tagLoving WivesAmy and I Pick Up Ebony Stripper

Amy and I Pick Up Ebony Stripper


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the naughty. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging and helpful comments regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


Amy and I are 28 years old and have been married for only a year but have been together for nearly 11 years. She stands 5'5", weighs 135lbs, long blonde hair and eyes that change from blue to green depending on her mood. She has a lovely set of 36C breasts, a nice round ass and legs to die for. Everywhere she goes she turns heads and she lives to flirt with both men and women. Amy possesses the friendliest personality and is very confident in her sexuality. This confidence has permitted both of us to live out many of our fantasies including swapping, wife sharing, orgies, and both MMF and FFM threesomes.

We love to go to strip clubs together and share lap dances from a variety of the sexy dancers. After our nights spent watching beautiful young women take off their clothes we usually go home and have sex until the wee hours of the morning. On this particular night we set out for a different club than the one we usually visit. One of the main problems with strip clubs is that on most nights the girls are the same and tonight we were hoping to see some new faces. We selected a club that was close to our house but that we had never been to. Amy dressed in a pair of snug fitting dress pants that showed off her perfect ass and a low cut top which revealed an ample amount of cleavage. I wore my usual black cords and red dress shirt that Amy liked so much.

We called a taxi and enjoyed each others' company as we waited to arrive at the club. "I hope there are some sexy women there tonight" Amy exclaimed. She continued, "I have been wanting another lap dance since that hot blonde danced for us last time. She was so hot and feeling her naked body got me so turned on!" I watched my wife slowly glide her hand across her chest, her nipples visibly hard beneath her thin shirt.

"Maybe you will get your first taste of pussy tonight" I prodded, "licking your fingers after they have been inside a hot strippers snatch!" Our naughty banter continued and in no time at all the cab stopped and we realized that we were in front of the strip club.

We paid the driver and strolled into the club hoping that we had chosen a decent location. The first thing that we noticed when we entered was that the club had a separate room on the side of the stage for smoking. Since it was a chilly night it was going to be nice to not have to exit the club for a cigarette. We found some seats a few feet from the stage and sat down before ordering two drinks from our waitress. Amy and I surveyed the club and the dancers before deciding that it was a good spot to spend the evening.

We started a tab and began to down quite a few drinks while chatting and watching the various strippers perform. One of my favourite things regarding strip clubs is that even if the dancer is ugly or just boring to watch, at least the music is usually my style. The dancer on the stage fell into the boring category as she wasn't dancing but just sort of walking from one side of the stage to the other. "She looks like a lost zombie" my wife joked. Amy and I burst into laughter as her terrible performance continued.

" She has got to be the worst we have ever seen" I added.

Amy and I sat in disappointment through the first four or five dancers that hit the stage before one finally caught our attention. She was a very sexy looking black girl with an excellent body. She moved her firm body to the beat of the music and looked like she was really having a great time. About half way through the black woman's performance Amy leaned over and said that she thought the girl looked familiar and I had to agree. Neither of us could place where we had seen her before as we watched her show and attempted to figure it out. The dancer soon ended her routine and was replaced on stage by an average looking brunette with huge fake breasts.

Another pet peeve that Amy and I have about strip clubs is that the dancers rarely approach couples for lap dances. In our opinion, if the couple is comfortable enough to enter the club then they should be treated like any other patron and be offered private dances. We were pleasantly surprised when a dancer approached our table and sat down next to Amy. With a very strong accent she introduced herself as Natasha and chatted with us for a while. She asked the same questions that are always asked of us; "Where are you from?", "Do you come here often?" and of course "Would you like a private dance?". My wife and I politely answered all of her questions but declined her invitation to the back room. Before Natasha left our table Amy asked where the ladies room was located. The dancer informed Amy that the only women's washroom was in the change room that the strippers used and offered to escort her back there. Amy followed Natasha around the corner and out of sight leaving me alone to watch the silicon filled brunette.

While my wife was gone I was confronted by numerous dancers in search of somebody to pay for a private show. Of the three that approached me only one, Star, was even remotely attractive and I talked with her for quite a while. She must have sensed that I was interested because she sat in my lap and placed her arm around my shoulder. Almost immediately upon her settling into my lap my wife returned from the bathroom and took her seat across the table from my new friend and I. "Hi there, I am Jack's wife Amy."

Slightly surprised Star replied "Sorry, I thought he was alone. I didn't mean to intrude."

Amy told her not to worry and insisted that she join us for a drink. I ordered a shot for the two ladies and another rye and coke for myself.

While we waited for the drinks Amy and I questioned Star as to why the dancers were so reluctant to come up to couples. "In many cases the female is uncomfortable and is only there to appease her man" Star relayed. In a bold move, Amy told Star to inform the rest of the dancers that we were open to them joining us and that we often shared a few lap dances throughout the night. The ladies then downed their shooters that had arrived during our conversation and Star left us, stating that she was due on stage.

I assumed that Star must have let the rest of the dancers know about us because for the next half hour or so we were bombarded by requests for lap dances. We politely turned them all down until the black stripper that we had seen on stage earlier approached us. She looked even better up close than she did while performing. She was about 5'6", 120lbs, perky 34B's, round booty and had her navel and tongue pierced.

Amy almost immediately announced that we were game and we were escorted into the V.I.P. lounge. The three of us sat down in one of the many booths with "Fantasy" between my wife and I. Amy and I were both eager to find out where we had seen her before so we questioned her about where she was from and where else she worked. It turned out that she used to dance at our regular club and that she vaguely remembered us as well.

We made formal introductions and chatted for a while, mainly about our marriage and our great sex life. Samantha, the dancers real name, joked about how she recalled us spending a lot of time and money with one of her friends at the other strip club and told us that her companion said she had a great time with us. With that said, Samantha stood and began to gently sway to the next song as Amy and I moved toward each other until our thighs met. We watched intently while Sam began to peel off her top, exposing her perfectly round breasts which were topped with small dark nipples.

"You have a fantastic body" I told Sam.

"And you are very beautiful" Amy added.

Sam responded by grabbing each of our hands and placing them on her chest. I gently squeezed her breast and rolled her nipple between my thumb and index finger while Amy did the same to the other.

All of a sudden, Samantha twirled around and moved beyond the range of our hands. She bent at the waist and wrapped her hands around one of her ankles, placing her shapely ass on display for me and my wife. I glanced at Amy and noticed that her eyes were fixed to Sam's ass as it swayed in the air. I leaned over and whispered in my wife's ear, "you chose the perfect dancer to join us tonight. She is hot and looks really tasty" I said, hinting at our conversation from the cab. Just before I pulled away I kissed the nape of her neck, which always sent shivers down her spine, hoping to arouse her more than she already was.

I settled back into my seat in anticipation of what I expected to be a fantastic show. When I returned my attention to Sam she had now reached between her legs and was rubbing her pussy through her barely there panties. She then retracted her hand and spun around to face us yet again. Bringing her hand to her mouth, Sam provocatively placed her finger between her lips and swirled her tongue around her digit. As I observed Samantha performing felatio on her slender finger I imagined what her luscious lips would feel like wrapped around my rapidly hardening member. I shifted in my seat, attempting to create room for my growing erection, which didn't go un-noticed by my wife. She looked down at my crotch and giggled when she saw the tent that had formed.

Samantha obviously noticed my predicament as well, "That's okay, I tend to have that effect on people." she joked while patting my bulge. Both girls had a good laugh at my expense but I knew it was all in fun. I pretended like I was upset and stormed off to the washroom, making sure that they knew I was joking before I left. Sam and Amy were laughing hysterically as I went around the corner in search of the can. Once I was done in the bathroom I started to head back to our booth, stopping for another round of drinks on the way. I carried the drinks into the back room and rejoined my party.

While I was gone, Sam apparently took it upon herself to assure that Amy was adequately entertained. My wife was leaning back in her seat as Sam straddled her legs and was dragging her perky breasts across Amy's face. With each swipe I could see that Sam's erect nipples were grazing Amy's lips and occasionally my wife would allow her tongue to tease Samantha's buds. I placed the drinks on the table and sat down a few feet away from my wife, making sure I could view the show without interrupting.

Neither of the girls seemed to notice that I had returned as they continued with their erotic display. Sam appeared to be the one forcing the action, " Do you mind if I touch you? she asked as her hands reached for Amy's soft breasts. She massaged my wife's tits for a moment before snaking her hands inside Amy's top. I saw my wife's head lean back against the wall as she enjoyed the feel of our stripper's hands fondling her tits.

"Oh god, that feels so good" Amy gasped. I slithered a little closer to Amy, in hopes of catching a glimpse of Sam's hands playing with my wife's light pink nipples. Samantha saw me moving closer and looked at me with a quizzical stare. I gathered that Sam was looking to me for permission to free my wife's jugs from their cloth confines. Not wanting to speak for Amy, I shrugged my shoulders and motioned for Sam to ask Amy if it was alright. Instead of checking with my wife, Sam yanked Amy's shirt down which exposed her large breasts for everyone to see.

Amy's head snapped forward in disbelief at what had just taken place. She reached for her breasts and covered them with her hands while surveying the room to see if anybody had noticed. She was glad to see that all of the people in the V.I.P. area were either watching what was happening on the stage or were involved with their own private dance. She let out a sigh of relief as she attempted to cram her mounds back into her top.

Sam interrupted her, " I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself. They feel so good and I was hoping I could get a quick taste." After looking around again Amy reluctantly agreed to Sam's proposition.

Not giving my wife a chance to change her mind, Sam quickly dipped her head and took a nipple into her mouth. I looked on as Amy's eyes closed from the pleasure Sam's lips and tongue were providing. I tilted Amy's head toward me and kissed her gently while Samantha continued to suckle at her tits. I started to caress my wife's thigh as our kiss became deeper and more passionate. Amy was soon moaning into my mouth and squirming in her seat, obviously loving the sensation of two mouths touching her simultaneously. Samantha and I seemed to have the same thing in mind because when I moved my hand up Amy's thigh to her crotch I was pleased to find Sam's hand already caressing my wife's covered pussy.

I placed my hand over Sam's and guided it along Amy's slit, demonstrating to the stripper how my wife liked having her twat played with. I pulled my lips away from my wife's and lowered my head to share her nipples with Sam. We licked at her breasts in tandem, brushing our tongue together quite often. At one point Sam and I ended up locked in a sloppy kiss with one of my wife's nipples between our lips. The stud in her tongue felt wonderful as it traced the inside of my mouth, I could only imagine how great it felt on Amy's tits.

Knowing that she was completely enthralled with the attention she was currently receiving, I took a risk and decided to snake my hand into Amy's pants. I could feel the warmth of her pussy as my hand meandered further. I traced my index finger along her slit and found that she was already wet enough for my finger to easily slide inside her snatch. She let out an audible gasp as my digit invaded her box while I thumbed her hard clit.

As I finger banged my wife, Samantha stood and straddled her legs before lowering herself until their crotches sandwiched my hand between them. Sam began to grind her pussy into the back of my hand which caused me to push deeper into Amy. My wife started to buck her hips wildly and was soon moaning out her first orgasm of the night. "Please don't stop, I'm cummi....", Sam darted her tongue into Amy's mouth, muffling the sounds of her lengthy orgasm.

"I can't believe I came so hard in the middle of the club" Amy blushed as she came back to earth. I slipped my hand from her pants and brought it toward my mouth.

"Share that with me" Sam pleaded before licking my cream covered fingers. "Your pussy is so sweet" Sam whispered to Amy. "I hope I can get a first hand taste later!" The dancer cleaned my wife's juices from my finger before pressing her lips to Amy's and darting her tongue into my wife's mouth.

"I need to go to the little girls room" I overheard Sam whisper to Amy. "Would you like to join me?"

My wife stood on her shaky legs and grasped Samantha's hand, "Sure do. I think he could use a little break" Amy said as she flashed me a mischievous smile. The ladies strutted away from me as I watched their asses bounce out of sight. I leaned back in my seat and watched the dancer that was performing on stage while I imagined what my wife and her chocolate skinned friend were up to in the washroom.

Shortly after my women disappeared the waitress returned and asked if I wanted another drink as last call was rapidly approaching. "I'll have a rye and coke, a vodka & cranberry and two sex on the beach shooters please" I requested while looking her over.

"It looked like your lady was enjoying herself" the waitress winked before walking back to the bar.

I sat alone for quite some time, sipping slowly at my drink, while I waited for my wife and dancer to return. Last call was announced over the sound system before there was any sign of the girls. My mind raced and my cock twitched as I daydreamed about what Amy and Sam could be doing for so long in the ladies room. I was quickly brought back to reality when my wife returned to our booth without Samantha. "Ready for some really private entertainment?" she beamed as she sat down in my lap. "Sam is going to come party with us at our place!" We downed our drinks and made our way to the front door where Samantha was to meet us after she changed into her street clothes.

"What happened while you two were in the washroom?" I inquired as we lingered near the exit. Amy lifted her hand to my face and traced a finger across my lips. I parted my lips with the tip of my tongue expecting to taste my wife's tangy nectar from her digit but what I tasted was certainly not my wife. "Mmmm, what do we have here?" I asked as I licked the length of my wife's slim finger.

"Doesn't Samantha's pussy taste delicious" Amy interjected before kissing me deeply. As our tongues danced I could taste the unmistakeable flavour of Sam's pussy on my wife's lips.

Our kiss was interrupted when I felt somebody's hand grab my ass. I turned to see Samantha standing behind me staring lustily at my sexy wife. "Wow, you look even better now than you did in your dancing outfit" I complimented her. Her tight jeans hugged her round booty and her nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material of her t-shirt.

"Thanks, you're such a sweetheart" she said genuinely prior to giving me a friendly kiss on the cheek.

"Let's get going, I want to keep partying" my wife stated while grabbing our hands and leading us out of the club and into a cab.

All three of us piled into the back seat of the cab with Samantha squeezed between my wife and I. The instant the cab started to move the women began to make out as I looked on in amazement. Sam reached back and placed her tiny hand in between my legs, feeling my rigid cock through my pants. She wasn't playing with it as much as she seemed to be inspecting it for length and girth. "Your husband has a very nice cock" she admitted to Amy before resuming their lip lock and fondling my member.

I reached between the two women and cupped Sam's firm tits in my hands, "and you have magnificent tits" I relayed, "and you smell great too." I tilted my head in to inhale her intoxicating scent while nibbling on her ear lobe. "My wife certainly seems to like you" I whispered while witnessing Amy's hands explore Sam's entire body as they continued to kiss.

We were all having a very good time playing with each other in the backseat of the cab but I knew we all wanted to reach our house desperately. My prayers were finally answered as the taxi pulled up in front of our house. "That will be $18.50, and thanks for the show" the cabbie said as he looked at us in the rear view mirror. He had obviously been observing our sensual display while he drove, "You are one lucky bastard!" he exclaimed with extreme jealousy. I can't argue with that I thought to myself while I admired my two ladies as they crawled across me to exit the cab. I gave each of them a light pat on the ass as they stepped out of the taxi. I paid the driver and followed Sam and Amy to the front door and into the house.

I poured the girls a drink and excused myself to go to the washroom, leaving them sitting on the couch in the living room. I went to the can and then made my way upstairs to change into a pair of shorts and t-shirt prior to rejoining the ladies downstairs. By the time I returned they were both finished their cocktails so I offered to mix another. "We are going to go change into something more comfortable while you get us our drinks" my wife informed me, pulling Sam behind her as she made her way to our bedroom. I watched Amy's hand glide past the small of Samantha's back and come to rest on her round booty as they walked up the stairs. I completed the drinks and settled on the couch, anxiously anticipating the ladies' return.

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