tagLoving WivesAmy is a Great Tipper!

Amy is a Great Tipper!


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. For those people who have a problem with the lifestyle that we lead, either quit reading stories that are posted on an erotic web site or keep your prudish, ignorant comments to yourselves. I hope the rest of you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like(Preferably regarding the story itself and not the choices that we have made in our lives!!!!).


My wife Amy and I have been married for just over a year but dated for nearly 10 years prior to tying the knot. I know it's rare for a guy to say so, but I have a better time when I'm with her than I do with anyone else. We get along famously and our sex life is out of this world. We found out early on in our relationship that we are both open to trying new things in the bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Amy initiated our first FFM threesome with a co-worker of hers just 6 months after we began dating and we never looked back! Ever since that fateful night we have continued to experiment with swapping, MMF threesomes and some occasional girl on girl action. The best part of all these wonderful experiences is that once they are through, Amy and I can't wait to be alone and often spend the next few days so turned on that we can't keep our hands off one another.

Our latest adventure was one of many that we hadn't anticipated or planned and the spontaneity made for an amazing night. Amy and I were watching some porn and having some drinks at home like we tend to do every so often which usually gets both of us all worked up and ready for just about anything. On this particular night we were both thinking the same thing...we want another woman to join us. We decided to try and get Amy's friend Heather to come over for a drink and some fun if she was available so my wife sent her a text message and got a positive reply almost immediately. No matter how many times we bring somebody new into our bedroom I always get butterflies in my stomach and this occasion was no different.

Amy and Heather exchanged a few texts over the next half hour and my wife was sure to make our intentions clear. Heather was definitely interested and stated that she'd be over within the next hour. I glanced at the clock and noted that it was nearly 1:00a.m. so we could expect her at around two. Heather asked if we could order a pizza or something since she was already out and hadn't eaten anything in a while, knowing that she would need some extra energy for our get together. I began flipping through the phone book in search of a pizza place that would deliver at this time of night and ordered a couple of pies. The operator said that it would take about 45 minutes for the food to arrive which would be perfect timing as far as we were concerned. Heather and the pizza should be arriving at approximately the same time which would allow more time for us to have some erotic fun.

Amy and I went back to watching our porn which appropriately happened to be filled with threesome scenes. It may have been fitting but watching the groups perform on the big screen television certainly didn't help the time pass at all. I looked at the clock after what seemed like an eternity and saw that a mere fifteen minutes had slowly ticked away. I could see that Amy was fidgeting in her seat so I knew she was as nervously excited as I was while her eyes were fixed to the steamy threesome we were watching. I broke our lengthy silence and brought up an event that had become somewhat customary when we have somebody join us.

"You always change into one of your hot outfits. Which one is it going to be tonight?" I questioned.

"I'm not sure. I'll have to take a look!" Amy replied before heading to the bedroom and rummaging through her lingerie drawer.

I couldn't wait to see what she had in store for Heather when she walked in. After a few minutes of waiting for Amy to return I was greeted with a stunning site. My wife exited the bedroom wearing her hot pink fishnet dress which left nothing to the imagination as it clung to her every curve. The erect nipples on her beautiful C cup breasts poked through the holes in the fishnet which made them appear longer than normal. As my gaze moved down her body I noticed that she had also come up with something special for this occasion. Protruding from between her luscious legs was an eight inch dick that was fastened to her leather strap-on harness. Her firm round ass and false cock swayed as she made her way back to the couch after fixing us each a fresh beverage.

"Do you think she's going to like my surprise?" Amy asked sexily as she sat next to me and pulled the blanket over herself, hiding her dick from view. "I know how much she likes anal so I figured we could double penetrate her!"

"I think she's gonna love it! And I have a feeling that I'm gonna have a pretty good time too!" I admitted.

We resumed watching our movie while we anxiously awaited the arrival of Heather. After about a half hour of silently passing the time Amy's phone began to vibrate which we assumed signaled that Heather was close. Amy read the message and her facial expression changed from nervously excited to disappointed in a flash as she browsed the text. It turned out that Heather had no means of transportation since her friends weren't willing to drop her off and she didn't have cab fare. I imagine that the disappointment was clearly visible on my face as well as my chance to have a full on threesome with two women for the first time in a few years was thwarted.

Just as my wife finished replying to Heather's text our phone rang and we realized that it was the pizza delivery guys buzzing into the building. I quickly switched the television to the lobby camera channel to make sure that it was indeed our food and saw that the delivery guy happened to be a young and relatively good looking guy. Out of the corner of my eye I could see my wife give him a nod of approval as I picked up the phone and granted him access to the building prior to retrieving some cash from my wallet. Amy's phone buzzed again as she continued her text conversation with Heather in a futile attempt to somehow get her to join us. I could see that she was getting more and more frustrated with each message so I decided to turn her attention away from her phone for a moment.

"Here you go!" I said, handing her the cash to pay for the pie, "Why don't you answer the door and give the pizza guy a thrill."

"I can't go to the door like this! I'm wearing a fucking strap-on!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah, I guess you're right. You should take off the strap-on, that might scare the poor guy away!" I joked.

"Very funny! At least with it on my pussy is covered!" she laughed, "It would be quite a surprise for the guy and a little last delivery bonus!" she stated, obviously contemplating the idea.

The idea of having Amy answer the door in only a fishnet dress that showed off every curve of her body to an unsuspecting stranger had my cock rapidly stiffening in my shorts. While I daydreamed about my sexy wife showing her stunning body to the delivery guy, and adjusted my now fully erect manhood, Amy stood and began to unfasten the strap-on harness. She had just discarded the plastic cock when there was a loud knock on the door which froze her in her tracks. We locked eyes as the moment of truth was at hand, waiting to see if she would take those few steps to the doorway.

"What the hell! Here goes nothing!" my wife blurted out after hesitating momentarily. She confidently strolled to the door and paused for a second before swinging it wide open. The pizza guy nearly dropped the pies when he saw what my sexy wife was wearing. "Hey there, what do I owe you?" Amy asked using her best porn starlet impression.

"Umm...err...ahh..." the flustered guy mumbled.

"Why don't you come in for a minute so the neighbors don't get a glimpse of me like this!" Amy suggested.

I joined them in the doorway and took the pizzas from the delivery guy who was transfixed on my wife's body. I took the pies to the kitchen which would permit my wife to execute her superior seduction techniques without causing the guy any undo awkwardness. I tried to take as long in the kitchen as I could without being too obvious and even managed to devour a slice and make myself a fresh drink while I let Amy do her thing. After a few minutes of unsuccessfully trying to hear what my wife was saying to the guy I decided to return to the living room. Before I could take two steps I was stopped by the sound of my wife's voice.

"Honey, can you make me another drink and also a rye and coke for my hot new friend!" Amy yelled.

I made them each a drink and returned to the living room to find them seated on the couch with a significant amount of room between them. I set the drinks on the coffee table in front of them and took a seat on the love seat where I could watch my wife seduce her potential playmate. Eric, the pizza guy, was still extremely nervous about the unusual situation he had been placed in and my arrival only seemed to make things worse. Amy slid closer to Eric and patted his thigh while trying to comfort him and urged him to down his drink. He quickly gulped down his rye & coke and shyly requested another which I was glad to make for him. As I retrieved his glass and stepped toward the kitchen I noticed that my wife's hand remained on his leg and she was gently stroking his thigh as they continued to get acquainted.

I again tried to take my time in the kitchen but there was only so much to do without making it obvious what I was up to. I could only manage to kill about five minutes but when I rejoined them it appeared as if I was gone just long enough. Amy had moved right next to Eric and now had her legs resting in his lap while her arm was around his shoulders. He was becoming more comfortable and his eyes never left her amazing body while she continued to flirt with him openly. They both seemed to forget that I was in the room for a moment as they were deep in conversation and their hands became more adventurous. Eric was lightly stroking my wife's thigh through the fishnet with one hand while his other was behind her back, presumably fondling her firm ass.

"I think he likes me! I can feel him poking my leg!" Amy laughed. She shifted her legs over a bit which created enough room for her to slide her free hand over his crotch and grasp the bulge that was clearly evident through his pants. She felt around for a minute, trying to gauge his size, as she leaned in and kissed his cheek and whispered something in his ear. Whatever she said to him got the desired reaction and his hands became more forceful. He grabbed her legs and spread her thighs apart before his hand made it's way up to her bald pussy. I watched as his fingers moved along her slit before two of them disappeared into her damp tunnel, causing her eyes to roll back into her head just before they firmly closed.

"It's about time you opened up a bit, I was beginning to think you didn't want me!" Amy teased.

"Of course I want you! It's just that this type of thing doesn't happen...ever!" Eric admitted as his fingers toyed with her pussy. "And it's a little awkward with your husband right here."

"Don't worry about him, this was his idea! He loves watching other guys have some fun with me!" my wife said with a wink.

As Amy enjoyed the feeling of a stranger fingering her pussy she fumbled with his belt and eventually managed to get his pants undone. She snaked her hand into his pants and found his hard cock which was straining to escape it's prison. I could see her eyes light up when she felt the thickness of Eric's dick and I knew we were in for a great night. I took a second to adjust my own hardened manhood while they moved around and continued to play. Amy slid away from Eric which forced his fingers to exit her pussy while she repositioned herself on the couch. Eric brought his glistening digits to his mouth and tasted my wife's sweet juices for the first time.

"Mmmm, you taste so good! I can't wait to try it directly from the source!" Eric hinted.

"Get over here and try me then!" Amy exclaimed as she lay back on the couch and separated her legs, exposing her moist pussy.

Eric quickly got on the floor in between her legs and dove in. His tongue, lips and fingers soon had my wife moaning loudly and writhing in her seat. I had seen her with a few different guys in the past but she seemed to be enjoying this one more than anyone else. I'm not sure whether it was his technique or the situation, probably a combination of both, but she was really having a good time. Within seconds of his mouth finding her pussy she was grabbing his head and pulling him tightly against her mound as her first climax of the night caused her entire body to stiffen. She held him in place as her orgasm continued to send shock waves through her body and released his head only when it had surpassed.

"You have the sweetest pussy I've ever tasted!" Eric beamed as he tried to catch his breath. His whole face was covered with her juices and he used his tongue to lick up as much of her cum as he could reach.

When Amy had recovered from her orgasm she rose to her feet and helped Eric up as well. She slowly lowered his pants and boxers until they bunched around his ankles, leaving his hard cock jutting from his body. She wrapped her tiny fingers around his thick shaft and stroked his cock for a moment prior to dropping to her knees in front of him. With one swift motion she opened her mouth and took his entire cock deep into her throat while cupping his balls in her hand. I know from experience that my wife has a very talented mouth so I knew how amazing Eric was feeling right now. She has the ability to deep throat a cock perfectly but that isn't where it ends. Even with a mouthful of cock she can swirl her tongue around and even press it past her lips to lick your balls and this is exactly what she was doing to the incredibly lucky pizza guy.

"Oh my God!" Eric grunted, "Your mouth is amazing!"

Eric's knees started to tremble from the intense pleasure so Amy released his cock and gave him a firm push which caused him to fall back onto the couch where she could continue to suck him off. She maneuvered herself between his legs and once again wrapped her fist around his shaft. My wife slowly stroked his moist cock while lowering her head and bathing his balls with her tongue. I could see his cock jump in her hand each time she licked his sack and he moaned continuously, obviously loving my wife's attention. When she was finished tonguing his boys she flattened out her tongue and licked him from balls to tip before inhaling his cock again. Eric's head flung back as Amy bobbed up and down on his cock aggressively for the next few minutes.

"I need your cock in me now!" Amy demanded as Eric's cock escaped her mouth with an audible pop.

"It would be my pleasure!" Eric replied excitedly. "I hope your pussy feels as good as it tastes!" he added, laying back and waiting to be mounted by my wife.

Amy climbed up into Eric's lap and grasped his slick shaft, lining it up with the entrance to her canal. She looked over her shoulder at me as she slowly impaled herself on his cock. My own cock twitched in my pants as her facial expression changed to one of complete and utter bliss when Eric's thickness sunk deeper into her tight little puss. Our eyes remained locked until she had managed to take Eric's entire dick in her pussy. She turned her attention back to the pizza guy and began to slowly rotate her hips as her slit became accustomed to his girth. Eric must have been aware that his cock was thicker than average because he politely remained still while she took her time getting used to having him inside her.

"Your pussy is the tightest I've ever felt!" Eric admitted as my wife's walls clamped down around his pole.

"It might not be for long!" Amy remarked, more for my benefit than his. She knew full well how much I loved feeling her pussy after she has been fucked by either another guy or her fat rubber dildo. It was clear to me that she was thoroughly enjoying having me present to watch her seduce and eventually fuck the unsuspecting delivery guy. "You're really stretching my little puss!"

Once her pussy was finally used to Eric's size Amy started to lift her body about half way up Eric's shaft before cautiously lowering herself again. Her pussy is very tight around my average sized cock so I can only imagine how tight she felt to Eric. My wife was slowly beginning to move more and more with each deep stroke of the pizza guy's cock as she groaned loudly each time his rod fully penetrated her. After a minute or two of slowly feeling Eric's fat dick inside her she began to really ride him and looked to be in complete ecstasy. I watched her eyes roll back into her head as she bounced on Eric's lap and I knew that she would soon be cumming violently.

"Pull that beautiful cock of yours out so I can watch you stroke it while I fuck him!" Amy ordered me. "I want to see how excited you get from watching me!"

I quickly undid my belt and fumbled to get my pants off while trying not to take my eyes off of my naughty wife and her new friend. When I finally got my pants down around my ankles I grasped my cock and started to pump my fist up and down, careful not to make myself cum before I got to feel Amy's pussy. Her eyes were focused on me while she slammed herself down on Eric's shaft repeatedly. I was incredibly erotic to have my wife watch me jerk off while she was fucking another man only a few feet away. It took everything I had to stop myself from cumming right then and there.

Amy once again turned her full attention back to Eric and began to ride his cock wildly, their bodies smacking together loudly, until she was on the verge of climax. "That's it, make me cum with your big cock!" she screamed as her orgasm took control. Her body tensed and unleashed an incredibly loud and wet orgasm all over Eric. Her spasming pussy spat out Eric's rod and proceeded to coat his abdomen, cock and balls with her erupting juices. Her upper body was jerking about and her legs were trembling so much that she was unable to maintain her balance. It was a good thing that Eric had a tight hold on her hips or it looked like she would've fallen off the couch as the climax ravaged her body.

"Oh my God! You squirted all over me!" Eric beamed, once her orgasm had subsided, "I've never had a woman do that before...it was amazing!"

"I was going to tell you but I wanted to surprise you!" Amanda laughed. "I wish I could have seen the look on your face but I couldn't manage to keep my eyes open. You can't imagine how incredible that feels!"

"He looked pretty shocked to me!" I informed my wife. "And you looked so hot!"

"Did you enjoy the show?" Amy asked me.

"I sure did but I hope you're not finished yet. I think you should relieve your new friend, he looks like he needs it after all that!" I suggested.

"Mmmm, that sounds like fun to me!" Amy admitted, "Eric, why don't you bend me over and fuck me from behind?"

Eric responded simply by standing up and twisting my wife around until she was facing the back of the couch. He placed his hand on the small of her back and urged her to bend over so he could begin fucking her. She eagerly bent at the waist and exposed her pussy which glistened in the light from her earlier orgasm and was a bright shade of pink. Eric stepped behind Amy and aimed his rigid tool at the open entrance to her puss before sliding it all the way in with one long and deep stroke. She gasped as she once again felt his thick shaft invade her canal and his balls nestle against her engorged clit. He grabbed hold of her ass with both hands and began to deeply fuck my wife's pussy, his pelvis smacking into her round ass with each thrust.

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