tagGroup SexAmy at the Bar

Amy at the Bar


By the time Amy and I got to the lounge bar, my heart was already racing thinking about what the evening might have in store. Our plans were vague and mostly depended on what ideas struck Amy, and which she was willing to actually do.

We arrived early enough that we were able to grab a low loveseat and chair around a small coffee table situated in a little alcove. Amy took off her coat as we sit down, revealing the short summery dress with spaghetti straps that she was wearing. Completing the outfit were some incredibly sexy knee-high leather boots and white fishnet stockings.

We were quickly noticed by a waitress, who winked at us and headed over. As the chairs were low, she got into a crouch that got her pleasantly close to our crotches. "Hey guys, what can I get you to drink?" she asked while smiling at Amy and me.

"Moscow Mule for her and I'll take a whiskey and Coke," I answered.

"Sure thing, I'll be right back with those." She sexily raised her body and turned around, where I noticed that her shorts were tiny enough that I could see the bottom of her ass cheeks.

"Wow babe, you see what she's wearing?" Amy asked me. Phew. I wasn't the only one to notice. "Yeah, I felt like I could just reach out and grab the bottom of her ass."

"feel free to grab my ass anytime tonight!" Amy said with a wicked grin.

While we waited for our drinks, we both looked around the room, scoping things out. Already the place was filling up a bit, but the room remained pleasantly dark which kept some mystery to it. I pointed to a guy that was standing chatting with a friend at the bar. "What about him," I asked.

"Hmm... maybe. He doesn't look like a total asshole," she responded.

I had my arm around Amy on the loveseat and squeezed her ass as the waitress returned with the drinks. Amy slowly uncrossed and recrossed her legs and the waitress crouched down again to put the drinks onto the table. I know she got a nice little view as Amy switched her legs around as she slightly fumbled the drinks but recovered quickly.

"Oh aren't you a naughty one," the waitress said with a smile as she herself did a quick leg spread to reveal that she had nothing on underneath the oh-so-short shorts. "Makes the night a lot more interesting. I'll be sure to check in with you guys later." We let her know that we wanted to keep our tab open and began sipping the drinks.

I scanned the room and notice that the friend of the guy we had originally pointed at had shifted his body to make sure he could look in our direction. "What about him then?" I asked her. Amy looked up and commented, "Mmm... maybe. Or maybe I won't even be able to decide." With that, she uncrossed her legs and spread them wider than necessary and she shifted over on the loveseat to be closer to me. Who knows with the darkness whether the guys noticed anything in particular, but they were certainly making an effort to pretend that they weren't staring. And with the whiteness of my wife's legs, they must have noticed that there was no obvious darkness of underwear as they glanced up her short flouncy dress.

As Amy looked in their direction and smiled, I began slowly lifting up her dress from behind so that I could play with her ass. It was still filled with the plug that she had put in before we left the house. She gasped and moaned quietly as I began rhythmically pushing on the plug, which I knew she loved. "Someone's going to see," she whispered while keeping her eyes on the guys.

"Isn't that the point, babe? In any case, who is going to say anything?" I responded, taking half my drink in one swallow. She simply moaned in response and I could feel that she had started flexing her thighs so that she could push herself up into my hand. Her breath was getting obviously shorter as she reached her hand over and gripped my cock through my pants.

She downed her drink and I nodded to the waitress.

Amy had her hands on the front of her dress and was bunching them up, causing them to ride higher and higher on her legs.

The sexy waitress comes back over and kneels down again. Amy had an amazing capacity to appear normal even as her ass was being worked to the point of near orgasm. But the waitress wasn't fooled and likely could smell that wonderful heat that was emanating from Amy. "Oooh guys, that is hot." She was close to us and the area was narrow enough that she blocked most of the view. She turned around to make sure and lowered her shirt a bit more to show more cleavage.

In the position she was in she was able to casually spread her legs after putting the drinks down. She brought her right hand up and began playing with her pussy a bit. "Fuck, I'm wet." She brought up her fingers and licked them, then used them to stir my new drink. This made me start working the plug faster.

The waitress returned her fingers to her pussy and began playing with her clit with her index finger while putting her middle and ring finger in. Amy copied with her own right hand. She was easily able to slip her middle finger through the holes in the fishnet stockings she wore. Her index and ring finger quickly followed. In no time she was slamming all three fingers into her soaked pussy. I could smell and hear how turned on she was and it was beginning to get painful.

I unzipped my pants and pulled my cock out. Amy obliged and began rubbing the pre-cum all over it and jerking me off and she pounded away on her own cunt.

"Wanna help?" Amy asked the waitress. I couldn't believe it and nearly came right there. The waitress pulled her fingers out of her pussy and used them to begin jerking me off with Amy, working the shaft. They quickly got a rhythm going and it felt like my cock was engulfed in a singled soaked pussy.

Amy briefly took her fingers off her pussy and reached back to take the plug out. She wrapped her soaked fingers around mine to lubricate them and told me to put three fingers in. "I need to feel you fucking my ass." She said huskily.

I easily slipped my first fingers into her ass and began fucking them in and out as Amy returned to her own surely-throbbing pussy. She began whispering "fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck" and tightened up her ass and thighs, almost pushing my fingers out. But I continued unabated, being sure to fuck-through-the-orgasm. This pushed me over and I told her that I was going to cum.

Even though her orgasm was still going, Amy was able to bend over to put the tip of my cock in her mouth while the waitress continued to jack me off and squeeze my balls. I felt myself explode in her mouth and, as usual, Amy had no trouble taking it all and calmly swallowing it.

"Goddamn that was hot, I could feel those balls empty into her mouth!" the waitress screamed. Shockingly, she pulled her fingers out before she came. "Going to save that for later." Now that's some self control.Before she got up Amy handed her a piece of paper. The waitress got up and sauntered off.

Amy looked at me and then looked at the guys across the room and said, "I haven't had enough yet."


I lay back and watched as Amy got up and walked over to the guys chatting at the bar. I knew she was nervous but it wasn't obvious to look at her. She managed to casually sit down on the high-back spinning stool at the bar. She ordered a drink and after it was delivered reached for her purse. I saw her pause as one of the guys whispered to her and she nodded, then he motioned to the bartender to add it to his own tab.

I couldn't hear what they were saying but I noticed her laughing and casually lean in flirtatiously toward one of the guys. Both guys were leaning on the bar facing her as they chatted and Amy slightly opened up her legs. They both glanced down while continuing to talk but it wasn't long before she was also rubbing the arm of the nearest one (who had a beard similar to mine).

Amy then dropped her purse (accidentally?) and the second guy reached down to grab it and got what was likely an amazing view up between Amy's beautiful white thighs, which were no doubt still glistening from a few minutes ago. I could tell when he did a slight double take and lingered a bit while grabbing the purse before standing back up to put the purse on the bar.

He was now standing across from the bar between Amy and the other guy across from each other. This blocked the view a bit but I could still see and picture what was going on.

Amy grabbed the hand of the nearest guy and brought it down so that it was touching the top of her thigh. (She was not wasting any time!) He took the hint and began slowly rubbing up and down along the outside and slowly working toward her inner thighs. He wisely did not rush immediately straight to the center, probably in surprise that this beautiful stranger was even allowing his hands on her.

In case it wasn't clear enough to them, even I was surprised as she took the hand of the second guy and placed it on her other thigh. Seeing where things were progressing, he acted a bit quicker and I saw his arm twist a bit as he reached further in. Apparently getting uncomfortable he switched to his left arm and reached his right around Amy's shoulder. This allowed him to easily bring his left hand up underneath Amy's skirt.

She spread her legs a bit wider and bowed her head. The first guy (who I later learned was named Tom) took the hint and slid his right hand further in. It appeared that their fingers simultaneously reached her pussy and kept going, sliding right in together.

Lucky guys! Amy told me later that each had two fingers in her and her clit ended up between their thumbs. I could see their arms pumping away, much more obvious than before. Apparently not getting enough, Amy grabbed each of their arms and began using them like a pair of dildos pounding away at her pussy, her head still bowed in ecstasy.

Taking my cue, I dropped some money on the table and walked over to them. Not wanting to scare them, I leaned in and kissed her and said quietly, "Hey babe, having fun? Maybe we should take this upstairs?" Amy nodded and opened her eyes. "Tom, Dana, meet my husband." She smiled and forcefully kissed me as she squeezed each of their cocks. "Let's go have some fun."

They looked at each other in disbelief and nodded enthusiastically.


The second we walked into our hotel room Amy said, "Ok boys you got me warmed up for the real fun. Tom go lie down on the bed." Nothing turned me on more than when she took charge like this. He walked over to the bed while taking off his pants, leaving only his boxers. He laid down across the bed near the end with his feet dangling over. Amy sexily walked over and grabbed his thighs and put her mouth on his cock while getting down on her knees. They both moaned as she bobbed her head up and down on him.

Dana wasted no time walking up behind her and pulling her skirt up over Amy's back. Continuing to suck on Tom's cock, she stood up and bent at her hips, spreading her legs. She still had her fishnet stockings on (though there were some obvious tears from the force of their working their way into her pussy), which had drops of her natural lubrication running along the threads. She pointed at the night table which had a box of condoms.

Dana quickly put a condom on and then ripped open the stockings to ensure there was nothing to block his huge cock from going into her pussy. I took off my clothes and walked to the other side of the bed as he began thrusting away. God how I loved the sound of Amy's moans around Tom's cock as she got pounded.

However, this was not how she wanted them to cum and she removed her head from Tom and told Dana to pull out. "Don't worry, I want that thing deep inside me, but I need more and I think your cock is just the right size." She had Tom get further up on the bed so that he was fully across. Amy climbed onto the bed and straddled Tom and began a rolling motion on top of him to tease him, while lightly pulling on his nipples.

Amy turned her head and told Dana to put his cock in her ass. "Don't worry, I got it nice and ready for you." No doubt in continued disbelief, Dana climbed up onto the bed and got on his knees around Tom's legs. Amy got closer to a doggy style position as Dana entered into her ass.

"Ohhh fucckkkkk yess... " she groaned as Dana slowly pushed all the way into her. I was on the side of the bed near her head and she looked up at me and grinned as I walked up to her with my cock out. Her arms were on the bed so she couldn't work my cock but her mouth was ready for me. I wrapped one hand around the base so it wouldn't go too far in and began fucking her mouth to the slow, steady rhythm of Dana's fucking of Amy's ass from behind, which she was eagerly meeting to ensure he got all the way inside.

Amy slightly raised herself more vertical so that Tom wouldn't accidentally slip out as he began thrusting up to meet the rolling motion that Amy was doing so that she could rub her clit on his pelvis and also work Dana's cock.

Dana grabbed Amy's hips and began grunting faster. I realized he was about to cum in her ass and I could feel my balls tighten. "I'm about to cum in your mouth Amy." She moaned and worked her mouth as much as she could against my thrusts. She reached up with one hand at the same time and gently pulled on my balls as I shot my load, which Amy happily swallowed, in about 5 powerful pulses as Dana also took his final deep thrust. "Oh god, I can feel you coming! I love to feel that throbbing inside me."

Dana and I pulled out and Amy got fully into cowgirl position with her hands on Tom's shoulders. This gave her the leverage to really work her hips and in about 20 seconds I saw her face tighten and thighs grip his body even as she kept her hips moving with the powerful orgasm. "Cum for me baby, cum for me baby." Tom grabbed the top of her ass cheeks with both hands and thrust his hips up and then froze as he filled his condom with cum. And still Amy was cumming, her thighs squeezed in and her head back as she rode it out.

Finally she rolled off of Tom and onto the bed.

"Alright boys, that was fun, don't feel like you have to stick around, but you're welcome back any time. Now I'm going to let my husband fill those holes you stretched out with his cum."

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