Amy Ch. 08

byParis Waterman©

The following morning Amy woke with a start, not fully comprehending her whereabouts. As she rose from the bed and tossed the coverlet aside, she caught a glimpse of her image in the full-length mirror across the room. She wore a flimsy Teddy, one that she'd purchased with babysitting money she'd earned some six months back. She cupped her breasts and admired them for a moment before the night before and its momentous events came rushing back to her. Her hand went to her mouth, and she gently bit down on a finger as the scene flashed through her mind. Mona Lott and Eve doing things she only heard about before and Uncle John's hand… yes, he had touched her there and she… she had held him, wanting to….

Amy whirled away and took stock of the room to get the thoughts from her mind. She brushed her teeth, took a short shower, and was careful not to touch herself; at least she stayed far from her genitals. She picked a fresh bra from her suitcase, slipped into a sheer blouse and pulled on a pair of shorts, then donned a pair of tennis shoes to complete her ensemble.

Taking a deep breath, she prepared herself to confront her uncle, and opened the bedroom door after placing the chair that had served as a barricade back in its rightful place.

The apartment appeared to be empty. Uncle John's bedroom door was wide open, and after peeking inside and looking in the kitchen, Amy assumed that he had gone to work. She checked the clock on the kitchen wall; saw that it was only 8:35, so she had not overslept. Picking up an apple from the fruit bowl on the counter, she meandered into the living room, taking a bite from the apple as she walked into the room that would live in her memory forever.

There on the sofa, lay Eve, sound asleep and still nude. Then Amy spied the belt around her waist, and thought it odd that the only thing Eve still wore was a belt. She moved closer, taking another bit of the apple. It wasn't just a belt, she quickly realized, it was a strap-on! For as she moved closer to Eve, Amy was able to see the long dildo lodged under Eve's stomach.

Suddenly Amy felt the same tingle in her pussy that she'd felt the night before, and she gasped in surprise, thinking, Why do I feel this way? What on earth's come over me?

The sound of her gasp woke Eve, who after rubbing her eyes, smiled up at Amy and said, "Good morning, Miss Amy. Do you know I was just dreaming about you?"

"You were? I mean good morning Eve."

Eve sat up, and appeared comfortable with her nudity in front of Amy.

"Yes, it was a delicious dream too. Would you like to hear about it?"

Amy was somewhat nervous about the proximity of Eve's nude body so close to her own. Apparently it registered on Eve, who crossed her legs and placed her arms over her breasts. Still the dildo flopped to one side, and when Eve crossed her arms; and it sprang to attention. Amy's eyes locked on it.

"Come sit by me. Mr. Prentice… he go to work at seven, but he say he call later."

The young teen decided that Eve was safe, and taking another deep breath, sat down beside her.

"So, these dream," Eve began, "you remember last night and me and Miss Mona, eh?"

"I… I'll never forget it."

"Me neither," Eve said with a smile, and her dark nipple popped out from under her arm. Amy saw it, but Eve didn't seem to notice. "Anyways, we sure got into it… and then of course you went to bed. I guess you got tired after such a long day."

Amy couldn't bring herself to believe that this Guatemalan girl was so naïve as to think that was the reason she'd fled the room and barricaded herself in the bedroom. Yet she seemed sincere enough. She decided to give her the benefit of the doubt.

Eve prattled on. "Mr. Prentice, he brought out some… how you call it, toys? Yes, it is toys he brings out to Miss Mona and me." She glanced down at the strap-on dildo that was pointed at the cleavage between her breasts and giggled. "This one for sure was a fun toy!"

"I'll bet," Amy said, as the memory of seeing Mona driving it into Eve's pussy came back in Technicolor.

"Oh, I'm so sorry, have you had any breakfast yet, Miss Amy?"

"No, but I'm not really hungry right now."

'Not for food anyway,' she thought, and wondered what had gotten into her.

"No food? Okay, you should feel this thing then," she said exposing her breasts as she reached down to grasp the long dildo. "Here take it in your hand."

Amy's inhibitions relaxed, and without another thought one way or another, she reached out and took the dildo in her hand. Other than not being as hot as Darren's, it felt pretty much the same. Hard and yet silky soft; unconsciously, she started to stroke it up and down.

"Umm, Miss Amy you're tickling my pussy doing that."

Startled, Amy said, "Ohhh," and released it.

Eve promptly seized it, and continued stroking it up and down. "Jeez. It really feels good this way, you know?"

"Miss Amy, would you like to taste it?"

"Umm, no, I don't…"

"Oh, come on. You know, it probably still has Miss Mona's flavor on it. I did it to her last night, you know?"

"You did it?"

"Yes," Eve giggled, "I fuck her with it, and did she ever come, oh my, did she come!"

The aspiring actress leaned forward and recaptured the dildo in her hand and after bringing it close to her mouth, spoke softly to Eve. "You won't tell anyone?"

"Oh, no, on my mother's grave I will tell no one," Eve swore.

Amy's mouth closed over the thick head of the dildo as her tongue lashed over the replication of a real penis. There is a distinct flavor there, and it's not plastic, it must be Mona. Oh, my God, that's her pussy I taste!

Eve looked on, not certain as to how to proceed, for she wanted to go down on this beautiful child-woman more than anything. And her eyes told her it might just be possible, for Amy was sucking away contentedly on the dildo and whether she realized it or not, she was only inches away from Eve's now very wet pussy.

"Here," Eve said softly, and tenderly guided Amy's head so that it retained contact with the dildo but allowed Eve to get closer to Amy's groin. Then, moving with almost imperceptible slowness, Eve began unbuttoning Amy's blouse.

As for Amy, she was lost in a haze of lust, trying with little success to deep-throat the dildo when she felt Eve's tongue licking and sucking on her navel. She immediately arched her back, thrusting her belly out to the Guatemalan, signaling Eve that she was game for whatever Eve had planned.

The dusky hands of the maid flashed to Amy's bra and opened it, freeing her breasts. Amy quickly discarded the dildo, and moved lower, she had never had sex with a woman before, but knew intuitively that it would be lovely. Reaching out, she gently parted the thick, bush covering most of Eve's cunt, and spread her thick labia apart. Ever the actress, she memorized the sight before her, and took in the soft moans Eve was making as she anticipated what was to come.

Eve's loins began to pump toward Amy's face just as Amy's lithe tongue darted out, and with a flutter licked the sides of each labia in turn, so softly, Eve could have sworn a butterfly was doing the kissing.

As for Amy, her face was a mask of passion, contorted by her lust.

"Oh-my-God-do-it!" Eve pleaded, knowing the girl's cunnilingual talent was beyond her farthest expectations, and that a monumental orgasm was building inside her that would dwarf those of the night before. She glanced down and watched as Amy's tongue gracefully moved back and forth over her labia. Then she paused and looked back at Eve.

"Am I doing this right?"

"You have the gift, you know? You are how they say… a natural at this!"

"Umm," Amy replied, and turned back to the slushy froth gushing from the genitals in front of her, and after burying her face between Eve's thighs, took a long suck, and swallowed, reveling in the wonderful taste of Eve's juices.

Eve began to writhe under Amy's eager mouth; and wanting to return the favor, frantically ripped at Amy's shorts, popping a button and damaging the zipper in her zeal to uncover the young girl's cunt.

Leaving the shorts on, but wide open, Eve pried Amy's lace panties to the side, noting in the process how her juices had matted to the lacy underwear. She giggled as she pried the sticky undies away, and then the Guatemalan maid took dead aim on Amy's twat, giving it a lovely suck, then ran her tongue along Amy's thigh before ending the sequence with a loving kiss right on her clit.

Amy almost swooned from the thrill that ricocheted throughout her system. From her clitoris to the tips of her nipples, to the lips of her mouth and back to her genital lips. The only thing Amy could think to do was reciprocate and that she did, laving her young tongue over Eve's swollen nub, causing the dusky girl to scream out in pleasure.

And when Amy took the stubby pink nubbin between her teeth and experimented with a light bite, Eve exploded with her climax. Instinctively, Amy released the love button and reached out to caress Eve's breasts, pulling and tugging at the dark, engorged nipples while Eve, still in the throes of her orgasm continued to writhe and grind her pussy against Amy's thighs.

As Eve began to calm down, Amy sat beside her on the sofa and continued to caress her breasts, finally leaning forward and kissing Eve on the lips.

Eve's tongue quickly shot into Amy's mouth, and what began as a tentative kiss on Amy's part, turned into an inferno of a kiss, as each woman's tongue tried to outdo the other.

On ending the kiss, Eve gulped in some much needed air and said, "Miss Amy, I have never come like that before. How did you know what to do and when to do it?"

A flush spread over Amy's lush body as she replied. "I have never even seen anyone else's clit before. It… it looked so appealing to me that I had to suck on it."

At this point, the still as yet unsatisfied teen ran her own finger across her slit, marveling at how wet she was. "You must know…" she murmured as the finger deftly slipped inside her and began to move this way and then that.

Eve watched intently as Amy unabashedly masturbated in front of her.

Amy continued her brief confession, "That I… I've never been with a woman before, and only once with a guy. In fact, I'm still a virgin." She was embarrassed at revealing this fact, but strangely not at all concerned about fingering herself in front of Eve.

She quivered as her finger brushed over her clit, and that galvanized Eve into action. "Here," Eve said, taking hold of Amy's hand and gently removing it from her juicy cunt. "Let me return the favor, and please, I'm so sensitive right now, don't do anything but lay back and enjoy."

Needless to say, Eve was a very enthusiastic lover. She began by licking the teen's instep, and slowly, ever so slowly, moved to Amy's toes, taking each into her mouth and sucking gingerly upon them. Moments later, Eve moved to her calves, licking, nipping and kissing her way north to the backs of Amy's knees.

For Amy's part, it was as if she were hallucinating; almost but not quite able to feel Eve's entire body just through her hands and mouth as they caressed and kissed their way past Amy's thighs and hips.

Eve was also deep in a sexual maze, caring only for the body part she was attacking at the moment. For now, all she cared about was the sweet-tasting nipple in her mouth.

Both girls moaned with pure pleasure as the Guatemalan girl sucked first the entire areola, then released it, only to nip gently on Amy's nipple, pulling at it initially, then applying increasing pressure with her teeth.

To Amy the feeling was exquisite.

Eve moved to Amy's other breast and gave it the same tender treatment. Amy's hips began to gyrate, and the odor of her intense arousal drew Eve ever lower.

Eve paused as she reached Amy's fair tufted mons and admired the long flowery petals of her pussy; the color of her sex more red than pink, except for the larger outer folds which were rust colored. But it was Amy's thick clitoris that seemed to summon Eve's mouth first, absorbing the first tentative kiss before mashing her face into the film of white glistening wetness of her cunt's opening.

"Argh!" Amy screamed, as Eve's tongue laved her most sensitive parts.

Startled at the cry, Eve tore her mouth away, and glanced upward to see the teen's fair hair in disarray and her face a deep crimson. As she returned to Amy's vortex, Eve ever so briefly, felt Amy's wetness on her face, and then it was gone as she flicked the tip of her tongue against Amy's beckoning clit and wrought another howl of delight from the young girl.

Acting as though she were starving, Eve used her fingers to pull at the hood of Amy's clit to free the head. Lost in her lust, Eve began muttering in Spanish as she sucked on the delicate nub of sensual delight.

Amy locked her thighs around Eve's head, and they rolled over to lie on their sides with Eve's face buried between the teen's thighs, sucking furiously on Amy's vulva.

A minute or so later, Eve was compelled to pull back and fill her lungs with air. When she returned to Amy's pussy it was from the rear side, and after giving Amy's cunt several lascivious sucks, she giggled out of pure mischief and put her talented tongue to work between the crevices of Amy's ass.

Amy shuddered, for her climax was coming to a boil. Her knees were now wide apart; her hips rolling slowly and her throat making a gargling noise of pleasure as she instinctively waited what was to come next.

With Eve now crouching behind Amy's ass, she found her own heart pounding as well, for she was about to do something to bring pleasure to this woman-child that she had never even considered doing before and yet she couldn't bring herself not to pleasure the teen this way. And so she began to work her tongue into the groove and around her anus as Amy writhed in front of her. Eve was surprised to see that Amy was masturbating again; her fingers sliding up and down her folds, with the occasional side trip to her clit. But then Eve abandoned herself to the task at hand and initially nuzzled her way into the puckered anus, then licked it, surprised that the taste was not what she had expected, and not being repelled by it, delved further, licking it and finally forcing her tongue into the small, tight orifice, eliciting a mighty moan from Amy who began to shake as her orgasm arrived.

Highly aroused herself, Eve reached between her legs to find her own clit and rubbed it furiously, ignoring the previous sensitivity as she lost herself in Amy's ass, and came hard.

Amy must have sensed it too, for she increased her own stimulation and hoping to do the same for Eve, humped her ass hard against Eve's mouth. For a split second Eve reacted to the new pressure by flashing back to a moment in her own youth when her face had been mashed into a split mango.

"SUCK ME!" Amy screamed, as the second wave of her orgasm began to overwhelm her.

And Eve did so, eventually returning to Amy's warm, frothy juices as she scoured her cunt once again. Sucking and licking, north, south, east and west; back to the very edge of her anus, only to backtrack to the fat nub of her clit. Sucking and licking. Licking and sucking.


"OH, GOD!"


And trembling and jerking, Amy continued her climax, holding Eve's head in place as she pumped her loins against Eve's ever loving mouth.

As for Eve, she was enthralled with the taste and scent issuing forth from Amy's facile cunt. Her nose was pressed tightly against Amy's clit as she kept sucking the endless supply of juices seeming to spew from the virgin cunt.

Amy went into a minor convulsion as yet another orgasm ripped through her and she felt herself beginning to burn with the thrill of it all.

Quite frankly she was amazed at how well Eve was sucking her pussy. 'Did all women do it that well? Did they, having cunt's of their own, instinctively know how to suck? For Eve was much better than Darren had been.' But as the thought played out in her mind she understood it had been his first time going down and Eve had at least last night's session with Mona. If indeed that was her first time?'

Taking a deep breath as her orgasm began to fade she wondered if the thrills were so intense because the act itself was perverted and naughty.

But Eve continued her assault, licking lightly along the folds before stabbing her tongue in as far as possible and then fixing her mouth over the entirety of Amy's cunt.

Then as another slight thrill rushed though her body she determined that it really didn't matter--only the feeling mattered, and that feeling was one of ecstasy.

And she came hard, one last glorious time and Eve rolled away from her gasping for breath and satisfaction.

Fifteen minutes later Amy wearing only her blouse was sitting at the dining room table while Eve, still naked, prepared breakfast for the two of them.

"After this I draw you a nice bath, Miss Amy," the maid said casually before taking a dainty bite of her toast.

"I'd like that, but it really isn't necessary, you know."

"It is part of my duties. I do it for Mr. Prentice, I can do for you too."

"All right, but we're not going to fool around anymore . . . I'm so tender down here," and she gestured to her pussy.

"Meow, meow," Eve giggled, "the pussy so sore, eh?"

Both girls giggled in tandem.

The buzzer from the lobby rang and Eve ran to the intercom.


"Eve? Hi, George, the doorman, here," the voice had a slightly British accent.

"Si, George?"

"Package for a Miss Prentice? I know its Mr. Prentice and . . ."

"It is his niece, George, please to send it up, thank you."

"Very good, Eve. The lady will be right up."

The girls looked at one another and then both raced to find some clothes with which to greet the delivery-girl.

"Isn't that unusual?" Amy asked as she pulled her shorts back on.

"Not really… well, maybe, but in New York anything can happen. Is wonderful city and horrible city at same time."

The apartment chime sounded and Eve went to the door and answered it in professional fashion.


A woman in her thirties, looking a little frazzled held a box out to Eve. "This is a dress for Miss Amy Prentice."

Amy stepped into the room as Eve accepted the box.

"I'm Miss Prentice, what is it?"

"Well, you're the lucky girl, eh?"

"I don't understand," Amy said.

"Well let's open the box shall we? Perhaps it will be clearer then."

They moved to the dining room table and Eve quickly opened the box.

Amy saw that it was a black dress with an Yves Saint Laurent label unmistakably visible to even the most casual of on-lookers.

"Yves Saint Laurent," the woman said, as if neither girl could read.

"I know," Amy said, wishing that Eve would stop gawking at the dress. She didn't want this woman to have the satisfaction of knowing this was her first prized dress, and seemed to be carrying it off, for the woman stopped talking about the dress and asked if she would please try it on.

"All right," Amy responded, and took the dress in both hands and retired to her bedroom. Once inside she called out to Eve, "Ask the lady if she'd like a cup of coffee, or something stronger, please."

In the privacy of her bedroom Amy slipped the dress on and saw herself in the mirror. It was a perfect fit, size 6 and she spent the next few minutes adjusting her breasts, bending this way and that to make certain they wouldn't flop out of the low cut top; fixing her hair and admiring the dress from different angles.

Then it hit her. He was going to seduce her this night; wearing this dress and she felt the heat rush into her loins. For a moment she toyed with the idea of having Eve take her once again, but quickly decided to spend the rest of the day readying herself for Uncle John.

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