tagLoving WivesAmy Cuckold Brian Ch. 03

Amy Cuckold Brian Ch. 03


After spending a few hours with Chris, Amy arrived home a little after ten o'clock at night. Entering the dark bedroom she heard Brian's voice. "Oh Amy you're home early."

In a whisper as not to awaken the kids, she replied, "Yes. Chris has a very early flight in the morning and I wanted to get home to you and the kids before you went to bed. I just checked them and they are sleeping. How was the show tonight?"

"It was good. The kids enjoyed it. I just got into bed myself. How was your date tonight?"

Taking off her clothes, she replied, "It was interesting. Did you miss me?"

"You know I always miss you. Now I want to hear all of the details. Maybe I can learn something," whispered Brian.

Amy replied, "You have nothing to learn. Just let me take my shower."

"No. No," Brian protested, "Just come to bed the way you are."

Amy asked, "Are you sure? I'm all yucky down there."

Brian reassured her, "Yes. I want you just the way you are."

Amy replied, "OK. Just let me tinkle," and she entered the bathroom turning on the light. Thinking to herself that at least she can try and wipe up as much of Chris's semen as she possibly could. She was covered with the scent of Chris. Turning out the light she returned to the bed but in that short walk to the bed she could feel Chris's juices oozing out of her.

Brian reached for her saying, "I'm so glad you're home early. I thought you would be home very late and I was anticipating a long night of anxieties."

She felt his arms envelope her as she put her arms around him and then her hand found his erection. She started to gently stroked him as she whispered in his ear, "You have anxieties? What anxieties? Tell me about them."

Feeling the sensations of her hand, he whispered, "When you're with him, I'm overwhelmed with feelings of jealousy, inferiority and I know I'm a failure at being a good lover."

She tried to reassure him, "Oh Honey. No, you're a very good lover. It's just different between you two. He is so aggressive and rough while you are so gentle and considerate."

Brian was enjoying her stroking hand, he reached down to feel her pussy with his fingers while he asked, "You're all open. Did he hurt you?"

She opened her legs to give him better access and he could feel the openness and wetness of her. He could smell the strong scent of another man. She whispered, "No. He just opened me all up. It takes him so long to cum. He just kept pounding into me."

Brian asked, "What did he do?"

She whispered back, "Do you really want to know?"

Brian whispered, "Yes. I really want to know all of the details."

Still whispering in his ear she continued, "He had me laying in his bed, nude and he took me missionary style. When he pushed his cock into me he stretched me out. It hurt at first but I got use to it. Then he just pounded it into me relentlessly. It takes him so long to cum. I must have had three orgasms before he came. I can't get use to his pounding into me like that. Don't think I ever will. He hurts me but I have to have it. Are you OK with this?"

Her stroking hand was bringing Brian to the edge. His breathing was becoming rapid. He answered her, "Yes. I just want to know what he did."

She continued, "After he came in me, he just lay there breathing heavy. His cock deflated inside me. After a while he pulled it out and we just laid there for a while. Are you OK?"

"Yes. I'm OK. What happened next?"

She continued, "We lay there for the longest time. I don't know how long but I started to fondle his cock and he got hard again. He put me on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed. He stood on the floor and he took me doggy style. He held my hips and he pushed his cock all the way into me. His cock just filled me up. Oh! You're going to cum."

The visualization of Amy being taken in that way was too much for him. His body began to shake uncontrollably. She knew that he was about to cum so she slid down his body to his genitals. He had showered earlier and he smelled so clean of soap and powder. She took his erection in her mouth and began swallowing the head of his cock like she's done so many times before.

She kept swallowing so as to overcome her gag reflex and getting the head of his cock past her taste buds. She now had his full length down her throat with her face pressed against his pelvic bone and buried in his pubic hair.

She felt his balls constrict and his legs stiffen as he began ejaculating a steady stream of his semen down her throat and into her belly. She continued swallowing, never tasting his ejaculate. She drained his testicles until he had no more to give and his erection started to shrink back to its harmless little boy size.

Then she moved up to him and they kissed and drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

The following night they were getting ready for bed and Amy asked, "Chris has a PhD doesn't he?"

Brian answered, "Yeah. In Biochemistry. Why do you ask?"

Amy went on, "Well for a guy who is so smart, he's demented. I mean that he's crazy. He tells me that he's caught in a dilemma. He says that his best friend's wife, meaning me, is having an affair and he wants to tell you but on the other hand he doesn't want to hurt you. He is grateful that I'm having the affair with someone who is close to you, who loves you like a brother and not some stranger."

Brian asked, "So you didn't tell him that I know about you two?"

"No. It just started to get very interesting. He came up with this plan that will let you accept him as your wife's lover." Amy was undressed by now and Brian was in his pajamas sitting on the edge of the bed.

Brian in a low voice, "I'm glad you didn't tell him. It would be too embarrassing to face him."

Amy said nothing to Brian about how Chris humiliated her at dinner with the servers. She didn't think she wanted to volunteer that information. She continued, "Brian, he's a nut. He came up with this plan to make you feel inadequate and then he's going to emasculate you and then feminize you. He says that once you are feminized then you will accept him as your wife's lover. Isn't that the most ridiculous thing you've ever heard?"

Brian sat there quietly not saying a word.

Amy asked. "Why are you so solemn?"

Brian responded, "Amy, I am emasculated and feminized. That first time that Chris fucked you, I felt so inadequate and that led to my becoming emasculated and feminized."

She was now in her baby doll nightie and she sat down beside Brian. "Honey, that first time, why didn't you fight with me? I would have ended it with Chris. I love you."

"That wouldn't have worked. Maybe you would have stopped seeing him but I could never get you to stop wanting him. When we made love, you would still be thinking of him and wishing it was him making love to you instead of me."

"No. That's not true."

Brian went on, "Look, if you were going to leave me, I wanted it to be on your own volition and not because of something I said. I didn't want to lose you so I knew that I would have to share you. I felt that a half a loaf of bread was better than no loaf at all."

Amy put her arm around Brian and with her other hand she reached into his pajamas and caressed his flaccid penis. She felt it stiffen in her hand. She knew that once she had his hard erection in her hand he was manipulative.

She started to gently stroke him saying, "Honey you're not feminized."

"Yes I am. Last night you lay down beside me and you described all of the intimate details of your love making with him just as if I were your best girlfriend and I felt like I was your best girlfriend."

Amy continued fondling him as she said, "Honey why are you so passive and so submissive. I love that about you but you have to be a man and stand up for your rights."

"I know but if I broke up with you, then I might find another woman but I would end up not being able to satisfy her and God knows how she would react. She may not be as considerate as you."

Amy asked, "So what do you want to do from here?"

"What does Chris have in mind?" Asked Brian.

In a soft voice Amy responded, "He wants me to persuade you to shave off your body hair and get you to wear women's panties. He said it will get you to your feminine side."

Brian responded, "You know Amy? When I look at my genitals, I'm not at all that happy. I have so much hair down there that I look like a gorilla. I try to cut it back with a scissors but it just keeps growing."

Amy sighed, "That's because you have a lot of male hormones."

Brian responded, "This weekend I think I'll shave myself clean just like Chris wants. You can tell him that you got me to do it."

Amy smiled saying, "And I'll buy you some ladies silk panties. Chris will think that his plan is working. What do you think?"

Brian was beginning to breathe heavy as he answered, "I can do that. Let's see where it goes."

Amy whispered, "Lie down. Put your head on the pillow and I'll put you in a deep sleep. Once you give him permission to fuck me, he is going to want to fuck me in front of you. Can you handle that?"

Brian laid there passively as she took him deep into her mouth. He answered, "I'm going to have to get used to it."

It was a month later when Chris was back in town. Brian asked him to their house for dinner. Later in the evening Brian and Chris were in the den having a drink when Amy entered the room. She had finished getting the kids off to bed.

She took her glass of wine and she looked at Chris saying, "Brian, did you tell Chris what you have done?"

Brian was a little puzzled, "Tell Chris what, Hon?"

Amy smiled saying, "You know. About shaving off all of that gorilla hair."

Brian was embarrassed but he went along with Amy telling Chris about how he shaved off all of the hair on his genitals. Telling him how clean he now felt.

Chris knew that he now had the both of them. He moved closer to Amy, putting his hand on her back and watching Brian for his reaction. Brian didn't seem to protest so he began rubbing his hand up and down Amy's back, asking Brian to show him his clean shaven area.

Brian looked at Amy, he couldn't believe how aroused she had become just from Chris's touch. Brian loosened his belt and pulled the front of his pants down just enough to expose his shaven area and in doing so he exposed the ladies pale blue silky, lacy pantie underwear. Brian flushed with embarrassment when he realized he exposed the undies to his friend.

Chris thought to himself, 'Good girl Amy.' He saw the embarrassment in Brian's face so he said, "It looks nice and clean and those panties look comfortable. Don't be embarrassed, it's only the three of us here."

He knew he had them both and Brian was now his sissy. He moved in for the kill. It was time to gain free, unlimited access to his best friend's wife.

Standing very close to Amy he continued rubbing her back and moving his hand down to her buttocks. Getting no negative reaction from Brian, he began rubbing her buttocks all the while telling Brian how lucky he was to have such a beautiful, sexy wife.

He went on, "Brian, your wife is so beautiful, so sensual and so sexy. You are so lucky. Look at her breasts. So full and voluptuous." He felt them and still not getting any reaction from Brian he continued. "Her lips are so enticing. Oh how I would love to kiss them. May I kiss them?" Not getting any negative response from Brian. He kissed her. Then he kissed her again. This time letting Brian see his tongue going into Amy's mouth.

They broke the kiss and Amy said to Brian in a very sensual tone of voice, "Honey, Chris and I are going to go up stairs for a while. You'll be OK down here won't you?"

Brian was fully aroused which made him unable to protest. He nodded his head "Yes" and with that Amy and Chris ascended the stairs to the master bedroom. They closed the bedroom door and Brian heard the click of the lock.

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I have been fortunate to see some of my wife’s colleagues kiss her, more than a peck, in front of me and wow..that is so hot for a cuckold wannabe like myself! Great writing!

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