Amy Ch. 14

byParis Waterman©

Uncle John arrived home an hour earlier than usual, catching Amy coming out of the shower. It was the fourth shower of the day for her and she still felt dirty inside and out. She quickly slipped on a green silk kimono and apologized for not being ready for him.

"Not a problem, sweetheart," John said, and from behind his back he produced a bouquet of flowers and handed them to her, saying, "beautiful things for beautiful people."

With downcast eyes, she accepted the flowers and gave him a peck on the cheek, then walked over to the kitchen sink and lay the flowers down, turned back and sat down on the couch and waited for him to join her.

Knowing that something was wrong, John assumed that he was the culprit and became very apologetic.

Amy quickly interrupted him, blurting out, "I couldn't help it, John! They told me to go into the next room; and when I did, this... this awful man made me...."

Unable to complete her sentence, Amy burst into the tears that she had been suppressing all day.

"What the hell's going on?" John demanded. Although he was thoroughly confused, he wanted to protect his girl and certainly wanted to be supportive, but how?

John placed his hand under Amy's chin and said, "Maybe if you started from the beginning I might understand, and when that happens it's very likely that I can do something about it."

"Yes, you're right. Okay," she said, and then sniffled as he tried to wipe away her tears. But they kept coming. He waited patiently for Amy to gather herself. It did not take too long. Then she was talking, telling him everything, right down to the blowjob, providing graphic details and closing on the note of fear that faced her the following day.

"I'll kill that son-of-a-bitch!" John roared.

Amy fell back, terrified.

"No! I can't let you!" She sobbed and only then did John realize that she had taken him literally and figuratively.

"Amy, Amy! Listen to me! I'm not really going to kill him. Although the miserable bastard may wish he was dead when I finish with him!"

"Listen to me, Amy. I know a lot of people in this town and I won't let this happen to you again, please believe me when I say this."

Amy sobbed again, but this was caused by the surge of new found hope that filled her being, and she looked at John with total devotion in her eyes.

"The... the flowers are beautiful, John. I'm so sorry that I just tossed them on the counter... it's just that I...."

"I know, I know, it's all right. Come here and give me a kiss, not a peck like that last one."

Their lips met, and Amy was lost in his arms again, forgetting having to kneel in front of that terrible bald-headed man for the first time that day.

After their warm embrace, John excused himself, telling her he needed to shower and shave before taking her out to dinner to celebrate the role she'd won in West Side Story.

"Whether you know it or not, Amy, you've nailed one of the hottest slots on Broadway first time out."

She could only gawk at him as the guilt of her orally satisfying that awful man filled her mind.

"I'm serious; it's a great role, believe me you earned it. And I don't mean what happened in the other room. I'll deal with that tomorrow morning."

"But he told me to be there early... by eight and then... and then he's going to make me..." she faltered and bit her lower lip to keep from crying again.

"No he isn't! Listen to me. I'm going to make a call or two when I finish with my shower. I promise you the calls will resolve everything. While I can't make that son-of-a-bitch vanish from the face of the earth, I can keep him away from you. That much I can and do promise you."

Finally, what John was telling her penetrated and Amy felt her fears lifting from her shoulders and drifting away.

John kissed her again and then went into the master bath, closing the door behind him.

Amy walked around the bedroom as things fell into place. She wasn't going to have to meet that ogre the next day! Her hopes lifted even more as she realized that she, a teen aged girl had landed a role in a major musical on her first try!

Had anyone ever done that before? She wondered. A minute passed and she thought that someone probably had, but still how many others had accomplished what she had on the first go-round?'

She sat down on the edge of the bed and realized that she wanted John inside her. Well she could wait a few minutes and he'd be out. She could seduce him then. But Amy's left hand stole up to her breast and kneaded it, and as her nipple stiffened she knew she couldn't wait for him.

I'll start without him, she told herself, and a feeling of giddiness swept over her as she lay back on the bed.

Besides he'll be hungry and want to go out to dinner to celebrate my good fortune; and then again he'll have to make those calls for me.

Her hand was already inside her kimono, worming its way to her breast, and she had to suck in her breath on touching the nipple, now hot and swollen with desire.

Amy never heard John leave the bathroom. He had discovered his electric razor cord was missing and remembered it was in his briefcase since he had taken it to work several days earlier; and this was the first time his electric razor needed to be re-charged.

Wearing only a towel, he heard Amy's soft moans as he entered the bedroom and stood stock still. He saw Amy lying flat on her back on the bed; eyes tightly closed, kimono half opened. That she was massaging her right breast was evident. What she was doing was highly erotic and had him fully erect. He fought the impulse to join her on the bed, knowing there was time for that, and knowing that this moment might never be repeated. He forced himself to remain quietly in place and contented himself with watching her for the time being.

Amy moaned again, and her right hand, the free one, slowly eased its way toward her lightly haired pussy. John felt his cock twitch and gave it a quick firm squeeze.

The kimono fell away to one side; John had a clear view of Amy's hand as it slowly rubbed up and down over her pussy. There was a grimace on her face that told him many things; mainly that she was thoroughly enjoying her exercise in masturbation.

Amy moaned quietly as a finger slipped into her juicy love hole, her other hand still massaging the nipple, which now stood out in a fully engorged profile from his vantage point.

Her masturbation grew more frantic. Her palm now covered the entire surface of her mons, rubbing briskly, the motion serving to drive her finger in and out of her pussy, whose sluice gate had opened and freed a copious amount of juices that were cascading over her thighs already.

Jesus, she's hot! John thought, and began to milk his erection from behind the protective covering of his bath towel.

Emitting yet another soft moan, Amy arched her hips as she fucked her hand and moaned a little louder on pinching her swollen nipple.

There was a brief moment of almost paralyzing fear that Amy was reliving the blowjob to that snake in the grass, Maury Pearlman. Then he came to his senses. Never happen, he realized, she despises him. She must be thinking about us; last night, or what's in store for her tonight. Maybe she wants to test her equipment, see if it still works after her bad experience with Pearlman. I will get that cocksucker and get him good. He must get every girl trying out for a part to go down on him.

John's true personality surfaced as he thought, Still, all that pussy... not such a bad job after all. Then his thoughts shifted to the slightly cold shoulder his secretary had given him that morning. Janet pulled away when I put my hand on her shoulder. She knows I wanted to cop a feel before the client came in. She doesn't have the rag on, that was only last week, and so what was the deal there? He wondered, and then he concentrated on Amy's lithe form gyrating in front of him, and put Janet out of his mind.

Amy's hand moved faster; her breathing went ragged, and her hips literally danced on the mattress, her lovely ass rising and falling to the beat of her moans. Suddenly Amy's hips rose up and froze in place, and her hand came to a halt, except for the thumb which was strumming her clit like the idiot savant playing the banjo in the movie "Deliverance."

John looked on intently as the cords in her neck drew tight. She opened her mouth, letting her jaw hang slack, unheeding of the drool that began to form and roll down her chin.

"UGH!" She grunted; the tendons in her throat pulled her face into a death mask of rictus. Suddenly fighting for air, finally filling her lungs she began gasping for breath, and then climaxed.

John waited until the waves subsided before breaking his silence.

"I can't leave you alone for minute, you go and start without me," he said, a smile on his face.

She was startled by his voice, and her eyes flew open filled with a primal fear as she turned to face him. Her pussy-juiced coated hand flew to close her kimono as the flush of embarrassment only a young girl can manage flooded her countenance.

"How... how long have you been watching me?" she asked, growing even redder.

"I think I saw the whole show," he said with a broad smile, hoping his face reflected a degree of tolerance. He jiggled his own penis to demonstrate that he too could masturbate if needed.

"Oh God, I'm so embarrassed," she whined, and buried her head in her arms.

"Why?" John asked, walking over to the bed and sitting down next to her.

"Because... because you saw me touching... myself." she sniffled.

As casually as possible, John shucked the towel he wore, letting it fall to the floor at the side of the bed. "There's no need to apologize or even for being embarrassed. We've been more intimate than masturbating...."

John stopped because he'd found himself staring at the outline of her nipple under the thin silk of her kimono and lost his train of thought.

Leaning over he moved over the conspicuous protrusion and breathed on it.

"HUH!" Stunned by the wild sensation his breath brought to her nipple, Amy gasped.

He lowered his face again, this time taking the protruding nipple in his teeth and moving his head slightly from side to side causing Amy to have a mini-orgasm.

A moment later she was running her hand through his hair as he worried her nipple some more. "Oh, that's so nice... that's really so nice, John. I love you, I really and truly love you," she murmured into his ear.

He lifted his face from her kimono covered nipple, leaving a huge wet spot where his mouth had been. In a voice so husky Amy wasn't sure it was John speaking, he said, "Did I tell you how truly aroused that made me?"

For the first time, Amy was aware of his nudity and looked hungrily at his erection.

"Now let me show you what I mean," he said, and got up from the bed and slowly sauntered into the bathroom with Amy's eyes glued to his buttocks and then to his erection as he came back out with an open bottle of Kama Sutra massage oil in his hand.

"What?" she began, but his raised hand halted her in mid-sentence.

"Watch," he said with a curtness that bordered on being boorish and discourteous.

But actions speak louder than words, and Amy's eye's widened even more as he applied a generous amount of the massage oil to his penis and worked in, managing to cover the entire head and shaft.

Amy was too shy to admit it, but seeing his member coated and shiny made her want him inside her more than ever, and with a quiet moan, she reached for him.

"Uh-uh, little girl of mine, that's naughty. Don't touch. This is my show, your job is to lay there looking beautiful and serve as my inspiration, understand?"

"Yes, but wouldn't ..."

"No more questions just watch and wait, okay?'

She nodded and licked her lips in anticipation.

John milked his shaft slowly, letting the feel of the hand on his cock reach the sensors of his brain so that they were completely in sync.

With hoarseness in his throat that he felt throughout his body, John said, "Let me see your tits."

Amy flipped the kimono open and he saw the nipple that he had tormented earlier, still standing proud and fully erect. He squeezed his cock and a drop of precum dribbled out of his slit.

Seeing Amy's look of carnal lust directed at it, He smiled and hissed, for he was really squeezing it at the moment, "You think about it," he said, almost taunting her, "Maybe later I'll let you have a taste."

She moaned and her hand went to her lap, fingers outstretched, hunting her clitoris, now hidden within its folds.

"No fair touching yourself. Only one of us is going to come this time," John said warning her off.

"Can I think about it?" she asked plaintively.

"Of course you can," he told her, with a shit-eating grin on his face. He knew he had her back. He had been worried that her bad experience might have caused her to shy away from having sex with him this soon. Now that worry was put to bed.

Licking her lips again, Amy sighed, and decided to be openly honest with him.

"I was thinking about your thing... your cock, I mean, that's what got me started on myself."

"You were, were you?"

Amy nodded her head briskly, telling him she had more to say on the subject. And, stroking himself slowly, he said, "Tell me what you were thinking. Tell me exactly what you were thinking."

"Okay... I was thinking about last night. How hard you were. How wonderful it felt moving around inside me. How I wanted to do it over and over and over, never wanting it to end."

"Suddenly, I couldn't help it. I had to touch myself; even knowing you were only a room away and could walk in on me at any second. I... I guess I forgot about that and you... you caught me doing it."

Hearing Amy say she was masturbating while imagining him sliding in and out of her fantastic cunt sent an electric jolt through his sexual synapses.

What could be more seductive, John wondered as he increased his stroking, to want, or be wanted?

As he pondered his philosophic question, he quit stroking himself and contented himself with rubbing his thumb over the head of his manhood. Exhilarating in the superb feeling it ignited within his testicles.

"I think it's wonderful that you're doing this for me," Amy said, bringing John back from his philosophical daydream.

"Uh huh," he replied, almost lost in contented bliss.

"Will I see you spurt?"

"I'm sure you will, Amy, I'm sure you will," and he jerked himself a little faster, feeling his balls churning at her inciting words.

John drew his masturbation out as long as he could. Slowing down, playing with his balls while ignoring his shaft; he even resorted to rubbing a finger around his puckered anus, making certain that Amy was getting a good view of that activity. And when he knew his release was eminent, he made certain to squeeze the base of his instrument and croak, "Amy I'm gonna cum any second now, how do you want me to do it?"

Amy groaned loudly, then crawled to him and when she was directly in front of his throbbing shaft said, "My face; my breasts, if you will."

John couldn't see her hand, rubbing her clit furiously, evoking small orgasm after orgasm out of her highly stimulated love button --- her other hand wiping a strand of hair from her mouth simply because it was distorting her view of him --- she wanted to see this and miss nothing. This was one of the most exciting moments of her young life. Indeed, from this moment on, Amy would do almost anything to see a man ejaculate from close range.

"Cum for me!" she moaned, "Come on, cum!" The pinch in her voice almost brought him to the boiling point, but he strained valiantly to hold off a little longer, applying tremendous pressure to the base of his shaft and thereby stalling the flow of semen from his testes to the tip of his prick.

Realizing what he was doing, Amy reacted by licking his belly, only a fraction of an inch from his throbbing member. Then leaning away from him, she reached up and clasping a nipple in the fingers of each hand, began to mimic his masturbation by jerking them back and forth, squeezing them until they were almost stretched double their size, and moaning, "Two can play this game, mister --- see, I'm giving you tit for that!"

"Naughhh!" John groaned, and squeezed himself so hard to keep from coming that he would later swear he'd damaged himself.

He did not come.

Amy gave him such an aroused look that he almost lost what little control he still held.

"Okay," John said with a finality that told Amy he was about to come. "Touch yourself now! Touch yourself for me, and come with me," he said. It was more plea than order.

Amy squatted in front of his now purplish knob, and sent her hand to her pulsing cunt and began to rub feverishly.

"Ahhh!" she moaned.

Music to John's ears --- he echoed her moan with one of his own.

Their eyes met and locked.

"Oh, God...YESSSS!" He groaned.

Amy's hand blurred before his eyes and she too moaned.

"SOON," she moaned. "I'm c... c... coming!"

"John! Cum with me! She begged, thinking he might deny her what she so desperately wanted.

His load cannoned from his turgid prick. The initial arc of the first line flew directly into Amy's gawking mouth. The next two volleys landed on the upper most curve of her left breast.

In a light headed stupor, John fell forward, supporting himself by clutching at Amy's shoulders as he slowly sagged to the floor.

Amy appeared lost -- in another world, but her fingers greedily scooped up the residue of John's prolific ejaculation and began to spoon feed herself until all but a shimmering coating was left on her breast.

"God, that was good!' John gasped.

"Oh yeah," Amy the woman-child agreed. "How soon can we fuck again, Loverman?"

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