Amy Ch. 19

byParis Waterman©

Linda licked her full, bright red lips provocatively, and picked up the storyline. "Jeffie didn't mean to start an argument, he was only making conversation. I mean, we'd worked together for maybe three months or so and he'd never hit on either one of us. Tell ya the truth, we were wondering about him, ya know? I mean, was the guy straight or what?"

"That's right," Elsie chimed in. "And maybe that's why we got so involved in the discussion about the "G" thing, ya think?"

"I dunno, but we did get involved, didn't we?"

They both laughed and then Elsie continued on. "So I challenged Jeffie right there to prove there was such a thing in a woman. Hell, I didn't believe it for a minute and how was this lug gonna prove anything like that anyway?"

"Well . . ." Linda said and smiled. "Maybe you might want Amy here to know you were wearin' the shortest of mini's and a tight sweater with no bra."

"He didn't get hard from lookin' at my tits though, did he?"

Linda laughed, "I guess he didn't . . . then."

"Oh . . . yeah, that's right," she said confirming Linda's statement.

"Wait a minute," Amy interrupted, "are you saying that he . . ."

"All in good time, Amy, be patient for a while longer." Elsie said soothingly.

We each had another apple martini and then Jeffie said, "Only one way to prove it, ladies and that's to do it."

"Bullshit!" I said, tellin' him off right there," Elsie said.

Linda smiled and said, "Maybe it was, but he had you dead to rights. You couldn't very well call him a liar without giving him a chance to prove his point."

"Yeah, right," Elsie said dourly as she recalled her predicament.

"And then you jumped in, helping him out with that bullshit about seeing this woman in a porno flick sittin' on a stool . . ."

"It was a chair," Linda said interrupting her. "You damn well know it was a chair 'cause you got to see the flick a couple weeks later."

"Yeah, yeah," Elsie said, waving Linda away.

"Anyway, Amy, this woman's kinda entertaining some people at a party. She's sitting on this . . . chair, all right Linda? And she starts fingering herself. Then some guy hands her a small vibrator and she's working it over her clit for the most part and using one or more fingers to masturbate."

"I think I've got the picture," Amy giggled.

"Understand, I haven't seen this skin flick, Linda has, so I'm skeptical of what she's saying, but I tend to believe she's really seen it. So I said, they faked it when the bitch squirted out a foot or so."

"Hey, she let loose a flood of come. Maybe three, four squirts it was; and two, three feet away it landed. I tell ya, Amy, I was impressed."

"Of course," Elsie says, "Jeffie grabs this information and holds it over me, sayin' "See, didn't I tell ya?"

"Fuck you," I sez back.

Then he smiled and said, "You're afraid I'm right, ain't 'cha?"

"Are you daring me?" I asked.

"Do I have to dare you to prove a point?" He sez.

"Point, smoint!" I shot back. "You wanna get into my pants. No! You wanna get into my snatch!"

"That I do, or I can't prove a thing," says this smug-assed Jeffie, and by the way Linda, he was sporting a terrific hardon by then."

"I know," Linda smiled broadly, "I know. It made me weak-kneed just looking at it. And I'll tell you something else, Elsie. If you hadn't gone alone with him, I would have."

"What do you mean, you would have? Damn it he had his fist further into you then he ever did to me!"

"What!" Amy squalled, "His fist! He had his fist in you?"

"Relax Amy," Linda cooed, "it's only a figure of speech."

"Bullshit!" Elsie snarled. "He was fisting you like there was no tomorrow. Trouble is you were coming so fucking much and so fuckin' hard you never knew it."

"Elsie, you're getting ahead of yourself," Linda said.

"Yeah, right. So I challenged Jeffie, saying "You even seen it happen?"

"As a matter of fact, I have," he sez and pisses me off no end.

Jeffie kept right on talking. "There was this girl I dated about two years ago. She did it a lot. Not all the time, mind you, but lots of times."

"You're kidding," Linda sez.

"Nope, she loved it and so did I."

"So," I said to him, and just how did you manage to do it?" Elsie said, a resigned expression now covering her face.

"Like I said," Jeffie goes, "I toyed with the "G."

"I remember you snorted at that," Linda said, teasing her friend.

Elsie snorted again and Amy had to laugh aloud. "This is quite a story," she laughed.

"And a turn on too I bet," Linda smiled knowingly at Amy who blushed deep red.

"Okay, okay," Amy gushed, "so c'mon, what happened?"

"Well, did I really have a choice?" Elsie said, running a hand through her raven tresses to keep it from covering her eye.

"So, Jeffie," I sez, "This doesn't seem quite fair, I mean here you get to play with my pussy. Exactly what do I get?"

"I dunno, Elsie. What would you like?"

"Hey it's not a matter of what the fuck I like. I mean, you frig me off, I'm supposed to squirt a small flood. So what happens if I don't? I mean, like then I've been used and abused, with nothing to show for it," Elsie said.

"What do you think, Linda? What would be fair, that is if I can't get her going?"

"Jeffie, in that case I think you should go down on Elsie for at least an hour, or until she tells you to stop."

"An hour, eh? Be realistic will ya, my tongue can't go that long."

"Use your fingers while that juicy tongue of yours takes a rest," Linda said, taunting him a little.

"Will that satisfy you, Elsie?" Jeffie said, then laughed, "No pun intended."

"You still get the benefit, even if your wrong." Elsie said.

Jeffie smiled at her. "You don't have to let me suck your pussy, you know."

"I know," Elsie chirped. "You don't make me squirt, we get to watch you masturbate and swallow your own stuff."

"Hey," Linda yelled, "I like that one. All these guys want the girl to swallow after a blowjob. Well, maybe it's all right sometimes, but not always. And they make ya feel like two cents if ya don't swallow their load. I like the idea. Jeffie, you don't get her off, you swallow your load."

"Right!" Elsie added for good measure, "And I'll hold the cup, or whatever."

"Amy, I gotta tell ya one other thing," Elsie said. "I saw that Linda here was getting heated up. Christ, her eyes were bright with excitement. That was what cinched it. You've figured out that we're lovers by now didn't ya?"

Amy had figured no such thing and blurted it out. "I didn't know. You were talking about this guy taking you for a ride in his Porsche and how . . . Joe, right? Yeah Joe, who said you made him so hard, right?"

Both women were embarrassed. "Jesus, Linda, what the fuck didja let me go and tell her that?"

"You? You're blaming me?" Linda spat out. "Jesus Christ on a crutch, Elsie, can't you ever keep your trap shut?"

Amy butted in, more to prevent a catfight than anything else, saying, "Guys, guys, c'mon finish this story. We'll discuss your love life later."

"This is part of my love life," Elsie said, as she calmed down. "Amy, for your benefit, we're both bi, okay?"

"Sure, it's okay with me. You're not the only bisexuals around, ya know."

"YOU?" Elsie gasped.

"NO!" Linda gasped.

"Yup, and recently too," Amy giggled.

"Well . . . with who?" Linda managed to get out.

"John's maid." She said simply. "And there's another woman who lives in the building, she's a porn star. I think we be getting it on eventually too."

"My God, the girl's in the city what? A month or so and she's attracted a crowd of lovers. Amazing," Linda said.

"Only in New York," Elsie laughed.

"So, said Amy, "can you finish the story before the break is over?'

"Sure, sure," Elsie replied. "Sure."

Well, then Jeffie comes up with his real reason for arguing with me," Elsie laughed, and it turned into a series of pig-like snorts that had Amy and Linda crying with laughter.

"He . . . he . . ." But as she was still snorting, Elsie couldn't continue for several minutes.

Finally having calmed down, Elsie began anew. "He says to me, ya know, I'm gonna make you come as hard as you ever have and I'm not getting anything in return."

"So?" I sez.

"It's simple, Elsie. I make you come like I said, squirting and all and you gotta blow me in return. Oh, and just for spite, you gotta swallow too, all of it."

Linda leaped in with, "He's got you baby, you gotta blow him if he makes you squirt. It's only right."

"Fuck you, Linda!"

Linda acted as though Elsie hadn't said a word to her.

"So, ya gonna do it, Elsie?" She asked.

Elsie's voice was low as she responded. "Yeah, I guess, too many of these fucking apple martini's if ya ask me."

Linda chimed in again, "So where we gonna do it?"

"Here?" Jeffie offered, looking around. "The place is closed; we hit the lights and . . . " he sniffed, "one of the back booths okay with you, Elsie?"

"Why not?" she said and headed off to the booth in question.

"Maybe when I'm done with Elsie, I'll get you to squirt too, Linda," Jeffie said as he cupped her ass while following Elsie to the back booth.

"That would be nice," Linda almost moaned, leaving his hand on her ass. She could not believe how horny she was at that moment.

By the time they caught up to Elsie, Linda's nipples were definitely testing the material of her sweater. Elsie noticed this right away and gave her a lewd grin. Linda pulled her shoulders back to show off her excited breasts.

Now Jeffie took note and reached out to touch them. "Dialing WTIT!" Jeffie teased as he toyed with Linda's nipples.

"Hey!" Linda semi-protested, then giggled. "I'll give you like an hour to stop that."

"Hey, numb-nuts!" Elsie growled. "I thought you were gonna make me squirt. And in case you're interested remember, lactating don't count."

Jeffie laughed and left Linda's nipples only to reach out and feel Elsie's which were also stiff enough to make a statement of their own.

"Damn, I've got two sets of dials to turn," Jeffie said, kidding both girls as Elsie slapped his hands away.

"Elsie, before we start off," Jeffie began, "would a kiss or two be out of the question?"

"I suppose I have to get warmed up somehow," Elsie admitted, "Why not?" and opened her arms to embrace him.

"Now, Amy, I gotta tell ya, I am quite the kisser. Am I right on that Linda?"

"She is . . . a God damn great kisser," Linda said emphatically.

"Oh yeah," Elsie went on; "I rolled my pelvis against his groin and let my hand drop to check his weaponry. For the record it was fully loaded. Of course, Jeffie retaliated by groping my tits, and all in all we kissed and felt one another up for maybe five minutes. By then I was creamin' in my jeans."

Finally, although I was panting like a teenager, oh, sorry Amy, I didn't mean to . . . "

"It's all right, I don't mind. In fact I like the picture you're painting."

"You do, do you? Well, maybe later . . ."

"Tell the story, Scheherazade." Linda said sarcastically.

"Right, so . . . I asked Jeffie how he wanted me positioned."

"Lay down in the booth after you strip everything off."

"So I stripped," Elsie said matter-of-factly, "And lay down in the booth and closed my eyes. Suddenly I felt a slight, wet pressure on the outside of my pussy lips, and realized that Jeffie was softly licking me. I groaned; the very thought of what he was doing made me squirm. His tongue traveled the length of my slit once more, ever so lightly, like a butterfly landing on a flower. Then he separated my labia with his fingers and licked once from the bottom of my slit to the tip of my clitoris -- which was by then highly visible as I couldn't have been any hotter down there."

"I almost screamed from the intense feelings he produced in me as his tongue grazed my clit. Jeffie, realizing he had hit pay dirt, continued to run his tongue around the area, eliciting sparks of fire at random intervals, but by then I wanted more, and began humping frantically against his mouth. The friction of his lips and chin against my clit and cunt was just enough to sweep me over the edge and I came.

But I didn't squirt.

"Whew!" I gasped, "That was great, but . . ."

"I'm only getting started, Elsie, please bear with me a little longer?" He said, his juice slathered mouth inches from my own. I kissed him then and meant it. He was really a nice guy and he HAD just given me a beautiful come," Elsie grinned at both girls.

"C'mon, get to the point," Linda said, chiding Elsie.

"All right, all ready! Elsie barked at her friend, "I'm getting there!"

Jeffie slipped a finger inside of me and felt along the anterior ridge of my pussy.

"Feel that?" he asked.

I must have had an uncertain expression because he reassured me that it would be perfectly all right. Jeffie began to slide his finger up and down the front of my pussy, feeling everything: the slick tissue, the swell of my gland, and the slight roughness of the skin in between.

He leaned forward and gave my clit a lovely couple of licks. Then added a second finger, both were palm up as I recall. Jeffie touched something, a kind of, I don't know – a kinda round, rough ball or something – it began to swell and I grunted with a surprised pleasure.

Jeffie promptly pressed down with his other hand on my pubic mound and sent a series of little thrill right to my clit and nipples. It was awesome. I had never felt that way before. But it got way better, Amy, way better.

"Jeffie," I moaned, "think I'm gonna pee on ya, be careful!"

"Not to worry," he replied. "It happens sometimes, but its rare, just let it go, baby, let it go, don't hold back now, the idea is to squirt, right?"

"Um, I guess."

"I won't mind it a bit if you squirt all over my hands, my face, or my clothes." Jeffie smiled and then returned to lick her inner folds including his fingers.

"Um," I moaned again and then said, ""Shit, that feels good. Oh, oh, I'm going piss, watch out!"

"Jesus, yeah!" Linda added, I remember, I could feel it in my pussy too!"

"Shut up!" Elsie laughed, "I'm tellin' it, not you bitch!"

Then sounding a bit more contrite, Elsie appeared to mellow and caressed Linda's face. "Of course maybe you did feel it sweetie, but what I remember is how you played so nicely with my tits as Jeffie did his thing down below.

"Oh did he ever do HIS thing; frigging me faster with those magical fingers of his as I got wetter and wetter.

But I still hadn't squirted.

Still it felt wonderful, and I told him so. I also thanked Linda for sucking my tits just the way I loved it.

It grew quiet and the only sound was the squish-squish-squish of Jeffie fingers massaging that damn spot. Then out of nowhere came this awesome feeling! I was coming, yeah, but I was coming in a different way. A stronger, more powerful orgasm than I had any right to expect.

Suddenly several droplets came splashing out of me!

"Yeah!" Linda said jumping in, "first a few drops and then a gush, or spray poured out of her cunt.

I screamed, "OH, SHIT!" Elsie said with a wistful smile as she relived the moment. And that darling Jeffie kept frigging me as the gush subsided.

"Let me tell!" Linda gasped, obviously caught up in the memory as thoroughly as Elsie.

"The sound of her soppin' wet pussy was so sexy that I put my face down there and caught a few drops thinking that was going to be it. But lo and behold Elsie let loose another torrent that caught me flush in the kisser – splattered all over my face and chest while Elsie laughed and came; laughed delightedly and came some more."

"Elsie wet everything; the booth, Jeffie and me and of course herself."

"Jeffie sort of elbowed me out of the way to get his share of the squirt and soon all three of us were tangled up in the booth. If someone had yelled 'Fire' we'd have never gotten out. I for one wouldn't have cared anyway, 'cause Elsie and I were kissing and Jeffie . . . well Jeffie was doing his thing, and he was marvelous at it.

"That was amazing," Elsie said. "I've never, ever experienced anything like that."

Then you said, "Now I want one," Elsie grinned.

But Jeffie had other ideas. "How 'bout that blowjob, Elsie?" He asked, already holding his cock to my lips.

"Already? Christ, I can hardly move. Would you let Linda blow you instead?"

"Okay, but you still owe me one." Jeffie grinned, as Elsie nodded tiredly.

"What, I don't even get asked?" said Linda feigning indignation.

"We have to be nice to him, sweetie," Elsie explained to Linda. "After all he'll do you next."

"Yeah, Amy," Linda sighed, "I blew him. And I swallowed it, all of it. Yuck! I could never get to like that stuff. It feels just fine when they unload inside me, but swallowing, ugh!"

"Our passions spent, at least for the moment, except for me," Linda said. "Admittedly, I got off watching Elsie making like the statue of the little boy pissing in the fountain, , but, with what everyone else has had, I wanted more.

So, after rinsing my mouth out, I yelled, "My turn!"

Jeffie pleaded he needed some more time and I was fortunate to have my good friend Elsie crawl between my legs kissing and fondling my genitals.

"Do you want a graphic description, Amy?"

"Please, go on, tell me everything," Amy murmured. Linda smiled as she saw Amy rubbing her thighs together.

"Want us to do something about that itch you've got there?" She asked.

"NO! Please . . . tell the rest of it." Amy said, flushing beet red.

"All right, then. Well, Elsie climbed over me and started to dry hump me. Umm, did I tell you that I was naked by this point? Jeffie too, for that matter."

"In no time at all we were into a 3-way, with Jeffie licking Elsie and Elsie licking me."

Then that bastard Jeffie must have renewed his energy, 'cause next thing I knew he was working those magic fingers in me!

"Now, for the first time, I began to realize just what Elsie had experienced. Jeffie bent his fingers inside me; found that damn, spongy pad and applied pressure. I thought the same as Elsie had, that I had to pee. He had me lying down in the booth, face up and knelt beside me. As his fingers searched for my G, his other hand and mouth manipulated my tits.

I began to juice up quite a lot, and Jeffie soon had me moaning all over the place. Elsie kissed me hard just to shut me up. Then Jeffie did something to me and I broke the kiss with a roaring howl!

Then there was this splashing sound. And at the same time I got this tremendously euphoric sensation of pleasure. I was squirting!

Somewhere in the background I realized I was listening to Elsie laughing at my . . . what? Embarrassment and pleasure, for it was definitely both.

Jeffie, the lovely bastard, kept rubbing my spot and then went down on me and bright fellow that he was, started to alternate between us, leaving me for brief resting periods while he dined on Elsie and he returned to my pussy, my oh, so heavenly thrilled pussy; sucking up a copious amount of clear fluid I managed to continue to squirt from my cunt..

"But he was evil!" Elsie put in, "Jeffie kissed me and I was only too eager to kiss him back. But he emptied a load of Linda's ejaculate into my mouth and worse, I swallowed the fucking stuff!"

There I was pissed off at him for tricking me like that when I hear my baby, Elsie begging him to fuck her.

That did it. Oh I let him mount her all right, but I went over to my purse and found my dildo and shoved it up my pussy, lubing it with all the remaining juices still flowing from my cunt. Then I got behind him, and licked his ass as he fucked Elsie. I will admit he was pretty good at it. She was coming like an Oklahoma oil well too. Anyway, when I thought he was primed up, I let his asshole have a taste of that dildo.

He took it like a man. And that surprised me. I didn't keep at him very long though, he wasn't stupid, he yanked his dick out of Elsie and turned to me. Hey, I spread 'em and let him have his way with me.

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