tagLoving WivesAmy and I Pick Up Partners

Amy and I Pick Up Partners


My sexy wife Amy and I have enjoyed inviting other people into our bed since we started dating 11 years ago. We have had one MFF threesome, three MMF threesomes, a full swap and even a full blown orgy on Amy's 28th birthday. Recently, Amy even fucked a friend of hers while I was at work. For a long time now it has been a fantasy of ours to go to a club, pretend we were two single friends, and each pick-up a partner for the night. We both realized that it would be much easier for Amy to pick up a guy than it would for me to pick up a woman. Amy is such a flirt and no guy would be stupid enough to say no to a night with her. I am a little on the shy side and have some difficulty approaching women. We decided that Amy would help me out once I found a woman that I wanted and then she would seduce whatever man she chose.

We picked a night to go out and set some ground rules for our encounters. My wife and I decided that we could chose any person in the club without interference from each other. If she wanted a huge black stud and I wanted a young 21 year old girl then that is what would happen. This may be difficult since Amy would have to talk to the woman that I picked and at least pretend to like her. We would tell anyone we met that we were just really good friends out for a night on the town.

As Amy and I dressed for the evening we discussed all of the wonderful possibilities that lie ahead and teased each other mercilessly. By the time we were ready to leave we were both worked up from our conversation and constant petting. We picked a club that was close to where we lived so that we had an excuse at the end of the night to go to our place rather than theirs. We made our way outside to the cab that we had called and rode to the club.

We arrived at the club quite early and selected a seat near the entrance. Sitting in this location allowed us to examine the patrons as they entered and create a short list of prospects. We each saw a few people that interested us and decided it was time to go mingle. We chatted up a number of people without much success. As we had been drinking the entire time, Amy had to excuse herself to use the washroom. I told her I would meet her outside in the smoking area when she was done.

After watching Amy walk away I strolled outside and lit a cigarette. Just as I was putting my lighter away a very attractive older woman asked for a light. Always the gentleman, I lit her smoke for her and introduced myself. We shook hands and she told me her name was Clair. I learned that she was at the club with a couple of girlfriends and that she had recently moved to the area. Clair, who I estimated to be in her late 30's, had a fabulous body for her age. She stood 5'8", about 130lbs, with long tanned legs and a very nice set of B cup breasts. We continued to chat while having our smoke and I made up my mind that Clair was a definite possibility for later on.

Still immersed in conversation with Clair, I didn't notice Amy walk up behind me. Amy playfully wrapped her arm around me and asked who my new friend was. I introduced Clair to my "roommate" and excused myself to grab drinks for the three of us. As per our plan, leaving my wife with Clair would give her a chance to relay what a wonderful guy I was which would in turn make my task much easier. When I returned with the drinks I saw that Amy and Clair were laughing hysterically. I inquired as to what was so funny but they wouldn't divulge anything. I was just happy to see them getting along so I let it go.

After talking for quite a while I asked the ladies if they wanted to hit the dance floor. Clair quickly accepted but Amy said that she wanted to have another smoke and told us to go enjoy ourselves. As Clair and I walked away, I looked over my shoulder at Amy and witnessed her give me a wink. I knew that this meant that my wife had made me look really good to my new friend and that she approved of my choice. I assumed that she had stayed behind in order to find herself a companion for the night. When Clair and I reached the dance floor, we moved to the music together and got to know each other better. While we danced I saw that Clair kept looking past me and smiling. Curious to find out who she was focussing on, I turned around and saw two women standing on the edge of the dance floor smiling and waving at Clair. I guessed that these were the friends that Clair had come to the club with. I told Clair to invite them to join us and she did just that.

As her friends approached I noticed that they were both very attractive women, roughly the same age as Clair. I was soon surrounded by three gorgeous women who were shaking their near perfect bodies to the beat of the loud music. Clair's friends began to grind with each other leaving Clair and I to do the same. She moved in front of me and gyrated her hips against mine which caused my cock to stir in my pants. Trying to hide my arousal, I moved slightly away from her sexy ass only to have her turn around and pull me really close again. Her strong arms held me close as she resumed her teasing dance. She mentioned to me that she was glad I was having a good time, letting me know that she felt my now fully erect shaft against her stomach.

Now confident that she was as interested in me as I was in her, I reached my arm around her and placed my hand on the small of her back. I whispered in her ear that I thought she was one of the sexiest women I had ever met as I allowed my hand to trail down to her firm ass. I gave her butt a few squeezes before asking her if she wanted to go get a drink and have another smoke. She agreed and we walked off the dance floor with our arms around each other. Just as we were about to exit the dance floor I saw Amy dancing with a large group of guys. My sexy wife was grinding her ass against the crotch of one of the guys while the others looked on. I stopped for a moment to enjoy my wife's slutty performance. Clair mentioned that it looked as if Amy was having a great time and added how she thought Amy was a very beautiful woman. Clair then took my hand and guided me toward the smoking area.

Once we were outside, we found a couple of seats in the corner and sat to rest from our dancing session. Clair placed her long legs in my lap and we each lit a cigarette. I started to gently rub her calf as we talked and flirted. We were soon joined by my wife and Tony, the guy she was dancing with earlier. He was about the same age as Amy and I but looked younger. Tony was 6'2", 190lbs and appeared to keep himself in good shape. As he stood next to my wife, I noticed that he could barely keep his hands off her and she was doing nothing to stop him. Watching another man grope my wife while I sat right in front of her was a huge turn on and the bulge in my pants proved it. Clair must have spotted my growing member because she shifted her legs in my lap until she was casually massaging my shaft with her thigh. Amy jokingly asked if we wanted to be alone to which Clair replied that she didn't mind an audience. We all got a good laugh from this as my wife and I continued to be fondled by our current partners.

The four of us spent most of the night together and seemed to all get along famously. When the DJ announced last call we decided to get a drink and hit the dance floor one last time. As always the songs slowed down and we paired off for a few slow dances before calling it a night. Clair and I held each other very close and sensually swayed to the music while Amy and Tony did the same. Shortly after we began dancing I felt Clair's warm mouth graze my neck, sending shivers down my spine. Clair proceeded to kiss and lick my neck while we danced, again causing my cock to stiffen. This time however, I didn't try to hide my arousal. Instead, I pushed my hips forward and ensured that Clair could feel my hardness. I grabbed her ass cheeks and pulled her even closer, mashing her tits into my chest. I took a second to glance over at Amy and saw that she was locked in a deep kiss with Tony while his hands roamed freely over her breasts. Watching my wife allow a stranger to explore her body openly in the midst of a large crowd had me harder than stone. When the final song ended Amy and I invited Clair and Tony back to "her" place for a few more drinks. They happily accepted and we exited the club to hail a cab.

During the short ride home Amy and I continued to play around with our new partners. At one point I saw that Tony had lowered Amy's top and was sucking on her protruding nipple. My wife's head was tilted back as she enjoyed Tony's attention. I turned back to Clair and was immediately greeted with a very passionate kiss. Her tongue snaked into my mouth as she trailed her hand down to my crotch. Clair used her flat palm to massage my shaft from base to tip. I reached out and cupped my hand over her perfect breast, rolling her nipple between my thumb and index finger. Clair moaned into my mouth and wrapped her fist around my cock. She started to pump her hand up and down until I was on the brink of cumming. Just as I was about to explode the cab stopped and the driver announced that we were at our destination. Clair removed her hand and Tony pulled up Amy's top, much to our disappointment. Our new friends exited the taxi first while Amy and I settled the fare. We took this opportunity to wish each other luck and swiftly headed for our building.

We entered our apartment and told Clair and Tony to make themselves at home while we prepared drinks. Not wanting them to feel uncomfortable, my wife and I hurried back with four cocktails. Amy took a seat on the couch next to Tony while I sat on the loveseat with Clair. We sipped on our drinks and chatted with our respective partners. Clair and I talked about everything from our hobbies to group sex. I learned that she was recently divorced and had moved to get away from her ex-husband. I also found out that she had never been with more than one person at a time but that the idea had always interested her.

Just as our conversation got really interesting I noticed Amy stand up and offer to show Tony the rest of her place. She led Tony by the hand down the hall toward the washroom and bedrooms. They soon disappeared around the corner and I returned my attention to Clair. I scooted closer to her and placed my hand on her knee. We picked up our chat about sex as we cuddled on the loveseat. Clair had draped her legs across mine and I asked if she would like a foot rub. She said that that would be great as her feet were sore from all of the dancing she had done. I excused myself to retrieve some lotion from the bathroom and made my way down the hall. I was careful to be as quiet as possible, hoping to catch my wife in a compromising position. As I walked past the spare bedroom I witnessed Amy and Tony seated at the computer viewing some sexy pictures of Amy had taken of herself. Amy was sitting in Tony's lap and I could see that she was slowly shifting her weight, causing her ass to grind into his crotch. As much as I wanted to stay and watch my wife seduce another man, I wanted to get back to Clair even more.

I found the lotion and strolled back to my "date" who had moved over to the couch in order to give us more room. I sat at one end of the couch and requested that Clair lay down on her stomach and place her feet in my lap. As I poured some lotion into my hands Clair re-positioned herself. I took one of her feet in my hands and began to lightly rub her entire foot. I knew I was doing a good job when I heard a low moan escape her mouth. As I worked on her first foot her second started to play with my crotch. For a guy with a mild foot fetish it was absolutely wonderful to explore one beautiful foot while another massaged my cock. When I decided that I was finished with her first foot I lowered it into my lap and placed it against my shaft while taking her other foot into my hands. I massaged her second foot until my hands began to tire. When I was done rubbing foot number two I let it drop into my lap and started to caress her legs.

My hands slowly made their way up her toned legs until I reached the bottom of her skirt. I kneaded her thighs for a moment, surprised at how firm they were, before flipping her skirt up until her ass was completely revealed. Clair turned her head to look at me over her shoulder while I admired her round cheeks. I complimented her on her fabulous lower body, adding that I hoped the top half was as impressive. She teasingly suggested that I find out for myself and rolled over onto her back. She started to trace her hands across her chest while shooting me an evil grin. I manoeuvred myself until I was straddling her hips and staring down at her pretty face. Reaching down I pulled her hands away from her chest and replaced them with my own. I fondled her through her top for a moment before slowly peeling her shirt over her head and removing her bra. I was stunned at the sight of her perfectly round tits. Clair's pink nipples stuck out proudly from her chest, begging to be sucked. I craned my neck until I was able to take her nipple into my mouth. I flicked my tongue across one nipple while pinching the other between my fingers. I soon had Clair writhing beneath me and moaning loudly as I played with her tits.

I was then startled by a giggle that came from the other side of the room. Apparently, Clair's moaning had drown out the sound from Amy and Tony returning to the living room. I looked over at the loveseat and saw the two of them intently watching Clair and I. I also noticed that sometime during their absence they both lost their shirts. My wife's tits were exposed and Tony's strong chest was bare. Clair noticed that we had company as well but didn't seem to mind at all. In fact, she whispered to me that she had always wanted to perform in front of an audience. Wanting to make my new friend happy I decided to grant her wish.

I got up and pulled Clair to her feet, showing her off in front of Tony and my wife. Standing behind her, I slid Clair's skirt down around her ankles, leaving her completely nude from head to toe. I heard Tony and Amy both comment on how sexy Clair was as they gazed at her naked figure. If Clair had children she would definitely be considered a MILF. I reached around and cupped her tits from behind, holding them on display for Amy and Tony. I quietly asked if she liked showing her body to strangers and she replied with another moan. Amy asked if she could see Clair's ass so I spun her around until her back was facing them. Tony whistled loudly when he saw Clair's bottom for the first time. My wife responded to Tony's gesture by rising and removing her own skirt. She bent at the waist and waved her ass just inches from Tony's face, demonstrating that her ass was just as nice as Clair's, if not better.

Not able to resist temptation, Tony leaned forward and pinched Amy's ass between his teeth. Amy lunged forward in surprise, nearly bumping into Clair. Both women reached out to grab one another to prevent one or both from falling down. As luck would have it, their hands came to rest on the other ladies' chest. Clair immediately pulled her hands back but Amy allowed hers to linger for a moment, squeezing Clair's globes gently. Amy eventually removed her hands from Clair's tits and moved toward Tony. She sat down in his lap and asked if he enjoyed seeing her touch another woman's tits. Tony admitted to liking what he saw but also stated that he wanted her all to himself. Flattered by his gesture, Amy leaned down and pressed her lips to his, thanking him for his kindness. The two of them were soon locked in a very deep kiss and their hands began to roam over each others' bodies.

Still standing behind Clair, I reached my arm around her waist and began to trace the tip of my finger along her slit as we watched the show in front of us. Using my other hand, I tilted her face in my direction and kissed her cheek softly. I asked her if she was enjoying the action unfolding before us. Clair spread her thighs slightly and pushed my finger into her wet pussy. My finger slid so easily into her tight hole that I knew she was extremely turned on. I pulled her into me and fell back onto the couch, keeping my digit inserted in her snatch the whole time. She landed on my lap with her legs straddling mine. I continued to play with her pussy which was now spread wide open. Clair leaned her head back against my chest and let out an audible sigh when I pushed a second finger into her. Her jaw hung open and she started to pant loudly from the finger fucking she was receiving.

My eyes remained focused on Tony and my wife while I explored Clair's box. They had broken off their kiss and Amy had dropped to her knees in front of Tony. She had freed his cock and was licking him from base to tip. Tony looked to be slightly shorter than my 7" but was obviously thicker. My cock twitched as I watched Amy attempt to take his rod in her mouth for the first time. His thickness made her task quite difficult and she struggled to fit him in between her pink lips. Tony moaned loudly when she finally swallowed his head. She slowly forced more of his shaft into her mouth, stopping only when her nose touched his abdomen. I couldn't believe that she could take his whole cock but was very proud of her for doing so. I shifted beneath Clair, trying to give my own stiff cock some more room.

Clair must have noticed my discomfort because she moved off my lap and started to unbuckle my pants. She reached her tiny hand into my pants and pulled out my cock. Clair slowly pumped my shaft in her fist a few times before dipping her head and taking my entire length in her mouth. With my cock buried in her throat, she flicked her tongue along the underside of my shaft causing my member to jump in her mouth. She looked up at me as she proceeded to deep throat my cock with ease. At one point she was even able to lick my balls while my cock was in her mouth. My Amy was a magnificent cock sucker but Clair was giving her a run for her money. I soon felt a familiar tingle and knew I was about to explode. Not wanting to cum, I pulled Clair's head off my knob and lay her back on the couch. I dove between her legs and greedily lapped at her pussy.

Clair moaned repeatedly while I licked her pussy and sucked her tiny clit into my mouth. I flicked my tongue over her clit while it was in my mouth in an attempt to bring her to climax. She clamped my head between her legs and began to thrust her hips up into my face. With her strong thighs squeezing my head I could barely breathe but continued eat her tasty pussy. She grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face deeper into her cunt. She fucked my face until she exploded violently on my tongue. Her entire body shook as she released her juice into my waiting mouth. When she finally finished cumming, she pushed my head away and I gasped for air. As I tried to catch my breath I heard a series of moans coming from the side of the room.

I glanced over to see my wife impaling herself on Tony's cock as he sat on the couch.. Her eyes rolled back in her head as his thick tool stretched her tiny pussy. Once she had his cock completely enveloped she opened her eyes and shot me a very mischievous grin. Amy crooked her finger, wanting me to move closer. I stood and moved toward my cock filled wife. When I was within reach, she grabbed my head and pulled me in for a kiss. Her tongue eagerly explored my mouth as she tasted the remnants of Clair's orgasm. Her tongue retreated from my mouth only to begin licking my lips and cleaning Clair's cum from my face. When she felt I was sufficiently clean she pushed on the top of my head, forcing me toward her stuffed pussy. As my face neared her pussy I noticed that she had started to rock her hips gently with Tony's cock deep inside her. Amy ordered me to suck on her clit while she fucked her new friend. I sucked her hard button between my lips and flicked my tongue over it. Her pace quickened and soon she was roughly thrusting her hips back and forth while being fucked and sucked simultaneously. Amy was bucking so wildly that I was unable to keep her clit in my mouth so I stuck my tongue out and allowed her pussy to slam into my face.

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