tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmy Lives Out Her Fantasies...

Amy Lives Out Her Fantasies...


My life changed forever January 18, 2007. I came home home from meeting with clients; Amy was shopping with her friend Nina.

I felt horny and visited my usual favorite porn websites. I hadn't been on Literotica in some time so I checked out the hot new stories. I checked those submitted over the previous couple of weeks... the familiar words jumped off the page: "Amy Finally Lives Out Her Fantasies". My first thought was that a glitch was showing this as a new story when in fact it had been months since I submitted the last installment. Then I realized this was Chapter 3. I never wrote a Chapter 3! The subheading, "A Surprise for Kyle" hit me like a Mike Tyson uppercut. I sat there staring at the title, afraid of opening it.

Had hackers gotten into my profile? Only my new friend Dave knew my real identity, but as a married man himself who kept many secrets from his wife, I felt comfortable it couldn't have been him. He had just as much to lose as I did. Additionally, he had just spent a couple of nights in my home. He was a fan of my stories, there was no way he could of sabotaged my work by writing another installment to my story, could he? And if he did, what would his motivation be? I was certain Dave was not the guilty party. And at as I read, I began to wish he had been.

I reluctantly opened the story, the devastation struck quickly, in the first two paragraphs in fact:

Amazing the things one finds when on their significant other's computer.

Benjamin -- or should I call you "Kyle"? -- you really should be more careful with hidden files, cookies and predictable passwords.

"Significant other"? Amy? No! My real name... It couldn't be...

You, along with anyone who reads this story (including you Dave), are reading this written by me, your lovely bride Amy, who unbeknownst to you found some interesting stuff on your laptop a couple of weeks ago.

I was sweating, felt nauseas and wanted to cry. I continued reading:

You'll be shocked and ashamed to read my note, telling you that your secret life has been exposed, that your hidden world has come crashing down. Your worst fear is probably to have someone read your desires and know exactly who the author truly is. You can't hide your alter ego from me anymore "Kyle"; I know exactly who you are.

I was helpless. I was scared. For the first time in my life, I wanted to die. I read the way Amy tricked Dave and I. The way she set up a video camera to capture what we did while she was out. How she had plans for me. I read it all again. And again. And again.

I had no choice but to do as she demanded, but I feared what was to come.

I never knew how much you yearned for a real cock in your mouth and ass. This knowledge gives me some interesting ideas, but I'll get to those when we discuss all of this.

What did Amy mean by that?

Dave looked over at you and my hope was that the two of you were about to do stuff to each other, but sadly you kept your distances.

"Stuff"? What kind of stuff? I enjoy anal play, I have developed a curiosity over shemales, but I truly have no desire to be with a man. She wanted to see that? She hoped for it?

I noticed out the corner of my eye her car approaching the house. We live in a small cul de sac, so I can see every vehicle enter when I'm at my desk by the window which has saved me from getting caught in awkward situations countless times.

She entered the house, but I could not move from the desk. I could not take my eyes off the screen, not until she came into the room and saw what I was reading.

I looked into her eyes and crumbled, dropping to my knees. "Amy, I'm so sorry. I read your note."

She displayed a smile unlike any I have ever seen from her. It was wicked, evil in fact. It was terrifying.

"I want you to know Amy that I have never been unfaithful to you, it was just story-telling, complete fiction," I pleaded.

Her expression turned into a cold, serious look of disgust. "I want Dave here as soon as possible. Invite him now to visit us again."

I sat there slumped on the floor as she left the room. It was at least 10 minutes before I finally stood up and made my way to the phone.

I called Dave and asked him if he had read Literotica lately, to which he said he hadn't. I explained to him what's happened. His silence indicated he was struggling with this as well. Finally, he spoke up and tried to distance himself. "Sorry dude, I can't help you. You're on your own, it was nice knowing..." before he could finish, Amy cut him off, as it turned out she was listening in on our conversation from another phone the entire time.

"Dave..." she said his name, including his surname, which she should have had no way of knowing. She then named his wife and asked if he thought she'd like to know what he's been up to? She read aloud his home phone number, then his office number, asking what his colleagues and employers would think of her video. Dave didn't say a word. Turns out Amy went through his wallet while he was over and found out all his key details.

"So when will we see you, Dave?" she asked.

"I'll be there tomorrow," he said meekly, before hanging up.

As the afternoon turned into evening, as evening turned into morning and morning into the next afternoon, Amy still hadn't said a word to me, for which I was grateful. I still was numb from what was happening and wasn't ready to discuss anything anyhow. She slept in bed and I stayed on the sofa.

Dave would be by in a few hours. Amy left without telling me where she was going or when she'd be back. She retuned with a few black, unmarked bags. I had no idea where she shopped or what she bought. She went to our room and I didn't see her again until after Dave arrived.

When I answered the doorbell, Dave looked pale, as I no doubt did as well. All I could say was, "I'm sorry you've gotten caught up in this." He simply nodded and entered. We sat at the sofa awaiting Amy.

After a few minutes she came out of our bedroom and greeted us looking positively stunning. From head to toe, she displayed her new purchases. A black leather cupless bustier exposed her 36DD breasts; a new strapon harness, that unlike her usual thong harness, this one had two extra straps that she slid her legs through, almost similar to a jock strap; the 7" dong jutting out from between her legs was so incredibly realistic-looking it was eerie. It was tanned and veiny and had a full ball sack. Donning her sexy feet were a pair of 8" heel clear platform shoes that featured black leather straps around her ankles. In her hand she had another black unmarked bag.

"Get undressed," she ordered. We reluctantly obliged, even though we were both fully aroused at the site of her. She then demanded we follow her. She walked towards our bathroom and Dave and I slowly followed unsure of what she had in store for us.

She opened our glass-enclosed shower and turned on the water. "You boys need to be cleaned up, so get in there," she said. Dave and I looked at each other confused. "Who should go first?" I asked. "Oh no, you're going to shower together," she replied with a sly smile on her face.

Enough was enough, I decided. "Amy, this is bullshit. I'm sorry about all this, and I'm willing to play your little game up to a certain point, but I refuse to shower with another man," I declared.

"Is that so?" she asked. She left us in the bathroom and walked out. I obviously made myself clear and she was backing down... or so I incorrectly thought. I heard her speaking out loud in the other room. She was on the phone! "Hello Stella," I heard her say. She was contacting my mother. "I have something to tell you about Benny." My mom was a very proper and distinguished British woman. If Amy was going to dare to tell her anything about what was going on between us, it would kill my mother, not to mention me.

I ran to Amy. "Well yes, there is something wrong Stella. Seems your son has been keeping secrets from me, and I thought you might want to know about them." She was bluffing, I told myself, but certainly not convinced. "Here's Ben now. Should I tell your mother what's going on or would you like to?" Amy asked me. I reached for the phone and very hesitantly said, "Hello?" The British accent never sounded so thick as she asked, "Benjamin, what secrets are you keeping from Amy?"

Stuttering, I recovered my bearings and said, "She's just being funny, Mother. The secret was that I surprised her with diamond earrings. I'll tell you more about that later, I must go." I hung up and Amy simply said, "Get in the shower with Dave."

I entered the shower stall as soon as I got back in the bathroom. Dave hesitated and was about to speak when Amy stopped him. "Don't make my next call be to your wife, Dave." With that he climbed into the stall as well. I scooted as far to the side as I could, but given the cramped dimensions of the stall, we really had no buffer between us.

Amy watched us intently through the glass. "Lather up, boys," she called to us. I turned around to point my chest towards the water. I couldn't help but notice Dave was still hard. For some reason, I felt the sensation of my cock stiffening as well.

"Make sure to clean your cocks and your asses properly," Amy instructed. We both tried to avoid each other while soaping ourselves up, but as I turned to get my back towards the water, my rigid cock accidentally hit Dave's. We both froze briefly and apologized to one another, as if we bumped into each other getting into an elevator.

We cleaned ourselves up as best we could while trying to keep our distance. I shut off the water and we stepped out. Amy threw each of us a towel and told us to dry each other. I didn't catch that and began to dry myself when she yelled at me that I was to dry Dave, and he was to dry me.

Reluctantly Dave started by putting his towel on my chest and lightly patting me down, avoiding my crotch. I rolled my towel into as thick of a ball as I could, figuring I wanted to put as much fabric between my hand and his naked body as I could. I too lightly rubbed him, barely taking away any of the water beaded on his body. I also avoided his crotch. Amy came in for a closer look. She ignored that we really hadn't done a very good job of drying one another anywhere, but she focused on our balls and cocks.

"You're still soaked there," she said. "Dave, dry Ben's cock and do a good job of it." Dave brought his towel to my 7" and patted it down. I felt his fist grip my shaft, and then the towel dried my balls as well. I just stared at Amy throughout, humiliated. "Your turn," Amy said, nodding towards Dave's erection. I decided to get this over with as quickly as possible so I brought the towel to him and dried his cock and balls as fast as I could, as if it were a race. Even in my haste, I still couldn't help but contemplate that in my hand was another man's dick.

Amy was pleased and ordered us to wait on our knees by the sofa. I went straight to our bar instead and poured two full glasses of tequila and handed one to Dave. We both gulped down our drinks. Normally I react to the harshness of the drink but now it was like juice to me. I took another swig straight from the bottle, gulping as much as I could. We then got on our knees as instructed. Amy finally joined us and sat down. We knelt on either side of her shapely legs. "I feel like a blowjob," she said. "Suck my cock," she ordered while holding her rubber dildo up. The alcohol was getting to me already so I didn't hesitate at all in hungrily taking the rubber dong into my mouth. I felt Amy yank my shoulder-length hair.

"What kind of shitty B.J. is that? she asked. "Tease it! Lick it and kiss it first. Both of you! I want to see both your tongues flicker across my cock." Dave joined me and we both brought our tongues to opposite sides of the shaft. "Come on, I want your tongues swirling around all over it. Oooh yeah that feels good." Amy said.

No matter how much we tried not to touch our tongues, it happened in no time at all. Dave just shut his eyes and kept licking but I threw my head back in disgust, feeling like I would puke. Amy again pulled my hair, "This is nothing Ben, you're going to have to get used to this. Get accustomed to Dave because there is much more planned for you two." I fought the instinct to wonder what she meant by that. I didn't want to know.

We gave her the blowjob she wanted, our lips and tongues colliding a few times despite our best efforts to steer clear. "That's enough," she decided. "You two are natural cocksuckers." That was one compliment I've never wanted to receive.

Amy ordered us up on the couch on all fours. She went into one of the bags and pulled out a tube of lube and brought it to my face for me to see. I read the label, Boi Toyz Semen-Scented 'Jizz' Lubricant. "It smells and looks just like real cum," she said laughing. I felt her squeeze a gob of it into my ass. She then did the same with Dave. Amy's slender index fingers penetrated each of us, breaking us in for her strapon I assumed.

"You boys love getting it up the ass, don't you?" she asked while finger-fucking us. We both moaned in affirmation. I felt her slide a second finger into me. I was unable to tell whether or not she did that with Dave.

"Amy, may I jack my cock?" I asked. "That's Mistress Amy, understood? And no, you may not." Her fingers opening my ass felt too good to be disappointed. I instinctively began bucking back onto her finger. She took that as her cue that I was ready. She was obviously satisfied with Dave as well as she instructed us both back on the floor. She had us get on all fours in opposite directions so that our asses faced one another's.

Amy went into her bag and pulled out yet another new purchase. She climbed back over us on to the sofa and sat. I felt the wonderfully familiar sensation of a dildo rubbing against my opening. Soon, one inch at a time, I felt it enter me. I moaned in ecstasy, and as a result I didn't hear her order Dave to back up and get closer. I just suddenly felt his feet sneaking up alongside my legs until they were at my knees. I heard Dave exhale in pleasure as well and felt the dildo inside me pull slightly. I heard something hit the floor and noticed below my stomach the plastic packaging for the dildo. It was a 14" double-ended dildo.

Amy placed one hand on each of our asses and instructed us to move back slightly. As we did, I felt the dildo slide further into me, then felt my ass hit Dave's. I couldn't believe we were now fucking ourselves with the same dildo, and since each of our movements caused a wave of pleasure to one another, we were in essence fucking each other!

Amy's hands guided each of our asses back and forth, up and down on the long dong. Soon, we had our own rhythm going and we accelerated our fucking, our asses slapping against one another's, both moaning like a couple of women. Amy stood up and began taking photos of us. Neither of us was willing to stop the pleasure to object. We simply fucked the dildo harder. Amy left the room and came back with our video camera. Even while she was in the other room, Dave and I couldn't stop.

As she captured video evidence of our escapade, we didn't cease our mutual assfucking. In fact I stared right at the camera, looking forward to seeing it from Amy's perspective. My cock was oozing precum, I could feel the wetness at the tip of my cock.

"Please Mistress Amy," Dave spoke up. "Can we stroke our cocks?"

Amy told us not just yet, first she wanted us to stop and lie on our backs. She pulled the dildo from our asses as we repositioned ourselves. We were basically feet to feet when she instructed us to spread our legs and scooch closer. She took my left leg and brought it up over Dave's in such a way that my left knee sat on top of his right knee. She did the reverse with our other legs, his left knee sitting on my right knee. Our asses and cocks were just inches apart. Amy brought the two ends of the double-dong to our asses and slid the heads back in. Without prompting, we began driving our asses down onto the dildo with the steady, consistent rhythm we employed earlier. We weren't even fazed when our balls occasionally made contact with one another's. We fucked ourselves hard as fast, the precum flowing out of my cock.

Dave grabbed hold of my ankles and I did the same with his, we used this to leverage ourselves, driving our asses up and down on the dildo more furiously with each thrust. Amy loved it, video taping the entire episode and snapping dozens of photos with her digital camera.

After a few minutes, Amy took yet another new purchase out of her bag. I saw the colorful packaging. Another 'Boi Toyz' product, called the "Docker". It was essentially a clear silicone tube, open on both ends, similar to a masturbation sleeve you often see in adult novelty stores. It was about 5" long. Since there was just the one, I had no idea if it would be Dave or I who used it. As I was about to find out, we'd both be.

Amy had us stand and grabbed hold of each of our cocks, pulling them closer so that we stood facing each other, our cocks bobbing about one inch apart. Amy slid one end of the tube over the head of my cock, it gripped the head. "Now boys, you two will just have to get used to physical contact between you. This is has all just been a training exercise to make you both comfortable with that. This is just the beginning," she said as she pulled Dave's cock and aimed it towards the other opening of the tube. The head of his cock slid inside and our respective cockheads stared at one another eye-to-eye, no pun intended.

Amy put her hands on our asses and gently pushed our hips forward, causing the sleeve to stay taut while our cocks slid further into the sleeve until our the heads rubbed against one another. "That's it, that's so hot," she exclaimed. "Keep thrusting back and forth."

I certainly felt funny about the whole thing, but the firm grip felt great around my cock head, and I needed the stimulation after the ass-fucking. If I hadn't crossed the boundary of bi sex yet, then this was certainly the final step. We thrusted as Amy wanted us to, each time our cock heads rubbing against one another's. Amy continued her photography and videotaping of the event. We heightened the pace of our thrusts, our cocks overlapping one another's'.

It wasn't long until we both approached climax. Amy saw this and ripped the sleeve away from us. "Cum on my tits!" she yelled. Dave was the first to spurt his load onto her left breast. I quickly followed by shooting across her right breast.

Amy rubbed the jizz across her tits, then brought her hands to opposite breasts so that her right hand, covered in my cum, rubbed across her left breast, and her left hand coated in Dave's jizz, rubbed on to her right breast. Each of her tits was coated in the mixture of both our loads.

Amy looked into my eyes and I knew what she wanted because we had done this so many times in our sex life. She looked at Dave and explained so that he too understood. She wanted us to lick the cum off of her. I forced myself not to think about the fact that his cum was mixed in with mine and brought my tongue to her right nipple and began tasting the delicious mess on her breast. Dave followed suit. As my tongue gathered up droplets of cum, I brought some to her mouth and we locked in a deep kiss. I went for more cum when she slid her tongue into Dave's mouth too, tasting some of the cum he scooped up himself. I licked her right breast clean swallowing the rest of the sticky mess, Dave went back to doing the same at her left breast.

Amy stood up then bent down to give me an affectionate kiss. "I forgive you," she told me. My heart melted and I knew then that whatever else she had planned, I would do willingly. I would do anything for her.

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