tagLoving WivesAmy and the Adult Cinema Club

Amy and the Adult Cinema Club


A few times in your life, you come to a crossroads where you don't know which direction to take. Life can get very difficult and confusing.

This happened to me about a year ago. I had just turned 39 and several things had happened to me all at once. First of all my 18 year old daughter, my only child, had just moved down to London to join the Civil Service. Jobs were almost impossible to get in our little backwater town, so I couldn't blame her. Also, my husband's sister lived down there, so, I had no worries that she would be all alone. But, at the same time, I missed her terribly. The other thing that happened was that I found out that my husband was having an affair with his young secretary.

As you can imagine, my life at that point hit a real low.

The first I knew about the affair was when I was shopping in the town and spotted them sitting together in a café. From the body language it was obvious that they were more than just work colleagues. After that, I began to monitor his movements more closely and realised that he was going out more and often staying late at the office. I followed him one night in my car and saw him picking her up a few miles down the road.

Then, he took her to a Travelodge out of town, and, once I saw them go in, I turned my car around and went home. It was then that I was absolutely certain he was cheating on me. Looking back, I guess our sex life had tapered off considerably over the years and after the night I caught them, it became non-existent. I never confronted him about it, but, after that, neither of us seemed to want to touch each other in a sexual sort of way and that was fine by me.

A few months down the line his sordid little affair must have come to an end. My guess was that she finished with him or found someone else, because he seemed miserable for weeks. And then, believe it or not, he made a full confession and begged me to forgive him. I was pissed off to say the least and seriously thought about leaving him. But, we have such a fine house, (which I love) and my settled life wouldn't allow me to move away from friends, relations and my rather affluent lifestyle. You see Geoffrey has such a good job and earns quite a decent salary. I know you think I'm a coward and most women reading this would have left him in a flash, I know. But to cut a long story short, I just bit the bullet and stayed with him. And things got back to something like normal.

But, something was nagging away at me and it took me a while to figure out what it was. You see Geoffrey had had his little extra marital affair and I hadn't. I felt somehow I ought to redress the balance. I felt that I needed to punish him and somehow get my own back. The trouble was I didn't want to have an affair. To begin with there was no one on the horizon that I remotely fancied; none of our male friends or anyone at the office where I worked seemed to fit the bill Also, I just couldn't see me keeping up the whole illicit charade that an affair would have entailed. Still, as I say, it nagged away at me until late one night, while Geoffrey was upstairs on his computer. Watching TV, I saw one of those erotic French films where a woman walks into a cinema and the man sitting next to her tried to slide his hand up her skirt. For some reason, that brief sexy scene sent a little shiver of delight through my lower regions. And, when she eventually stood up and slapped the man's face, I was rather disappointed. I had wanted her to let him feel all the way up her legs and have sex with her.

That night I lay awake and thought about why I had got so excited about that particular scene in the film. I imagined that I was the woman in the cinema and that it was happening to me. Only I didn't protest like she had. Then it came to me in a blinding flash. Why didn't I visit the cinema and entice someone to do that to me?

Well the more I thought about it the more I wanted to do it. I know it sounds sordid and disgusting, but, for some reason it tuned me on. And, when I got the chance to go out on my own for the evening, I headed for the cinema.

As it happened, it proved to be a real disappointment. For a start no one sat next to me, even though I was showing an alluring expanse of thigh. And I've got good legs believe me, I know that because when I was younger I always won the "lovely legs" contests at the holiday camps I used to go to.

In fact, I like to think I'm a smart attractive lady altogether, which is why I felt dispirited that first time I tried out my little scheme.

It took another 2 weeks for me to have another go. This time I wore a rather sexy mini skirt with a pair of stay up stockings and a nice array of make-up and perfume.

Again, I was ignored in the sense that no one came anywhere near me. Oh yes, I got some admiring glances and even a wolf whistle as I walked home, but nothing more. At least the movie was a decent one and I was able to talk about it to Geoffrey when I got home.

To pave the way for my visits to the movies, I had even gone to the trouble of inventing a fictitious friend to go with. All to no avail it seemed. At the time, I thought my delicious little sex fantasy was fated to stay just that, a fantasy.

It was a fortuitous comment I overheard a week or two later that rekindled my interest. Two young lads were talking at a nearby café table in the indoor shopping mall and I was eavesdropping at the same time that I was listening to Jennifer, a colleague of mine, who I usually accompanied during our lunch break.

I picked up the words "adult cinema club" and immediately tuned in to what they were saying.

It seemed that a new club had just opened up in another town about 6 miles away and were advertising for new members. Apparently, the first movie was to be something called "Debbie does Dallas" which the young teenagers were particularly keen to see.

Meanwhile, I completely lost the train of Jennifer's' conversation which was rather naughty of me. All I could do was nod, with a pleasant look on my face and hope to goodness that she didn't ask me any questions.

I soon found out about the cinema club, because there was an advert all about it in the evening paper. It was £10 to join and £4.50 for each performance. Rather steep, I thought at the time, but, to be fair, it relied for custom on a fairly small section of the public and it wasn't a very large theatre. A couple of days later, I was speeding along the road in my little car, with the idea of joining up.

As luck would have it, I was served by the manager, a rather sleazy looking bloke with a moustache and a bit of an arrogant manner. An ex-army officer if ever I saw one.

"Is the membership just for you then madam?" He enquired in rather a snooty tone.

I was just about to say yes when a thought struck me. Most of the clientele would be men. You could sort of bet on that fact. And, it would look a bit odd for a woman to admit she would be joining on her own.

"No as a matter of fact it's for my husband," I lied "a sort of birthday treat."

"Umm, I see," he droned. "Well that will be £10, Madam," he said preparing the membership details.

As I handed him a £20 note, I got in the important bit.

"I tell you what," I added, "make out a membership card for me as well. You never know he may want to take me with him occasionally."

He looked at me with the hint of a smirk on his face. "Very well" he said handing me my card.

Then he explained the film rating system. Apparently, some films were very hard-core and inadvisable for a woman. He advised me only to go when what he called soft-core films were being shown which was most of the time. In the end, I was grateful for his impromptu advice. It was to save me much embarrassment.

A week later, after much deliberation, I decided to jump in the deep end. It happened when I bought a nice new raincoat in the sale. I tried it on at home after I had showered and thought. "Why not just wear this at the cinema club." After all no one would be able to see that I was completely naked underneath. It was an absolutely outrageous thought but I must confess the idea excited me. In fact I put my little plan into effect the very next evening.

As I stepped out of the car, I felt my knees go weak. It felt so strange to know I hadn't a stitch on underneath, even though I was buttoned up to the neck with the collar up and the coat covering everything, except a couple or three inches of flesh above the knee. Suddenly, I stopped. What would my daughter think of me? Not to mention, my mother and my friends, if they knew what I was up to?

On the other hand, I was rather excited. I hadn't done anything remotely as disgraceful as this in my entire life and I wanted to do it. As a matter of fact I hadn't slept much the previous night just thinking about it and what it might lead to.

Anyway, red faced and shameful, I forced myself to walk from the car park to the cinema entrance. This entailed walking inside the mall and up a couple of flights of steps.

I've got to tell you, I felt hot and sexy underneath.

I got up to the ticket booth and got out my membership card. The manager himself was there with his customary arrogant smirk of a smile. I'm sure he would have remembered me, after all how many female club members would there be?

"On your own, tonight, madam?" he enquired.

"Urm...yes" I gulped not wanting to say more...I just bit my lip and averted my eyes from his.

"This way, then" he snootily told me, as he led the way and showed me into the darkened cinema. Using a torch, he guided me to the back row. Then he let his torch linger, while I found a seat. After my eyes adjusted to the dim light I could see that there were very few people in the audience.

The nearest guy to me was three rows ahead. What a disappointment, didn't anyone want to see "I wish I were in Dixie"

As I sat there watching the movie, I didn't know what I wanted. Was it enough for me, to sit in a darkened theatre knowing I was naked underneath my coat? Certainly, it had given me a thrill, but still I felt I needed more. In fact, I was desperate for more. But, in reality the thought of some stranger shoving his hand up my thigh made me shiver in revulsion. I was confused, what the hell was I doing here anyway?

The film was a hot one with a beautiful young girl getting stripped, fucked and humiliated at every turn by ugly brutes. This was "Dixie." How I wished I could take her place. It was exactly the sort of thing I had in mind for myself. I made a mental note to come and see more of these films. They were such a turn on.

Anyway, not long into the film the darkened shape of a man came in and made his way to the back. He sat down just a couple of seats away from me. My heart started to pound with excitement as I caught him staring at me.

Then, after a few minutes, it struck me that perhaps he was waiting for some kind of a sign from me, something to encourage him to move nearer.

That was when I surreptitiously loosened a button or two on my raincoat and allowed the material to fall away from my legs. As I looked down, I could see that I was now showing more leg than a respectable lady in a cinema should be showing. Surely the sight of my lovely legs would spark some interest.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw that the man was again looking in my direction, staring hard at what I was putting on display.

Then my heart almost stopped as he got up and slid into the seat immediately next to mine.

I looked up and saw from the cinema screen that the young heroine was trapped in an alleyway by 2 young men on motorcycles. One of the young bucks had his bike front wheel wedged in between her legs and was revving up his engine. The message was very clear. She was about to get what was coming to her.

Then, I froze as I felt the man's knuckles graze against my leg nearest to him. He was obviously testing me out to see if I would object. I watched the young girl being cornered and her skirt ripped off. She was going to be raped and there was nothing she could do about it. How delightful...

Then I gasped as the man's hand smoothed across my thigh. It was decision time, should I stay or should I go?

I decided to stay, besides, I had paid to see the movie and the action was getting hotter. I wanted to see it. I wanted to see her get shagged...

Boldly, my gentleman caller reached across and released another button on my coat, then another. By then, he must have realised that underneath the coat I was completely naked.

I sank down a little in the seat, red faced and biting my lip as the coat was parted on my naked body. He growled in appreciation as his hand started to roam up my bare thighs, slowly and seductively. We had the back rows to ourselves and we were in a world of our own.

On the screen, the girl was getting well and truly fucked, no two ways about it. Her desperate moans came across well on the sound system, which was just as well, because, I was starting to match her moan for moan. This was because, my molester now had my legs well parted and was busy fingering my pussy.

I sighed, as I realised that my erotic fantasy was now actually happening to me. And, I had to admit that, whoever the stranger was, he was doing a damn good job. He was taking it slow and easy and my body was responding accordingly. He squeezed my tits and played unhurriedly with the nipples. Then he was back down below smoothing his hand on my thighs and delving his fingers into my sopping vagina. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes. The movie no longer interested me. My body was on fire.

Then he started to stand, gently pulling my wrist, so that I would go with him. I frowned at the interruption, but realised what he was doing. There was no comfortable place to fuck in the back row and that was what we both desperately wanted.

I was still in a daze, my arousal throbbing for satisfaction, as he dragged me through the swing doors and along a corridor. He knew exactly where to go, it was a first aid room with a bench to lie on. He locked the door and took off my coat. Then he was all over me again, kissing and fondling my naked body with a rising passion.

Then he sat me on the bench, put my feet apart and knelt down to lick my pussy with a practiced expertise. I gasped at the wonderful sensations that rippled through my body, but I wanted more. I grabbed at him frantically and lay down with my legs open. It was my invitation to fuck and it couldn't have been any clearer.

And, give him his due. He lost no time in mounting me and thrusting his rampant erection into my wet vagina. God... how he fucked me in that little room. Over and over again his iron hard cock ravaged me as it plunged all the way to the hilt and back. He was grunting, I was moaning and my poor vagina squelched at the ferocity of his penetration.

Then I was arching my back and squealing, as, for the first time in ages, an orgasm racked my body hard. My guy came too, seconds later, his gushing sperm spurting deep inside me. It had been the best fuck I could ever remember and had rocked my soul.

And yes, it was the Manager, who had nailed me good and proper. When lust is in the driving seat you have to go where it takes you. I hadn't realised it was him until his fingers were driving me crazy for sex. And by then, it was too late.

To his credit, he was a perfect gentleman when he had pulled himself together. And all I had to do was button up my coat again.

"Are you going to ban me now," I teased "after my disgraceful behaviour?"

"All I want to know is when you're coming back?" he said.

I went back three nights later and again the following week. I couldn't get enough and neither could he. The films were great and always excited me. Some girl getting stripped and fucked by rampant males...lovely...

Then I had a couple of weeks off. Part of my conscience started to believe that my delicious transgressions had squared things up in the sin count between Geoffrey and me. But then I got to thinking. How many times did he go to bed with his little bit on the side? A lot more than a few times, I was sure of that. So, when the urge to sin again raised its ugly head again, I was ready. I wanted to visit the cinema again.

I saw no reason to change my tactics. My trusted raincoat was put to use again. And nothing underneath, not even a pair of panties.

As I drove through the rain, I got that old excited feeling, a dry throat, a thumping heart and a weakness in the knees.

I knew that Gary, the manager, wouldn't be there. It was his day off. Well, I had the feeling that a straight repetition of what happened the last time wouldn't be the same. So I had picked this performance on purpose to avoid him.

As I walked up the stairs, I was aware of some youths following me. They were trying to peep up my raincoat as I walked up the stairs. I swished my hips provocatively and smiled as I heard them growl in appreciation of a sexy mature woman. As I reached the ticket booth, they were right behind me. It was then I realised that these were the young lads I had overheard talking in the café in the small town where I lived. They were young, 18 or 19 I guessed. But they were rather cute rather cute and I suppressed a grin knowing that they were in for quite a shock inside.

After a quick visit to the ladies, I timed my entrance well. I could see where they had chosen to sit, off to the side and near the back. I sat immediately behind them even though the almost empty theatre provided plenty of choice in vacant seating.

The film was called "Desperate Housewives"- the porn version. The first scene was where a shapely young housewife let in a vacuum salesman to demonstrate his wares. And, in no time at all, they were naked and fucking on the plush carpet. I pursed my pink lipstick and felt a warm familiar feeling in my pussy. It was the sort of thing I was getting to enjoy.

After a couple more such scenes, I was well and truly in the mood for a little dirty fun. So, when one of the boys slipped out to the toilet, I stunned his pal by moving a row forward and sitting in the seat recently vacated.

"It's someone's seat," blurted out his friend, but I calmed him with a sexy whisper. "I'm sure he won't mind," I gushed. "Besides, I wanted a bit of company, it's lonely in here."

When the perplexed youth returned, I pulled him gently into the seat on the other side of me. I could see from their body language that they thought I was nuts or something.

Well, I can guarantee you that they weren't thinking that when a minute or two later I started unbuttoning my coat and showed off my long bare legs. I got their attention all right.

They stopped looking at the action on the screen and started admiring what was on display right between them. After that, it was only a case of how much leg I had to reveal before the penny dropped. When it did, things started to happen rather quickly. First Tommy (as I later found out) dropped something on the floor and while he was down there accidentally on purpose made contact with my leg.

"Sorry," he mumbled. "That's all right, I'm used to it." I assured him. Then his pal (Ginger) pressed his leg firmly against my other leg and I pressed back. Permission to proceed was granted. Not long after that I felt their hands brushing gently over my bare skin, and, when they were reasonably certain I was up for it, they started to seriously "get their hands away."

It was amazing how quickly their confidence grew. In no time at all they had all my buttons undone and were feeling me up with a vengeance. Tommy took the top, while Ginger foraged down below. As they got into their stride I inched my legs further and further apart. Then as two hands zeroed in on my pussy, I had to intervene to guide one hand back up to my tits to emphasise that there was plenty for everyone.

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