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Amy Is My Final Wager


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. Names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. For those people who have a problem with the lifestyle that we lead, either quit reading stories that are posted on an erotic web site or keep your prudish, ignorant comments to yourselves. I hope the rest of you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a comment if you like(Preferably regarding the story itself and not the choices that we have made in our lives!!!!).


My wife Amy and I have been married for just over a year but dated for nearly 10 years prior to tying the knot. I know it's rare for a guy to say so, but I have a better time when I'm with her than I do with anyone else. We get along famously and our sex life is out of this world. We found out early on in our relationship that we are both open to trying new things in the bedroom, or any other room for that matter. Amy initiated our first FFM threesome with a co-worker of hers just 6 months after we began dating and we never looked back! Ever since that fateful night we have continued to experiment with swapping, MMF threesomes and some occasional girl on girl action. The best part of all these wonderful experiences is that once they are through, Amy and I can't wait to be alone and often spend the next few days so turned on that we can't keep our hands off one another.

Our latest adventure took place on the night that Amy and I hosted my monthly poker game. Now I know what you're thinking, I am about to lose my wife in a hand that I was certain to win. If that is what you had in mind then you'd be wrong...well, kind of wrong anyway. That is somewhat how it started but there is a slight twist to the average story about this kind of wager. A bunch of the guys were over at our place to play some poker and have a few drinks after work one night and as usual Amy was being the perfect hostess. She was always offering to refill our drinks and retrieve anything else we needed as well as keeping the guys company when they we knocked out of the game. My wife is a very flirtatious woman and most of the fellas were aware of this before hand but there were a couple of them that seemed uncomfortable when she became too friendly.

Trent, one of my supervisors at work, was amongst the guys that knew how open and wild Amy could be and he seemed to be taking advantage of this every chance he got. Trent isn't much of a poker player so he was often the first guy eliminated which had him spending a fair share of time with Amy and consuming more alcohol than the rest of us who still had to concentrate on playing decent poker. At one point I noticed that Trent and Amy had disappeared for quite a while and I figured that they had just gone outside for a smoke. My assumption was partially correct, they were outside but I'm not certain what they were doing. When I saw them return Trent had a huge grin on his face and Amy was adjusting her shirt which seemed to be all twisted and bunched up. I guessed that Trent had convinced Amy to show him her tits which she was probably more than happy to do.

As midnight approached most of the gang had had enough poker and were ready to call it a night. One at a time, each of the guys thanked both Amy and I for having them over, said their goodbyes and left for home. Trent had wanted to leave as well but we thought that he was a little too drunk to drive home so we suggested that he either spend the night at our place or at least wait until he sobered up a bit before driving. He started to put up a bit of a fight but Amy refused to let him leave. I thought that playing another game of poker and allowing Trent the opportunity to win back some of his money would distract him for a while as the effects of the booze wore off.

The three of us sat at the table and began playing with Trent winning the first game in just a few hands. I guess that Amy and I had drank a little too much as well because concentrating on cards seemed to be the furthest thing from our minds and we each made some really stupid bets. We decided to play another game since the first one only lasted about 15 minutes and we upped the ante so Trent had the chance to at least break even for the night. As we played I noticed that Trent and Amy kept sharing mischievous glances with one another so I figured it was the right time to find out what the two of them were up to when they were outside earlier.

"So, I saw that your shirt was out of place when you came back inside earlier. What were you two up to?" I asked Amy.

"Oh...not much really. Trent was checking out my tits and I asked if he wanted a better look!" Amy replied with a smile.

"It wasn't my idea!" Trent insisted, obviously nervous about the entire situation.

"So what are you saying Trent, that it wasn't your idea to check out my wife or it wasn't your idea for her to reveal her tits?" I questioned, in an attempt to make Trent even more uncomfortable.

"Uh...er...well..." Trent stammered.

"Knock it off Jack! You know that you love it when I show off my body!" Amy interrupted.

"Really? What?" Trent questioned.

"Yeah Trent, I was just fucking with you! I don't mind that you saw her tits at all!" I admitted. "As a matter of fact, why don't you do us both a favor and pull them out now?" I suggested to my wife.

"I would love to! This bra had been driving me nuts all evening!" Amy beamed.

My wife rose from her seat and in the blink of an eye was topless and seated back at the table as if nothing had changed. She told me to deal the cards so we could finish our game while she nonchalantly stroked her bare breasts. Trent was unable to tear his eyes from Amy's beautiful tits which rested just above the edge of the table. My wife's nipples were quite erect which indicated that she was somewhat turned on by her present situation. She loves teasing other guys and she was probably loving the fact that a co-worker of mine was sitting across the table from her while her upper body was completely exposed. I was trying to keep a close eye on the two of them to see if there was a chance of this proceeding any further.

We did eventually continue our poker game and Amy ended up being the first one eliminated which was kind of surprising since it was us guys who should have been preoccupied. With all of her chips gone my wife excused herself to visit the washroom which left me some time to gauge how Trent was feeling about what was happening. As Amy strolled away I saw that Trent never took his eyes off of her and I decided to make a proposal. Trent had won most of Amy's chips and some of mine which left him with a definitive advantage if we were to continue. My idea was to play one final hand for all of the money but since Trent had such a lead I would have to wager something else. I waited for Amy to return before making my suggestion which would ultimately impact both of them.

"I'm sick of playing poker! Why don't we play one last hand...winner takes all!" I offered.

"No way! I've got you beat!" Trent exclaimed.

"Well, what if I risk something much better than cash?" I continued, glancing at Amy. She knew where this was headed and offered no resistance whatsoever. I had known for quite some time that my wife found Trent attractive and she had even mentioned that if I brought him home one night that she'd let him fuck her. "If I win, I get all of the money and we call it a night. If you win, you get the rest of what I've got in front of me plus my sexy wife will suck your cock!"

"Deal!" Trent said immediately.

"That sounds like a bet!" Amy chimed in.

Amy agreed to deal the cards and I was glad to see that I had been given a pair of tens, a great hand in heads up poker. I took a peak to see what Trent had and laughed when I saw his two of spades and four of clubs. There was no way I was going to lose now and was looking forward to spending Trent's money. Amy hesitated for a moment before flipping over the first three cards which didn't help either of us, Ace, nine and seven. The next card that came offered Trent a glimmer of hope as the four of diamonds hit the table giving him a small pair. I was still very confident with one card to come considering that there were only five cards left that would give Trent the victory. My wife slowly slid the last card onto the table, face down, building the suspense as we all anxiously awaited the outcome of our significant wager.

"Are you guys ready?" Amy asked.

"Yeah, just turn it over already!" Trent insisted.

He must have had a horseshoe up his ass because the final card was the two of hearts which gave him two pair. I couldn't believe that he had turned his crappy hand into a winner. I was kind of hoping to watch Amy suck his dick so I can't say that I was too disappointed but I hate losing in any case. Trent jumped to his feet and shouted at the top of his lungs! He was obviously dying to get a chance to feel my wife's mouth on him and he was about to have his wish granted. Amy certainly wasn't against the whole idea as she calmly stood up, took Trent by the hand and led him over to the couch where she dropped to her knees and began to unbuckle his belt. It was evident that Trent was extremely excited concerning what he was about to experience by the large bulge that had formed in the front of his pants.

"Come over here and have a seat. I want you to watch me suck his cock!" Amy demanded as she fiddled with the zipper of Trent's pants.

I quickly made my way over to the couch and took a seat just inches away from where the action was taking place. I watched intently as Amy finished undoing Trent's jeans and let them fall to the floor. Judging by the sizeable tent that Trent was sporting it seemed that his cock was going to quite large which only managed to turn me on more. I absolutely love the thought of watching my wife take on a cock that was significantly larger than mine. She began to caress his member through his boxers before removing them as well. I could tell from her expression that she was hungry for some hard cock which gave me another idea for a bet, this time it was one that I really intended on winning. Amy was slowly stroking Trent's cock when I interrupted with my brilliant idea.

"I have another wager for Trent if he's interested." I stated.

"There's nothing you could bet that would persuade me to stop this from happening!" Trent remarked.

"That's good. What I have in mind is more of an addition to our last wager!" I explained. "As you're about to find out, my wife is the best cocksucker around!"

"You better believe it!" Amy added.

"So if you can manage to NOT cum in the first five minutes...you get to fuck her! If she makes you cum then I get all of the cash you have!" I offered.

"Hmmm, now that's an intriguing bet!" Amy agreed as we waited for Trent's response.

"It's a deal!" Trent blurted out.

"Okay then! Have a seat and we'll start the clock!" Amy ordered.

Trent sat down next to me on the couch while I set the timer on my watch and my wife scooted between his legs on the floor. The second that Amy's mouth made contact with Trent's cock I started the timer. My wife must have really wanted to prove something because she absolutely devoured his entire shaft immediately. Trent threw his head back in complete ecstasy as Amy's talented mouth worked its magic. She took his entire length into her throat and used her tongue to caress his balls when they were within reach which had Trent moaning loudly. There was no way that he was going to last a full five minutes! I snuck a peak at my watch and saw that there were two minutes remaining and it looked like Trent was already fighting back his orgasm. Victory was within my grasp!

Just when I thought I was going to win, Amy allowed Trent's dick to spring from her mouth and proceeded to just sit there and slowly stroke his slippery shaft as the remaining 30 seconds ticked away. She looked over at me with a lustful glimmer in her eyes and I quickly became aware of what she was up to. She wanted to fuck Trent and this was her chance. Trent sat in shock when he realized what was about to happen and I couldn't help but smile at my slut wife's strategic move. Amy took Trent's cock into her mouth one final time, just as the timer on my watch started to beep, before standing up and proudly slipping out of the rest of her clothing.

"Looks like you won the bet Trent!" she said sexily. "Now you get to fuck me!"

My wife bent over in front of us and inched her pants down, exposing her shaved pussy and round ass. Trent took a moment to look in my direction in search of approval, obviously somewhat nervous about fucking my wife while I sat next to them. I just shrugged my shoulders as if to say I have no control over what takes place. I had seen Amy have sex with a few other guys during our wild relationship but I had always been involved. It was going to be a very different situation this time as I was going to be simply a voyeur while my wife took a foreign cock into her pussy. I must admit that I was extremely aroused at the thought of watching how she behaves when I am not involved. I had to reach down and adjust my cock as it strained against my suddenly very uncomfortable jeans.

Amy remained bent over in front of Trent and reached between her legs to play with her pussy. From where I sat I could see how moist her pussy was and I knew that Trent was going to really enjoy this. I could also see that Trent's hand had drifted down to his cock, which he was casually stroking, as he watched my wife masturbate just a few inches from his face. Amy plunged two fingers into her wet slit before turning around and offering them to Trent. He eagerly sucked the fingers into his mouth and tasted my wife's juices for the first time. With her fingers still in his mouth, Amy climbed into Trent's lap which forced his cock against his stomach while her pussy lips hugged it from the other side. She began to slowly grind her hips against his body which, undoubtedly, caused his rod to slide back and forth between her damp lips. She withdrew her fingers from his mouth and pulled his head toward her tits as she continued to tease his cock. Trent attacked her breasts with his mouth as his hands reached around her back and roughly massaged her firm ass.

Amy stopped moving for a moment as Trent continued to explore her body. She looked over at me and reached between their bodies, apparently taking hold of Trent's cock and aligning it with the entrance to her pussy. It was incredibly erotic to watch her eyes flutter as she slowly sank down onto my friend's large cock while I sat nearby and stroked the bulge that had formed in my own pants. Amy and Trent both let out a sigh of sexual relief as his cock slipped into her tight pussy. My wife only came to rest when Trent's entire eight inch dick was completely buried inside her. She remained still for a moment as her pussy expanded to accommodate Trent's long and very thick rod. Her pussy is incredibly tight around my cock so I can imagine how great she felt to Trent.

Amy reached up, grabbed a handful of Trent's hair and tilted his head back before bringing her lips to his in an extremely passionate kiss. While their tongues lustfully danced, my wife began to cautiously rotate her hips which caused Trent's manhood to stir her juices around inside her puss. I could tell by the low moans that she was making that Amy was loving the sensation of having her pussy stretched while her husband sat and watched the whole scene unfold. I have to admit that merely being a bystander was very difficult, I wanted to tear my clothes off and feel her magnificent pussy for myself more than you can imagine. I also considered grabbing our video camera so that we could relive this night anytime we wanted but I wasn't certain that Trent would agree so I pushed that thought out of my head.

I returned my full attention to the erotic display unfolding next to me and saw that my wife was now increasing her tempo as she slowly moved up and down on Trent's cock. The intense look in her eyes told me that my wife was enjoying this as much, if not more than I was. She raised herself until only the tip of Trent's cock remained inside her and then slowly sank down until his full length had disappeared again. Rob seemed to have forgotten that I was in the room as he was totally focused on my wife and her incredible body. His hands roamed freely over her entire body, with some added attention to her soft tits and firm round ass. Trent cupped his hands under the cheeks of Amy's ass and started to assist her in bouncing on his shaft. Within no time at all Trent had my wife violently jumping up and down on his dick as she moaned uncontrollably.

"Fuck me with that big cock! Pound my little pussy while Jack watches!" Amy screamed.

Hearing my wife announce how good another man felt inside her was a huge turn on for me and I was forced to adjust my stiff cock once again. Now that I was comfortable and extremely aroused I allowed my hand to gently stroke my dick through my pants as my wife wildly rode my friend. Trent's hands were still firmly planted on Amy's ass which was bouncing along with the rest of her body and occasionally he would give her a sharp spank. By this point in time they both seemed to have forgot that I was still there as they were now completely consumed with lust. It was evident that they had both wanted to fuck each other for a while now and they were ecstatic to finally get the opportunity. I have watched my wife with a few different men before but I had never seen her this enthralled with a foreign cock. She was fucking Trent with an intensity that she usually reserves only for me.

"That's it! Ride me 'til you cum!" Trent urged, "Show your husband how much you like my cock!"

"You feel so good! I'm gonna cum all over you Trent!" Amy grunted as she slammed down on his cock repeatedly.

My wife usually isn't very comfortable with dirty talk so I knew she was really caught up in the moment when she began screaming for Trent to stretch her tight pussy. I could tell from her moans and the look on her face that she was very close to cumming and it even looked like she had a surprise in store for Trent. I had never had a third person view to watch my wife's pussy squirt but it appeared that I was about to get the chance. Trent's large cock was clearly stimulating her g-spot as I could hear her juices sloshing around each time she slammed down on his rod. Amy leaned back as far as she could which increased her pleasure and soon had her screaming out the arrival of her first climax of the night.

"Oh my God! Here it comes!" she wailed as her pussy ejected Trent's cock and began to squirt stream after stream of cum into the air. I could see her pussy contract as it sprayed her juices at least five feet across the room. My wife's orgasm was so violent that she seemed to lose control of her body as she spasmed wildly, finally coming to rest in a heap next to Trent.

"That was amazing! I've never seen anything like that in my life!" Trent exclaimed. "I need to fuck you some more. I bet you are so wet!"

Trent grabbed hold of Amy's legs and spun her around until she was leaning back on the couch with her ass resting on the edge. Trent kneeled down in between her slick thighs and easily plunged his dick back into her cunt. When he pulled back I could see her cum glistening on his cock until he slammed into my wife again. My friend began to fuck my wife extremely hard and fast and they were soon loudly moaning in unison. I knew that Amy rarely squirts only once so I figured that she had at least one more messy climax in store for us. Before she squirted again I quickly slipped out of my pants, took my rock hard cock in my hand, and started jerking off to my slut wife and the erotic show she was putting on. I had just pumped my fist a few times when I heard Amy cry out again.

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