Amy Ch. 11

byParis Waterman©

John reached into his jacket and produced yet another gift for Amy.

Amy didn't notice it at first, being preoccupied with the serious itching emanating from her pussy. She was sopping wet, from the story, from what she expected to happen to her shortly, from the touch of Mona's lips upon her pussy; from all sorts of things.

Eventually, Mona made ready to leave and John called Eve in and told her she was finished for the night and to leave the dishes for morning.

Mona smiled at the young servant and invited her to join her at Mona's apartment to watch a movie. Eve readily accepted, and they left arm in arm.

Amy knew what was in store for Eve, and wondered just what was in store for her. But took comfort in the fact that it wouldn't be long until she knew.

Chapter Eleven

"Amy," John said his voice husky with yearning and desire "would you like to dance with me?"

Amy put her glass down and nodded, managed a smile while feeling so incredibly sexy that her whole body was tingling as she rose up from the table. He took her hand and led her into the middle of the room and pulled her close to him, entwining his fingers through hers. Appropriately enough, and completely by chance, the music was Don Henley's 'The End of Innocence.'

As they swayed slowly, she pressed her cheek against his, sighing softly in his ear. All her senses were filled with him, with his smell and his breathing and the rough texture of his wool jacket beneath her fingertips.

And as far as John was concerned, Amy was everything he'd thought she would be. As he rubbed his hand up and down her back, he was very much aware of just how close she was and caught himself before he pushed too hard, chiding himself to take his time with the seduction.

Amy's body was on fire at every single spot along her front where their bodies touched. The tips of her breasts sizzled where they flattened against his chest. Her belly was a boil where it rubbed against his belt. The inside of her right thigh crackled with electricity from the slightest pressure of his leg. And then came the moment when they stood there unmoving, their eyes locked together. Amy could hear his breathing, and listened to see if she could hear her own as well. She could and was surprised at how ragged it sounded to her.

"Are you okay?" she asked, leaning back to look at him.

"Oh yeah," he said wondering when his voice became an octave higher.

He moved his head forward and kissed her softly, tasting the sweetness of her lips. The kiss was soft, almost innocent. He couldn't believe he was finally kissing her and as he pushed his lips harder against hers, she parted her lips, allowing him to taste her.

As the kiss went into its thirtieth second, Amy cried out softly as he increased the pressure of the kiss. To Amy's mind, he was now devouring her, his mouth swallowing her, his hands engulfing her back, her shoulders, and her waist. As he deliberately walked her backwards into his bedroom Amy submerged herself in him, her senses never more keen or alert --- breathing him in through her nostrils; tasting his tongue and feeling his awesome heat as his tongue licked her teeth and gums.

His free arm wrapped around her waist and hers went around his neck as the kiss continued to deepen. He moaned against her mouth as she pressed her body back against his.

When she finally pulled away, her lips were still half parted, as were her eyelids. The sight of her took his breath away. He let go of her hand and ran his through her hair, then pulling her mouth harder against his own, teeth against teeth.

Amy's body melted against his. They pulled away only because each had to breathe and couldn't and while gasping for breath, stared at each other in awe.

John had never, ever felt remotely like this before.

Amy couldn't possibly define how she felt. There were simply too many signals and sensations coursing through her mind and body to process.

He cupped her face, stroking her cheeks with his thumbs. "You have no idea what you do to me," he whispered softly before pulling her back to kiss her again. His tongue traced over her lips, flicking at the corners of her mouth before he sucked on her bottom lip.

Amy's grip around his waist tightened as his tongue moved into her mouth and stroked hers. Her body moved against his, still swaying slightly, only not to the music anymore, but to the music their bodies had started to play.

And then Amy moaned from the depths of her soul into his mouth as the kiss grew deeper and more passionate.

After maneuvering her to the center of the large master bedroom, John slowly began lowering the upper portion of her dress. And trembling with a combination of fear, anticipation and desire Amy closed her eyes.

Amy listened to his voice and felt his body hard against hers. She tried to concentrate on what he was telling her but it was useless. His breath was against her cheek, and then her neck, as he held her with one arm around her waist.

She stood there, almost in tears, bared breasts exposed to his view; frozen unless one considered the wavering of her still trembling legs.

What would she do?

She decided to remove the rest of her clothing. She was proud of her youth, knew she possessed a stunning body and wanted him to see it. Even so, her mouth went dry as she began to peel the lovely dress from her body, and she shivered as the garment brushed her forearm a second before floating away from her body. All the while, her eyes never left his, then slowly, very slowly her eyelashes moved downward and she closed her eyes signifying total surrender.

She heard a low rumble from the man who stood in front of her, and then felt the touch of something soft, something very delicate, something wet. Amy was utterly transported. She would have fallen over had John not anticipated it and braced her back with one hand, steadying her until she regained her balance. Her eyes remained shut as she savored the feel of his tongue as it traced the curvature of each breast.

An eternity later, Amy realized his hands were roaming over her torso and kisses were being bestowed along her shoulder and her bare back. She responded by arching her back, spreading her legs slightly apart to gain better balance. She realized after a time that the tremors had subsided, and she let the sensuality of it all wash over her.

"This may take a while," John said and for the first time Amy was able to detect some nervousness on his part. And she laughed. It was nervous and shaky, but it was a solid laugh nonetheless.

"I've got lots of time," she rasped, her voice betrayed her own nervousness to him.

"Don't think of anything but me," he husked and kissed her again, his tongue hot and lingering in her mouth. Then he removed her shoes, the last item of clothing other than the pearls he had bought her that day.

Then for security more than anything else, she closed her eyes, and her breath caught in her throat as his just spoken words registered on her consciousness.

"Think of no one but me, my darling Amy."

"Take me," she said, her voice a mere shadow of itself. And on feeling the sudden suction at her left nipple, moaned loudly enough so that Mona and Eve who stood outside the apartment listening at the door heard it and embraced each other and shared a wild kiss, before finally racing upstairs to Mona's apartment. Amy shrieked again a moment later from the jolt of electricity that hit her when he lightly nibbled on her with the edge of his teeth. But the eavesdroppers were gone off to make their own moans.

Summoning up courage she didn't think she had, Amy peeked down through her lashes at the dark head at her breast; at the contrast between his dark chestnut brown hair and tanned neck and the alabaster white of her breasts; at the sparkling whiteness of his teeth and the pink of her areole just a split second before his mouth swallowed it up. She reached out and ran her spread fingers through his chestnut mane, pulling him to her and forcing her breast deeper into his magical mouth.

'Suck me,' she thought. 'Eat me, gobble me up.' She was lost in the midst of an unparalleled elation.

With the bliss and pleasure and passion evident on her face, Amy wondered what the ultimate penetration would be like, for this oral stimulation had already surpassed the night with Darren and his hungry mouth and teeth.

A confused look crossed her face as John finally left off the peak of her breast and sank to his knees before her. The look changed to one of pleasant surprise and wonder as his hands traveled over her feet and up her legs. Now a new sensation washed over her and her skin prickled and tingled from the sweet caresses of his fingers on that virtually unexplored part of her anatomy.

When he reached her knees and softly pushed them apart, her breath quickened and then nearly stopped. With a gasp that was almost a sob she welcomed his touch and nearly tottered and fell over, but for John's intervention in helping her maintain her balance.

Amy opened her eyes and then realizing where his hand was going, quickly squeezed her eyes shut and tried not to collapse as his fingers found her pubic hair and traced the hidden opening to her sex.

Her knees, weakened with excitement, wavered, but she fought it off and summoned the inner strength to remain standing as he spread her open with his fingers. And then she jerked in amazement as she felt something warm, wet and flexible slithering up the inner edges of her pussy. Amy released a cry of intense pleasure as his tongue dipped into her. It was such a delicate touch, a mere flicking of his oral muscle that any comparison she might have made with Darren's technique fell by the wayside.

This was better, she thought, infinitely better. And she shuddered with a mixture of delight and surprised excitement as his tongue moved upward until its pointed tip lightly brushed over her clit. 'Darren hadn't done that, no way had he even come close to doing that!' she thought.

And John remained there, seeming fixated on her tiny nubbin, licking it, kissing it and sucking it. Slowly, slowly, tantalizingly slow it moved over her clitoris and suddenly there was urgency to his kissing and sucking, and the sheer pleasure of it all seemed too much for Amy to bear --- the enormity of ecstasy overwhelming and she sank to the floor in a heap.

John never hesitated, picking her up in his arms he carried her to the bed and lay her down, then knelt on the floor in front of her, raised her legs so that they were supported on his shoulders, and then intensified his cunnilingus while Amy groaned. A minute later, the groans turned into screams as every fiber of her body was throbbing with waves of incredible pleasure that emanated from her sex --- all from the rhythm of his mouth and tongue. And as she thrashed about in unparalleled joy she realized he had a finger in her rectum and didn't care how nasty it was, for Amy it only added to the vast storehouse of pleasure she was enjoying.

Then, for a split second, everything seemed to stop. And then, every pore of her body was filled with an undiluted pleasure that went on and on and on.

Amy never heard herself screaming out her joy as he brought on her magnificent climax. And only when it began to ebb did she realize what had actually transpired.

Her throat was raw from screaming, her body was suddenly cold from the sheen of sweat that covered it. Opening her eyes she saw John undressing in front of her, his manhood erect and pointed directly at her. She knew she loved this man, her uncle, for only love could have brought her to this wonderful point.

Then he was beside her, gently stroking her face.

"I wanted you from the first moment I saw you," he whispered to her ear.

His words brought on an ache that she realized was a longing and need that only one thing could satisfy. She wanted more than anything to be able to feel him inside her; to hold him and squeeze him and stroke him and suck him. But that thought evaporated with a slightly painful gasp of surprise as his beautiful cock slid inside her, severing her hymen. And yet, almost instantaneously, wave after wave of pure ecstasy washed through her body. Amy was transported to some place beyond the stars.

As the wonderful sensations bombarded her body she dreamily thought 'who would have imagined that sex would be so wonderful!' She had been looking at his beautiful hard cock, lined with blue veins, and with its red tip just beginning to appear beyond his stretched foreskin --- was committing it to memory, when it disappeared into her with a distinct "pop".

And then, as her tissues parted under his slow but insistent thrusting, Amy thought she would die from the exquisite pleasure that rolled through her body.

She filed away some of the perceptions of the moment --- the feel of his balls slapping against her bottom; felt him tense, and his cock loom even harder and thicker as he began pounding her with his primeval need --- again and again and again – until a series of convulsions rippled through her causing Amy to think her body was now composed of butter and honey. Except that her pussy was squeezing him and how could that be? If she was all mush down there where was this tremendous strength coming from? Amy had no answer; had no time to think it through, for John was suddenly, inexplicably, growing even bigger inside her and then . . . she felt the first scalding spurt of his sperm into her pussy, coating the walls with its magnificent, life bearing heat.

They lay there for a time, John recovering his breath and senses; Amy coming down from the clouds with a host of questions that would go unasked and unanswered for some time to come. But for the moment she was content to listen to his breathing as he rested his head on her breast. Several minutes passed thusly and then Amy decided he was heavy atop her, and shifted her body to a more comfortable position. Gingerly her hand moved to her center and felt the stickiness there. 'That's his saliva and my juices and his come she thought giddily. He had gone down on her and deflowered her and she had loved every second of it. It had been the greatest time of her young life and she couldn't wait to do it again.

Without a word, Amy straddled his body and guided the tip of his precious prick into her hungry cunt.

"So soon?" John murmured, and sank back to let her do as she wished with him.

Slowly, and with great care, Amy lowered herself down upon him. He was semi-hard as he entered her moistness and she savored the series of delicious sensations surging through her as his thickening prick grew ever larger and longer. She sat still for a minute to allow herself to adjust to him, then leaned forward and began rocking her pelvis back and forth while slowly swinging her breasts and dragging her nipples across his face.

"Hang on," he said, gruffly as he wrapped his arms tightly around her. Then he rolled them over. Suddenly Amy felt fear, for she had lost control, but the fear vanished with his next words, "I'm going to give you the fucking of your life!"

Taking Amy's legs, he flipped them expertly to his shoulders and slammed himself into her. He drove deeper with each frantic thrust and soon it seemed as if a giant tidal wave was building within her loins.

From a great distance, Amy clearly heard a woman's voice crying out, "Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!"

And at the same instant her huge orgasm washed over her, she realized the voice was hers.

Once again Amy felt the flood of molten sperm cascading along her vaginal walls and along with it came a series of climaxes ricocheting in its aftermath.


He let her legs down and they lay tightly wrapped in each other's arms as he rained little love kisses on her cheeks, nose and lips. She cried out at the loss as his cock was finally expelled from her juicy cunt, for she had wanted the moment to last forever.

Amy couldn't wait until the next day when she could tell Eve all about it. Then she wondered just what Eve and Mona were doing upstairs and she fell asleep thinking about them making love in all sorts of unusual manner.

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