Amy Ch. 21

byParis Waterman©

Hovering inches above the golden bedpost, Amy squatted, and holding the post firmly with one hand, she spread her vagina as wide as possible with the other. She glanced over her shoulder at John and Eve, smiled at how lovely they looked fucking and without ever being quite sure how she'd managed it, ever so slowly sank down.

Her outer labia widened into an extended fleshy cleft, her inner lips pulled slowly apart in acceptance of the knobby post head, yawning open as the pink wetness of her vulva's interior glistened in the brightly lighted bedroom. Her entire vulva area was framed by its paleness with the golden tan surrounding the area, and although the initial sensations were actually superior to those generated by Hector's magnificent cock, Amy felt like a cheap whore openly displaying her goodies for a roomful of spectators.

Amy groaned on feeling the tip of the golden bedpost spindle tickle the very base of her tailbone. She fantasized that it was Uncle John's cock, grown two feet longer, and hard as steel. She shivered again.

The narrow upper section of the spindle never exceeded two inches in diameter, but she trembled uncontrollably as the first two wooden bulges pushed into her cunt. Amy had masturbated with a hairbrush handle and a candle previously, but had never contemplated an object anywhere as long and thick as the post before.

As yet another inch of the bedpost surged into her, Amy had the fleeting thought that, No one, not even my gynecologist has ever seen me like this.

At that moment, John turned from Eve's sopping pussy, and caught sight of Amy as she struggled to further impale herself on the bedpost.

"Whoa! What the hell do you think you're doing?" John yelled.

Startled, Amy turned to look back at him, but couldn't think of a reply and let herself drop another inch lower. The sudden pain this entailed was both terrifying and unending. Amy fainted and sank even deeper onto the impaling post.

As he sprang from the bed to grab hold off her, he yelled, "Help! We need help in here!" Seconds later, Eve joined him, telling him, "My God! Please don't let her...."

Hector raced into the room, instantly saw the problem, and being much stronger than John, took Amy by the waist, keeping her from embedding herself further, and then began to lift her from her impalement.

It was Eve who saw there was a problem with the suction created between Amy's cunt and the post. "Stop!" she shouted, much as someone directing a truck in a loading zone. "If you go too fast, her insides will be pulled out. We don't want that."

By this time Mona Lott had joined them, and her experience in the porno business provided them with a partial answer. "John, do you have any Astro-glide?"

"Medicine cabinet," he replied, never taking his eyes off Amy.

Mona ran to the bathroom; found the Astroglide and hurried back to the bedroom. John took it from her and applied a liberal dosage to both Amy and the post.

Meanwhile, Amy came to, and seeing everyone around her, nervously wondered what obscene things they would have her doing next.

Not for a moment did she realize how dangerous her position was.

"Should we call the fire department, or an emergency crew?" John ventured, only to be hushed by Mona.

"Not yet. I think we can free her. If she hurts herself... which she won't, well, then we'll call. But only then," and to Amy, she said, "Amy, honey, you're going to be fine. There's a little too much suction between your twat and the bedpost. I bet it feels really good in there, huh?"

"It did at first, but not so much anymore. Actually it kinda hurts."

"Well," said Mona, who had taken full control over the situation, "you're young and pliant, so a little pain won't hurt. Hector, keep a firm hold of her and, John, you get on the bed."

He did so.

"Get on your knees... yeah, like that. Now take your hands and put them under Amy's ass." John did as he was told. "Now," Mona said, "push up. But do it very slowly."

Mona leaned in as close as possible to Amy's glistening cunt and saw the effects of John's effort. "It's working... a little more...."

Everyone heard it - it being the point at which the suction popped and freed Amy from the bedpost.

Eve was the first to hug her, then John. After John reluctantly let her go, Amy opened her arms to Mona and kissed her hard on the mouth.

A few seconds later, Mona disengaged herself, saying, "Honey, you have no idea where my mouth has been lately."

Amy made everyone present laugh, saying, "It can't have been as dirty as that bedpost."

"Still horny?" Mona inquired with a nasty leer.

Amy nodded, and said, "You know, I really am."

"Who goes first?" Mona cackled.

"I think John should," Amy said, smiling for the first time in quite a while.

"John it is," Mona said. "The rest of us will be in the living room. Come get whoever she wants next, John. That is, if there is a next."

Then Mona ushered the rest of them out of the bedroom and into the living room, while John and Amy looked at one another.

"Tell me the truth; does it hurt you down there?"

"Not a bit. I probably could have taken more actually," she told him, and noticed his full fledged erection bobbing as he moved to take her into his arms.

"But I interrupted you and Eve..."

"Nonsense, this is your night. Eve and I can get it on anytime. Tonight is special. You're a star, you're my niece," he paused, took a deep breath, and said, "and you're the most beautiful young woman I've ever seen."

"Oh..." was the only thing Amy could bring herself to say. But her heart was pounding joyfully.

"Let's try something a little different, Amy. We'll go slowly, to allow your body to recover."

"I'm fine," she protested.

"I know. I know. But let me be the judge, all right?"

"All right... John."

But as John readied himself to enter her, he saw the blood seeping from her vagina.

"Mona!" he called."

Both Mona and Hector quickly returned to the room, followed a moment later by Eve.

"She's bleeding!" John said weakly.

Mona grabbed a towel from the bathroom and tucked it between Amy's legs.

"I'm fine... really, I'm fine. It's just...."

The towel was already saturated with blood. Eve brought another towel out and handed it to Mona, who replaced the first one.

Hector said, "I'll call 911."

"No!" Amy yelled, her voice filled with alarm.

"It's just a precaution, baby," John said.

"Yeah, it needs a little cauterization," Mona lied, trying to reassure the young girl who lay there with her life's blood surging from her body.

Amy already looked porcelain pale to the others.

"Do it!" John said tersely, and Hector reached for the phone and in hushed tones asked that an ambulance be sent to their address, adding only that they had a bleeder.

They were on the fourth towel when the Para-medics arrived. They quickly set out to staunch the bleeding and to some extent did. They treated Amy for shock, placed her carefully on a gurney and wheeled her out to the elevator and down to the waiting ambulance.

Later at the hospital, John was told that Amy was fine, but had lost a great deal of blood and would require several more days in the hospital.

"That's fine, Doctor, that's fine." John said agreeably. "I'll pay the bill. I'll handle all the costs."

The doctor gave him a wane smile and said, "Mr. Prentice, the police are waiting outside. They want to talk with you. The other members of your... group are with them."

John went out to meet with the police and found he and the others had been placed under arrest for engaging in sex with a minor as well as reckless endangerment of a minor.

At the earliest opportunity, John called his lawyer, and soon had everyone released on their own recognizance. It was established that Amy was not a minor and all charges were dropped.

There was still the matter of reckless endangerment, and while Amy was not a minor, the police felt that she had endangered herself and therefore was a threat to herself, since what had occurred might have been an attempted suicide.

It got worse for everyone involved. While Amy was being held for further observation by a psychiatrist, the hospital notified her parents who came down to be with her.

When they learned what had happened, Amy's father attacked John and fractured his skull. Amy's mother engaged another psychiatrist, one who would take a more lenient position with regard to having Amy released to her parent's care, provided she be given additional psychiatric treatment.



Amy's role in West Side Story was taken by an understudy, while new applicants were tested and a new artist assigned Amy's former role.

It was more than a year later that Amy was pronounced cured, and resumed her life back in Seegerville.

Daren called a few times, but with football season looming and he being the starting quarterback, the local girls swarmed all over him whenever he stepped out of his dorm. He soon put Amy out of his mind and played the field.

Uncle John was prohibited by court order from seeing or even contacting Amy. Amy had no knowledge of this, and thought he had abandoned her. It caused her a good deal of grief, and when she learned that her career as an actress was also apparently at an end, she attempted suicide by slashing her wrists.

She survived, but was never the same carefree, happy person she had been on arriving in New York City.

Six months later, she called Elsie, and learned that she and Linda had closed West Side Story, and were now appearing in supporting roles in another musical. Elsie, told Amy that they would come to see her at the earliest opportunity, and they spent another hour on the phone talking about old times.

They never went to visit Amy. They always had more important things to do.

Uncle John was mugged one night leaving his office. He died two days later. The mugger was never apprehended.

Homer and Mona, continue to this day as major porn stars, but will never get rich at it.

As for Amy, it took another three years, but she recovered from her despondent state. She eventually met a young man named Artie, and they got engaged, were married, and had two children, a boy and a girl.

Amy joined the church choir, and sang every Sunday, and hardly ever thought about sex.

Artie, dissatisfied with his marital sex life, soon found another girl friend and cheated on Amy for four years before leaving her and the children.

Amy handled it well enough, and raised the children without ever dating another man. Her parents passed away, father first and almost a year to the day, her mother followed, leaving Amy with enough money to keep her and the children comfortable for the remainder of their lives.

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