Amy is a Great Tipper!


"Ugghh, pound me with that big cock! Fuck my married pussy!" Amy wailed.

I was continuously on the verge of cumming myself as the pizza delivery guy hammered into my slut wife's pussy while I watched in awe. I had never seen her take a large cock with such ease and I couldn't wait to feel just how much he had stretched her out, the thought of which had my cock twitching uncontrollably. Grunts, groans and heavy breathing filled the room as Eric screwed Amy for quite a bit longer than I had expected. I was shocked that he was able to last as long as he did since I knew all too well how firmly her cunt hugs a hard cock. For the first time in our adventurous marriage I actually found myself feeling slightly jealous, not from the size of his cock or impressive stamina but by the fact that I desperately needed to cum and he was taking his time with my wife.

"I want to watch you cum all over her!" I pleaded, hoping that he would speed up the proceedings so I could slip into Amy's well fucked slit.

My urging had its desired effect because after only a few more deep and hard thrusts Eric withdrew his dick and immediately spun Amy around so she was now facing him directly with her ass on the edge of the couch. My wife eagerly sucked him into her mouth once more and hungrily tried to coax his load from his cock. I couldn't stay away any longer and took the opportunity to dive between her thighs and devour her juicy puss while she prepared to take Eric's load. Eating my wife's freshly fucked pussy was an extremely strange, yet erotic, experience especially since the cock that was recently inside her was about to coat her with jizz.

With my face buried between Amy's legs I couldn't see exactly what was happening above me but from Eric's erratic breathing and my wife's moaning I could tell that he was nearly ready. When I heard Amy release his cock from her mouth I knew that he was going to cum so I raised my head just enough to watch him explode all over my sexy wife. Eric flung his head back and finally succumb to Amy's infinite talents as his cock spewed massive amounts of cum onto her upper body and face. The force with which his cock erupted seemed as if it would be enough to send him flying across the room. At this point I decided to move out the way so that I wouldn't get sprayed with any errant cum as it splashed off her tits and stomach.

"You look so fucking sexy right now!" I complimented my wife. "I want to fuck you so bad but I think I'll cum the second I touch you!"

"That's okay with me. I think Eric used up my pussy anyway!" Amy laughed as she casually rubbed his load into her tits. "But I would sure love to feel you cum all over me like Eric did!"

"If my little slut wants more cum, then that's what she'll get!" I exclaimed before positioning myself between her legs. "But I have to feel that pussy first!"

Having just watched her get fucked by the pizza delivery guy and the anticipation of feeling her pussy immediately afterward had my cock harder than ever before and ready to burst. I slapped my cock against her swollen clit, which garnered a yelp from Amy, and then fed my entire length into her open pussy with a quick, hard thrust. Her normally tight pussy had been significantly stretched by Eric's thick rod and it felt absolutely fantastic as my cock easily slid back and forth. I was careful not to move too quickly since I was aware that I stood no chance of lasting if I didn't so mostly just remained still and savored my wife's used pussy.

Eric had collapsed in a heap on the couch next to Amy and continued to fondle her cum covered tits and leaned in to share a final kiss before I emptied my load all over her body. He looked completely satisfied and exhausted yet his manhood remained fully erect. As their tongues met, my wife reached over and wrapped her fist around his shaft and proceeded to gently glide her hand up and down his rigid pole as my cock reached its boiling point.

When Amy felt me withdraw my cock she abruptly ended her kiss with Eric and grabbed hold of my cock while still pumping him with her other hand. The instant her soft hand touched my cock I erupted and began to spray her whole body with my seed. The first blast actually hit her in the chin with numerous others landing on her tits and stomach. I came harder than ever before and my cock seemed to have a never ending supply of cum as stream after stream painted my oversexed wife. She used her hand to milk every last drop from my shaft with the last remnants dribbling onto her fingers which she brought to her mouth and cleaned thoroughly.

The site of my wife covered in two huge loads of cum and the sensation of her hand on his cock was enough to send Eric over the edge once again. His prick jumped as another load of spunk spewed from the tip and into Amy's hand. She stroked his cock until his orgasm subsided and then proceeded to lick that hand clean as well. Amy slumped back on the couch, cum dripping from her body, and I dropped to the floor at her feet. I could tell that a wide smile had formed on my face as I daydreamed about what had just happened in our living room while trying to recover. Eric had an ear to ear grin spread across his face, obviously still in disbelief about what had occurred during an everyday pizza delivery.

"Oh shit! I gotta go!" Eric blurted after looking at the time and seeing that it was nearly 5 a.m.

Eric hurriedly gathered his clothes, got dressed and thanked us for a fantastic time before heading out the front door for what was probably the first and last time. Amy and I each lit a cigarette and caught our breathe before retiring to the bedroom for a little one on one time before the night was through. We enjoyed a slow sensual fuck and I ended up cumming in her mouth, she swallowed down my final load of the evening. Both of us, fully depleted of energy, lay down and nestled close to each other. My wife lay on her side and I snuggled up behind her with my deflated cock resting between her ass cheeks.

"You were so sexy tonight! We'll have to do that again sometime soon!" I said.

"We sure will! I had a blast...well, actually four blasts! Amy laughed.

"Maybe next time we order a pizza it will be a hot delivery girl for me to play with!" I hoped.

"That would be a lot of fun too! But it's not very likely!" Amy said sleepily. "Good night sweetie, I love you!"

"Great night! I love you too!"

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by patillie05/31/17

Silly & immature story telling

Like something a 14 yr old might write-dont believe for a second you are real swingers-they are doers not talkers

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