tagLoving WivesAmy and I Swap

Amy and I Swap


My wife Amy and I were spending the weekend in Niagara Falls for a curling bonspiel with 100 or so of my co-workers. She had met a few of the participants before but many she would be meeting for the first time. I knew she was nervous about spending so much time with people she didn't know and also about curling for the first time in her life. We drove out on the Thursday night before the tournament was to start to avoid having to get up at the crack of dawn on what would be a very long and eventful day. We pulled up to our hotel after dark and got situated in our room.

I had made arrangements to meet our friends Matt and his wife Krissy for drinks and some gambling at the local casino. By the time I called Matt they were already at the bar with most of the other people who had decided to arrive early. We met the group and began knocking back some drinks. Amy had met Matt & Krissy once before and I was glad to see that they were getting along wonderfully. Amy and Krissy acted as if they had known each other for years. We partied until the wee hours in the morning before retiring to our room to get a few hours sleep prior to curling on Friday morning.

Over the next day and a half we spent most of our time curling or with Matt and Krissy drinking and having a great time. It turns out that my team won our division and Amy wasn't nearly as bad as I expected. She made some fantastic shots that secured our title. After the final game we attended the banquet where we had dinner, danced and drank a lot. The banquet ended at around 10:00pm and most of us went back to the hotel to continue our party.

Amy, Krissy, Matt and I made our way up to our floor and drank with a few other people in the room down the hall from ours. Amy, Krissy and Matt spent most of their time flirting with each other while I talked with some other co-workers. Amy seemed to be the center of attention during their conversation and at one point I overheard them jokingly talking about swapping. I was intrigued at the possibility of spending the night with Krissy while Matt had sex with my Amy. They continued their sexually charged conversation late into the night until we were accompanied by only the couple whose room we were in. Since most of the others had gone to their own rooms we decided to call it a night. I went into my room while Amy walked Matt and Krissy back to theirs.

Just as I finished straightening up for bed there was then a knock at the door. I looked through the peephole to see Krissy standing outside my room. Krissy was a beautiful "older" woman who anyone in their right mind would consider a MILF. She was 37 years old, 5'7" with dirty blonde hair and a pair of huge D cup breasts. She was also in great shape for a woman that had 2 kids. Wondering what she wanted, I opened the door and invited her inside. She informed me that my wife Amy had gone to give Matt a goodnight kiss and that she was here to do the same.

I expected only an innocent kiss on the cheek but Krissy stepped forward and pressed her lips to mine. I was floored when I felt her tongue try to snake it's way between my sealed lips. I reluctantly granted her access, letting her tongue probe my mouth. She reached down and firmly grabbed my ass as she flicked her tongue against mine. After only a minute or so, Krissy pulled away and casually returned to her room. I stepped into the hallway to watch her walk away and saw that Amy was on her way back.

I asked Amy what the hell was going on and she told me that Krissy suggested they give each others husband a kiss goodnight. Amy relayed to me that she had given Matt a peck on the cheek and a hug and then they chatted for a while about the tournament. Not one to keep anything from my wife, I divulged what had taken place between Krissy and I. Amy began to teasingly suggest that Krissy wanted me. I laughed this off and chalked it up to playful drunkenness.

Amy and I then stripped down and crawled into bed together. I was just about to roll over and go to sleep when there was a knock at the door. Amy was closer to the door so she got up to answer it. I could hear voices but couldn't make out who was there or what they were saying. Amy returned to bed with a puzzled look on her face. She informed me that Matt had dropped off their room key and told Amy that if we wanted to join them we were more than welcome.

Amy and I briefly discussed whether we should go or not and quickly decided to take them up on their invitation. We each slipped into shorts and a shirt, poured a drink and cautiously exited our room. When we arrived outside their room we paused for a second, giving each other a chance to back out. My wife and I were both curious to see what would happen so we let ourselves in using the key that Matt had left us.

Amy and I slowly entered the dark room to find Matt and Krissy under the sheets of their bed. Matt was laying nearest to us with Krissy close behind him, both facing the door. They told us to make ourselves comfortable so we took a seat on the other double bed located in the room. We sipped at our drinks and chatted for a while about work, sports and what was up for the next day.

At some point during this conversation, Krissy propped herself up one arm which caused the sheets to slip down her body, exposing one of her large breasts. She embarrassingly covered up and continued to chat with us. I thought I could see some movement from beneath their covers and suspected that Krissy was playing with Matt's penis.

Yet again, Krissy's nipple was brought into view as the sheets refused to stay in place. Instead of pulling up the covers again, she slid closed to Matt and hid her breast behind him. Not wanting Krissy to feel uncomfortable, Amy pulled her own top over her head allowing both Matt and Krissy to observe her fabulous tits. Matt's reaction was priceless as his jaw literally dropped leaving his mouth wide open. Krissy wasn't shy about eyeing my wife's naked boobs either and even complimented her. Amy's actions had their desired effect, the next time Krissy moved she didn't make an effort to cover herself.

An uncomfortable silence filled the room as Matt and I gazed at our wives' topless bodies. Amy broke the silence when she asked me to rise and allow her to pull the covers of our bed back. Amy hopped onto the bed and left room for me to snuggle up behind her. She pulled the sheets up only to her waist, continuing to proudly show off her tits. I curled up against Amy's back, nestling my semi erect dick between her butt cheeks. The feel of her firm ass against my shaft combined with the sexual tension in the room caused my cock to grow to full stiffness.

Amy turned her head to look at me and ask if I was enjoying myself. Before I could muster a response she turned away and announced to Matt and Krissy that I was poking her from behind. Matt took this opportunity to make some wise crack about me getting overly excited. Krissy stuck up for me by tearing the covers from herself and Matt, revealing that I wasn't the only one that was turned on. Amy and I could clearly see a healthy sized bulge in the front of Matt's boxers. We all got a good laugh from Krissy's actions which helped to ease the tension a bit.

As we resumed chatting the topic of sex kept arising. We discussed everything from how many partners we had been with to what each of our most arousing fantasies were. That was where we struck gold. It was learned that Matt and I both fantasised about seeing our wives with another man. Most women don't seem to understand why we would want our wives to have sex with another man and Krissy was no different. Once again mine and Matt's response matched. We both liked the thought of seeing the woman we loved being pleasured as well as witnessing her acting a little slutty.

Amy broke up our sex talk by stating that she needed to go outside for a cigarette. She requested that Krissy join her on the balcony and the two girls walked outside, sliding the patio door closed behind them. We could see our wives through the glass door but could not make out what they were discussing. While our wives deliberated outside, Matt and I admired them from behind. We agreed that each other's wife was hot and that we were both very lucky to be with them.

The women rejoined us in the room shortly, standing at the entrance to the patio. Both were sporting very mischievous smiles which got Matt and I slightly nervous. Amy and Krissy walked to the narrow corridor separating the beds and slipped back in. Only this time, Krissy took Amy's place in front of me and Amy snuggled behind Matt. Our wives had apparently decided that tonight was the right time to fulfill our fantasy.

I watched intently as Amy reached around Matt and took a firm grip of his package. She began to stroke my friends cock through his shorts as she stared in my direction. Our eyes met and I could see that she was as excited as I was. She broke our gaze, lowering her mouth close to Matt's ear. She licked his lobe, whispered something to him and began to kiss his neck. She must have told Matt to keep his eyes on his wife because he raised his head slightly and looked in our direction. I took this as my cue took make a little progress of my own.

I moved away from Krissy slightly which allowed her room to lay on her back. I lowered my head and started to leave a trail of small kisses across her chest. She arched her back, showing me that she was enjoying the attention. I took this opportunity to suck one of her large stiff nipples into my mouth. Her longer and wider nipple felt quite different than my wife's. Just before I was about to release this one and move to the other, I gave her a firm yet gentle bite which caused her to let out an audible gasp. Prior to moving on to her other breast, I looked down at her panty covered mound and could see a dark wet spot starting to form.

I slid my hand slowly down her stomach until it reached the top of her red undies. I forced my hand inside and found that her pussy was soaked in anticipation. I located her slit and used my finger tips to tease her, tracing a line from top to bottom and then back again. I moved my head toward her other tit and sucked her nipple into my mouth. It was at this time that I heard Amy ask Matt if he liked what he was seeing. I looked over at the other bed and witnessed Matt nod his head in the affirmative. I also saw that my wife's hand had found it's way into his shorts and was vigorously stroking his shaft.

Amy noticed me watching her and wanted to give me a show to remember. Much to Matt's disappointment, she removed her fist from his cock. She then repositioned herself, now straddling his legs and slowly slid his shorts down. Amy lowered her mouth and completely engulfed his firm dick. She stopped only when her lips came to rest against his pubic hair. Not having a gag reflex was one of the many things that I loved about Amy. While she had his cock buried deep in her throat, she stuck her tongue out and began to lap at Matt's balls. This sent Matt over the edge and he began to spurt stream after stream of thick cum into my wife's throat. Amy swallowed what she could but she failed to keep up. Cum started to escape from between her lips and Matt's twitching cock.

Not wanting to be outdone, Krissy jumped up, ripped my shorts off, and took my pole into her mouth. She wasn't as talented as my Amy but it felt great nonetheless. She bobbed on my shaft for a few minutes before taking me in her hand and moving her face down toward my ass. Krissy pumped my cock with her fist as she began to lick around my ass. She soon found my puckered hole and sank her tongue inside. Amy has eaten my ass before but there was something amazingly erotic about having a relative stranger do it. Once Krissy was satisfied with the treatment she had given my asshole, she once again took my cock in her warm mouth. I fought hard to avoid cumming but it was no use. I warned Krissy that I was about to explode to which she replied by flicking her tongue along the under side of my shaft. I burst, sending ropes of cum into her awaiting throat. She too swallowed what she could allowing the remainder to fall to my stomach.

I turned my attention to Matt and Amy once again. Watching his wife take me orally had awakened Matt's member and he was just about to feed it into Amy from behind. I locked eyes with my wife to watch her reaction as Matt penetrated her for the first time. As his head poked past her lips, I saw her eyes roll back into her head. Matt sank his cock deep into her pussy with one long slow thrust. Matt held still for a moment, enjoying the tight recesses of Amy's cunt. I heard Matt gasp and assumed that Amy was using her pussy muscles to constrict around his shaft. I loved when she squeezed me like this so I knew Matt was in heaven.

While this was going on, Krissy had snuggled up in front of me and was intently observing the scene before us. Krissy's position permitted my cock to slip between her thighs and rub against the moist outer lips of her snatch. I started to moved my hips back and forth, smearing her dampness along my shaft. I leaned down and asked Krissy if she liked watching her husband fuck a younger woman. She answered with a moan and shifted her weight, which allowed my dick to slip further into her slit. I could now feel the head of my cock rubbing against her clit as I picked up my pace slightly. I kept whispering my nasty thoughts in Krissy's ear. She seemed to really like hearing me talk dirty to her because she now started to moved her hips in unison with mine.

Krissy asked Amy and Matt if she could get a closer look. Matt pulled his glistening cock from my wife and the two of them moved over to the bed that Krissy and I were in. Matt lay down on his back beside his wife and she took hold of his wet dick. She held it upright and told Amy to ride her husband. Amy stood over Matt, bent at the knees, and lowered her dripping box down around his cock. Krissy kept her fist firmly around the base of Matt's shaft as my horny wife bounced up and down, slamming her clit into Krissy's knuckles each time. Krissy finally removed her hand from Matt's rod which allowed my wife to take his entire cock. Amy turned to Krissy and asked her to fuck me.

Amy used her now slippery hand to force my cock against her opening. The next time I moved my hips I easily slid inside my friends wife. I began to pump into Krissy's drenched cunt, eliciting a series of low moans from her mouth. Matt shifted his upper body towards his wife, sinking his tongue into her mouth. The two of them kissed passionately as they enjoyed the fucking they were receiving from my wife and I. Amy and I were both taking great pride in the fact that we were providing so much pleasure to another couple.

I suggested that we change positions so we untangled and adjusted our bodies. Matt mounted Amy while I bent Krissy over and drove my cock into her from behind. The girls were positioned in a way that their faces were within reach of each others tits. The women proceeded to hungrily lick and suck at the others breasts, while being pounded by the others' husband. The hotel bed began to shake and squeak under the pressure of our four thrashing bodies.

We fucked in this position for nearly twenty minutes when Matt announced that he was about to cum. He thrust one last time into Amy and emptied his balls deep within her pussy. Seeing my slut wife get filled with another man's seed was too much for me and I was desperate to cum. Krissy begged me to hold off for a second as she too was fast approaching climax. Krissy screamed out the arrival of her orgasm as she slammed her ass against my pelvis. I could feel her juices being released around my cock as her tight pussy contracted repeatedly. I told Krissy that I couldn't hold off any longer and asked where she wanted me to cum. She informed me that it had always been one of Matt's fantasies to see his wife take a porn style facial. I was more than happy to oblige this request. I withdrew from her soaked pussy, turned her around and rammed my slippery shaft down her throat. After only two or three strokes into her mouth I was ready to burst. I pulled out and she took hold of my pulsating cock, aimed it at her face and asked me to cover her in cum. My orgasm exploded into the air, coating her face and lips with white cream. Krissy jerked my cock, attempting to coax out every drop. When I said that I was done she took my deflating rod into her mouth yet again, sucking out all that I had left.

The four of us collapsed in exhaustion, thanking each other for a wild and wonderful evening. Amy and I decided it was time to return to our room for the night. We exchanged goodbyes and left for our room. I was aware that Amy had not yet cum and knew she was probably desperate to do so. As we strolled down the hallway, I reached into Amy's shorts and played with her messy cum filled pussy. I whispered in her ear that I couldn't wait to fuck her sloppy cunt.

By the time we reached our door I was rock hard again from the thought of getting sloppy seconds from my wife. Amy led the way into the room and quickly stripped of her clothes revealing her well used pussy. I could see remnants of Matt's load leaking from her slit. I shed my clothes with lightening quick speed and attacked my wife. I threw Amy onto the bed and immediately shoved my cock into her. The feel of another man's load in my wife's pussy was amazing. I kept telling Amy how hot she looked with my friends cock inside her. She said that she wished Matt could have lasted longer and allowed her to cum. I told her not to worry, that I would take care of that.

Having used a lot of energy earlier in the night we took out time, moving slowly and deliberately. With each stroke I would pull out until only the very tip of my cock was inside her and then push my entire length in. Wanting to get Amy off, I started to kiss her neck knowing that this always gets her going. Amy began to squirm beneath me as she built to her first orgasm of the night.

All of a sudden Amy pushed me off of her and told me to lay on my back so that she could ride me. Amy straddled me and grabbed hold of my cock. She rapidly descended, taking my whole dick into her in one swift motion. She started to grind her pelvis to mine, rubbing her clit against me each time. Having been stimulated for the last few hours by Matt and now myself, it didn't take long for her to reach her boiling point. She screamed out as a massive orgasm hit. Amy bucked her hips wildly while she came on my rigid cock. Just when I thought she was done she announced that she was cumming again. When this second climax wound down I grabbed her ass, held her in place and commenced thrusting upwards. I fucked my hot wife with every ounce of strength I had left. The wetness of her cunt quickly drove me to my own sexual peak. I deposited my large load of cum into her dripping pussy along side Matt's.

Sweaty and exhausted, Amy raised herself off my semi hard dick and collapsed next to me. She rolled until her back was facing me and reached for a well deserved cigarette. I cuddled up behind her and tried to insert my member into her again. Amy quickly stopped me, saying that she couldn't go another round. I told her that I just wanted to feel her cum filled pussy one more time before we called it a night. She reluctantly allowed me access to her pussy and I fed my cock into her once again. I kissed her good night and drifted off to sleep, enjoying her well fucked pussy as I did so.

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