tagLoving WivesAmy Gets Tag Teamed in Vegas

Amy Gets Tag Teamed in Vegas


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like.


Amy and I eloped to Vegas last year for a private wedding without the hassle of friends or family and had the time of our lives. We had never been to Vegas before and soon realized that it was a city where we could spend a lot of time and visit repeatedly. The first opportunity we had to return was nearly a year after our wedding and we decided to use this chance to celebrate our anniversary. We booked a spa suite at the Luxor for the occasion and were both excited about all of the possibilities that having a hot tub in our room provided. We arrived on a holiday Monday and were to leave the following Friday which gave us 4 days and nights to see what kind of trouble we could stir up.

Upon our arrival we went straight to the same bar that we visited on our first night during our last trip. The previous time that we were here Amy ended up getting finger fucked by my friend Matt, his wife Krissy and myself while sitting on a bar stool. She also flashed the bartender her bare ass and pussy just before we left which is probably why he claimed to remember us this time. We got reacquainted with the bartender while we downed a few drinks and planned out what we were going to do during our trip. Some of my coworkers had informed me about an outdoor bar that always had a live band playing and the best flare bartenders in the world so we agreed that this was a must see. We planned to check it out on the following night after doing some gambling and taking in some sun by the pool.

After what was a very relaxing afternoon and great dinner on Tuesday we headed up to our room to get prepared for our night out. Amy hopped in the shower first while I killed time flipping through the TV. channels until I found a sitcom to watch. I soon heard the water shut off and my wife exited the washroom a few moments later wearing nothing but a white towel. Her wet hair was stuck to her back and her entire body glistened in the light making her look even more sexy than normal. I thought about jumping her right then and there but I decided to hold off so that we wouldn't arrive at the bar too late. I got up to take my turn in the washroom but not before stealing a quick lick of Amy's sweet pussy. When I exited the bathroom Amy was sitting naked on the bed while finishing her hair before she moved on to her makeup.

We were both looking forward to what we hoped would be a wild and exciting night in sin city. Since it was the middle of summer and the temperature was around 100 degrees we both wore as little clothing as possible. I threw on a pair of shorts and a nice shirt while my wife decided on one of her favorite outfits. She wore a black and pink plaid skirt that barely covered her round ass and a tight fitting pink tank top which accentuated her ample breasts. We headed for the hotel lobby so we could catch a cab and finally make our way to the bar. I noticed that every guy's eyes were fixed on my sexy wife as she strolled through the busy hotel on our way outside. I could hardly blame them since she did look amazing with her beautiful blonde hair and not so innocent school girl outfit.

The bar we were going to was at the other end of the strip so it took us close to half an hour to get there but when we did we weren't disappointed. The first thing we noticed was that the bartenders were very talented and put on quite a show while still managing to serve everyone quickly. I grabbed us our drinks and we headed to find a table near the stage so we could check out the band who we were told would hit the stage shortly. The band that was playing that night(and every other night) was "The Crashers" and they were the best bar band I have ever seen. Not only did their set include all of the hard rock and classic rock songs that I love but they also played nearly every song that was requested. We found out the next night that they were actually originally from a town about an hour from where we lived which made them all the better.

We spent the next couple of hours downing numerous drinks and enjoying the great show that the band was putting on while we checked out the other people at the bar. Approximately midway through the night we ended up meeting some people around our age who were having just as much fun as we were. When the bar was closing they invited us to their hotel where a bunch of people had set up some nightly games of beer pong. A group of about ten of us staggered down the street and got to know one another along the way. I ended up spending most of my time chatting with a guy from Seattle named Jason and a very attractive woman named Kate from the Boston area. I remained a few steps behind Amy mainly because I was having some difficulty walking but also to watch as she was hit on by two or three of the guys that were with us. I gave her some space in hopes that she would accepts one of their advances and invite him back to our suite for some late night excitement.

Most of my wife's attention was given to a guy in a ridiculous baby blue tuxedo which didn't surprise me since she loves a man with a sense of humor. When we arrived at the other hotel and located the beer pong room Kate and I teamed up to take on Amy and her new friend Mark. While we were playing I noticed that Mark was casually touching Amy at every opportunity and she was very receptive. The two of them were whispering and giggling together throughout the entire time we were competing. At some point during the game Mark saw that the rest of his friends had left without him and he realized that he didn't have a key to get back into their room. It was just a coincidence that he was staying at the hotel next to ours so we offered him the couch for the night which he reluctantly accepted.

The three of us decided that we were done with beer pong so we collected our things and started for the exit. I don't really remember the cab ride back to the hotel but Amy has since informed me that it was during the trip that she found out that Mark was a fireman. She has always had a thing for firemen and claimed that this was the first time she thought about Mark sexually. We apparently reached our hotel and purchased some champagne glasses and cola from the 24 hour gift shop before heading up to our room. Amy and Mark got comfortable while I fixed us each a drink. I made Mark and I a rye and coke and poured my wife a glass of champagne that we had brought with us. The three of us sat and chatted about everything under the sun, including sex, while we quickly downed our drinks.

"Why don't you fill the hot tub so we can relax for a bit?" Amy requested.

"Sure, sounds like a good idea!" I agreed.

I began to fill the tub and then went to fix us all some fresh drinks since we had already downed our initial beverages. When I returned to the bed I found that Amy had inched closer to Mark and was openly flirting with him now. Mark seemed to be a little hesitant with me in the room so I decided that it would be an excellent time to visit the washroom. I handed them their drinks and left them alone for a few minutes while I was in the bathroom hoping that my wife would continue to tantalize him. I knew that Mark would soon be putty in her hands and was eager to see what my wife would do with her new playmate this evening.

I quietly exited the washroom and took a peek around the corner to see what was happening and I was pleased to find that Amy had already begun removing her clothes and was standing near the hot tub in only her skirt and bra. She was in the midst of trying to coax Mark into the tub when I came around the corner and started to strip down. When I was completely naked I climbed into the warm water and sat down facing the rest of the room. Once Mark saw that I was comfortable enough to take off my clothes in front of him he decided that he would as well. I looked on as he and Amy removed the remainder of their clothes and sat in the tub directly across from me.

It seemed that Mark was beginning to open up to Amy's advances as his hand was on her thigh and I could see him stroking her leg beneath the water. My wife had her arm around his broad shoulders and was fondling his muscular arm. I felt my cock start to stiffen as I watched my horny wife successfully attempt to seduce her fireman friend. She kept leaning into him each time she had something to say which caused her erect nipples to brush against his other arm. Every time I glanced under the water I could see that his hand had traveled higher up her leg and was now only inches from her bald pussy. Mark continued to feel concerned about touching my wife with me sitting right there and he kept looking in my direction as if he was seeking my approval. The next time he looked at me I gave him a slight nod, signaling that I was okay with what was happening.

Now that he was positive that I was into it he slid his hand until his fingertips grazed the outer lips of her pussy. Amy let out a quiet moan as he made first contact with her pink slit. She was in the midst of reaching for her glass of wine when he parted her pussy and flicked his finger against her sensitive clit. The pleasure his hand was giving her caused her to spill her glass of wine that was resting next to the hot tub. The bottle of wine was finished so she asked me to grab her a wine cooler and a glass of ice. I grabbed a cooler from the fridge and a glass as well before noticing that all of the remaining ice had melted. I informed them that I would have to go get some fresh ice while I pulled my shorts back on for my trip.

"Have fun you two!" I yelled as I exited our suite and went in search of an ice machine. I knew that Amy would take this as her cue to push the action a bit while I was away. I figured that the ice machine would be right around the corner but it turned out that I had to descend one floor in order to locate one. By the time I had filled the bucket and made my way back to our room I had probably been gone for about 15 minutes and was certain that I would find the two of then engaged in some sort of foreplay whether it was kissing or, if I was lucky, some oral sex. I quietly swiped my key card and opened the door.

When I entered the room the sight before me was amazing. My slut wife was bent over the edge of the hot tub and Mark was pounding into her tight little pussy from behind. In an instant my cock had grown to it's full potential as I watched my sexy wife get fucked doggy style by another man. I remembered to make Amy a drink before I made my way to the bed where I lay down to watch them go at it. My wife must have heard me climb onto the bed because she looked over her shoulder at me and flashed a sexy smile in my direction while being impaled by Mark's cock. I'm not sure if I had ever been more turned on than I was at that exact moment. I had seen Amy have sex with a few different guys but to walk into a room and see her like this was unbelievable.

Once Amy saw me watching her she became more dramatic, moaning louder and louder with each of Mark's thrusts. I instinctively slipped out of my shorts again and began slowly stroking my rock hard cock to the live action porn that was on display just a few feet away. The best thing about what I was viewing was that the female star was my slut wife and she knew exactly what I wanted to see. She reached down and cupped her swaying breasts while ordering Mark to smack her ass and fuck her hard, two demands which he gladly obeyed. It was quite clear that Amy was in control and was loving every minute of it!

When she was finally satisfied with the show she had put on for my enjoyment she stepped away from Mark allowing his fat cock to pop free of her pussy. With a very mischievous grin on her face she slowly made her way over to the bed and leaned over me. She asked me if I had liked the show and without allowing me time to respond she pressed her mouth to mine. Mark must have completely shed his inhibitions because while Amy and I were still locking in our kiss he moved behind her and slipped his cock back into her inviting puss. My wife moaned into my mouth as Mark's cock inched it's way into her canal until his balls slapped against her clit. He resumed his relentless pounding of her cunt while her tongue danced around in my mouth.

With each of Mark's thrusts Amy's mouth pressed harder against mine and her moans gradually increased in both frequency and volume. Amy and I parted lips and I quickly slid into position for her to take my cock in her mouth. Mark slowed his movements in order to allow Amy to work my cock all the way into her mouth as only she can do! With the head of my cock tickling the back of her throat she darted her tongue out and flicked it gently across my balls which sent shivers up my spine and caused my cock to twitch in her mouth. The three of us soon got into a rhythm where Mark would withdraw his dick and Amy would then take mine deep into her mouth while maintaining eye contact with me the entire time. It was so sexy to gaze into my wife's eyes while she was being fucked from behind by a guy we had just met and giving me, her husband, an amazing blowjob at the same time!

The only time that Amy released my shaft from her lips was when she came violently around Mark's cock. I was fortunate that she did since her whole body clenched, including her teeth, as she grunted her way through a splendid climax. Her pussy spasmed so intensely that Mark's cock was actually forced out of her tight little box and her juices began to trickle down her thigh. Never one to leave a pussy vacant for an extended period of time I pulled my wife onto the bed and on top of me. I kissed her gasping mouth deeply while she grabbed the base of my cock and lined it up with her slit. In one swift motion Amy lowered her body and my dick easily penetrated her slick cunt. I have always loved the sensation of fucking my lady's stretched out pussy and this time was as great as ever!

Mark allowed the two of us to enjoy a few moments of vigorous fucking before her stepped over to the bed and held his cock next to my wife's face. She didn't notice him right away due to the pleasure my cock was causing but once she did Amy immediately devoured his manhood while continuing to ride me. This gave me an incredible vantage point to watch my wife sucking another man's cock, I was directly beneath them and only a few inches away. Having plenty of experience with her lips wrapped around my dick I knew the amazing sensations she was giving Mark as the entire length of his shaft disappeared into her throat. Mark started to slowly thrust his hips in time with Amy's bobbing head until he was essentially fucking her mouth.

My wife settled down on my cock in order to give Mark's rod her full attention. She allowed Mark to use her mouth as he wished for a minute or two before taking control of the situation once again. She let him slip from her mouth and grasped his shaft in her hand. She slowly stroked his glistening cock while lowering her head and flicking her tongue across his balls. As good as her tongue and pumping fist must have felt an expression of disappointment flashed across Mark's face which made me realize that he must have been on the verge of cumming in her mouth when she changed things up.

"I think our new friend was about to fill your mouth with cum!" I relayed to my wife.

"I know he was, but I want to feel his cock inside me again before he does!" Amy confessed.

This sounded like a great idea to me since I was also close to cumming and a change of pace would help me to prolong the activities. I gave my wife a sharp smack across the ass, signaling her to lift off of my cock and let Mark get at her pussy. Amy's hand kept a steady rhythm while I slid up the bed until I was in position for her mouth to inhale my cock when she was ready. Mark walked around and climbed up onto the bed behind my wife and prepared to enter her tight slit from the back. Much to our surprise, Mark refrained from penetrating her long enough to drag his tongue along the crack of her round ass and rim her asshole for a moment or two.

Amy jumped forward in shock when she felt his tongue lapping at her ass which put her head directly above my upright cock. I placed my hand on the back of her head and gently pushed until my cock rested against her moist lips. She took my not so subtle hint and sucked me into her mouth while she moaned and thrust her ass in the air toward Mark's exploring tongue.

"You like having a cock in your mouth while your ass gets licked, don't you?" I asked my little slut.

"Mmmhmmph!" she replied as she took my cock all the way down. She paused the blowjob just long enough to plead for Mark's big cock. "I need your cock inside me now! Please fuck me!"

Mark granted her wish and plunged his pole into her slippery and open pussy with a loud grunt. He slammed into her so hard that Amy lurched forward as his pelvis met her ass, causing her face to mash against my stomach. With his next thrust, Mark sent my wife over the edge and into orgasmic bliss. Her whole body tensed once again as her pussy released another dose of cum all over Mark's prick.

"My God! Your pussy is so tight right now!" Mark exclaimed as he felt her contract around his pistoning shaft.

With her climax beginning to subside she, yet again, gobbled up my cock and sucked me off with increased enthusiasm. My wife was in sexual heaven as she was filled with cock at both ends and her screams announced that fact to the world! Only seconds after her orgasm faded her body was overcome with another, this one even more intense than the last. I could hear Mark's dick sloshing around in her cunt as her juices flooded her canal while he still pounded her pussy. Amy quit sucking my cock for a minute and just kind of rubbed it all over her face as her body vibrated uncontrollably. Mark finally relented a bit and slowed his movement, using long, deliberate strokes to enjoy the vice like grip her pussy has when she cums.

"Are you boys ready to cum yet?" she asked, while trying to catch her breath, knowing full well what our responses would be.

Mark withdrew his cock from her puss and walked back around the bed. As Mark was relocating himself I rolled Amy onto her side and, in a spoon position, entered her dripping snatch from behind. Mark apparently wanted to empty his load into my little slut's mouth because he briskly made his way toward her face and offered her his wet cock, which she hungrily devoured. While she went to town on Mark's dick I slowly fucked her worked in cunt and groped her tits from behind. Since I essentially had Amy pinned in place she couldn't really put her best effort into Mark's blowjob so he took the initiative and began to politely fuck her mouth again.

I figured Amy might be done cumming for the night but when I started to nibble on her neck and increase the tempo of my thrusts I quickly realized that I was wrong. Her pussy started to convulse and I could feel her warm juices begin to coat my shaft. I could hear her muffled moans get louder as the orgasm surged through her body and engulfed my cock.

"You are the best wife in the world!" I whispered in her ear while her climax raged on. "I want to see him cum in your mouth while I'm fucking your stretched out pussy!"

Hearing the dirty words that were coming out of my mouth prompted my wife to double her cock sucking effort and Mark was rapidly approaching the point of no return. His breathing had become shallow and he was grunting every time Amy even slightly moved. As Mark's excitement grew so did mine. I began kissing my wife's ear, cheek and neck while speeding up my thrusts into her drenched pussy. I tried to keep one eye on Mark and the other on Amy so I could watch both of their expressions when he ejaculated into her throat. I also wanted to attempt to fill her pussy with my cream at the same time that he filled her mouth. This was going to be easier said than done since I was already fighting back my eruption.

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