Amy Fucks on Vacation


Without taking the time to clean up we made our way down the hallway towards our room. Amy looked wonderful walking down the hall with cum dribbling off her face. My clothes were drenched in Stacy's cum as well. It was very erotic knowing that if anyone had come out of their room and seen us, there would have been no mistaking what we were up to. We managed to arrive at our door without being caught. I opened the door and led everybody inside.

The second we got past the door Amy pinned Scott against the wall and began to tear off his clothes. As Stacy and I moved around them I gave my wife a playful pat on the ass and told her to have fun. She winked at me as she slowly jerked of Scott. I stopped for a moment to observe Amy's tiny hand stroking Scott's monster rod. I was desperate to see Scott's black cock pounding away at Amy's tight slit. I snapped out of my trance and made my way to the bed where Stacy was waiting on her hands and knees.

I shed my clothing as fast as humanly possible and joined her atop the bed. The sight of her dark, round ass pointed to the sky was enough to make my cock twitch uncontrollably. I gave Stacy's beautiful ass a hard smack and watched as a tiny ripple moved across her behind. I love a woman with some meat on her bones so seeing her butt jiggle was a huge turn on. I bent over and sank my teeth into the ebony flesh of her ass. SMACK! I gave her ass another spank. This time I allowed my hand to linger for a moment, kneading her booty.

I decided to take advantage of her current position and lowered my head toward her pussy. I commenced eating her sweet pussy from behind while continuing to massage her ass. The contrast of her dark skin and light pink slit was a very sexy sight. I lapped at her from top to bottom, causing her to moan each time I touched her clit. After every few licks I would stop to suck her hard clit into my mouth. Stacy would push herself back towards me every time I flicked my tongue across her clit. Wanting to taste more of her, I released her hard nub from my mouth and once again used long deliberate licks to cover her entire pussy.

Still wanting more, I used my tongue to lick the crack of her ass. When Stacy didn't resist I knew I could move in for the kill. I spread her ass cheeks apart with my hands, exposing her puckered hole. I moved my face into the crack of her butt and lightly flicked my tongue over her rear opening. Stacy was loving the attention I was giving to her booty and was now begging for me to eat her asshole. It was at this point that I felt a hand on the back of my head and Amy telling me to give the woman what she wanted. I went to town on Stacy's asshole, licking and occasionally forcing my tongue into her. When Amy was satisfied with the job I was doing, she moved from behind me and I felt her crawl onto the bed.

With my face buried in Stacy's ass, I could just see over the horizon of her cheeks. What I was able to see was fantastic. My slut wife was on her hands and knees while Scott was feeding her his cock from behind. The bed began to shake as Scott sawed in and out of Amy's cunt.

The movement of the bed was causing the large globes of Stacy's ass to clap against my face. Finally, I couldn't take it any more and told Stacy that I needed to fuck her. Her reply to this was to reach back, grab her ass cheeks and spread them apart. Her asshole glistened with my saliva and looked so inviting.

I stood beside the bed and lined my cock up with Stacy's sweet ass. I smeared some of the precum that was leaking continuously from the tip of my shaft all over my cock and started to push. This was definitely not Stacy's first anal experience as my head slid into her tight hole quite easily. She let out a low, primal moan as I fed my cock into her from behind. Once I was all the way in I held still for a moment, allowing Stacy's muscles to adjust. When I felt her relax I started to pull back slowly until only the tip of my dick was inside her. I then pushed into her fully and much quicker than the first time. Stacy had no trouble accommodating my pole in her ass now. I began to fuck her black ass slightly harder with each thrust until she begging to be pounded.

Lifting my head, I saw that Amy and Scott had stopped what they were doing in order to witness me take Stacy's ass. Scott's big dong was still buried in my wife's puss, but they were both completely motionless. Amy then started to cheer me on, telling me to fuck my little black slut as hard as I could. I followed her directions to a tee, ploughing Stacy's fine ass with all that I had. I heard Amy say that she wanted a better look and she scooted under Stacy in a 69 position. From her new location, Amy could clearly see my rod stretching Stacy's round butt. Not wanting to be left out of the action, Scott moved between Amy's legs and rammed his huge dong into her pussy again. Amy's scream of pleasure would have woke the dead if it were not muffled by Stacy's wet cunt on her mouth.

The four of us fucked and sucked in this position for a while before we started to climax. Amy was the first to lose control, coating Scott's shaft with her juices. Amy's warmth and wetness caused Scott to explode deep within my wife. When Amy came down from her sexual high she resumed licking Stacy's muff. Amy's tongue combined with me pounding her ass sent Stacy over the edge. Her juices erupted from her slit and Amy hungrily lapped at her from below. I was fast approaching my own orgasm and wanted to cum all over Stacy's big ass. I withdrew my cock and it exited Stacy with a "pop". That wonderful sound and the sight of Stacy's well used asshole caused me to empty my load on Stacy's ass and lower back. My cum then started to flow down the crack of her ass and onto my wife's face below. Amy opened her mouth and allowed my cum to fall onto her awaiting tongue. She swallowed all that landed in her mouth and then slipped out from under Stacy.

When Amy stood up, I took in the magnificent sight before me. She was a sweaty mess complete with a cum covered face, from both Stacy and I, and Scott's cum had started to seep from her well used cunt. She looked sexier now than I had ever seen her before and I told her so. Amy thanked me for the compliment and asked me to join her in the shower. I gave Stacy's cum covered ass another spank before leaving the room to meet my slut wife in the shower.

In the shower, Amy and I lathered each other up and discussed our very erotic day. Recalling our escapades was getting us both worked up again. Amy used her soapy hands to bring me back to full hardness while I "cleaned" her lovely tits and mound. Amy requested that I be gentle because she was quite tender from the drilling that Scott had given her. I looked down at her pussy and saw that her lips were red and swollen. She said that she was okay and that she would just need a little time to recover. We rinsed our clean bodies, towelled each other off and went to rejoin Scott and Stacy.

We were somewhat surprised to find Stacy riding Scott with his huge black pole stretching her asshole to the max. I knew that Amy needed a break but I wanted more. Stacy must have read my mind because she invited me over and pleaded for me to fill her pussy. She sank down on Scott's prick and waited for me to enter her. Once I was in fully, I started to pump in and out slowly. With each stroke I could feel Scott's dick also buried in Stacy. Scott and I had gotten into a steady rhythm, as he pulled out I would thrust in and vice versa. Stacy was soon screaming in ecstasy from the double fucking she was receiving. She yelled out that she was going to cum and wanted us to fuck her deep and hard.

No longer in sync, Scott and I pounded both her holes as Stacy screamed the arrival of her climax. She came so hard that her muscles forced out my cock and splashed it with her nectar. When she finally stopped squirting I rammed my wet dick back into her causing her eyes to roll back into her head. Stacy ordered Scott and I to both cum in her at the same time. I knew that I was very close and Scott said he was ready whenever I was. We erupted simultaneously, filling her ass and cunt with hot cum. I could feel Scott's rod twitching through the thin wall between Stacy's ass and pussy. We pulled out and stood beside the bed as Stacy lay exhausted with cum oozing from both her holes.

Once we all cleaned up, Amy told Stacy and Scott that they were more than welcome to spend the night in our room but they chose to retire to their own beds. After they left , Amy and I crawled into bed, kissed each other goodnight and drifted off to sleep. I couldn't wait to see what would happen over the remainder of our trip!

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