tagErotic CouplingsAmy Gets Her Man

Amy Gets Her Man

byBig Gunz©

**a continuation of "Amy Returns The Favour"...

Amy could not believe what she had done. She was truly appalled with herself when she thought of how far she had let things get between her and her best friend Julia's boyfriend. It was bad enough when Jack fingered her to the biggest orgasm of her life while her friend was passed out in the bathroom one night. Then things got worse when she masturbated to some incredibly filthy dirty talking on the phone with him on her way to another earth-shattering sexual release. Finally, the situation went to a whole other level of depravity when she gave him the best blow-job of his life as he degraded her with humiliating words of domination.

She honestly felt terrible for the disloyalty and unfaithfulness she had committed against both her friend and her own boyfriend Pete. But no matter how bad she felt about those betrayals, there was no denying how much she had enjoyed each of her lustful encounters with Jack.

Amy had hungered for her friend's boyfriend from the moment she had met him. Constantly fantasizing about him, she could not help but picture him while she made love to her boyfriend or pleasured herself. And now, ever since she had enjoyed the taste of his manhood inside her mouth, her animalistic cravings for him were at an all time high.

She knew that the right thing to do was to stay away from Jack. Regardless of her overwhelming attraction to him, she wanted to be a trustworthy friend and loyal girlfriend. She knew that she could not trust herself around him. He made her feel and do things she never thought possible. She knew that despite her best efforts to resist the temptation, he could make her do anything for him.

It had not taken much encouragement at all for her to willingly drop to her knees and suck him off while she was waiting for Julia that night a couple of weeks ago. She had gladly pleasured him with her mouth as he verbally abused her, calling her his slut and his whore. Even though she knew it was wrong on so many levels, she freely admitted to herself that she absolutely loved being used by him. She loved being treated like a sex object, used for his personal bidding. It was wrong, but she had never felt sexier.

A couple of weeks had passed since Amy's oral interaction with her fantasy man, and she had been thinking about it ever since. On this particular morning he was on her mind once again as she was getting herself ready for the day. Her boyfriend was working nights that week, so he had not been over the evening before, leaving her unsatisfied and a bit lonely. During her morning shower, she had taken the opportunity to rectify that situation by pleasuring herself to the thought of Jack's tongue in between her legs.

She had just finished doing her hair when she heard the doorbell ring. Quickly she made her way downstairs and opened the door to greet her morning visitor.

"Good morning."

Amy's jaw dropped as she gazed upon Jack standing in front of her. Almost immediately she felt her nipples stiffen and her pussy begin to tingle.

"Jack, what are you...?" She began, clearly surprised by his sudden appearance at her door.

"Can I come in?" He interrupted, not waiting for her to answer as he strolled in past her with no protest from her.

"What are you doing here?" She finally stammered out, shutting the door and turning to face him.

"I had to see you." He replied, his usual devilish grin creeping across his face as he took in the view of her in front of him.

The knee length little white fleece robe she wore was tied loosely at the waist, and did a fairly inadequate job of covering up her body. Her full 36C breasts poured out seductively in the sexy burgundy push-up bra that the robe struggled to contain. She had just finished doing her hair, leaving her brunette mane looking stunning in tight, wet curls and ravishing ringlets.

"You shouldn't be here..." she started, trying to at least feign some type of resistance.

"There are a lot of things we shouldn't do." He countered, moving closer towards her as she backed up against the door.

"Jack, I..." she whispered as her heart began to pound with each step he took closer to her.

"I haven't been able to stop thinking about you." He continued, now standing inches away from her. "Have you been thinking about me?"

A part of her still did not want to answer him. It was a very small part, but she tried to cling to it -- she knew it was the proper thing to do.

"Jack..." she sighed, half pleading as he leaned in close to her, his nose brushing against her curls.

"Tell me what you want." He whispered in her ear.

His left hand made its way into the opening of her robe as he spoke, his fingers finding their way into her bra and onto her flesh. Her nipple could have cut glass at that point.

"Tell me what you want." He repeated, his fingers squeezing her nipple to emphasize his request.

"Jack, we can't..." she argued half-heartedly.

Amused by her superficial attempts at resistance, he quickly moved his hand from her chest and down to her panties and slipped it underneath, his middle finger immediately sliding inside of her.

"Tell me." He demanded as he slowly glided his finger in and out.

"Fuck me." She moaned softly, now completely submissive to his touch and his words.

"Tell me what you are." He replied, relishing his dominance over her.

"I'm your slut," she whispered, "Your whore. Your fuck-toy."

With that, he pressed his body pressed hard against hers, pinning her against the door and locked his lips onto hers. Their tongues danced hungrily, their mutual lust for one another exploding in between their mouths. After a solid minute of passionate kissing, they broke their lip-lock. Without even saying a word, they both knew what was going to happen next.

Amy's head was spinning as the two of them made their way into the living room and towards the couch. She could hardly wrap her head around the realization that she was about to fulfil her biggest fantasy. As he sat down in front of her she could already feel the beginning of an orgasm welling up inside her in anticipation.

"Show me what you got slut." He suddenly told her, snapping her back into the present.

More than eager to oblige him, her hands swiftly made their way to the tie of her robe as she positioned herself directly in front of her lone audience member. Undoing the belt quickly, her robe swung open, fully exposing her matching underwear set. Her bosom heaved underneath the bra, the pounding of her heart so intense she could not even control it. A damp patch had already begun to form on her panties.

"Strip for me whore." Jack demanded as he slowly began to rub the crotch of his blue jeans.

Relishing his demeaning words as always, she set out to do exactly as she was told. Shrugging off her robe, her hands slowly began to glide over her body as the garment fell to the floor. Her body tingled as her hands slid over her chest and then travelled down to brush against her wet panties. She let out a low moan of enjoyment, her eyes locked onto his the entire time.

Amy turned away from him quickly, and reaching behind her back, he watched as her fingers unclasped her bra. His own hands were quickly undoing his belt and zipper as she tossed her bra aside and turned back to face him, her hands now covering her tits. Another moan escaped her lips as she gently massaged her swollen orbs. Slowly her fingers moved to her nipples and she pulled at the rock hard buds, causing her to bite her lower lip in an almost involuntary reaction to the pleasure she was giving herself. Finally, she released her grip on her breasts, allowing them to fall free in all their glory for her fantasy man in front of her to enjoy.

By now Jack's hand was inside of his jeans and clearly stoking back and forth as he enjoyed the view before him. As she watched him rubbing himself, her hands moved down to her panties and quickly slid them down her thighs and over her knees. Even before she kicked them off, her right hand was already in between her legs, two fingers easing inside. She smiled in satisfaction as he groaned in approval, his hand quickening its pace inside his pants.

Standing there, masturbating in front of her friend's boyfriend as he stroked his cock in response, she thought she would explode right then and there. Never before had she experienced anything as sexy as this. At that moment she felt like the sexiest woman alive. Nothing else in the entire world mattered.

After what felt like a blissful eternity for Amy, he abruptly stopped his own personal gratification and began tugging his jeans down to his knees. His rigid dick sprang out as he pulled his pants down, her eyes widening at the sight of it. Before he could even say a word, she dropped to her knees in front of him and pressed her lips against his unleashed trouser snake.

"My God you're a slut." He commented as he watched her in between his legs.

She answered with a playful giggle as her wet lips flickered around the tip of his cock. By now her left hand had taken hold of the base of his shaft and was slowly starting to move up and down. Her lips parted and she was just beginning to slide her mouth over the head when all of a sudden his hand was on the back of her head. To her surprise it was not to guide her down further, but rather to pull her away with a sharp tug of her hair.

"No." Jack said firmly. "No appetizers this time, I want the main course."

Trembling with anticipation, she did not need to be told twice. Instantly she was on her feet and manoeuvring herself for what was to come next. She straddled his crotch, positioning her sopping snatch over top of his waiting cock. His hands took hold of her hips, preventing her from going any further. She groaned in protest.

"Tell me baby," he prodded with a wicked grin. "Tell me how long you've wanted this."

Amy thought she was going to explode right then even before he penetrated her.

"Fuck!" She growled impatiently. "You know I've wanted this since the day I met you!"

"Beg for it." He replied quickly, delighting in his power over her.

"Please, please fuck me!" She obeyed, honestly desperate for it. "Fuck me like a cheap slut. Make me your whore, your fuck-toy!"

Finally satisfied, he promptly pulled her hips downward, driving his Johnson deep into her aching pussy. She let out an incredible howl, a mini-orgasm bursting with the first magnificent stroke.

"Oh Jack!" She cried out as her cunt greedily sucked his dick in.

Her hands alternated between balancing herself against her new lover's shoulders and chest to rubbing her tits and pinching her nipples as she began to bounce up and down in sheer carnal bliss. A near constant moan emanated from her lips as her hips gyrated, her hungry beaver spinning circles around the base of his meat than moving up to the tip and back down again.

"That feel good slut?" He asked as his hands slid up to her chest and he grabbed at her bouncing boobs. "Is this what you wanted baby?"

"Fuck yes!" She howled as his fingers found her nipples and started to squeeze unrelentingly.

Leaning forward he heartily kissed each of her tits, his hands cupping and squeezing them as he did. Squeals of delight escaped Amy's lips as she bounced harder and faster atop him.

"Is this what you've been fantasizing about slut?" He managed to ask in between licks. "This what a whore like you wanted?"

"Yes, fuck yes!" She cried out in reply. "I fucking fantasize about this all the time!" She arched her back and let out a long, sensual groan as he sucked long and hard on each of her stiff nipples.

"That's right whore," Jack said as his lips pulled away from her breast, "I want you always fantasizing about my cock in that slutty pussy!"

Sliding up and down furiously on his cock, she nodded her head in agreement, whimpers and moans the only audible response.

"Is that what you are baby?" He continued. "Are you a whore?"

"Yes! Fuck yes I'm a whore!" She wailed. "I'm your whore!"

"C'mon then! Fuck me like a whore!" He demanded. "Show me what kind of a slut you're gonna be for me!"

Amy's pussy spasmed with his words and she began to fuck him faster. She tossed her head from side to side, her mane of curls swinging wildly as she rode him as hard as she could.

"Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!" She repeated over and over, getting louder with each word.

"Tell me what you are!" He shouted back to her.

"I'm your fucking whore!" She screamed. "I'm your dirty fucking slut!"

"What are you gonna do for me slut!" Jack pressed.

"Fucking anything you want!" She answered, thrashing atop him like a woman possessed. "I'll do any fucking thing you want! I'm your fucking whore!"

"You gonna fuck me whenever I want?" he asked, gasping for breath from the vicious fucking she was giving him. "You gonna be my little fucking on-call slut?"

"Yes, God yes!" She affirmed. "You can fuck me whenever you want! Wherever you want!"

Amy felt pure ecstasy as she said the words, the idea of being at his beck and call for sex sending her even further into her frenzy. She loved every minute of it.

"Whores like you love fucking their friend's boyfriends don't they?" He growled, reaching up and grabbing a handful of her hair for emphasis. "They love cheating on their boyfriends."

"Fuck yes!" She replied with gusto, basking in the pleasure she felt by admitting such taboo turn-ons. "I fucking love fucking Julia's boyfriend! I fucking love being a cheating little slut!"

"That's it baby," he encouraged, "You tell me how fucking dirty you are! You tell me how fucking slutty you're gonna be for me!"

"Oh Jack! I'll fucking do whatever you want!" She panted. "I want you to use me like a cheap whore! I want you to do every dirty fucking thing you've ever imagined to me! I wanna be your fucking sex slave!"

"Tell me slut," he breathlessly replied, "Tell me what dirty fucking things a whore like you wants to do."

Amy could feel her climactic orgasm building rapidly. The combination of her furious fuck-pace on top of him and their incredibly filthy, yet honest, dialogue was sending her to places she have never thought possible. Never before had she felt so sexually liberated and free, admitting to a deeply hidden and undignified desire to be used by her new lover in as scandalous as ways as imaginable. She had no intention of slowing down or arresting these wicked feelings, in fact she craved the complete opposite.

"I want you to make me be the biggest fucking slut for you!" She announced proudly. "I want you to force me to do dirty fucking things!"

"Fuck you are one amazing slut..." Jack interjected, amazed at how much she enjoyed telling him these things.

"You wanna watch me fuck another girl?" She asked, moaning at the idea herself. "I want you to fuck me while I eat another girl's pussy."

"Uh-huh..." was the only grunt he could respond with.

"You wanna let your friends fuck me?" She continued, squeezing her eyes shut as she visualized her words. "You wanna watch them gang-bang your little fuck-toy?"

Hearing herself admit such appalling desires would have been enough to give Amy the orgasm she had so desperately been craving, but her filthy words coupled with her frantic fuck-pace atop her new lover sent her reeling in a sexual explosion, the size of which she had never imagined possible. She thrashed and bucked on top of his cock as her thunderous release burst out of her.

"Fuck yes!" Jack grunted, finally having hit his limit as well.

Moving swiftly, he tossed her off of his throbbing cock as she still trembled in the aftermath of her roaring orgasm. As she flipped onto the couch, he hurried up to his feet and stood beside her. Aiming his throbbing dick at her heaving bosom, he stroked it three times until it exploded. She squeezed her eyes shut as she felt the first strands of his hot love juice splash onto her tits.

"Come on your slut's tits baby!" She cooed as he pumped thick gobs of his sperm all over her.

Jack looked down at her in complete dominance. With a satisfied grin, he guided his softening prick over to her lips and let out a groan as she willingly slipped it into her mouth.

"That's it whore, clean it off." He moaned as she licked and sucked on his spent member.

Still recovering from her own climax, Amy looked up at her best friend's boyfriend as her tongue washed over his cock. Never before had she felt so completely satisfied. She could hardly believe how fulfilling it felt to finally realize her fantasies with this man. Smiling to herself, she knew she had meant every word she had said to him in the throes of passion. She was completely his. She was his personal slut who would do anything for him. And she loved it.

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