Amy Ch. 10

byParis Waterman©

Mona continued with her sordid tale, and John and Amy listened intently.

Zolton told me "I will give it to you, but only if you behave. Do you understand?"

I understood alright, and quickly nodded.

"I'm going to untie your hands for just a moment," he told me and did, but promptly pulled me up to a sitting position and then tied my wrists together in front of me. Then, holding my arms above my head with one hand, he gently mauled my breasts, especially my enlarged nipples." Mona flicked each one in turn for the benefit of her audience before continuing.

Just when I thought I would die from an agonizing longing for his cock, this God must have read my mind, for he fed it to me. Well I was able to use my hands even though they were tied together, but I did need his assistance. I must have lunged at his massive dick, because it missed my mouth and nearly knocked my eye out. Only then did he hold it out for me to take into my yearning mouth.


Mona looked first at Amy, then at John, "I can't tell the both of you how much I wanted to deep throat the bastard. But that was impossible." She waved her hand at John, and said, "I know, I know, I'm known for doing that with prodigious dicks. On film it has a mind-boggling effect on both men and women, but he was different. First he was incredibly thick. It took an incredible effort just top get him into my mouth. The best I could manage was a decent suck, and that meant I drooled over everything in sight. But I didn't care. He had the sweetest cock I've ever known, and while I was sucking him, he was playing with my nipples, and I was seeing those stars again."

"Finally, I was unable to take anymore without having him inside me, and I begged him to fuck me!"

"Can you imagine, Mona said animatedly to the couple at the table, "me begging for a guy to stick it in me?"

"But it's true, I wept and pleaded for him to jab me with it, and he relented, or maybe just felt it was time for it. Anyway, he finally pushed me onto my back, and retied my arms to the bed post. I lay there helpless, but foaming with lust. I shuddered and came with only the touch of his finger on my cunt. Only that time I didn't see the stars exploding, but just lay there waiting for his next move."

I remember cursing and then blessing Max for sending him to me, and relaxed a little, given that I was tied up and all.

In no time at all he had four fingers rushing in and out of me, and I moaned loudly with each thrust of his hand. I knew he was preparing me for his monster and I managed to retain my sanity because of that knowledge.

For the first time in my sex life, I could smell myself --- a deep pungent, musky, animal-like smell.

"Oh," he said, "I see you're nearly ready. Good it won't be long now, be patient a little longer, my sweet."

"Do I have a choice?" I asked, hoping to hurry him and yet not wanting to rush things as it was heavenly already, but I knew it would get better and so I tried to goad him along.

"No," he said and moving his fingers inside me, bent down and sent his lengthy tongue scurrying over my engorged clitoris.

I came hard and blacked out again.

Now I can't tell you how this blacking out affected me. I mean, I make my living fucking stud after stud and make no mistake about it, they are all very, very good at what they do, which is of course, fucking.

But I had never gone under before, and Zolton kept sending me to lullaby-land, over and over and over, and then waited for me to revive before beginning all over again.

"Please," I pleaded, finish me! Do whatever you need to do, but I really can't take another second of this. It's too much!"

He murmured sweet nothings in my ear for a moment, I loved it, but didn't understand a word he spoke except that they had to words of endearment and love.

Then he went down on me again, sending a juice covered finger into my rectum he sucked on my clit as I arched my back until I thought it would break in two.


"You two don't believe me, do you?" Mona said the Amy and John.

"I believe every word of it," John said.

"I find it hard to believe," Amy said, "but then I've had so little experience in these matters, it doesn't really matter what I believe. I don't see why you'd lie about it, so I guess you're telling the truth," and reached to give Mona's trembling hand a squeeze of comfort.


"Oh, Z, as I called him from then on, knew just how to ignite my pussy all right. I recall mewing like a kitten as he traced the outlines of my slickly coated inner labia with his oh so talented tongue.

He had me climbing the mountain and skiing down the other side over and over again.

Whatever that fuck Max wanted from me, he was going to get, in spades, I knew that much.

He backed away, and then knelt over me and stared at me as I lay there spread-eagled, hips moving uncontrollably from side to side, totally exposed to his view. He smiled at me, "You have beautiful body, you know? Many women I'm with are ugly. It takes great will power to fuck them like this, but is very rewarding, yes?"

"Fuck me!" I begged.

"Maybe I play with tits some more," he said, ignoring me.

"Z, Please!"

"You like titty play, I can tell from those long nipples. Must have had them played with thousand hours or more," he said rhetorically.

And as he began to slowly drive me mad by tracing ever so slowly around my areola, I went to deep breathing, concentrating on taking slow deep breaths in order to have some semblance of control over my senses.

When his mouth closed down on my right breast I closed my eyes and began to pray. Can you believe it? I was praying for this fantastic seduction to end.

Then he was kissing me again. Oh, God, such sweet ever-lovin' kisses. From the hollow under my jaw, to the nape of my neck and then my ear lobes in turn; then he was between my breasts, sucking up my drool and sweat, and all the while he kept whispering these foreign words that must have had to do with my beauty and his love for my body, for although I didn't understand a word it sounded like the perfect words to say under the circumstances. Later I asked him what he'd said, and he laughed and told me "Just words of affection and love."

Finally, in English he murmured, "And what would you like now? Please to tell me.

"Please, just please, fuck me." I was beyond begging at this point. "I want to feel your wonderful cock in my pussy. I want to feel you inside me, fucking my cunt. I want to feel you come inside me. Please!"

"Ah," he said soberly, "Since you ask so nice, I will make love to you."

"Z, just put that cock inside me. Please!"

Z knelt down between my legs and traced a path with the head of his prick from my belly, dragging it at a snail's pace only to pause at the top of my vulva. I was quietly sobbing as his pre-cum left a faint, slug-like glistening trail over my flesh.

Finally he reached my open hole, his fingers earlier had seen to that, and with one long thrust he brought that enormously hot cock into my waiting pussy and buried it to its base.

I screamed with a mix of pain and pleasure. The pain was from his sudden surge into me, opening wider than I had ever been before. It must have felt like giving birth, although I never have. But when he bottomed out, all I felt was this magnificent elation.

He was in me!

He kissed me then and it was a fantastic kiss, full of tender feeling and I was overcome with elation and emotion.

I had no trouble at all clenching him with the muscles of my pussy.

He laughed. It was muffled of course since we were still in the thralls of our kiss. But I recognized it for what it was. A laugh of pure joy.

And I was so fucking happy.

Then he was pulling it out of me and I moaned into his mouth at the anticipated loss, only to scream with delight as he began to hump in and out -- pulling out until just the head of his cock was at my entrance, then quickly plunging into me as deeply as was possible.

"My cervix still hurts. Well it's tender anyway," Mona said, smiling at John and Amy. "Girls only for the next few days," she said, and stared hard at Amy.

"Mona…" John said, warning her off. "Are you almost finished?"

"I guess," Mona said and sighed. Just thinking about it again has me ready to cum."

"Well, Z grabbed me by the ass, and really began to drive it into me. He was a fucking machine! I started to come and couldn't have stopped if my life depended on it."

"It was the perfect fuck, and I wanted it to go on forever. Well until I blacked out again anyway."

And then Z was coming too. As it dawned on me that he was coming in me, washing the walls of my cunt with his seed an almost unbearable wave of pleasure washed over me and I felt myself leaving my body. I swear to God, there I was vibrating with one pleasurable sensation after another, but I was looking down at the two of us on the bed. Me, tied spread-eagled to the bed -- him pumping away, grimacing from the effort it took to even lift that dick of his.

Mona wiped her eyes and looked across the dining room table at John and quietly said, "Well, all good things have to end, and eventually our orgasms subsided, my body tremors ceased and he lay on top of me. I didn't mind his weight on me at all. I'd been flattened like a pancake anyway."

It was a long time before Z rolled off me, then untied me and scooped me into his arms and kissed me again, longingly, tenderly and with a slow building passion.

"I am loving you, Mona," he said.

"I am loving you too Z," I replied and I wasn't making fun of him either.

I looked down and saw that even flaccid, his penis was awesome. And I shuddered with fear because I realized I wanted him back inside me as soon as possible.

"When does Max want to see me?" I asked.

"Maybe tomorrow." Z replied with a grin.

I checked him out, he was a growing boy again.

"Z, can you do… more?"

"Sure, I can go all night if needed."

"If needed?"

"Has never been needed," he smiled.

"Ummm, I think I can understand that."

"I am creative person. You'll see."

"I saw all right. I didn't get around to seeing Max for two days. A girl needs her beauty sleep you know. Max wanted me to make a picture for him and I agreed even though I'm under contract to another studio. That's because Z is my co-star. No one knows what's going on in the porn industry anyway. I never made my original appointment. And that's my story."

"But," Amy said, "What about the airplane? I thought this was to be a mile high story."

Mona laughed. "True enough, but the story takes a lot longer to tell than I thought it would. Maybe another time, huh babycakes?"

"Maybe we'll just watch the damn movie," John said sarcastically.

"Uncle John!" Amy scolded, "Mona's a guest, and she deserves better treatment than that from you."

John apologized profusely, glancing at Amy every so often to see if she was really angry at him, if she were his plans for the evening were endangered. But as Mona graciously accepted his apology, Amy smiled at him and he relaxed.

Eve walked in with the coffee. And Amy declined the offer of an after dinner cordial. And while Mona sipped hers, John reached into his jacket and produced yet another gift for Amy.

Amy didn't notice it at first, being preoccupied with the serious itching emanating from her pussy. She was sopping wet, from the story, and from what she expected to happen to her shortly; from the touch of Mona's lips upon her pussy; from all sorts of things.

Eventually, Mona made ready to leave and John called Eve in and told her she was finished for the night and to leave the dishes for morning.

Mona smiled at the young servant and invited her to join her at Mona's apartment… to watch a movie. Eve readily accepted and they left arm in arm.

Amy knew what was in store for Eve, and wondered just what was in store for her. But took comfort in the fact that it wouldn't be long until she knew.

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