Amy and I Star in WifeSwitch


"Yeah guys, save some for us" Lori added as she scooted out from beneath my wife. Both women looked amazing when they rose, their faces smeared with the others' juices. Amy strolled toward me and reached for me with outstretched arms, forcing me to relinquish my grasp of my cock. She pulled me to my feet and drove her tongue into my mouth for a passionate kiss. The flavour of Lori's tangy pussy was clearly evident on Amy's tongue and I eagerly sucked up as much as I could. I took a quick peek over my wife's shoulder and saw the Dan and Lori were locked in a similar embrace.

"Lori, do you think it's time to let our men have what they have been so patiently waiting for?" my wife asked.

"Absolutely!" Lori exclaimed as she disengaged from her husband and strutted in our direction.

Lori's eagerness to get at me caused my cock to jump against Amy's stomach just before she pulled away to make her way over to Dan. "Have fun" she said over her shoulder just as she was taken into Dan's strong arms. My attention was drawn back to Lori when she stepped in front of me and pressed her perky tits into my abdomen. Her hands reached around my neck and pulled my head down, allowing our lips to meet for the first time. While our tongues danced I could again taste pussy on her breath and when I realized it was my wife's sweet nectar my cock began to twitch uncontrollably. Lori slipped her tiny hand between our bodies and started to trace her fingernails along my cock, smearing the pre-cum that had collected at the tip. As we continued to kiss and she massaged my cock I reached around her slim body and took a firm hold of her round ass. I sank my fingers into her tender flesh and pulled her tightly against my body, sandwiching my cock and her hand between us. Lori purred into my mouth when I began to roughly manipulate the cheeks of her ass to the point where I was lifting her feet off the floor.

I suddenly heard Amy's mumbled voice from the other side of the room, "Do you mind if I taste your husband's wonderful cock?" Although her question was directed at Lori I was well aware that she wanted me to hear her excitement at having another man's cock in her mouth while I was just a few feet away.

"Only if you let me suck your man!" was Lori's response.

"Deal, but I want Jack to be able to watch me pleasure Dan" Amy replied, "so why don't they sit next to each other over here on the couch." My wife pushed Dan onto the couch and Lori told me to have a seat next to him. I got situated comfortably and prepared myself to watch my slut wife take another man into her throat while his wife treated me orally.

Lori commenced a fantastic blowjob by ever so gently gliding her tongue along the underside of my shaft and caressing my balls with her fingers. She gradually started to lick with more pressure, leaving a trail of saliva wherever her tongue journeyed. When she felt my cock was sufficiently wet, Lori sucked the head of my cock between her lips and swirled her talented tongue around my tip which caused my whole crotch to tingle. I had to put forth an extraordinary effort to keep my eyes open in order to witness my wife going down on Dan. Amy wasn't nearly as gentle when it came to sucking Dan's cock. She had immediately taken Dan's rod deep into her throat and was rapidly bobbing up and down which was triggering a groan from Dan each time she did so. Wanting to show just how orally gifted she was, my wife rammed Dan's cock all the way into her mouth and forced her tongue between her lower lip and his shaft and began to flick it across his tightened sack.

When Lori saw what my wife was able to do she tried her best to imitate her actions. This small Asian woman forced as much of my shaft into her mouth as she could, which was only about half of my length, and jutted her tongue out in an attempt to lick my balls. The tip of her tongue came up about an inch short but it felt great nonetheless. I caringly placed my hands on either side of her face and compelled her to look up at me. "Don't worry about what she is doing, what you were doing felt great!" I assured her. Lori resumed her original technique, which was much more delicate than the treatment that Dan was receiving, and my cock was soon throbbing from her unfamiliar touch.

When I felt that I was on the verge of exploding into her mouth I pulled her head off my cock and lay her down on the couch next to her husband. Lori rested her head on Dan's thigh and placed one leg on the arm of the couch and the other remained on the floor. With her legs spread so widely I was granted a clear view of her slit which hung open slightly to reveal a hint of pink between her narrow lips. Her arousal was very evident from the moisture that was glistening from within her hairless pussy.

"Is somebody excited?" I teased from my position at her feet while continuing to admire her cooch. "I bet it tastes as good as it looks!" I said a moment before running my flattened tongue from her ass to her clit. After my initial lick I paused for a second to savour her delicious honey before exploring further.

With my head buried in Lori's snatch I was unable to observe what Dan and Amy were up to but I was quite sure that they had moved into a comparable situation as Lori and I. "Oh god, that feels so good" my wife gasped, presumably from the attention of Dan's tongue. No longer capable of containing my curiosity I raised my head slightly only to see that my suspicions were correct. Dan was enthusiastically devouring my wife's pussy and her juices were definitely flowing as she moaned aloud, holding his head in place with her strong thighs. Knowing exactly what to say to get me going Amy screamed out the arrival of her orgasm. "You're going to make me cum so hard Dan! That's it, get me nice and wet for your big cock. I want you to stretch my pussy while my husband fucks your hot wife!" she blurted out as her climax ravaged her body. Amy bucked her hips wildly into Dan's face, smothering him with her pussy while she enjoyed one of the fiercest orgasms I have ever witnessed.

The severity of my wife's climax nearly made me forget about the sweet pussy I had in front of me, but only for a minute or so. Lori was apparently as enthralled with our spouses as I was because when I turned to face her again I found that her hand was working feverishly at her clit and she was staring in disbelief at my wife who was finally coming down from her high.

I startled Lori when I suddenly plunged my tongue deep into her hole and resumed eating her out. Seeing Amy's aggressive behaviour seemed to awaken something within Lori since she was now much more assertive. She clasped her hands behind my head and forced my face into her eager snatch. I attacked her entire pussy in earnest, licking as deep as my tongue could reach and sucking her labia and clit into my mouth. She was soon thrashing about on the couch, much like Amy had done only moments ago. "Oh, you are eating my cunt so good!" she yelped, "watching your wife fuck my husband's face made me so wet!" Sure that she was about to cum I concentrated my efforts on her protruding clit, pinching it between my lips and flicking my tongue back and forth, and pistoning two fingers in and out of her hungry pussy. I could feel her pussy clamp down around my fingers and I knew she was about to explode into my mouth.

Amy must have sensed that Lori was on the verge as well because she reached over and started to suck on her nipples in an attempt to coerce a violent orgasm from our new playmate. Lori's body tensed and she unleashed her climax with a howling string of profanity. "Suck my tits you slut while I spray your husband with my cum" she wailed just as her pussy erupted, spewing her juices all over my face and into my mouth. Gush after gush burst from her slit and a large puddle started to form on the floor. I was caught off guard when she squirted but it was a huge turn on to feel her warm fluid splashing against my face. Amy has also been known to squirt on occasion so I knew that we could be in for a very wet evening. "I think we should move into the bedroom before the couch washes away!" I joked to the other three.

"Sounds great" they laughed before rising and heading for the bedroom.

Amy led the way upstairs with Dan hot on her heels, his hands firmly planted on her round booty, "helping" her up to the room. Lori and I followed a few feet behind with me looking on in amazement as her juices continued to trickle down her thighs. We entered the bedroom and the ladies crawled toward the center of the king sized bed. They started to caress each others' bodies from head to toe spending an extended length of time on the fun parts in between. Lori and Amy eventually wound up laying on their sides in a '69', tasting each others' pussies again. Dan got up onto the bed and lay down behind Amy so that his hard cock rested in the crack of her ass.

"Will you put your husband's cock in me?" she asked before resuming her tongue lashing of Lori's pussy. Lori pulled away from Amy's pussy and reached for her husband's throbbing cock, stroking it a few times before lining it up with the entrance to my wife's slit. When Dan felt the moisture of my wife's pussy against the head of his cock he slowly pushed his hips forward, splitting her lips and sliding in inch by inch.

I watched my wife's eyes glaze over as Dan's girth stretched her tight pussy wide open. Dan held still for a moment once he had completely entered Amy allowing her time to adjust to his thickness. "Wow, your cock really fills me up" she admitted while beginning to unhurriedly rock her hips. Dan grinned proudly, aware that his girth usually pleased the ladies, when he began thrusting his manhood in time with my wife's movements. Amy gasped in excitement each time his cock went deep inside her snatch.

Not wanting to be left out of the action I slithered behind Lori, who was again licking my wife's pussy, and placed my prick along her slit. I used her ample leakage to lubricate my shaft prior to positioning the head of my cock at the entrance to her cunt. With one long hard thrust I plunged my entire length deep into her wet box. I was pleasantly surprised at how tight she felt, especially knowing that Dan's thick tool probably stretched her out on a regular basis. I pumped in and out of her snatch at a steady pace which was enough to evoke a string of primal moans to escape her lips. Dan and I remained in this position, each fucking the other man's wife, for quite some time while the wives munched on each others' pussies.

Every now and again my wife would take the time to glide her tongue across my balls as I drove my meat into Lori's dripping pussy. With my head only mere inches away from my own wife's pussy I had a great vantage point to view Dan's fat cock hammering into her. It was such an erotic sight to see my Amy being fucked hard by a stranger at the same time as I was screwing his wife. I slowed my movements so that I was able to enjoy each inch of Lori's tight pussy and also to make certain that our session wouldn't come to an end prematurely. Dan seemed to be duplicating my approach since he had now calmed his pace and was leisurely withdrawing his shaft completely before pushing deep into Amy's greedy puss. Our more relaxed pace permitted the ladies to offer their full attention to the other. I propped my head up on my arm so that I could watch Lori's tongue flick at my wife's hard clit and also give myself a closer look as her pussy swallowed Dan's meat.

At some point while I was gazing at my wife's spread out pussy, Dan's cock slipped from her hole and was immediately gobbled up by Lori's hungry mouth. Lori's tiny mouth was barely able to expand wide enough to accept his thick tool but she somehow managed to take more than half of his shaft between her lips. She groaned around his rod as I increased the tempo of my thrusts into her snatch while staring into my own wife's vacant pussy which remained spread open from Dan's tremendous girth. Dan was obviously really into the blowjob that he was receiving from his wife as he reached for her head and began to roughly pump his cock into her throat, fucking her face in much the same manner as he had just fucked my wife. Lori started to writhe on the bed as a result of the triple serving of attention she was the center of and I could feel her pussy spasm around my cock at the onset of her orgasm. The intensity of her climax forced my cock from her hole as she began to spray both my cock and Amy's face with her cum. Although I was unable to see her pussy explode this time I could still feel the warmth as she splattered my cock and balls with fluid. She released her husband's cock from her mouth, which he quickly reinserted into my wife's box, and began to wail in pleasure throughout her entire orgasm.

"That's it, cover us with your cum!" Amy pleaded as she tried to swallow as much as she possibly could while once again being divided by Dan's monster. "Your husband's thick cock is going to make me cum!" Amy cried out as a violent orgasm ravaged her body.

Both wives thrashed wildly causing the whole bed to shake and squeak beneath us while their loud moans and screams filled the room. When Lori's pussy stopped spurting I rammed my cock back into her hole which was now wetter than any pussy I had ever felt. As my cock sloshed around in her sopping cunt Dan and Amy decided to change withdraw from our sex sandwich and move away to be by themselves for a while. Dan lay back at the head of the bed and my sexy wife straddled him and commenced riding his cock. She dug her nails into Dan's chest while using her hands to raise and lower her body on his shaft. Lori and I watched our spouses fuck, just a few feet away from us for a moment, before we decided that a change of position was required.

"Climb on top of me and fuck me hard!" Lori begged after she moved and lay next to her husband. I wanted another taste of her cum so I quickly dove between her thighs and dragged my tongue along her gash once before sliding up her body until my cock rested against her pussy. She reached down, grasped my cock and rubbed the head of my penis against her clit before positioning me at the entrance to her canal. "Please put it in me!" she pleaded, desperation evident in her voice.

I jutted my hips forward and buried myself balls deep with one forceful thrust. We moaned simultaneously as our hips smacked together and my cock bottomed out in her pussy. With my cock completely submerged, I started to move my whole body up and down causing her clit to be mashed between our sweaty bodies as I stirred her juices from within. Lori leaned over toward her husband and pulled him in for an erotic kiss as they were both being fucked by my wife and I.

"Does her pussy feel good honey?" Lori asked her husband innocently while Amy rode him vigorously.

"So good!" was all Dan could muster at the time as my wife slammed down on his cock repeatedly.

Amy's moans became more frequent and I could see her body tense as another climax began to build inside her. "I'm going to cum on your cock!" she wailed just prior to unleashing an incredibly fierce orgasm. "Oh my God, you fill me up so good!" Amy screamed, "I love your thick cock!"

My cock twitched in Lori's pussy when I heard my slut wife shout out just how much she was enjoying being stretched by the widest cock she had ever felt. I pumped my cock deep into Dan's wife, driven by my own wife's arousal, until Lori also began to call out the arrival of yet another orgasm. She wrapped her legs around my waist and pulled me into her as far as she could while bucking her hips upward as she once again flooded my cock with her cream.

"That's it hun, make her scream!" Amy called out from her perch atop Dan's hard rod as she continued to ride him.

"Fuck her Jack, fuck my wife hard!" Dan urged, reaching for Amy's tits in the process. "Make her pussy gush all over your cock!"

Dan and I fucked the wives to a succession of orgasms until we were desperate for a climax of our own. I knew that I wanted to fuck Lori from behind and spray her round ass with my jizz so I flipped her over and entered her from the rear. Dan also must have wanted to fuck Amy doggystyle because when I looked over she was on her hands and knees awaiting the arrival of Dan's cock. Dan entered her swiftly and began to pummel my wife's snatch and knead the flesh of her ass with his large hands. Amy gasped every time he pushed into her and she appeared to be on the verge of yet another orgasm.

"Don't cum yet, I'm so close!" she pleaded, "Make me cum one more time!"

My insatiable wife buried her face in a pillow and let go with her most severe orgasm of the night. She moved her hips back in time with Dan's thrusts, their bodies meeting with an audible 'smack' each time as she fucked him steadily through her climax. Just as Amy's orgasm subsided Dan pulled his cock from her wet pussy and splattered her ass with a huge load. Several thick white ropes of spunk burst from his cock and landed on my sexy wife's lower back and ass. Amy reached back and dragged her fingers through his cum before bringing her hand to her mouth and sucking his cum into her mouth.

Seeing my wife covered with another man's load while she ate his cum off of her fingers quickly had me ready to explode all over Lori. I pumped into her a few more times and pulled out just as my cum started to spurt from the tip of my cock. I grabbed hold of my shaft and aimed my load at her small ass as I erupted with a grunt, coating her dark skin with cum. Lori wiggled her ass for me, loving every jet of cum that landed on her body, in an attempt to coax out every drop of jizz from my shaft. When I finished ejaculating all over Lori, my wife moved toward us and started to lick up the cum that was dripping down the crack of Lori's ass. Once Amy had cleaned up my entire load, she rolled Lori over and kissed Lori full on the lips. While the women shared my cum, Dan and I collapsed on the bed completely exhausted. Our ladies made out for quite some time before coming to lay next to us.

For the first time in hours I was able to lay next to my wife and had her full attention. "Did you have as great of a time as I did?" I asked.

Amy excitedly replied "Fuck yeah! I love WifeSwitch!"

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