Amy Ch. 20

byParis Waterman©

Amy would never forget how John, Eve and Mona helped her through the severe case of Opening Night jitters that enveloped her before she left for the theatre. Having her parents and a multitude of other family and friends in town was wonderful, but only added to the mounting tension.

Mona for once was not at all sexual and gave her a relaxing massage.

Eve helped her with her hair. It was Amy's first really bad hair day, coupled with getting dressed, which almost proved her undoing. Although she would usually don casual attire prior to a performance, this was opening night and she and the other cast members would be interviewed and photographed incessantly before and after the show itself.

John was everywhere, greeting the relatives and friends, ushering them around town when needed and making arrangements for those unacquainted with the mechanizations of the great city; finding them acceptable hotel accommodations, guiding them to better restaurants; and always seeming to be at Amy's side when needed.

The show was scheduled to begin at 6:45 so Amy was almost giddy telling everyone that they would have plenty of time to party after the show and not to start before and risk missing her performance.

She caught brief glimpses of her father talking with John, her mother had been concerned when she saw exactly how Amy was living, but John had demonstrated the accommodations of his penthouse lent themselves to allow both Amy and he to lead almost separate lives. "She even has Eve, our maid, as a close female friend. Of course the rehearsals and training classes consume the brunt of her time . . ." She heard him say, and saw her father nodding understandingly.

"Than God for John," she thought and then found herself besieged by an Aunt from Cleveland who insisted on giving her advice on walking the streets of New York. Amy considered herself a veteran New Yorker after three months in the city --- although most of the time had been spent in the rather restricted area around mid-town. But that was New York to Amy, the 'District' as she called it.

When Amy dashed out of John's building to catch a cab, she was stunned to find traffic at a standstill. In her mind, she envisioned each and every car enroute to the theatre and was terrified that she wouldn't make her call time of 5:45.

As it was, she came screaming into the theatre at 6:15. She had called ahead, of course, and kept in touch with the West Side Story's production manager the entire time on her cell. What she feared most was that the Stage manger had the right to refuse her to go on if she was late! That they would simply tell her to go home; no argument, no second opinion, just bye-bye! Obviously, this would be a short sighted decision on opening night, and she had kept them informed, so it didn't happen.

Anyway, there were a pile of gifts, flowers and cards awaiting Amy in her dressing room upon arriving, but she had to slide everything out of the way and get into her makeup and costume. The truth of the matter was that Amy didn't have time to look over the gifts until the following afternoon.

In the old days, opening night was the night when your family and friends and, of course, the critics were invited. In these days of megabuck productions, opening night is used for the producers to make sure that all the right people see the show. Critics have come and gone in the days preceding this night, so there's not that pressure, just a glittering, boisterous crowd who have come to have a great time, support the effort, dress to the nines and be seen. But the cast had managed to inveigle tickets for some friends and family and several gave Amy a pair of tickets for her out-of-town relatives and friends.

Amy was enthralled, for from the moment the onstage orchestra started to wail, the crowd roared in anticipation. Anna, who would be playing Maria, laughed excitedly and confided to Amy that, "There's nothing we do tonight that won't receive immediate and immense response, and that includes gaffs as well as great performances. But hey! It's the nature of the business and besides, we've got a great show going for us. A great show," she added happily.

"I know," Amy replied. "I can feel the exhilaration all around me. I don't think I've ever been this excited!"

"Right, Amy, there's nothing like it."

The cast nailed their respective performances and they a long, standing, screaming ovation at the end and even more screaming backstage as everyone hugged and kissed before preparing to be limoed to the Mandarin Oriental Hotel which overlooks Central Park for the gala celebration party.

On arriving at the hotel, Amy found herself bedazzled by a host of security, publicity and reporter types. Everybody who was anyone was present.

Amy was photographed thousands of times and happily posed in her stunningly beautiful black and silver taffeta skirt that swept out to the ground and a silver and black bustier.

She overhead more than one woman remark, Doesn't she look great?" And preened happily, signing as many autographs as she could before another limo pulled up and discharged yet more celebrities.

Finally she managed to allow herself to be whisked off in an elevator to the party itself on the 36th floor; and an expansive, oval shaped room overlooking the park.

She looked around and noted the beautiful chandeliers, and thought the room had a lovely glow to it. All around the room were trays and trays of great food (tortellini, steak, pasta, and veggies) wandering folks with huge platters of appetizers --- but most remarkably --- a bar that was easy to get to. And, there was no live music so the cast members could actually talk to people.

People! There were hordes of people! The Mayor, the Secretary of Defense, Tom Cruise, Dustin Hoffman, Lauren Bacall, Sarah Michelle Gella, Sigourney Weaver and many, many others. All in all about 500 personages were on hand, most of whom Amy had never heard of. With the astronomical amount of monies that are thrown around to put the show on the celebration is more about the producers using the party to acknowledge their own community of people.

No music!


It couldn't have been better!

People flowed around the room all night and it was relatively easy to move and talk to everyone! Everybody looked absolutely gorgeous and the mood was joyous and even better when the reviews started to arrive with a consensus of glowing approval! The first show this year with across the board great reviews!

Even more cause for Celebration.


Amy drank lightly but still had a buzz going went she toppled into a cab that took her back to John's apartment around one in the morning. There was no performance scheduled for that night and with the entire day free Amy was in a euphoric mood.

On opening the door with her key she was pleased to find the living room lit by the light of a dozen candles spread out across the room. John, Eve, the porno star Mona Lott and a good-looking Hispanic man were waiting patiently to toast her success with glasses of champagne held high.

"This handsome specimen, Amy is Hector Martinez. He's my co-star in the latest you know what!" Hector took Amy's extended hand, brought it to his lips and placed a feathery soft kiss upon it. Amy took an instant liking to the tall, dark and very handsome man.

Mona squealed, then rushed to hug Amy, crushing her into her voluptuous chest. Mona kissed her and when it ended, touched Amy's lips, which still seemed to be vibrating. The moment passed for a second later, Eve was hugging her tightly, then Amy turned to greet her benefactor and lover, John and felt his steely hardness poking her groin.

Amy's eyes kept going back to Hector, for he was indeed a very conspicuous example of a big man as Mona had indicated. Eve seemed to want him to take her then and there; that's when Amy recalled just who he was --- Mona's porno co-star! Eve had literally drooled over fantasies of him carrying her off to bed and making love to her.

'Was it possible that this would be happening tonight?' She wondered, but with Mona's next words Amy wondered no more. "Get your clothes off everyone! We're partying naked tonight!"

"Woo Hoo!" Hector bellowed and peeled off his tight slacks, leaving only a G-string to conceal his enormous appendage. Amy couldn't believe her eyes!

Hold on! Hold on!" John shouted to get their attention. "As always, Ladies first," he said, laughing, and he and Hector sat down with fresh drinks to watch as Eve and Mona began to strip.

Amy paused, finding herself in a state of dull shock. The idea of having to strip like a prostitute before the others did not sit well with her. 'Wasn't this her party?' she thought to herself.

Of course, John and Eve had seen her naked before, and she knew well enough that Mona longed to possess her, but Hector was a complete stranger and . . . a porno person. She knew with a certainty that he would be fucking her before the night was over. Yet she had this strange sense of freedom sweeping over her. That she loved sex was not in question. She had readily made love with both John and Eve, although separately.

Eve, watching Amy for her reaction, paused in her undressing, for Amy had not opened a button, or touched a zipper. Mona kept going. Undressing in front of people was her stock in trade, besides, she was proud of her magnificent body, especially her 44 DD tits.

Amy finished her champaigne, told herself that she was going to be a complete slut on this night of nights and sat down next to Mona Lott, who was already nude on the couch.

Amy's eyes widened on seeing that Mona had shaven her pubic hair completely off. In typical feminie fashion, Amy beat around the bush. "I never really looked at your legs before, Mona. I must say that they're beautiful."

"Thanks kiddo, I know everybody looks at my tits," she placed her hands under them and held them out to her as an offering. "And I can't blame them. They apparently dominate any room I walk into."

Mona caught Amy staring at her vulva. Her clitoris and inner labia were noticeably protruding. Mona had been ready for sex for some time and without a mat of pubic hair to hide them, they were stunningly pink, glistening with her juices and highly provocative to the onlookers, of which Amy was the closest.

"Do you like it?" Mona inquired of Amy. "I just love to tickle around my cunt and it feels so much better shaved like this." Then to the group at large Mona said, "God! I've got to get on with it or I'll go nuts. I don't mind you guys watching. Hell, you might learn something. Just keep quiet and don't interrupt, because I want to concentrate. That said, she carefully got down on the couch and lay flat on her back; then raised her legs up and swung them until her knees were touching her breasts.

"Can everyone see?"

They could see just fine and let her know it.

Amy's heart was pounding almost painfully at the sexual reality of it all. She could not have imagined this happening, not if she had fantasized for a million years.

"Amy, if you want to help, you could just hold my feet there," Mona said, as if there were nothing at all extraordinary about this. "Saves me moving the couch against the wall."

Amy giddily obliged Mona and helped support Mona's legs.

"Thanks, sweetie."

"Oh, this is going to be great!" Mona enthused, and then she reached around her thighs and began tickling them with her long nails. Amy heard them swishing along her skin.

Eve had sat down next to Hector, and her hand seemed to mimic Mona's, only she was using Hector's mamoth manhood instead of her own pussy.

Sometimes Mona's fingers glided slowly, and sometimes they scrabbled and ran about like tiny animals, all apparently scurrying in different directions.

John quietly made himself another drink, hardly daring to take his eyes off Mona, and more importantly to him, noting Amy's reaction to what was going on.

"Oh, nice, nice!" Mona murmurred as she pleasured herself with her busy, tickling fingers. She was tickling herself, teasing herself, deliberately arousing herself to a pitch of sexual need, and revelling in it as she did so.

Amy's pussy was burning. Still holding Mona's legs aloft, she used one hand to remove her taffeta skirt and was busily undoing the silver and black bustier; all the while intent on Mona's hands and fingers. It took several minutes, but then all that was adorning Amy's nubile form was a silver thong and a pair of white thigh-high stockings.

Hector devoured Amy's body with his eyes and promised himself he would cherish taking her with his monster cock. Regally waving his hand, he signaled Eve to cease caressing his manhood, scooped her up and sat her on his lap. Eve was braless, but still wearing a half opened blouse and panties. Hector fished her left breast out of the silken material and almost absent-mindedly toyed with Eve's rapidly rising nipple, while he, like everyone else returned his attention to Mona Lott.

Mona moaned, her famous moan, as her scrabbling fingers reached her bottom, where they played a long while; until everyone could clearly see the juices welling in her vulva. Then, still reaching around the backs of her thighs, Mona began stretching the lips of her vulva; dragging, distorting and flexing them, never directly touching her clitoris, but holding her liquidly cunt wide, teasing and stroking it with an incredible voluptuousness.

John looked on in awe and marvelled at the elasticity and mobility of Mona's labia as she stretched and tormented them. Her fingers worked ceaselessly, sometimes independently and sometimes as a team --- ever stretching those gaping, liquid labia in a new place while an opposite finger would lightly, sensuously tickle the tightly-stretched flesh with its long, curved nail.

Amy's hand was pressing hard into her own cunt as she grew wet.

John slowly freed his erection from his trousers and slowly squeezed and stroked it, hoping he wouldn't come before things got really serious.

Soon Mona was sobbing "Huh, Huh, Huh," as she paddled at the twisted folds of flesh, drawing them apart, letting them slip together, then parting them again. And when she raked her fingernail across the very sensitive upper part of the labia, she appeared to send herself into a frenzy.

Amy couldn't take her eyes off the wonderful, elastic flesh, slippery with aromatic nectar, flexing and twisting erotically under her titillating, scurrying fingernails. Eve was bewitched, her excitement when Mona reached orgasm was so great that she felt contractions herself, and more of her own juice seeped out. She was amazed at having had a mini-orgasm, without even having touched herself.

"Let go now!" Mona said urgently to Amy. The teen released Mona's legs and her feet dropped to the floor.

"There's more, more, another one . . ."Mona's grated voice crackled --- and she began to rub herself harder, more like the traditional frigging Eve and Amy were used to; more desperate, less erotic.

"Oh YES, Oh YES!" she breathed as her excitement caught again; her rubbing slowed down, and Mona was trembling, on the brink once more; prolonging those searingly beautiful clitoral sensations just as they mounted to their peak.

Amy's hand fell to her groin and she placed a finger between her thong and her sex and began to rub vigorously, blending her juice into that of the thing's skimpy silk material.

They all looked on, astounded at this unprecedented display of sexual voracity; watching wide-eyed as Mona's rib cage expanded and contracted. Watching as her fat, long nipples grew fiercely erect. Stared at her rolling eyes; and at her tongue flicking wildly as she gasped for breath. Gaped unblinkingly at Mona as her big orgasm had her drumming her feet on the floor --- body taut as a ship's cable --- face contorted in agony. In short order, Mona fell back inert, clutching her cunt tightly with both hands, her legs clamped together and only then did everyone blink.

By now Amy and Eve were shivering, panting, beside themselves with sexual excitement. Never had either dreamed that masturbation could be like this. And when Mona had recovered herself, she seemed full of a new vitality.

Mona coughed, more to clear her throat than anything else.

"Come over here Amy," Mona said. "We've got loads of time, so let's make the most of it. It would be crazy to waste it with just a quick frig, so I thought I'd go down on you for starters. How's that sound?"

Amy thought she'd go mad with pleasure. And said so.

"Maybe you'd like me to tickle your fancy a little first, eh?"

"Whatever you want to do with me . . . just do it," Amy said, her voice a mere whisper of its normal self.

Just a few feet away, from Amy and Mona, Hector stood with his huge penis in hand, lightly rubbing it against Eve's face. John stood nearby watching Amy and then looking back at Eve and Hector as he quickly divested himself of the remder of his clothing. Then moved alongside Hector and following his lead; moved his erection over the opposite side of Eve's smooth youthful unblemished face.

The young dusky Guatamalian maid began to dart her open mouth at first one and then the other appendage, but the men, having played this game before with other women, kept their manhood just out of reach of her questing mouth.

"C'mon guys," she pleaded, just a taste!"

But she revealed which one she truly desired by being unable to take her eyes off Hector's magnificently blue veined member. Her nostril's flared as she absorbed the pungent aroma simmering off his heated, rubbery flesh. And she moaned.

John slapped her face harder then usual and garnered her attention to his throbbing member. She moaned again, then whimpered, "C'mon, don't fool around like this!"

Hector was the first to relent and offered his elephant-sized prick to her eager lips. Eve was distraught to find that she couldn't open her mouth wide enough to accept any of his cock.

Her eyes darted around as if seeking help. They lighted on Mona, and John realized that in a second the Guatamalian girl would interupt Mona and Amy's lesbian session to get Mona to show her how to take her co-star's magnificent prick in her mouth.

John stepped in and smacked Eve's lips with his hardon. Insitinctively Eve opened her mouth in protest and he jammed his cock down her throat. Hearing her start to choke, he yanked his cock back, Eve garnered some composure and began to blow him.

Hector pried both of the maid's breasts out from the protective covering of her blouse and toyed with her nipples as she sucked away on John's cock, taking long gliding thrusts, deep into her throat, as if to show Hector that she could at least, deep throat John's seven inches easily enough.

Growing bored with breast play, the Mexican moved behind Eve roughly grabbed her hips, rolled her onto her stomach, forced her legs apart with his knees and bent over her broad, beautiful ass. Using his thumbs, he pressed her firm buttocks apart and her dark, puckered asshole came into view. She smelled faintly of soap.

Hector never hesitated and pushed his face into Eve's split and eagerly licked her asshole. Eve jerked and everyone save Mona heard her gasp as John's cock fell from between her lips. Hector licked her again and again, then stiffened his tongue and tried to push it into her ass. It barely penetrated, but he kept pressing and her asshole relaxed momentarily, allowing him to penetrate an inch, but no further.

Eve was gulping desperately for air. Then managing to fill her lungs to her satisfaction, she reached out to take John back in her mouth again, but giggled, took the penis from her mouth, turned to Hector and said, "You stike me as a guy who really 'preciates a good piece of ass, jew know?"

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