tagLoving WivesAmy Gets Shared on Road Trip

Amy Gets Shared on Road Trip


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the naughty. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging and helpful comments regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


My wife Amy and I had recently eloped to Las Vegas to get married. We chose to not invite any friends or family since we always have so much fun when we are alone. Having left our families out off our wedding we made arrangements to throw a party in our home town so that our family and friends could join us to celebrate. Instead of flying the 1500 kilometres we elected to drive and see some of the United States. We left from Toronto with the intention of seeing Chicago, Wisconsin Dells, Mount Rushmore on our way to Regina. Amy and I have made this long trip before and knew we would have a great time.

Nothing too eventful happened until we arrived in South Dakota. We had finished viewing Mount Rushmore and selected a campground in nearby Hill City. Amy and I set up our tent in a quiet camp site located on the edge of a forest and headed to town looking for some excitement. We strolled through the Old West style town looking for a place to have a few drinks. We settled on a small saloon in the center of town and sat down for a few cocktails.

Being the middle of the week there weren't too many other people inside. With Sturgis Bike Week just ending there were two biker couples seated next to us who we later learned were from Nashville. There were three other couples sitting around the bar and a couple groups of guys situated throughout the saloon. There was an excellent two man band playing old country music on the raised stage. The lead singer was a large older man who sounded just like Merle Haggard. His accomplice was one the best guitar players I have ever heard and the guy was funny as hell. In between songs the guitar player would rattle off jokes and hilarious stories which really loosened up the crowd. The amazing thing about a place like this is that everybody is so friendly and soon nearly everyone in the bar was chatting with a person they had never met before.

Amy and I sat and enjoyed the music while talking with the bikers and a nice couple from Minnesota. The couple appeared to be slightly older than us, maybe their early thirties and seemed to take an interest in both myself and my wife. The woman was quite attractive and on a few occasions I found myself wondering what a romp with her would be like. While the four of us were talking an older man approached us and asked Amy to dance. He was a good looking guy with salt and pepper hair, which Amy has always loved, and was a true gentleman. He was soon twirling my wife around the dance floor as if he was a professional dancer. Amy looked to be having a blast and I loved watching her sexy body move about the dance floor.

After a few songs they started to make their way back to our table but Amy stopped at a nearby table to flirt with a couple of guys. When she found out that one guy was a huge Montreal Canadiens fan Amy brought the guy over and introduced us. Dave was the same age as Amy and I and was from Minnesota. We talked about hockey and how we ended up in this small town bar with Dave and his friend for quite a while as we all consumed numerous drinks. Amy was soon flirting relentlessly with Dave and he definitely seemed interested in my naughty wife. Dave's friend was attempting to pick up the cute waitress which left me free to talk with the good looking wife from Minnesota. The bartender soon yelled out that it was last call so we all ordered one more drink and headed outside to the patio.

Once we arrived outside I learned that Amy had invited Dave, his friend, the waitress and the older couple to join us at our campsite for a few more drinks. Much to my disappointment the couple politely declined as did Dave's friend, hoping that he could go home with the waitress. With nothing else to do and an obvious interest in Amy, Dave decided to join us and we headed for our car. As our SUV was fully loaded with our stuff Amy and Dave had to share the passenger seat while I drove. Amy continued to flirt openly with Dave while the two sat next to me. My close proximity seemed to make Dave a little uncomfortable so I decided to tell him that I didn't mind my wife being with other guy's. Amy helped him understand a bit better when she removed her shirt and revealed her magnificent tits to his gaze.

We arrived at the campground a few minutes later and filed out of the car. I made drinks for all of us and we sat around the picnic table in the dark chatting. Amy announced that she had to visit the ladies room and was afraid to go alone in the dark. Dave looked in my direction expecting that I would escort my wife to the washroom but I made up some excuse about needing to finish getting the tent ready. Amy asked Dave to walk her to the bathroom across the campground and he agreed. As the two of them walked away I hoped that Amy would continue to seduce our new friend while they were alone.

They were gone for quite a while and thoughts of my wife sucking Dave off in the can started to fill my head. When they finally did return I left for the washroom in hopes that I would come back to find them in the tent together. I took my time in the washroom and was soon surprised to find that Dave had joined me. I quickly wrapped things up and headed back to Amy in hopes of talking alone with her for a few minutes. I did get the chance to speak with my wife and asked her what was taking so long. She told me that Dave was still nervous about having sex with another man's wife with him present. I encouraged Amy to become more convincing and suggested that I move into the tent while she has some fun with Dave alone outside. Prior to Dave returning I slipped into the tent, stripped down and covered myself with the sleeping bags while Amy waited anxiously on the picnic table.

I had lay down in a spot where I could watch them and witness how my Amy was going to persuade Dave to fuck her. When he did return Dave sat next to Amy on the picnic table and she went to work. My wife pulled out a photo album that she had made for me which contained pictures of her in some very sexy lingerie and with a few of her favourite toys. As they flipped through the pictures Amy moved her hand to Dave lap and rested it directly over his growing member. While they progressed through the pages Amy began to move her hand ever so slightly, gently massaging his cock through his shorts.

When Dave arrived at the photographs of Amy and her toys she took this opportunity to reach her hand up the leg of his shorts and firmly grasp his hard cock. I could see her fist moving up and down inside his clothing while he leaned back a bit to get more comfortable. It was at this point that I knew she had Dave at her mercy. Amy must have sensed this as well because she almost immediately started to undo his shorts and slide them down. When his briefs slid past his cock, it sprang up and landed on his stomach. Amy lowered her head toward his swollen shaft and took him into her mouth while continuing to remove his shorts. She sucked his entire cock into her throat and held it there as she pulled his shorts off and threw then onto the ground. After allowing Dave to experience my wife's superb oral skills for a few minutes I suggested that they move into the tent.

Amy let Dave's cock escape her lips and led him into the tent with the promise of a wonderful fuck session. Upon entering the tent, Amy pushed Dave onto the bed beside me and told us that she couldn't wait to be filled by two cocks. My naughty wife started to peel her clothes off, exposing her curvy body to Dave for the first time. Her large tits bounced with every movement and her pussy glistened in the moonlight. Out of the corner of my eye I could see that Dave's jaw was hanging open from the sight of Amy's excellent frame. Amy also witnessed this and asked if he liked what he saw. Unable to say a word Dave just nodded his head as he stared at Amy's jugs and pink pussy.

When she was done stripping off all her clothes Amy crawled onto the bed between Dave and myself. She pulled the covers from my body exposing my stiff cock to the crisp night air. She reached for our cocks and took one of us into each of her warm hands, slowly pumping her fists up and down. My wife leaned over and took Dave's dick into her mouth once again as she stroked me with long soft motions. She sucked and licked at Dave's member for a moment before switching to my cock and swiftly engulfing my cock. As Amy deep throated me she ran her hand over Dave's saliva covered cock. Knowing that my cock was the second to penetrate her lips that night was unbelievably arousing.

Just in the nick of time, Amy pulled off of my cock and resumed slurping away at Dave's erect rod. Amy used her hand to pull me closer to Dave so that she could suck us both simultaneously. Our two big dicks stretched her mouth as wide as it could open as she flicked her tongue over both of our heads. Still on the verge of cumming, I pulled away and moved down the bed toward Amy's upturned ass. On my way down I told Amy that I was going to get her nice and wet for our new friend. I positioned myself behind Amy and lowered my head until her pussy was at eye level. I wasn't surprised to find that Amy had been toying with her clit as she continued Dave's blowjob. I nestled my face between her legs and traced my tongue ever so lightly along her slit. I could hear my wife moan around Dave's cock while I teased her from behind. I flattened out my tongue and proceeded to lick Amy from clit to asshole and every inch in between while taking a moment to rim her ass before travelling back to her pussy.

Wanting to hear my wife cum while her mouth was stuffed with another man's cock, I sucked her clit into my mouth and flicked my tongue over her tiny nub. Signalling that she wanted more, Amy thrust her hips back into my face causing my nose to press into the crack of her ass and nudge her rear opening. She reached back and held my head in place as she began to fuck my face. In no time at all she was creaming on my tongue as she moaned loudly with Dave's cock still buried in her throat. I continued to gently lick Amy's slick pussy while she came down from her orgasm. Once she caught her breath my wife said that she needed to be fucked.

I wanted to give Dave the chance to feel my wife's tight pussy so I moved beside him and suggested that Amy fuck him first. Amy happily agreed and was soon straddling his pole, rubbing the length of his shaft along her dripping snatch. Amy's eyes met mine and I told her to give Dave the fuck of his life. She reached down and placed his cock at her entrance before lowering her body until the head of his cock slipped past her wet lips. She was obviously enjoying the sensation of having a stranger's dick inside her while I watched because her eyes closed and her mouth gaped as her pussy consumed him inch by inch. When Dave was fully implanted in her tight snatch she leaned over and pressed her lips to mine. Our tongues danced as she began to swivel her hips, stirring her pussy juice with his cock.

I lifted her head away from mine and told her I wanted her to suck my cock while Dave fucked her. I manoeuvred myself until my cock was within reach of her hungry mouth. She greedily swallowed my shaft as she increased her pace on Dave's cock. I was in heaven as Amy gave me an extremely sloppy blowjob while bouncing on another man's dick. I started to tell Amy how hot it made me to see her fuck a guy she had just met and how great she looked doing it. For each dirty comment I made Amy rewarded me by moaning around my cock and taking it deeper into her throat. I even started to talk to Dave, asking him if my wife's pussy felt good and how he liked fucking my wife while I watched. My constant chatter must have been getting to Amy because she released my cock and announced that she was about to cum. She fucked Dave hard and fast until her climax ripped through her. Amy screamed loud enough to wake the entire campground before taking me back into her mouth.

The wetness and intensity of my wife orgasm must have really excited Dave because he grabbed her hips and held her still, saying that he was close to cumming. Amy knew what I wanted and was only too happy to oblige. She lifted herself off Dave and lay down on her back with her legs spread wide. Her pussy was wide open, inviting Dave to fuck her. I told Dave to climb atop my wife and fill her pussy with his cum. He eagerly mounted Amy and slipped his cock into her waiting hole until his balls rested against her ass. He remained motionless for a few seconds, enjoying her wet pussy, before he began pumping in and out. It was only a few strokes until Dave was filling my wife's pussy with his load. Amy told me that she could feel his warm cum splashing the walls of her pussy and that she couldn't wait for me to fuck her sloppy cunt.

Once Dave had deposited every last drop of his seed into Amy's pussy, he withdrew his cum covered cock and collapsed on top of my wife. Almost immediately, Amy suggested that Dave get dressed and make his way back to his hotel. The look on his face was priceless, I guess he thought that he was going to spend the remainder of the night with us. I loved how Amy treated him as if he was nothing but a fuck toy brought in for our enjoyment as she pointed out what direction he had to walk in order to find his way back to town. When Dave disappeared into the darkness I decided it was time for Amy to get fucked again.

Amy told me that she wanted to be fucked doggystyle and moved onto her hands and knees as she seductively swayed her round ass in the air. I quickly swung around behind her with my throbbing cock leading the way. Looking down at her pussy, I could see that her lips remained open from Dave fucking. Her used snatch looked so hot and I couldn't wait to feel her creamy pussy wrapped around my shaft. I moved forward and aimed my dick at her waiting hole. I easily slid my cock all the way into her as we both released a loud moan of satisfaction. With my cock buried to the hilt, I raised my hand and gave her ass a firm spank. I told Amy what a naughty wife she had been for allowing a stranger to fuck her as I spanked her reddening ass again. She craned her neck, looked back at me over her shoulder, and in her sexiest voice asked me if I enjoyed watching her pick up a stranger at a bar and fuck him in front of me. I pulled back and rammed my cock into her as hard and as deep as I could, letting her know just how much she had turned me on.

I started sawing my cock in and out of her pussy with long deep strokes, loving the mixture of Amy and Dave's cum. Each time I pulled out I could see remnants of Dave's load on my shaft. Amy must have been loving this as much as me because in between her moans of ecstasy, she kept saying that she loved giving her husband sloppy seconds. My wife knew exactly what to say to turn me on and I was soon close to exploding. I pulled out of her drenched pussy and lay down on my back. Amy immediately mounted me and fed my dick into her pussy. Desperate to cum again, she rode my cock hard while rubbing her clit with her fingers. I could feel her pussy start to contract around my shaft, signalling that she was approaching orgasm. I pulled her down and kissed her passionately as she began to climax. Her pussy drown my cock with her juices while she screamed into my mouth. Her cunt was so wet that nearly each time she moved my cock slipped out of her.

I told Amy that I needed to cum and that I wanted to pound her missionary style. Without hesitation she flipped onto her back and spread her legs wide to accommodate me. I took a moment to admire her used pussy which was visibly wet and open for the taking. Climbing on top of my slut wife, I rubbed the head of my penis along her creamy slit a few times before feeding my entire length into her. Amy's pussy hugged my shaft tightly, even after all of the fucking she had endured. I pumped into Amy at lightning speed until I was ready to burst. Prior to cumming I pulled out and told Amy that I wanted to cover her with my load. She pressed her tits together, giving me a place to aim. I reached down and jerked my cock a couple of times, quickly bringing myself to the edge of orgasm. My rod began to twitch uncontrollably in my hand as I started to boil over. Stream after stream of warm cum burst from my cock and landed on my wife. Covered from belly button to chin with my huge load, Amy started to play with my cum, rubbing it into her tits and stomach, before bringing her fingers to her mouth and sucking them clean.

I collapsed in exhaustion next to my well fucked wife as I watched her lick cum from her fingers. She leaned over and kissed me, a hint of cum could still be tasted on her pink lips. I thanked Amy for granting me yet another fantasy before we both drifted off to sleep. If this was any indication of how our trip was going to unfold, I couldn't wait to find out what would happen next.

We awoke late in the morning and packed up for yet another day driving. With no more sights to see we were in for a couple of really long days. As we drove we talked about how much fun we had with Dave and what type of trouble we could get into over the remainder of our trip. After driving for hours we decided to stop in Bismarck for the night and find a hotel. Once we checked in we both felt like looking for a place to go for a few drinks. We remembered a small strip club that we passed on the way to our hotel and chose to go there.

When we entered the club there was a decent looking black girl dancing on the raised stage to a Motley Crue tune. We found a seat in the corner and ordered some drinks. We were shocked to find out that the club we had entered was not a strip club, but an "erotic dance club". This meant that the women would dance in their underwear but would not remove them. With both of us being extremely disappointed we finished our drinks and returned to our room. Tired from the long day of driving we went straight to sleep in preparation for more driving the next day.

We made it to Regina the next day and paid a visit to our families. After catching up, Amy and I went to her sisters place where we had decided to stay while we were in town. Over the next couple of days we spent our time preparing for the party and visiting with friends and family. On the morning of the party I arrived early in order to help set up tents for the people who didn't want to drive home after the festivities ended. I completed the final tent just as the first people arrived. I rushed inside and put on the suit I wore at our wedding before joining our guests. Amy arrived a few minutes later and quickly went in to change into her wedding dress.

When my wife finally exited the house she looked stunning. Since we got married in Vegas she had chosen not to go with a traditional wedding gown but instead chose a beautiful pink dress that showed off her curves nicely. We circulated through the crowd, greeting everyone that we had invited, and thanked them all for coming. We had not seen many of the people here for years so we took our time to catch up with everybody. As we expected, most of our relatives started to head home at around midnight which left us and our friends to drink the night away.

With only a small group of us left everyone became quite close in a short period of time. As the hours passed and the liquor dwindled we all had a great time. Amy and my close friend Chris seemed to really be getting along well and spent a lot of time chatting. I joined Amy and Chris by the bonfire and we discussed the trouble that Chris and I had gotten into when we were kids. As we talked I could see that Chris was constantly checking out my wife so I asked if he liked what he saw. Chris made a comment about wishing he could see more which caused Amy to blush slightly. Chris's flattering remark sparked a whole new conversation topic which centered around our very open relationship. We informed Chris about the guy we had picked up and fucked in South Dakota a few days ago. I'm sure that at this point Chris was hoping that we invited him to join us.

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