Carol had in front of the boys. In addition to being very aroused, I also had to go to the bathroom. Somehow this contributed to my excitement. My entire body was tingling as I breathed, "That is so hot, what happened next?"

Carol blushed an even darker rose color as she said, "Well, I guess I was wondering how this situation had gotten so intense. I should have walked out right then, but I didn't. I asked them if I could stay and watch while they did it. When they didn't say anything, I stood up and pulled my T-shirt up so they could almost see my pussy and asked if looking at me while they did it would help."

"They didn't say anything, so I pulled the shirt up even further until the bottoms of my breasts were showing and I could hear them start to stroke their cocks as I felt their gaze on my legs and cunt".

I noticed that Carol's language was growing more and more explicit as she went along. It seemed that she was starting to relish the use of obscene words to describe the situation, making it even nastier as she spoke.

Trying to control the tremor in my voice, I boldly asked, "Did you let them touch your cunt? Did you want them to?"

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