tagNonConsent/ReluctanceAmy Lynn The Story Ch. 02

Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 02


For a while it was just something we did. Once in a while I'd tell him to wear panties, he'd oblige. I'd build up so much sexual tension during my day at work thinking about it that I'd come home and we'd have incredibly hot, at least for me, lovemaking sessions.

Then I found myself taking more and more advantage of my husband, pushing his limits. It started a lot like the first day, I'd be unable to control myself as he started undressing and I saw the panties. Sometimes I'd have him make me come, sometimes I'd do it myself and sometimes, it just happened. Then I'd think of elaborate ways to humiliate him.

I'd take him shopping with me to buy his panties. We wouldn't tell anyone they were for him, but the embarrassment of being with me as I picked out his underwear was evident on his face. I'd do things like hold them up to his hips and say he was about my mother's size, or make him pay. Me getting hotter and hotter the long and longer it took the cashier to fold each piece.

He was enjoying it sexually too. At least at the beginning. He'd come almost instantly at my touch, unable to stop. It'd take until at least the second time before he had any kind of sustained erection, and even those were shorter than they ever were before, but the sex was still incredible.

There was one night in particular. I was coming home after a very difficult day at work. I was feeling beaten, tired and not much like doing anything but sleeping. My husband and prepared dinner and was dutifully wearing the panties I asked him to don in the morning, fully expecting me to be as horny as usual.

I wasn't.

We ate dinner and I complained about work, being tired and really needing to just rest. He looked dejected.

I felt like the husband with a headache. He wandered around the house for a while then told me he was going to turn in early. I felt awful.

I sat on the couch for a while, torn between working up the energy to please him and just laying my head back and sleeping. I finally plodded towards the bedroom.

I slid behind him in the dark bedroom and began massaging his back down to his buttocks. Oh how his ass felt so welcoming that night. I rubbed it over and over again, felt him push against my hands, widening himself for me.

I don't know what came over me. I reached into my headset drawer and pulled out a condom and my vibrator, continuing to rub him, distracting him. I had thought of doing this before, but not just like this. More of a thing we did together, now, I wanted to take him.

I wanted him to know I was going to take him.

I positioned myself between his legs, like I had so many times before. I could smell him, the bitter aroma of our sexes mixing in the air. I gently pressed my finger against his anus and he immediately responded, moaning with pleasure.

I rubbed him until he was good and loose and then laid down on his back. I loved doing this, my body heavy against his. I always felt like he'd open his ass, beg me to fuck him, and tonight I would.

I worked my way down, my mouth kissing his back, finally his working to his ass. I hated licking anywhere near his ass, but he would burst any time he could feel my breathe down there. I worked his cheeks apart, my tongue flicking against him, making him squirm.

I pulled back, and his ass followed me until he was pressed up on his haunches. He looked so ready to fuck I wish I had a penis to shove inside of him. I reached around for my vibrator, and slowly turned it on and pushed it towards his ass.

"Oh my god, no," he exclaimed, but I had already turned the vibrator on and began to slide it in and out against his ass. His voice was protesting but his body wasn't.

He dropped down to the bed, his legs still spread wide as I pressed it harder and harder until I felt it break through.

He let out a load shriek as his body flailed against the bed. I climbed on top of him, my belly pressing against the vibrator, holding it in, pushing it in.

Grabbing his shoulders, I pulled his body tighter and tighter against me. I felt him shudder over and over again, his entire body shaking underneath me.

It felt like minutes, he was moving, writhing against the bed, against my body. His body shaking, jerking uncontrollably, until at last, it slowly subsided.

I rolled off of him and gently pulled the vibrator from his, I was sure now sore, bottom. He gave several last jerks as I reach around to try to stimulate him, but he had already come, so I kissed him softly on the back, holding him. Comforting him.

"You are the best husband ever," I praised him, rubbing his hair and pulling him tight in a hug.

He curled up into a ball and didn't say a word. It was the first time I had pushed him, the first time I heard him say no. I felt terrible, but at the same time, even more powerful than before. For the first time in my life it felt like I had become the hunter and others the prey.

I gave him his panties again the next day, it was the start of a trend that would soon end in him not wearing anything else. He never wanted to talk about what happened that night and we never really did.

For the next couple of weeks, I didn't do anything at all like that. I touched him, kissed him, made him feel as special as I could, but deep in my mind, I knew I need it again. I needed to feel him under me, powerless, writhing uncontrollably.

I couldn't get it out of my mind until finally I had to act. I had found a novelty store a few miles from my house. Far enough I felt that I wouldn't be seen by someone I know. I was going to buy a strap on.

It was one of the scariest moments of my life. I was so nervous when I drove to the store that I parked in front of the grocery store and walked across the entire strip mall to go inside. Only once had I been inside a place like this, for a bachelorette party.

I was surprised to see a woman behind the counter, and quickly felt more at ease.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

She was very attractive, blond, and young. I couldn't help but think she'd be someone my husband might fantasize about. Her perky small breasts contrasting my full chest. Her blue eyes, her tight young body.

I shook my head "no" and looked away, feigning interest in some lingerie.

"Are you sure, there must be something," she walked out from behind the counter. "There's no need to be shy."

I looked at her and felt afraid and embarrassed. I would imagine I felt a lot like my husband seemed to feel most of the time. I tried to find the right words.

"You, I, well." I started. "I'm looking for a, ah..."

There was an awkward moment of silence. She looked at me, sincerely looking like she wanted to help. I finally got the courage to speak.

"I would like a strap-on," I blurted out, and then looked at the floor embarrassed.

I didn't know what to do. I wanted to run away, but she quickly reassured me.

"I'm sure we have several that you and your girlfriend, I'm sorry, partner, would like," she gently touched my hand and pulled me to a large selection of strap-ons.

I looked around, not knowing where to start, or even if I wanted to.

"It's okay, I've used them too," she pulled me close to her and pointed out two that she said she liked receiving a lot.

I looked at them, and both of them looked far too large.

"I'm sorry, but I was thinking more, well, normal sized?" I looked at the selection which seemed to come in two sizes, bigger and biggest.

She laughed.

"If you wanted normal sized, wouldn't you just go to a bar and take your pick of the litter? Especially someone as pretty as you?" She reached up and pulled down the only one that looked both flesh colored and about the right size.

I smiled and bought it. It didn't look like that much, but it certainly wasn't so intimidating as to make even me tremble at the sight of it.

The deed was done.

Again, I didn't do it right way. Again it haunted me. I wanted to take him, but I never felt the time was right. I didn't know how or when, but what I really didn't know was why.

It was a few weeks, right before Christmas. My company was having it's annual holiday party. My husband was attending, wearing his pretty pink panties, the first ones I gave him.

Watching him talking to my boss and his wife, his tight butt cheeks pressed against his suit pants. Just knowing he was there, his pink panties pressing against that beautiful little package talking to my boss and his wife was excruciating.

"Your husband," a co-worker started, "he's so quiet. Not like you at all."

I laughed and thought about him before we started all this. How loud he was. How he'd embarrass me in front of all my friends by saying something stupid or drinking too much. Now look at him. Quiet.

"Yes he is, lately," I said, "mostly since he lost his job."

I stood up and walked towards them.

"Hello, Mrs. Brown," I reached my hand towards my bosses wife, "I see you've met my husband. Did you know he's a great cook, and does incredible laundry and cleaning?"

My husbands head went down quickly, humiliated.

"No, No I didn't," she answered, surprised. "Really John?"

My husband nodded yes and proceeded to answer several questions about baking bread, something which he is particularly good at. Several other wives came over, and he soon found himself basking amongst their elderly attention as I wondered around socializing.

When we got home that night, I knew it was my night.

We stumbled into the bedroom and began getting undressed.

I pulled off my bra and looked at my husband. I thought about how sexy it would be to feminize him, make him wear a bra while I fucked him. Really make him my wife. It drove me over the edge. I walked up behind him.

"Here," I reached around him with my bra, sliding it over his hands and up his arms. "It looks like I'll need to loosen the straps."

He never said anything, but I felt the goose bumps on his back as I adjusted the straps so they would fit him. I grabbed a couple of my scarfs and balled them up, putting them in each cup.

If I had ever felt this hot before, I don't know when. I could almost hear him whimper as he laid down in the bed wearing his panties and bra. I wondered how he felt now, how he'd feel if someone saw him like this.

I crawled in bed next to him and started playing with his new breasts.

"Oh, honey," I moaned in obvious pleasure, "this is the sexiest you have ever been fore me."

I pulled his body close to me. His cock, already moistening his panties, was as hard and big as I had ever felt it. I did my best to avoid it, not wanting him to burst too quickly. I rolled him onto his stomach, spread his legs and told him to lay still while I had to go freshen up.

I grabbed my strap-on. I had practiced putting it on several times, but let me tell you, it was no easy thing to get on. I fumbled with the last latch and positioned the shaft and lubricated. It was now or never.

I went back to the bed, he was still in the same position.

I slowly crawled up behind him, holding back the shaft until I had not choice but to let him know it was there.

He squealed as the cold lubricant touched against his anus and jerked forwards.

"What, what are you doing?" he moaned as I pressed harder and harder against him until I pressed though.

"Honey, I love you," I groaned, the shaft pressing into both him and me. I grabbed his shoulder with my right hand and pulled his body against mine. He moaned and moaned as I worked deeper and deeper inside of him.

I felt in control like I hadn't before. I looked down at his back, the back of his head as I repeatedly thrust my body towards his, each time his body jerking and shuddering under me.

I worked my body between his legs, spreading them wider and wider, pulling his hips up into the air, meeting my hips in a violent crash after crash.

I fucked him. I fucked him as hard as I had ever been fucked by him before. I couldn't stop. I don't know what came over me, but I lurched in and out of him for at least ten minutes. He must have come right away, but that didn't stop me, I couldn't stop.

I pulled his hair, called him my little bitch and pushed myself deeper and deeper inside of him until I had no energy left to push and I collapsed on his back, the strap on still wedged between his cheeks.

I laid there for a few moments, recovering my breath, before rolling over, the shaft shooting straight up into the air.

"That was amazing," I moaned, but he rolled over in a ball, his back to me.

I left the strap-on on and turned towards him, reaching my hands around and cupping the bra and scarves as if they were my husbands breasts, much like he would do to me after our lovemaking, the strap-on pressed between his legs.

I never felt better.

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