Amy Ch. 17

byParis Waterman©

The first words out of Uncle John's mouth were not how did it go? But, "Did he bother you in any way?"

"Um, no," Amy replied. "In fact, I don't recall seeing him."

She quickly went on to relate her experiences for the day and her conversation with Anna Esefan.

Needless to say, John was impressed and more than a little proud of her accomplishments.

"Have you called home and told your Mom and Dad?"

Embarrassed, Amy shook her head, no.

"Better get to it. Yes, better do it right now, baby cakes."

Amy placed the call and was soon lost in a dream-like conversation with her family and friends. They could not believe her sudden success. When Amy elaborated on the role she had landed they were incredulous.

When she finished she made a second call, this time to Darren, her former boyfriend at his dorm on campus.

Darren was pleased to hear from her and even more pleased to learn what a hit she had been in getting a foot into show business. Of course, Darren had no idea of what was involved in landing a role in a Broadway production, he being used to the instant successes of rock stars and some actors and actresses. He did tell Amy he'd be visiting New York in a month or so and would call her when he had the exact dates.

Amy gave him John's number and hung up thinking about their last night together and how she had blown him in the back seat of his car. Nothing like that creepy Maury, she thought, and then turned her attention to her lover, John.

Coquettishly, she asked, "So, what have you planned for me?"

John smiled, for he had a lot planned, but he said, "One thing I have not planned is an orgasm for you."

"What!" She yelped out as her whole body flinched. "Would you be so cruel to a damsel in distress?"

"Cruel? Not on your life. And what distress are you in?"

She gave him her most provocative smile. "For one thing, I've had a trying day and am in need of a gut-wrenching orgasm. I was thinking you were just the one to provide it. Am I wrong?"

John could smell her arousal.

He sat down beside her on the sofa. Amy gave him another come hither look and John took her ankle in his hand and brought her foot to his lips. Starting with her little toe, he began kissing, tonguing and sucking his way up her ankle; her calves; stopping only to nibble at the very sensitive area behind her knee.

Amy began to moan then; loudly and then louder still when he moved directly to her other knee, or more aptly behind it. She was twitching and screaming for more although she was actually quite content with what he was doing to her at the moment.

He nibbled along her inner thighs, alternating, first the right and then the left, until the scent of her pussy compelled him to her oozing slit.

He gave her cunt a long, lascivious lick from bottom to top, except that he adroitly avoided any contact with Amy's clit.

She started to beg for him to fuck her. "Come on, John, do it! C'mon, c'mon I need you in me!"

But, John had other plans and returned to her thigh and began to work his way back down toward her toes.

"No! No!" Amy bleated in dismay.

John looked up at her and saw the sweat beading up between her breasts; saw the love juice flowing freely between her thighs and then nibbled the spot in back of her knee again, causing her to moan with pleasure and frustration.

He sat up and for a moment admired once again the fine, supple features of her body. Amy hugged her arms tightly to herself, feeling her nipples harden conspicuously. She watched him covertly and in her aroused state she summoned back visions of their previous times together. She decided she had to have his cock.

John leaned over and kissed her deeply. She retaliated by sucking on his tongue as it searched her warm, hungry mouth. As the kiss went on, he reached between the cushions and pried a feather from its concealed hiding place. Then ever so lightly, he began to trace the feather over her skin.

He started with her wrist, moving quickly to the exposed underside of her arm to the junction of her armpit ¾ under her breast and down to her waist.

Startled by this surprise, Amy retaliated by scissoring her legs around him in a futile attempt to pull him into her. Thinking she was succeeding in enticing him into fucking her, she began to giggle.

But he fooled her. Finding her 'tickle' zone with the feather, John kept at it causing Amy's giggling to turn to laughter and then tears as the feather glided relentlessly over her ribcage. Trying to get away from the feather, she released her scissor-lock on him and was gratified to find that he then abandoned her ticklish spot.

But he wasn't finished using the feather, not by any means. He concentrated on her left breast, drawing the feather slowly along the underside and then up between the cleft of her twin mounds. Amy moaned, for it was excruciatingly pleasurable.

John almost succumbed to the pleasing, pungent scent rising up to his nostrils and the incredible warmth radiating from her loins. He decided to make a slight deviation in his plan, and bending down, took her right nipple between his lips. He was pleased to see the nipple slowly stiffen, while her areola began to contract.

Amy, breathing deeply turned her head away. Her hands roamed over his bare chest as he ran his mouth and tongue over the line of her throat, before arriving at her lips; and the feather dropped unknowingly to the floor as her hot, sultry blood pounded in his ears.

John's rejuvenated mouth licked and sucked its way to Amy's perky breasts, lavishing special attention on her stiffened nipple. One hand cupped the gentle swell on the outside, while the other's finger tips and nails ran languidly up and down her chest.

He felt her fingers splay against his hair, "Harder," she gasped, breathing even harder.

John's hands squeezed, and he was rewarded by an uneven, rasping sigh; and took her nipple between his lips and took a long, deep pull.

"OH!" Amy cried out, tightening her grip on his hair.

He tugged at the nipple, then released his suction and then did it again. Inwardly he smiled as he listened to Amy's murmur of approval. Then he commenced flicking his tongue repeatedly against the highly sensitized bud. And as she was moaning with pleasure once more, he moved slowly away from the engorged nipple, leaving a moist trail of saliva as he moved to the succulent underside of her breast.

He cupped her breast with his free hand and felt his rapidly cooling saliva on her warm skin. Gently, he massaged each breast in turn, becoming more forceful as her murmurs went deeper, became louder.

John reached down and retrieved the errant feather. Then drew it languidly, deliberately over her nipple; and Amy arched her back in an upward thrust. He moved the feather to her other nipple and she whimpered with restrained pleasure.

It seemed an eternity to Amy, but it was merely five minutes, that he teased her nipples and breasts in this fashion until her nipple and areola were engorged and dark with blood rushing to her tormented tits and Amy was panting with desire.

"Ohhh, suck them some more baby," she pleaded, "Suck me again, please!"

But John was no novice lover. He ignored her pleading and changed course, knowing that only be doing so would he bring Amy to the highest of sexual heights. And so John utilized the feather in other, less sensitive places --- her back, her shoulders, her arms and wrists and the palms of her hands, measuring at each stop this delightful young woman's reactions.

Amy's eyes were screwed tightly shut and her mouth hung open, gasping for air. Her body was now fully flushed with her arousal.

"Please," she whimpered, "No more. PLEASE!"

He ignored her pleadings and continued using the feather, stroking her neck and ears. Then noted his own erection had manifested itself, the pre-cum oozing forth in rivulets that almost covered the head of his cock.

Amy was totally confused. She wanted him IN her! She needed him IN her! Yet she listed and rolled and swayed this way and that in an attempt to anticipate the movement of the cursed feather.

When the feather circled her belly button, she screamed forlornly.


The cry only served to have John switch tactics for the moment and he began to lick her belly with his hot tongue. A tongue that felt like molten lava to Amy's overly sensitized belly. Her hips thrust eagerly upward as she screamed again.


Amy was losing it. The hot coil of fire in her belly sizzled as his tongue laved her belly and darted into her belly button. She shook her head, trying to will away the uncontrollable quivering. When Amy felt his teeth scraping over her hip, she began to come. Writhing from side to side and jerking her pelvis upward only to belatedly realize he was not stopping.

The feather passed roughly through her pubic hair and down along the inside of her thigh and up the inside of the other. She twisted her hips and legs, whimpering, trying vainly to escape.

John leaned in close and gently blew on the puffy coral outer lips of her pussy. He wanted to fuck her now, but willed himself to be patient, knowing that ultimately it would be worth every second.

"Please, oh, God please stop!" she wailed. "I'm coming! I'm coming! No more please, no more!"

John let up for a moment and then tossed the feather aside, then knelt between Amy's thighs, while she tried to recapture her breath.

A thin sheen of sweat now covered her face and breasts as his hands ran up and down her trembling thighs. He turned Amy around so that she faced the headboard and laid a series of butterfly kisses beginning at the nape of her neck and down her spine halting at the juxtaposition of her flanks.

Startled, John discovered that his thumb was already brushing over her outer labia. He had no memory of intending this at this point. Her hips were moving, amplifying the anxiety of her great need to have him inside her.

Amy resorted to rubbing herself against his flank.

In response, John caressed her lightly furred mons, carefully avoiding any contact with her clit. Finally, he sighed and pulled her asscheeks closer to his face and began to tongue, lick, and suck her pussy. Amy mashed her ass into his face, threw back her head, screamed twice and came hard.

"Unbelievable!" She moaned with joyous passion.

"We haven't even started my love," he said quietly, his hand caressing her leg in a sweeping motion from knee to hip.

"Then I'm lost," Amy cried, "I'm lost."

"Don't be so melodramatic, Amy, my love. I'm just teaching you a few things in the art of making love properly."

"I love you John! I love you so..." And then she gasped as the air rushed from her lungs as he stroked the creamy, velvety soft skin of her inner thigh with the wet tip of his talented tongue and she realized another climax was approaching.

John waited a moment for Amy to brace herself for the impending orgasm and then returned to his earlier, teasing techniques.

Her swollen cunt looked delicious to him. He could clearly make out her darker outer lips that were already parted in anticipation of his member boning her to another climax.

Sliding his hands under her ample ass, he carefully positioned her, then ducked his head and licked through her thinly furred bush in a downward stroke to suck on the tiny patch of skin located between her cunt and her starfish puckered asshole.

This was clearly a new experience for Amy and she howled with a mixture of pleasure and angst.

'What is he doing?' she asked herself and then gave in, choosing to let him do whatever he wanted to her. 'To argue would only delay the outrageously delicious fuck that had to near at hand.'

His tongue was relentless in its movements, lapping at her folds, then sucking one lip tightly between his teeth only to release it and send his molten tongue into her slightly opened slit bringing an agonizingly, almost lethal pleasure that ran from her toes to her nipples and beyond.

She found her self moaning incoherently. "Please, please, PLEASE!" All the while Amy continued thrusting her hips up at him, seeking contact and hopefully, a form of relief.

Suddenly he stopped and raised his head.

"Amy! Amy!"


"Exactly what is it that you want me to do?"

Momentarily confused, she didn't answer, and he repeated the question.

"What is it that you want me to do?"

"I... want...."

"Tell me exactly what you want me to do," he said.

"Lick me! I want you to lick me!" She said, her voice quavering.

All John had to do was place his mouth over her cunt and give one suck and Amy went into a gigantic, convulsing spasm of orgasmic pleasure, until she fell unconscious on the bed.

John waited patiently for her to awaken. In his hand he once again held the feather, and as soon as Amy uttered her first syllable --- "Ugh?" --- he was trailing the feather over her shoulders, down between her breasts and around her nipples, arousing her even more than before.

When the feather slipped into the crevice of Amy's ass, she had the first of a series of mini-orgasms that seemingly went on until John threw the feather away.

Very gently he spread her ass cheeks apart, pleased that Amy reacted by helping him in moving her legs apart, affording him easier access to her puckered hole.

Wetting his thumb in her vaginal secretions John urged it into her ass. Amy's mouth opened, but no sound emerged. The look on her face told him that she really enjoyed the sudden movement; and Amy surprised him by wriggling her rump back at the thumb lodged inside her.

Smiling knowledgably, John slowly withdrew the thumb and sent two fingers into Amy's pussy, letting the errant thumb content itself by caressing her starfish as the fingers explored her inner depths while she moaned and moaned and moaned.

He kept Amy in a state of sexual confusion, alternating the thrusts of his fingers from slow to fast, from shallow to deep and every few strokes reinserting or extracting his thumb from her ass.

Feeling her orgasmic shudders start, John halted all movement. Amy's orgasm stopped a moment later as if he was waving a baton and she was the orchestra. He counted to ten and then suddenly buried the fingers and thumb deep inside her and shimmied them from side to side.

Amy exploded.

He waited thirty seconds before continuing. She was still in the middle of her climax when he rolled her over onto her stomach, forced her legs apart with his knee and bent over her lovely juice covered ass. Using his thumbs he spread her cheeks apart.

Amy moaned and shook as her orgasm sent an electrified shock through her system. In truth she had no idea whatsoever as to what John was doing to her so lost in her climax was she. That is until the moment he pushed his face into her split and eagerly licked at her asshole.

The wickedly delightful sensation caused her to yell and jerk her body simultaneously. He stiffened his tongue and tried to push into her ass. He barely made it and slapped her rump to get her to relax her muscles a bit. It worked. He managed to work an inch of tongue into her as she frantically tried to cope with the situation.

Between her climaxes and the new sensations he was causing she almost blacked out again as she had forgotten to breathe for a minute or so.

John continued to tongue-fuck her tight ring, unaware of the difficulty Amy was having in regaining her breath.

Only when he backed off and started to rub her cunt with the palm of her hand did her sexual confusion dissolve sufficiently for her to gulp a lungful of air and then moan her pleasure out.

"I'm going to die from this... nastiness!"

"No, no you won't. But you will remember it for the rest of your life!"

That said, he licked her asshole again and followed up by sending his middle finger in a good two inches.

He smiled with satisfaction on feeling her anal muscles grip his finger, clenching and unclenching --- welcoming it --- trying to get it to fuck her anally.

Amy moaned happily. John continued to loosen her rectal canal for a time and then laid his first finger alongside the middle finger, then slowly pushed both into Amy's rectum.

She groaned deeply, and rose up to meet the penetration. He finger-fucked her in this way for a long time; stopping only to spit on his fingers to give added lubrication when needed. It wasn't long before he was able to add a third finger.

"Oh God," she cried, lifting her head and turning to look back at him. "John... oh, John... that feels...."

Abruptly John pulled out his fingers.

"Hey!" She protested briefly, once again peeking over her shoulder and a shudder passed through her body for John had his cock in hand and it was centered on her asshole.

"Wait! I'm not..."

But it was too late, for he was already pushing his member into her tight pucker, stretching it wider than Amy had though possible.

He tugged Amy up onto all fours and centered his cock on her asshole and pressed it in. It slipped away and he had to take aim once more, this time the head popped in after he applied sufficient pressure and Amy groaned pleasurably.

'At last I've got him in me,' she told herself.

"It may hurt a wee bit, love. But not for very long, that much I promise."

Amy, panting quietly, held herself rigidly on all fours and staring down between her legs at his penis as it entered her rectum.

John thrust hard --- Amy groaned loudly, in pain this time, there was no discernable pleasure that she could find, only a searing, burning pain.

John pulled back, then thrust forward . . . .

Amy experienced a moment of excruciating agony and just as suddenly, it vanished. She looked between her legs and saw only his balls swinging slightly --- he was all the way inside her ass!

Amy threw her head back and exclaimed, "How... how the fuck did you manage that?"

"By taking the time to prep you first," he said and then laughed nervously. "I wasn't sure until the moment I drove it all the way."

"Sure about what?"

"That you could handle me . . . all of me; I mean I knew I could get it half-way in, but all the way . . . well, there was no way of my knowing in advance. Your body might have been different from someone else's."

"There, see . . . you just relaxed your anal muscles!"

Amy thought she knew exactly what he meant and tried to squeeze him --- and did.

"All right, now let's have a good old-fashioned butt fuck, my girl!"

John backed halfway out, then slowly reentered. He felt the tightness of her anal ring gripping him as his slimy shaft furrowed through her channel until his testicles bounced against the cheeks of her ass. He was all the way home again.

Amy fully expected John to pull back and then thrust forward in the standard fucking manner the she was used to. But he did not. Instead, John rocked slightly from side to side, causing Amy to gasp with surprise and joy.


He repeated the side to side movement again, and Amy could not help but gasp again. Now she was panting with excitement and tried to speak but couldn't find her voice.

He backed out and thrust in all the way once more and she groaned long and loud from the pleasure that rippled through her entire body.

That wasn't an orgasm, she realized, but what then?

John began to fuck in earnest, establishing a rhythm of deep, even strokes and Amy set herself to accept them--- to enjoy them to the fullest --- and cried out when he popped out of her anus.


He did so as fast as was possible and her gasps turned to groans, interspersed with occasional encouragement. "OH, GREAT! UGH, UGH! THAT'S IT! THAT'S IT!"

She was lost. Rubbing her cunt furiously with one hand, supporting herself with the other, caused her to mash her face into the pillow.

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