tagLoving WivesAmy Gets Tag Teamed...Again

Amy Gets Tag Teamed...Again


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like.


I'm not sure exactly what it is about watching my wife Amy fuck other men that turns me on so much but I can't think of anything more exciting. During a road trip to our hometown last summer, we had two threesomes and both were thoroughly enjoyable. As hot as the first one was, we picked up a guy at a bar and took him back to our tent and tag teamed Amy until the wee hours of the morning, the one with my good friend Chris after our wedding party was amazing. I think it must have been the comfort level between Chris and I that made it so great and both Amy and I wanted a repeat session and I'm sure Chris was eager to get a second chance to have my wild wife.

The three of us were about to get another opportunity to get together as Amy and I were heading back home for another party and would have sufficient time to meet up with Chris. After my wife and I shared a nice dinner at a local steakhouse we made plans to meet Chris at a bar that was only about 10 minutes from our hotel and close to where he worked . Amy and I finished dinner early and headed to the bar about an hour before Chris was scheduled to join us once he was done at work. Amy and I agreed that we weren't entering the evening with any expectations but I knew it was on my mind and I was pretty sure she was thinking about it as well.

It became apparent early in the night that Amy was in a very flirtatious mood and that the booze was going down nicely. We both drank relatively quickly and soon had a good buzz going which led to Amy openly flirting with a few guys that she knew from high school that just happened to be at the bar. I started to think that Amy was more interested in getting with her old friend Cory and the idea of watching my wife fuck a guy that she had confided in me that she always wanted was getting me really hot. Amy kept wrapping her arms around Cory's neck and whispering in his ear while I watched from a distance. She grabbed his hand and led him over to the table where I was sitting and began to introduce us.

"Hi Hun, this is Cory. The one I've wanted to fuck since high school!" she admitted.

I shook his hand as he stood dumbfounded at Amy's revealing introduction. His reaction was priceless and I couldn't help laughing at his complete shock.

"You married a wild one here!" Cory said with a slight hint of jealousy in his voice.

"That's just the way I like her!" I proudly admitted.

I asked Amy if she wanted to head outside for a smoke and she readily agreed. We excused ourselves and strolled to the patio where all of the smokers were lighting up and puffing away. I teased Amy about how horny she was for Cory and she admitted that she had always felt that he would be great in bed. We decided that we should finish our cigarettes and make our way back inside so that Chris wouldn't think that we had left if he arrived while we were outside. Upon returning to our table, we surveyed the bar and didn't see Chris anywhere so we went to the main bar to order another drink while we waited.

Shortly after we got back to our table with our fresh drinks, somebody behind me nudged me in the shoulder. I turned quickly to find Chris standing behind me with a beer in his hand. I moved over to allow him room to set his beer down and shook his hand. Since this was the first time I had seen or spoken to him since he joined us for a threesome I hoped that he wouldn't feel uncomfortable around us and he quickly proved that he didn't. After shaking my hand and saying our hellos, he moved toward Amy and she wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him close for a friendly hug. Chris greeted her embrace with a gentle peck on the cheek before they parted and began to chat about how things had been going since we last saw each other.

While we were all catching up the waitress came around and Chris ordered another drink for each of us and shooters for both himself and Amy. It was clearly evident that Chris's intention was to get my wife drunk and hopefully persuade her to have another threesome. Amy continued to be really flirtatious with Chris, Cory and myself along with a few other guys she met throughout the night. I knew that with each minute that passed and each drink she downed that Amy was more and more likely to invite at least one guy back to our hotel room for some extracurricular fun. As the evening wore on I found myself left alone on occasion while Amy and Chris either went for a smoke together or went to get drinks. I tried to keep my eye on them in order to gauge just how friendly Amy was being, hoping that she was opening up to the idea of sharing herself with my friend once again.

Every once in a while I saw Chris bring his hand to rest on the small of my wife's back, a spot that she loves having touched, and lean close to say something into her ear. Once, before Chris withdrew his hand from her back he slid it down over her ass and gave her a firm squeeze. Her reaction was exactly as I had grown to expect from my naughty little wife, she didn't budge. They eventually made their way back to the table and Amy asked if I wanted to join her for another smoke. I readily agreed and we left Chris by himself while we went outside.

"You and Chris seem to be getting along pretty well!" I teased, "You're letting him get quite touchy!"

"Just trying to be the little slut that you know and love!" she replied.

It was at that moment that I was almost sure that Chris would be joining us back at the hotel and I couldn't wait. As Amy and I started to move back inside Chris met us at the door and led my wife back outside by the hand. I was loving it and I know that Amy was enjoying the attention of two men. They were gone for much longer than it takes to smoke a cigarette so I knew either they had been caught up chatting or something else was taking place. I was anxious to find out what they were doing so I made my way toward the smoking area and tried to find my wife and friend. When I arrived at the patio, I was unable to see them so I figured that they must have headed either to the bar or to the washrooms. I reluctantly walked back to our table and waited impatiently for their return. Amy was the first to return and I questioned her as to where she had been.

"We had a smoke and then we both had to go to the bathroom." she informed me, "I did something bad!"

"What happened?" I asked nervously.

"Well, when we got downstairs to the washroom Chris pinned me against the wall and kissed me!" she admitted. "He slipped his hand up my skirt and touched my pussy! I hope you're not mad!"

"Why would I be mad?" I questioned, "It's actually making me hard right now!" I continued as I pressed against her back so she could feel my growing erection. I took a quick look around and saw that we were in a position that nobody had a clear view of what we were doing so I slid my own hand up her skirt and located her pussy. I wasn't surprised to find that she was dripping wet from all of the flirting and Chris's earlier actions. I easily dipped my index finger into her snatch and massaged her g-spot for a moment or two while whispering into her ear. "I hope you're enjoying yourself tonight! Your tight little pussy is telling me that you're having a great time so far!"

My finger popped from her pussy and I brought it to my lips and tasted her sweet juices from my digit. Amy shocked me when she turned her head and began to kiss me while my finger was between our lips. She usually doesn't like the taste of her own pussy but she was apparently so turned on by this point that she didn't hesitate. While our tongues danced around my finger Chris returned and sidled up next to my wife and planted a soft kiss on the nape of her neck. She moaned into my mouth when Chris found the super sensitive spot about an inch below her ear. It was so erotic to be making out with my wife, with a pussy flavored finger between our lips; while another man nibbled on her neck all while we were in a very public place.

Amy suddenly pulled away, excused herself to go to the washroom again and strolled out of sight leaving both Chris and I wanting more. Chris and I just looked at each other and laughed, knowing that we were now alone and attempting to hide the large bulges that had formed in our pants. I suggested to Chris that we go for a quick smoke while Amy was in the bathroom and we made our way outside again.

"So am I going to get an invite back to the room with you guys?" Chris boldly asked once we arrived on the patio.

"You're more than welcome to join us for some drinks but as for anything else happening, that's up to Amy." I replied, "But if it were up to me we'd both give her a really good fucking again tonight!"

For the remainder of time that Chris and I were outside he seemed to be deep in thought, possibly contemplating just how to persuade Amy into another threesome. I finished my smoke and told Chris that I needed to take a leak before leaving him behind and hurriedly walking to the men's room. I was fully aware that leaving Chris alone would allow him time to seek out my wife and possibly talk himself into her wet pussy. I purposely took my time in the washroom hoping that by the time I got back to Chris and my wife that she would have agreed to have him accompany us bed.

When I returned to the table I was delighted to see that Amy was seated in Chris's lap and he had his arm wrapped around her waist holding her tight against his body. It must have looked to everyone in the bar that they were the couple and I was the third wheel tagging along for the evening. They were both so into their conversation that they didn't notice my arrival immediately and they even shared a quick kiss before finally acknowledging me. I suggested that we start to make our way back to the hotel as it was nearly 2:00am and the bar would be closing soon.

"Yeah, let's go! We can have more drinks and get out of these uncomfortable clothes!" Amy said while jumping to her feet.

Chris rose and we flanked my wife as we walked through the bar to the exit. At one point during our stroll I reached down to place my hand on Amy's ass and found that Chris's was already there. Chris and I locked eyes and we were both sure that we would be double teaming my wife again in the very near future. We exited the bar and waited for a cab to take us back to our hotel. When a taxi eventually arrived we all crawled into the backseat with Amy sandwiched between Chris and I. Within seconds of entering the cab Chris and I pulled my wife's shirt down, exposing her breasts, and were each groping her ample chest while she sat back and enjoyed the attention and the exhibitionism.

Amy loved exposing herself in public, not strictly for the attention, but more just to watch how people reacted when she did so and this topless display was no different. She began to breathe heavily and moaned just loud enough to pique the cab driver's interest enough that he would check his mirror and see exactly what was going on in his rear seat. By the time the driver looked back, Chris and I each had one of my wife's nipples in our mouths and my hand had slid up her skirt and was gently stroking her mound. When we reached a red light the cabbie actually turned around in order to watch our escapades without the use of his rearview mirror.

"Do you like what you see?" Amy questioned the driver. "I'm gonna let both of them fuck my tight little pussy tonight!"

The driver was unable to reply as he sat shocked from the action that was taking place just inches from where he sat. Amy really increased the caliber of her performance and started to writhe and grasp our heads, mashing them against her tits, while maintaining eye contact with the driver. The cabbie failed to notice when the light turned green but he was quickly brought back to reality when the car behind us blasted the horn. During the remainder of the drive we continued to play in the backseat while the driver slowly made his way to our hotel and kept glancing at us in the mirror. By the time we stopped in front of our hotel Amy's pussy was dripping wet and we were all eager to get up to the room and continue what we had started.

The three of us stumbled into the hotel elevator and anxiously waited for the doors to close so we could get back to what had begun in the taxi. The instant the doors were firmly shut Chris reached around Amy from behind and cupped her breasts once again while I moved in and pressed my lips to hers. My wife and I were soon engaged in a sensual tongue kiss while my friends' hands manipulated her tits from behind and nibbled on her neck. Her body started to slowly move between us as she was obviously overcome by the eroticism of what was going on. I could feel Chris move his hand down her body and knew that he was reaching for Amy's pussy.

I pulled back in order to allow Chris unrestricted access to my wife's snatch and when I did I saw that her shirt was down once again and her skirt was now hiked up around her waist. Chris's hand was feverishly working on her sopping wet pussy while he whispered in her ear how much he wanted to feel her lips wrapped around his cock again. I looked on as two of his thick fingers plunged into my wife's pussy forcing and audible gasp to escape her lips.

"Is this what you want in my mouth?" Amy asked rhetorically while reaching behind her and grasping the large bulge through Chris' pants. "Do you want to spray the back of my throat with your warm cum?" Amy's dirty talk was really starting to get to Chris as he was now nearly lifting her right off the ground with his fast thrusting fingers.

We were all startled when the elevator doors opened as it reached our floor. Chris's fingers glistened as he quickly pulled them out of my wife's pussy. Amy straightened up and we exited the elevator and strolled down the vacant hallway toward our suite. Chris couldn't keep his hands off my sexy wife during our lengthy walk and on numerous occasions he flipped up her skirt and exposed her beautifully round ass. I remained behind the two of them as we walked and noticed that Amy was quite drunk as she meandered down the hall while being groped by my buddy.

I couldn't wait to get into our room and learn just how wild my slut wife intended on getting tonight. She and Chris were so caught up in each other that they continued walking right past our room. I managed to stop and open the door before calling them back.

"Hey you two, we can have a lot more fun in here than in the hallway!" I joked while holding the door open for them to enter.

Chris quickly turned around and led Amy into the room while I followed closely behind and gave her a sharp smack on the ass. Once we were all inside the room with the door shut behind us Chris almost immediately turned to Amy and yanked her skirt down around her ankles. She didn't hesitate in stepping from her bunched up skirt and continuing to move deeper into the room with her bare ass swaying behind her. She asked me to make her a drink and I offered one to Chris as well before making my way to the fridge which was tucked away around the corner near the washroom. I took my time fixing the drinks, hoping that while I was out of view they would carry on where they left off in the elevator and the hall.

By the time I finished making the drinks and returned to the other room and was delighted to see that Amy had joined Chris on one of the beds and they were locked in a very sloppy, lust filled kiss. Not wanting to interrupt the moment, I was sure to be quiet as I made my way toward the other bed with the drinks and set them down on the nightstand. I climbed up onto the unoccupied bed and lay down in such a manner that I could see every movement they made while they explored each others' mouths. Amy's pussy was covered by Chris's hand and her hands were roaming across his broad chest while they made out. I cleared my throat after a minute or two and they reluctantly broke off their kiss before looking in my direction.

They both looked at me with a hint of frustration on their faces but I assured them that I didn't want them to stop. I suggested that they get more comfortable to which they smiled wide and readily agreed. Chris quickly reached for Amy's shirt and lifted it over her head which left her in only her bra. She reached around her back and unclasped her bra, finally freeing her large breasts before starting to strip Chris of his clothes. She made short work of his shirt and quickly moved to his pants. She fumbled with his belt for a moment but soon pulled it from his jeans and flung it across the room. Amy undid his pants and slowly began to slide them down his legs but stopped suddenly when they reached his knees. She then moved back up to his boxers and lifted the waistband prior to peeling them down his legs as well. His hard cock sprung free and slapped against his stomach as my wife completely removed his clothing.

With them now both completely naked they were free to explore each other with the hindrance of clothing. Chris pulled my wife close and lifted her to sit in his lap. Once they were both seated comfortably Chris started to trail his tongue over nearly every inch of her upper body. He began by driving his tongue into her mouth yet again, engaging her in an intense kiss. His hands massaged her tits as they maintained their lip lock for several minutes. When they eventually ended their kiss Chris lowered his head and took one of her erect nipples into his mouth. Amy tilted her head back and sighed deeply, obviously loving the attention Chris was paying her chest.

I sat back on the other bed and watched as my friend's mouth and hands roamed all over my slut wife. Each time I heard Amy moan my cock jumped in my pants and I was soon unable to refrain from touching myself. I very slowly started to rub the entire length of my shaft through my clothes as I took in the sights and sounds coming from the other bed. I loved the first time that I watched Chris and Amy fuck in front of me but I was enjoying this time even more. I had made up my mind earlier in the night that I was going to just lay back and be the voyeur for as long as I could. I even made sure, before we left for the bar, that the video camera was fully charged so that if anything did transpire I would be able to capture it on film.

Chris and Amy seemed to forget that I was in the room for a while as things really started to heat up between them. Chris cupped my wife's ass in his hands and manipulated her until she was fully stretched out on her back and he was laying on top of her. From where I was sitting I thought that he was going to penetrate her tight pussy but he apparently had other ideas. He slithered down her torso leaving a trail of kisses and licks as he did so until his head was positioned between her thighs. Chris attacked her slit with his lips and tongue and soon had my wife writhing in absolute ecstasy.

It took very little time for Amy to announce the arrival of her first climax of the night. "That's it Chris, eat my pussy!" she cried out, "Make me cum all over your face while my husband watches us!" Just as those words left her mouth she started to thrash about as her orgasm ravaged her body. "Oh my God! Your tongue feels so good on my clit! Please don't stop, I'm still cumming!" She grasped the back of Chris's head and pulled his face tight against her flowing snatch while bucking her hips through a very loud and wet climax.

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