Amy Gets Tag Teamed...Again


Seeing my wife have such an intense orgasm from another man's tongue had me so aroused that I had to free my own cock from it's confines and begin to stroke it eagerly. While my fist rapidly moved up and down my shaft I observed Amy take charge on the other bed. She released her grip of Chris's head and ordered him to lay flat on his back so she could get at his stiff cock. When Chris pulled his head up from between her legs his whole face was smeared with her juices and he was licking his lips.

He proceeded to quickly lay down as ordered and Amy positioned herself on her knees next to him. My wife was sure to allow me an unobstructed view as her mouth began to tease the erect cock that she now held in her hand. She put on quite a show for my benefit, rubbing and slapping my friend's cock all over her face, while she watched me for a reaction. She had a very naughty grin on her face when she saw my cock twitch each time Chris's cock came close to her mouth.

"Do you want to see your slut wife take this big cock in her mouth?" she inquired between licks, "I want to taste him so bad! I might even let him cum in my mouth!"

Amy continued to torment me as she licked the entire length of Chris's shaft without allowing it into her warm mouth. She was well aware of what she was doing to me and she was enjoying every minute of it. What she didn't realize was that she was driving Chris crazy with all of her teasing but he soon let her know.

"Please put my cock in your mouth! I've been waiting nearly a year for another blowjob from you!" Chris begged.

"Did you hear that Hun? Your friend wants me to suck his cock almost as much as you want to see it!" she replied.

"Give the poor guy a break!" I stammered, "Besides, you want it hard and wet when it fills your little pussy!"

My wife finally succumb to the pressure and engulfed Chris's cock with her mouth. She is a magnificent cock sucker and all of her skills were on display tonight. She put everything she had into sucking my friends cock and had him moaning loudly in no time at all! Amy's lips worked his cock and I'm sure her tongue was dancing around his shaft by the grunts that were escaping his mouth. On numerous occasions she even managed to fit his entire cock into her mouth while jutting out her tongue and licking his balls.

"You're the luckiest guy I know!" Chris admitted in between groans, "You have the best wife ever! I have never had my cock sucked this well in my life!"

He certainly didn't need to tell me how lucky I was since I had had the pleasure of feeling her talented mouth thousands of times over the years. In addition to her masterful skills, she loves giving head so much that her pussy always gets extremely wet in the process. This is a fact that I'm sure Chris would soon find out for himself! I decided to pull out the video camera before I missed any more action so I released my grip on my cock and readied the camera.

Apparently Amy couldn't wait any longer to get her pussy filled so while I was still fumbling with the camera she hopped on top of Chris and sat down on his slick rod. I didn't witness the initial penetration but their simultaneous moans tipped me off. I quickly refocused on the two of them while trying to prepare the camera as fast as I could in order to capture my wife getting fucked on film by another man for the first time. I finally got the camera turned on and began to shoot my slut wife and my friend getting it on in the bed next to me.

For the first few minutes they didn't notice that I had pulled out the camera so I ended up getting some really candid footage of them sharing a great time. Once they saw that I had the camera in hand they both became slightly more animated and put on a fantastic show for me. Their moans became louder and their movements more exaggerated. Amy was violently bouncing on my friend's cock and screaming out just how good it felt.

"Ohhh, I missed having your big cock inside me! Fill my tight little married pussy with your hard cock!" Amy cried out.

Chris began to buck his hips in rhythm with Amy and thrust his cock into her as deep as possible while their bodies slapped together loudly. I moved around to the foot of the bed so that I could capture Chris's cock penetrating my wife's slippery puss. Attempting to film the best porn possible, I zoomed in tight on my wife's snatch as it was being stretched by Chris's manhood. As much as I was loving just watching Chris and Amy have their fun, I needed to get my dick wet so I moved around to the side of the bed and held my cock an inch or so from her mouth while continuing to film. Amy grabbed my cock by the base and began to flick her tongue along the underside of my shaft while riding Chris steadily.

I aimed the camera down and captured my wife's lips parting and sucking my throbbing cock into her mouth. She basically just held me in her mouth and let Chris's thrusts push her mouth further down my rod. I zoomed the camera out as far as I could in an attempt to obtain some footage of my slut wife being sandwiched by two hard cocks. Every time Chris forced his cock into her pussy she moaned around my dick which caused a vibration to travel through my shaft and up my spine. Her mouth felt so warm and wet around me that I never wanted it to end but I knew that I wanted as much video of her and Chris as I could get. I reluctantly pulled away and resumed filming the two of them as they increased their tempo.

"Fuck her good Chris! I want you to make my wife scream on video!" I directed. "Why don't you flip her over and really give it to her?"

Chris did exactly as I requested, quickly flipping Amy over and moving in between her thighs. Before he entered her again I moved over so that I could get a shot of her well fucked pussy. It was dripping wet and a deep shade of pink from the attention that Chris had already given her. I was in the perfect position to witness Chris slowly slide his engorged cock back inside my little slut. She gasped when Chris pulled his cock almost entirely out and slammed it back in. Her eyes shot wide open and were gazing directly into the lens of the camera as Chris started to relentlessly pound her tight twat. Chris then lifted Amy's legs up over his shoulders which allowed him to drive his cock as deep as possible.

"Oh fuck! Oh God! Fuck me harder, I'm gonna cum!" Amy panted as their sweaty bodies smacked together. Chris continued to fuck her hard and was soon rewarded for his efforts when she screamed out in complete satisfaction. I could just imagine how good Chris felt when her pussy released a gush of cum that drown his cock. "Oh God, that felt so good!" she complimented, "But you have to stop. I'm way too sensitive right now." When Chris dismounted she quickly excused herself to use the washroom and staggered down the hall leaving Chris and I only a few feet apart and completely naked.

"Where are you going?" Chris inquired, "There are way too many cocks in this room and not enough pussy!"

"Just give me a minute and my pussy will be back and ready for both of your cocks!" Amy answered. "Besides, there's nothing there you haven't seen before!"

Chris remarked numerous times how great my wife was and that he hoped to one day find someone just like her for himself. She was only gone for a minute or two but it seemed like much longer to Chris and I. Chris finally grew too impatient and went to see what she was doing while I remained on the bed. This break in the action gave me a chance to exchange batteries in the camera and set the used one to recharge. When I finished my task I realized that Chris and Amy had not yet returned so I picked up the camera and went to find them.

I moved as quietly as I could toward the washroom hoping to catch them by surprise. As I neared the bathroom I could faintly make out the sounds of somebody breathing heavily. I readied the video camera and peeked around the corner into the washroom and was elated to find my wife bent over the sink and Chris fucking her from behind. I immediately began filming the incredibly sexy scene that was unfolding before my eyes. Chris noticed me right away but Amy had no idea that I had come looking for them and her eyes were firmly shut as Chris slowly penetrated her. When my wife finally opened her eyes and saw that I had joined them she was elated as a very sexy smile flashed across her face.

"I got bombarded!" she admitted to me before closing her eyes once again and enjoying Chris's hard cock.

Chris began to increase the frequency of his thrusts and was soon ramming his rod deep into her with incredible force. Both of them were moaning loudly and the camera was getting every amazing second of it! Chris placed a hand on either one of her shoulders in order to give himself even more leverage while slamming his cock into her cunt relentlessly.

"Pull my hair! Treat me like the slut I am!" Amy blurted out, surprising even herself. She was now looking at me in the mirror as she took my friend's cock from behind while bent over the sink.

Chris grabbed a fistful of her hair and tugged her head back roughly. Amy absolutely loves having her hair pulled and her eyes soon began to roll back in her head. Chris raised his other hand and swiftly brought it down across her ass creating a loud smack. I kept the camera aimed at the mirror in order to capture my wife's facial expressions while my good friend continued to slam into her pussy. I was extremely happy to see that she was thoroughly enjoying every second of it and her contentment will forever be stowed away on film.

"I need something to drink," Amy stated, "My throat is so dry." She stood upright which caused Chris's dick to exit her snatch before she left the washroom and took the few steps to where the fridge was located.

Chris followed closely behind her and took advantage when she bent over to reach into the refrigerator. She wasn't expecting to feel Chris enter her again and she shockingly jumped forward. Chris's cock was enveloped by her swollen labia until his balls were pressed against her ass. Once he was fully in, Chris allowed Amy enough time to fix a drink and take a couple of sips before he resumed his thrusts. He had already fucked her in a tent, in his bed, in a hotel room bed, bathroom and now had her bent over a mini fridge. And he had only met her twice!

"Let's move back onto the beds so we have some more room." I suggested before turning off the camera and walking back around the corner. I was hoping that they would follow me and was pleased to find that they had.

"I want to watch you fuck her now!" Chris requested as he lay down on the bed and told Amy to bend over and give him a blowjob while I fucked her from behind.

My wife bent over at the waist and proceeded to swallow the entire length of his rod while I slipped my engorged cock into her puss. I took it nice and easy so that Amy could concentrate on the cock in her mouth and so that I wouldn't cum to quickly. I also wanted to be sure to get some shots of my cock splitting her pussy and completely disappearing. I fucked my wife with long deliberate strokes since I really wanted to let Chris get the majority of her attention tonight. Chris was moaning loudly in no time at all as he once again felt Amy's talented mouth wrapped around his shaft.

"Ohhhh... fuck her Jack! You're making her mouth vibrate around my cock! This beats last time! This is better!" Chris said excitedly.

I picked up my pace for a moment in order for Chris to really experience the effects of my cock as I fucked my moaning wife. Our bodies slapped together as I thrust rapidly into her tight puss while she slurped away at Chris's dick. In no time at all I felt my balls tighten and knew that I had better stop or I would cum inside my wife and I didn't want that yet. I let my cock pop from her snatch and crouched down in order to taste her soaking wet pussy while encouraging her to keep sucking my friend's cock.

"Suck his cock Hun, I want to see him cover your face with cum!" I prompted.

"I want to taste his cum! Will you cum in my mouth Chris?" she inquired after letting his cock escape her lips momentarily.

"I will...but I want to fuck you some more!" Chris requested as his manhood disappeared into her throat again. "Jack, I want to fuck your wife all night long!"

I decided that I wanted to see Amy riding Chris's rod so I moved out of the way and told my wife to climb up on the bed with Chris. She was well aware of what I wanted to see so she quickly straddled Chris and allowed his moist member to penetrate her once more. She started to vigorously bounce on his hard cock and I sensed from her moans that she would soon reach another climax. I was correct as Amy cried out when a very intense orgasm overwhelmed her and had her thrashing wildly on top of my friend while I filmed every minute of the action.

I waited for Amy to come down from her climax before hopping up onto the bed and standing next to her. She immediately wrapped her lips around my cock as she resumed riding Chris. Her pussy must have really loved the feel of my buddy's cock because her attention to my cock was intermittent at best. I was extremely grateful when Chris grabbed hold of her ass and held her in place so she could give me her full attention. Once she was still she began to give me the wettest and sloppiest blowjob I have ever received. Amy was rubbing my cock all over her face and even slapping it against her cheek in between taking me all the way into her mouth. I tried to hold the camera steady but the combination of a fantastic blowjob and attempting to stand on a hotel room bed made this task very difficult.

I managed to maintain my balance long enough to get some great footage of my slut wife sucking my cock while riding Chris's hard tool. I did finally climb down and Chris started to thrust into Amy's cunt yet again. He spanked her ass as it bounced on his cock creating a very loud smack each time he did so which I knew would sound great on our video. Amy soon grew tired of being on top and requested that Chris mount her and fuck her nice and hard. Of course Chris was quick to oblige and threw her down on the bed and slipped between her legs before slowly sliding his cock deep into her waiting pussy. He leaned down and drove his tongue into her open mouth and he tenderly worked his meat in and out of her snatch.

"I don't want you to be gentle! I want you to FUCK ME! Use me like I'm your little whore!" Amy blurted out as Chris picked up the tempo.

Chris took her direction well and began to pound her tight little puss extraordinarily hard. He grabbed hold of her legs and pinned them between their sweaty bodies which allowed his cock to reach the depths of her pussy. After only five or six hard deep thrusts Amy was on the verge of another climax.

"Oh Chris, I'm gonna cum again!" my wife screamed, "FUUUCCCKKK MEEEE!" She was groaning like I had never heard her before and was obviously loving Chris's cock more this time than last. "Fuck my whore pussy!" she demanded as her orgasm ripped through her body.

Apparently my wife's dirty mouth had gotten Chris so turned on that he pulled out and announced that he was going to cum as well. He pulled his cock from her pussy and moved up the bed toward her eager mouth which readily accepted his glistening member. She took his cock deep into her throat and tried to coax his cum from his shaft but Chris pulled away, stating that he wanted to fuck her some more.

"Then put that big cock back in my pussy!" Amy said, "Do you feel how wet you made me?"

Chris took his time knowing that if he went to fast he would cum before he wanted to. Apparently his earlier comment about wanting to fuck her all night was accurate because just as he started to build momentum he pulled out and collapsed onto the other bed informing us that he didn't want to cum yet. I took this as my chance to feel her used pussy once again and quickly moved into position between her legs before she had a chance to move. I very deliberately fed my cock into her slippery pussy, enjoying the feel of her well fucked hole, and handed Chris the camera so that he could capture me fucking my slut wife some more.

As I slowly fucked Amy, Chris had managed to calm down and now moved toward her face and dangled his cock over her mouth while filming me pumping in and out of her puss. Amy teased the head of Chris's cock as it hung above her mouth, flicking her tongue along the underside of his shaft, while he filmed my cock gliding between her labia. Viewing my cock disappearing into Amy and her talented tongue had Chris rock hard again instantly which encouraged my wife to increase her intensity in an attempt to cause Chris to explode in her mouth. She gobbled up his entire shaft again and her nose pressed firmly against his balls while her tongue worked its magic inside her mouth.

With Chris back at full mast all three of us seemed to want the same thing, for Chris to fuck Amy until he came. I reluctantly pulled out of her pussy and slid off the bed allowing Chris room to lay down. Amy wasted no time in straddling him and sitting down on his rod. The wetness of her slit was evident with each movement as audible sloshing noises filled the room along with their moans. My wife asked me to retrieve her favorite vibrator that she had in her suitcase which I quickly did so I wouldn't miss out on too much of the action. I handed it to her and she turned it on before placing it against her clit. Now, with Chris buried deep inside her puss and her very powerful vibrator pressed hard against her protruding clit Amy's moans drown out all of the other noises in the room. She began to roughly grind her pussy down on Chris's shaft as the initial signs of an impending orgasm became apparent. I focused the camera on her face as her mouth hung wide open and her eyes began to roll back and eventually close completely. Her moans soon turned to grunts as her bucking became more vigorous.

"Your cock fills me up so good! You're gonna make me.....cummmmm!" she cried out when her climax took control of her body. Her hips thrashed wildly and her breathing became erratic as what was obviously an extremely powerful orgasm shook her to the core.

"That was incredible!" Chris exclaimed, clearly astonished that my wife was even more exuberant than the last time we all got together. "I can't believe how wet your pussy gets when you cum!"

Amy had to climb off of Chris to recover from her most recent sexual peak which left his glistening and twitching cock exposed. I knew that he was ready to cum as well by the look in his eyes and he left my wife very little time to recover before mounting her and plunging his rod back into her drenched cunt. He lifted her legs up over his shoulders and started to thrust hard and rapidly into her sweet pussy.

"Can you feel how wet you made me? Now fuck me like the slut that I am and give me all of your cum!" she encouraged. "That's it, fuck my whore hole! I can't wait to taste your cum!"

He wasn't able to last very long after hearing this and withdrew his slippery cock before moving up to her face where her eager mouth sucked him deep. I watched as he flung his head back and let out a long, throaty groan when his cock began to erupt into Amy's mouth. She swallowed as quickly as she could but traces of his load began to escape from the corners of her mouth. He continued to spray her mouth until he collapsed on the bed next to her after what seemed like a never ending explosion. Not wanting any of his seed to go to waste, she licked her lips and swallowed one final time leaving no evidence of his massive eruption.

After witnessing my slut wife swallow another man's cum I was desperate for an orgasm of my own. I grabbed Amy's hips and turned her over so that she was on her hands and knees with her ass pointed to the ceiling. I took a quick moment to bend down and lap at her sloppy pussy a few times before easily pushing my pole into her well used pussy. She wasn't quite as tight as I had grown accustomed to over the years but that only added to the eroticism as I thought about how Chris and I had been sharing her for a few hours now.

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