Amy and I Pick Up Ebony Stripper


"Are you ready for us?" Amy yelled from the top of the stairs. The footsteps grew louder as they made their way from the upper floor to the living room where me and my semi hard cock awaited. My eyes nearly popped out of my head when I saw what the ladies had changed into. Amy led the way wearing my favourite teal green silk and lace negligee that showed off everything she had to offer. Her large breasts peered over top of the lace and the smooth silk hugged her curvy ass as she strutted toward me. "Does this still turn you on?" she asked, taking a seat next to me. "Mmmm, I guess that's my answer", grasping my now rock hard penis which strained against my thin shorts. "If you think I look good, you should see Sam" my wife teased before calling for Samantha to enter the room.

My jaw nearly hit the floor when Sam came into view, "Wow, she does look amazing" I admitted, my eyes taking in the ebony beauty in front of me. She was clothed in a white sheer dress which did little to hide her dark body that lay beneath. Her round tits and erect nipples were clearly visible through the flimsy material and her nipple rings glistened in the light. The hem at the bottom of the dress covered just enough of her bald pussy to leave something to the imagination as she moved toward us atop her toned legs. She eased herself down on the carpet with her back to us providing my wife and I with a clear view down the dress at her perky breasts.

"Do you guys have any porn we could watch?" the dancer inquired as she stretched her legs out in front of her. I owned plenty of porn so I rose from my seat and looked through my substantial collection. Not in the mood for being subtle, I chose a DVD that contained a wide variety of threesomes and orgies and placed it in the player. I turned on the T.V. and pressed play before making my way back to my seat on the couch next to Amy.

The first scene appeared on the big screen and I looked at my wife to gauge her reaction to my selection. "Good choice" she confessed, knowing what the DVD I had picked contained. We silently stared at the television where two busty blonde women were going to town on a very well hung black man.

As the scene progressed I could hear that Sam's breathing had quickened, when one of the blondes impaled herself on the thick black rod an audible gasp escaped her lips. My wife and I smiled at each other as we witnessed the sexy dancer's state of arousal increase gradually throughout the initial scene. Seeing that our drinks were nearly finished Amy grabbed our glasses and offered to mix another. As my hot wife walked to the kitchen, Samantha and I both watched her ass sway from side to side as it peeked out from beneath it's silk covering. "The cab driver was right, you are one lucky guy to lay down next to her every night" Sam confirmed, tilting her head back and looking up at me with her sexy green eyes.

"You don't need to tell me" I replied while placing my hand on her shoulder.

I wanted so badly to lean over and kiss Samantha's full lips but was unsure how my wife would react to me making a move while she wasn't around. "I am so sore from dancing all night, do you mind if Jack rubs my shoulders?" she called out to my wife, sensing my desire to touch her. From the kitchen we heard Amy happily reply

"Of course I don't mind, and I doubt he will either!" I snickered at my wife's response, she apparently knew me all too well. Sam scooted over slightly until she was positioned between my legs and I began to work out the knots in her shoulders and neck. I was loving the feel of her soft skin under my fingers as I manipulated the muscles of her back and shoulders. Sam was seemingly enjoying the massage I was bestowing upon her and she released a series of low moans in appreciation.

I was so enthralled with the massage that I hadn't noticed my wife return with the drinks until she placed the glasses down in front of us. "Why don't you sit in front of me and I will rub your back?" Sam inquired of my wife. Eager to be touched once again by her new friend, Amy sat down and awaited a massage of her own.

"Oh, that feels nice" Amy sighed when Sam's slim fingers came into contact with her tender flesh. While working my wife's neck and shoulders the dancer proceeded to wrap her legs around my wife's waist, permitting Amy access to her perfectly shaped feet. As a person with a mild foot fetish I was completely consumed by the sight of my wife's hands wandering across Sam's pedicured toes.

My hands, at some point, became idle on Samantha's shoulders so she tilted her head back between my thighs, "Why did you stop?". With her lovely face staring up at me I snapped out of my trance and resumed what I was doing while still focusing my eyes on Sam's feet.

Since Sam's head remained resting between my legs I found it difficult to apply any pressure to her back so I decided to head for new terrain. I manoeuvred my hands to either side of her body and firmly rubbed her arms. As I squeezed her arms her tits were forced together inside their sheer encasement. After admiring her breasts for a moment I looked down and saw that her eyes had closed and a relaxed grin became apparent. Samantha's breathing quickened and her mouth hung open, obviously very content as Amy and I rubbed her simultaneously. Since Sam had stopped massaging my wife, Amy decided to spin around to face the two of us as she continued to manipulate Samantha's sexy feet.

When our eyes met I could see that my wife was lusting for Sam as much, if not more, than I was. "She looks so yummy" Amy commented to me, loud enough to ensure that Sam could hear. I watched as Amy rested Sam's feet in her lap before cautiously moving higher up on her legs. My wife made sure to touch every inch of the dancer's toned legs as her hands glided toward Sam's thighs. My fingers were now not so much massaging as they were sensually teasing her chocolate skin from ear to elbow. I was positive that Samantha was enjoying the attention because I could feel her shiver each time I traced my finger along her neck.

Looking down, I noticed that she was looking up at me with a naughty grin on her face. "Are you two trying to seduce me?" she asked sarcastically, knowing full well what our intentions were. Her eyes quickly closed again when Amy's hands began to stroke her inner thighs, "Mmm, that feels so nice" she sighed.

Now that I was fully certain that Sam was into having some erotic fun with both of us , I grew more daring. Each time my hands glided down her arms I made sure to graze the side of her breasts just enough to let her know that it wasn't a mistake. Out of the corner of my eye I was able to see Amy moving further up her legs until her hands were partially hidden beneath the sheer material of Sam's dress. My wife's fingers traced the surrounding area but never made direct contact with Samantha's pussy.

While she teased Sam mercilessly Amy had begun to move her entire body and I was soon clear as to why. When Amy moaned I looked between her legs and saw that Sam's feet had found their way to Amy's snatch, using her toes to fondle my wife's slippery slit. Samantha's painted toes glistened in the light, "your pussy is really wet" Sam panted as her foot pushed against my wife's gash.

"You two seem to be having a ton of fun" I observed as both women were evidently consumed with lust for each other. Sometime while I was paying attention to Amy's moist pussy grinding against Sam's lovely foot, my wife had determined that she was done teasing and had plunged two fingers into Sam's twat. Hoping to help Amy bring the dancer to orgasm, I slid the thin straps of her dress off her shoulders and exposed her bare breasts. I soon had a handful of firm tit in each palm which I proceeded to fondle aggressively as she squirmed under our touch. Sam's whole body shuddered and she cried out in orgasm, "That's it bitch, fuck me with your fingers. Oh god, I'm cumming!" With my hands still firmly planted on her tits and her nipples pinched between my fingers, it took every ounce of strength I had to hold her in place as her body thrashed from our combined assault.

Samantha started to come down from her sexual high but Amy relentlessly maintained a vigorous pace, bringing Sam to a second consecutive climax which proved to be much more intense than the first. I was unable to hold her still when she began to spasm uncontrollably, bucking her hips wildly into Amy's pumping fingers. Incapable of tolerating any more arousal, Sam reached down and grasped my wife's wrist, "please stop, I can't take it anymore!"

Knowing how sensitive her own pussy became after a very powerful orgasm my wife reluctantly withdrew her sticky fingers from Sam's snatch, allowing her recover from back to back climaxes. "Her cum tastes so sweet, Honey", my wife relayed as she strutted down the hall toward the bathroom, licking her fingers along the way.

Once Amy was out of sight I looked down at Samantha who sat exhausted at my feet. My hands had remained attached to her breasts the entire time and I tweaked her nipples to gain her attention. She looked up at me with her sparkling green eyes, a satisfied grin spanned from ear to ear. "Your wife is amazing, I haven't cum like that in ages" she commented, "and she is really sexy for a white chick." Slightly taken aback by her last remark I asked if she had ever had sex with a white couple before. "I have been with a few white girls from the club before but I have never even seen a white guys cock" she admitted. Upon hearing this, my cock jumped inside my shorts, anxious for the opportunity to be the first Caucasian to penetrate her ebony pussy.

"I have fantasized about being with a black woman for years so I guess we are both virgins" I joked, eliciting a giggle from the equally inexperienced dancer.

"I have a feeling that we are both far from being virgins" she quipped.

I leaned down and pressed my lips to hers for a brief moment before whispering in her ear, "I couldn't have asked for a sexier woman to fulfill my fantasy with!" Our lips met once again, this time our mouths parted allowing our tongues to entwine in a sensual kiss. My hands trailed down her body as I enjoyed the feel of her taut stomach prior to finding her bald mound between her outstretched legs. I was shocked at how smooth and soft her pussy felt beneath my wandering hands. Samantha moaned into my mouth when my fingers spread her dark pussy lips, revealing her pink crevice.

"Well, you guys seem to be getting along fine, don't you?" my wife noted as she interrupted my exploration of Sam's wetness. Samantha immediately broke our kiss as she nervously struggled to spit out an explanation as to what we were doing. Amy was quick to relieve Sam's tension, "Don't let me stop you, I love watching my husband in action!" Convinced that my wife was okay with us having some fun together, Sam hopped to her feet and asked Amy to put on some dancing music. When the first beat surged from the stereo Samantha transformed back into "Fantasy" and she started a very special strip tease for me in my own living room.

Amy took up a seat next to me, just as she had while we were in the club earlier, and watched Sam sensually sway in front of us. Within the confines of our own house Amy and I were permitted to be much more brazen with both our comments and actions. "Look at this round booty" my wife stated as she reached out and grabbed a fistful of dark flesh. Samantha bent at the waist allowing Amy total access to her behind and giving us a glimpse of her camel toe which protruded from between her thighs.

"I bet her pussy is soaked from all of the attention we have given her" I said as I lightly patted her mound from the rear. We continued to grope Sam's body and make lewd comments while she teasingly danced before us.

Samantha wasted little time in removing the sheer dress that partially hid her toned frame and tossed it at my head. The sheer covering landed atop my head and draped across my face, allowing me to inhale her intoxicating scent that had infiltrated the flimsy material. I pulled the dress from my head and flung it across the room just in time to witness Sam straddle my wife. Amy's tongue dangled from her mouth as Samantha mashed her tits into my wife's waiting face while grinding her bare pussy into Amy's lap. My two ladies were soon locked in a passionate embrace, their hands roaming all over each others' bodies. I saw Amy lean close and whisper something to the dancer which caused Sam to smile mischievously.

"I would love to" Sam responded "but first, I want to see you get naked." Without any hesitation Amy slipped out of her clothes and revealed her breasts to Sam and I. Samantha immediately dove for Amy's tits and hungrily sucked her nipples into her mouth.

My wife let out an audible gasp when Sam began to flick her steel studded tongue across her erect nipples. "That feels great sweetie but we had an agreement" and Amy pushed Sam away.

I watched intently, curious as to what was in store for us next, as Sam stood and resumed her sensual dance routine. She dropped to her hands and knees and crawled across our living room, her round ass swaying behind her. Every time she passed in front of either Amy or I we would give her ass a spank or caress her exposed pussy.

"Alright Sam, I want to see my show now" Amy said while patting my crotch, inviting Sam to join me.

Sam crawled over between my feet and looked up at me innocently. Her eyes trailed down my body until she stopped to focus on the large bulge that had formed in my shorts. "Looks like somebody is enjoying themselves" Sam observed as she ran her delicate hands over my covered shaft. She slowly raised up, gliding her face, tits and stomach against my member before settling into my lap. With her bald pussy directly above my cock she lowered herself until my shaft was nestled against her mound. Once she was situated comfortably I was treated to the best lap dance imaginable and since we were no longer in the club this dance was much more personal. Sam cupped both of her breasts in her hands and fed me her stiff nipples one at a time. I toyed with her stiff nipples and fondled her tight booty as she ground her pussy against my rigid cock.

My attention was torn away from Samantha momentarily when I heard a low moan coming from next to me. I glanced over at my wife to find that she had one leg draped over the arm of the couch and was feverishly playing with her spread pussy. "How's your lap dance going?" Amy inquired while maintaining constant contact with her wet snatch.

"It's excellent. Looks like you are doing pretty well yourself!" I replied, watching as she slipped a finger inside her pussy.

Sam had begun to focus on my wife as well, "her pussy looks so sexy" she complimented just before rising from my lap. I reached down to adjust my cock which had become lodged between my stomach and the waistband of my shorts and found that Sam's pussy had left a damp spot on my crotch. "We had better take these off before they get soaked" Samantha suggested with a wink as she knelt in front of me and hooked her fingers into the waist of my shorts. She gradually pulled my shorts down over my cock, which jutted into the air, and bunched them around my ankles.

"Ready for the second half of your dance?" Sam asked, knowing full well that I was eager to find out what she was going to do now. Before I was able muster a response she spun around and pressed her ass into my manhood. She started to swivel her hips around as my cock lay sandwiched between the globes of her ass. The friction caused by her wonderful booty rubbing my penis was starting to really heat me up and I soon found myself thrusting my hips in time with her movements. Much to my chagrin Sam suddenly stopped and lifted her ass slightly. My disappointment was quickly squashed when she took hold off my shaft and sat back down, placing my cock between her thighs causing my head to nestle against her moist twat. She leaned back into my chest giving me an unobstructed view of her perky tits as she began to ever so slightly buck her hips. Each time she moved I could feel the wetness of her pussy gliding along the shaft of my cock.

Tired of not being able to fully witness what was going on Amy withdrew her sticky finger from her pussy and slithered off the couch and in between Sam's feet. My wife pulled Sam's knees apart slightly, giving her a clear view as my shaft slid along the dancer's pussy lips. Amy inched forward until I could feel her warm breath caressing my cock, "looks like you're making her wet" she observed as she gently pulled my cock out of her line of sight. My wife gazed at Sam's excited pussy while lightly stoking my cock with her skilled hand.

Aroused by the sight of my wife's face just inches away from a dark, wet pussy I whispered into Sam's ear, "I think she wants to taste your pussy, why don't you lend a hand?" I urged.

Sam gladly took the hint, grasping a handful of Amy's hair and forcing her closer. Samantha gasped when my wife's mouth made contact with her impatient cunt for the first time. "Eat my pussy" Sam cried out as Amy went to work enthusiastically. Almost immediately I felt Samantha's body begin to shudder as a fierce orgasm ripped through her. I reached my arms around her slim body and pinched her nipples while Amy plunged her tongue deep into Sam's gash. "Don't stop, please don't stop" Sam begged, "I'm going to cum again!" Sam let out a primal grunt at the onset of a second climax, writhing in ecstasy while I struggled to hold her in place.

Sam finally released her grip on Amy's hair and my wife pulled away slightly, just enough to inhale deeply. When I looked down at Amy I was greeted by the sexiest sight I have ever seen in my life. Her mouth and chin were smeared with Sam's juices and she was staring up at me with lust filled eyes. "You look so fucking hot, get up here and share that with me" I demanded of my messy wife. Amy jumped to her feet and straddled both Sam and I before engaging me in a sloppy, cum soaked kiss. I moaned into her mouth, devouring as much of Sam's sweet honey as I could. Samantha joined us and we were soon locked in a three-way kiss, sharing her cum between all of us. Upon successfully cleansing Amy's face, we broke off the kiss and my wife slipped back to the floor.

She resumed pumping my cock in her fist, "I got her nice and wet for you, honey, it's about time you fill her with this big cock of yours!" Amy wrapped her lips around my shaft and took my cock deep into her throat until her nose tickled my stomach.

"Are you ready to get fucked?" I asked of Sam, desperate to feel her pussy impaled on my cock.

"Fill me with that white cock" Sam commanded while lifting herself off of my lap. She reached down and wrapped her fingers around the base of my cock, pulling it free from Amy's mouth, and placed it at the entrance to her canal. With one swift motion Sam sank herself onto my cock, "Mmmm, you feel so good inside me!" she groaned. She bounced on my cock, her tight pussy firmly clenching my shaft, as I watched her chocolate ass jiggle each time she slammed down against me. I grabbed her narrow hips and assisted her in riding my throbbing dick. I soon felt her pussy start to contract, tipping me off that she was on the verge of yet another orgasm.

"Eat her pussy while I fuck her" I ordered my wife, who was watching us intently. "Make her cum again so I can feel it!"

Amy hungrily sucked Sam's protruding clit into her mouth causing the dancer to spasm around my member. Samantha coated my cock with her juices while screaming out in pleasure, "Oh my god, that's it, fuck me hard and suck on my clit!" Sam rode me all the way through her climax before finally settling down with my cock buried deep inside her dripping snatch. I could feel her cum leaking from her pussy and trickling over my balls as her tight pussy continued to grip and release my cock. My wife dipped her head lower and proceeded to lick Sam's juice from my balls, causing my cock to twitch inside the dancer. Samantha climbed off of me and collapsed next to me on the couch, trying to recover from her multiple climaxes. I looked down at her pussy, astonished at the contrast of her pink insides versus her dark mound. I reached over and spread her lips wide, admiring her beautiful pinkness for a moment while I thumbed her sensitive clit.

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