tagLoving WivesAmy Lynn The Story Ch. 06

Amy Lynn The Story Ch. 06


"Are you cheating on me?" were the first words from a disturbed husband when I got home.

I had thought about what to say, but I still didn't know. Of course I flatly denied it. I told him that work was really driving me crazy and that I walked to a co-workers house to vent. I've been with a friend, a girlfriend.

She was a girlfriend, I told him I'd take him to her house. He half accepted it, if only because I was so convincing.

"If you need, you know, need that feeling, it's okay," he looked down dejected. "I just need to know."

I didn't know what he was saying. Was telling me it was okay to cheat? Why would he want to know? If he was cheating on me and I knew I'd kill him. My mind was reeling.

We had a long talk where he professed how he knew I was upset about certain aspects of our lovemaking. I assured him that I was not upset about any aspect of our lovemaking, even though I was.

I wanted him inside of me so bad. I wanted thirty minute marathon session, and he could barely sprint if and when he could run at all. I was frustrated more than upset.

"It's okay, we just need to make some rules," he worked up the courage to say. "I want to be there, and we can't know him."

Him. Little did my husband know that it was "her" he had really wanted to know.

Slowly, as he talked more about the "rules" the idea was taking hold in my head. He was offering me a chance to have sex with another man. I was both scared beyond belief and soaking with sex at the mere thought of it.

What would it be like having a man other than my husband? Would he be different? More rough or more gentle? Bigger or smaller?

"Honey," I mustered, "it's okay, I love what we have."

I reached out my hands and rubbed his legs reassuringly, then gave him a hug, before moving closer, kissing him passionately and moving off to the bedroom.

Between the three hours with Sandy and the hour long talk about me sleeping with another man, I was mad with lust. I through him to the bed and stripped him down to his panties. His cock was pointed straight up and rigid, tight against the pink silk.

I stripped off my pants, panties and all and spread my legs over his hips. I could feel this heat of his shaft so close to me, I couldn't resist him.

I slid the panties to the side, springing his cock free, and quickly pushed it towards my wanting lips. I felt him shudder and jerk as he found my opening and thrust himself inside, my juices dripping between us.

I slowly thrust my hips up and down on him, the feeling of his shaft inside of me, filling me with his heat, pulling me gently apart, was incredible. I pulled my shirt over my head and bent over to kiss him, his cock moving slowly in and out against my wet lips.

"You feel so good," I moaned as I started licking his throat, his ears and cheeks.

I felt him stiffen inside of me as he grasped my shoulders tight, pushing me hard against him. I writhed my hips, squeezed him inside of me, his seed filling me with warmth. I held on to his shaft, squeezing everything I could out, I didn't want to let him go.

I held him there while he went completely soft, kissing him gently, loving him. It had been so long that I didn't want to let him out.

"Did you," he asked without finishing the sentence.

I smiled. I shook my head no, but I really didn't care.

He slowly slid down between my legs and despite my protesting, spread them and then, with a tentative motion, slid his tongue gently against my inner lips.

I felt my body shuddering almost immediately. His tongue slowly exploring me, sliding in and out of me, up and down. I grabbed for something, anything, as his fingers joined in, his tongue and fingers sliding in the mixture of our two juices sent me into an orgasmic explosion that lasted until finally, exhausted, I fell back into the bed, his mouth lingering between my legs.

The next morning I woke up early and made breakfast, cleaned the kitchen and started a load of laundry. I know it sounds silly, or cliché, but I felt like a woman again. It felt good. It felt right.

I could still feel him inside of me, still feel the warmth of his shaft driving deep within me and I wanted it again and again.

We tried again over the next couple of weeks, but to no avail. I was getting frustrated with him and he could tell. I found myself taking a lot more walks and spending a lot less evenings at home.

For her part, Sandy was getting frustrated with me. She wanted to spend more time with me, for me to spend the night, to go on dates. To be partners, not just lovers. She wanted me to leave my husband, to be with her.

I thought about all of this in one of my reflective moods. Here I was now, a year into a crazy time with my husband trying to juggle an affair and a crazy hard job. I was on the verge of a breakdown and the people I would have counted on to help me through it were causing the breakdown.

I felt alone.

I thought about all the solutions. I didn't see myself with Sandy forever. I loved her dearly but it felt like an infatuation, an illusion of love, masked with incredible lust. I was sure she'd feel the same way soon and we'd both drift apart.

My husband. I couldn't just leave him. I made a vow, and, while things have been better and worse, he's done nothing wrong. I have. I was the one who made the mistakes. I was the one who drove the bus into this wreck, not him.

I was paralyzed and so I did nothing. Everything stayed the same. No one was happy.

"I've thought about it again," my husband explained at dinner one night, "and I put an ad on the Internet. I figure if I'm with you it's safe."

I was dumbfounded. I had never said yes, or even hinted at yes, and now he was moving forward. I protested but he got down on his knees at my side.

"I want this for you," he held my hand "I've had other women, you haven't. Oh you know what I mean."

I let out an uncomfortable laugh which he took as a yes.

"I had several responses," he tugged on my hand, "want to see?"

We looked through the emails at his computer. There were a couple of men that were drop dead, but I tried no to let on that I liked any of them. I was scared. I wasn't even sure I could go through with it, and I told him such, but he kept on.

"I kind of think you'll like this guy," he pulled up an email with a picture of a very young brown haired man, boy really. "He's a graduate student and he said he's very interested after seeing your photo."

He sent my photo out to a stranger? I didn't know what to think. I was both angry and excited that someone, somewhere was looking at a picture of me and thinking sexy thoughts.

"Can I contact him? Tell him it's okay?" my husband snapped me out of my daydream.

Looking at his picture, I started thinking about what he'd look like next to me, how he'd feel, smell and slowly I nodded yes.

Waiting was terrible. I wish he would have just come over that very moment and we could have gotten over with, but it was two weeks before our schedules met. For those two weeks I was insatiable. I would go to Sandy's for two or three hours then come home and be with my husband at least as long. I'd touch myself in the bathroom, at my desk, nothing was enough. I was electric.

Finally the Gabe came to our house for dinner.

My husband made some of his best dishes and served the two of us before retiring to his office. I felt so weird sitting across from a stranger having small talk. I found myself listening less and less to his conversation and thinking more and more about our future lovemaking. His looks were distractingly cute, if not beautiful. His personality was wonderful, happy.

We finished dessert moved on to the living room.

I had no idea how to proceed. It was all very awkward. Did I just start kissing him? Do we sit and talk for a while and slowly kiss him? Does he kiss me? I hoped he would just kiss me and we could rip each others clothes off.

He didn't.

"Your husband," he said quietly as we sat down on the couch in my living room, "I know he's okay with this, but it makes me uncomfortable. I'd rather have him watch."

Watch? We didn't talk about anything like that. Would he want to watch? I'd get sick if I saw him with another woman. I wouldn't want to watch.

I excused myself and went to talk to my husband. He was very distraught at the idea, looking almost sick. I told him that the boy wouldn't go through with it if he didn't watch, or at least wasn't in the same room. He very reluctantly agreed, as long as he could look away the entire time.

He followed me the living room and sat in a far chair while I slipped back onto the couch with my date, almost forgetting my husband was there at all.

"You are very attractive," I pulled my shirt over my head, my ample chest pressed tight against a black lace bra. I could feel his eyes swallow me in, as I bent my head to his and gently kissed his lips.

At first he was very shy, his hands only barely touching my breasts, concentrating mostly on my arms and face. I unsnapped the bra, letting myself swing free, letting him know it was okay.

His hands found my breasts and he fondled them with the vigor of a teenager.

Occasionally I found him looking at my husband, my husband looking back. Was my husband turning him on? Was he turning on my husband?

I reached down to Gabe's pants and slowly unbuttoned them. My stomach was all butterflies as I pushed the pants down, then his boxer briefs, revealing his very large, very hard shaft.

"Touch me there, oh my god," he moaned as I tried to wrap my hand around him. He was so much larger than my husband I was afraid. "I want you both to touch me."

I immediately looked at my husband who looked ready to throw up. So that's why he had wanted him to watch? I shook my head no and kept rubbing him.

"Please," he begged.

I lowered my head between his legs and slowly pulled his member into my mouth. It was so large I could barely pull much of it in and instead found myself running my tongue and fingers along it's length.

I felt a hand join mine, and looked up and saw my husband, on his knees, guiding the cock towards my face. I didn't know what to feel, but the lust of the moment caught up with me. I opened my mouth and slid the cock deep inside of me, then, I passed it to my husband.

I found myself massaging my husbands back and hair in a comforting reassuring way. I couldn't believe he was doing this for me. We found our lips meeting on the top his shaft, our tongue flicking in and out of each other mouths then down the long piece.

I grabbed both of their hands and led them toward the guest room, which I had all prepared with candles and fresh sheets. We fell back onto the bed.

Gabe grabbed for my husband pants and before we knew it was pulling them down, revealing my husbands panties.

Up until this time, no one except for me knew his secret. I had told no one and I'm certain he didn't. The thought of someone finally knowing was too much for me, I started to shudder, my legs wrapped tightly around Gabe's thigh.

Gabe reached down, and without acknowledging the panties, shifted my husbands cock free and into his hand.

The sight of my husband being held by this man, this very well endowed man holding my average sized husband in his grasp, made me explode. I couldn't remove my eyes as he pushed and pulled my husbands cock until it began to ooze slightly.

I reached my hand out to Gabe's hips and started rubbing him stiff, shudders still jerking through my body.

Gabe pulled my husbands head to his and their lips met. I could see my husband's body go limp, his mouth opening, letting Gabe's tongue explore him, Gabe's hands exploring his body.

I rolled over to my back and spread my legs. Reaching down, I slipped a condom on Gabe's cock and pulled it towards me, letting him know it was time. I needed him.

Gabe rolled over, his legs shifting mine wider and wider apart until I could feel the tip of his hot shaft pressing against me, pressing to get inside of me.

My husband came around and put my head in his lap, caressing my hair. I twas unbelievable. I looked up into his eyes and let out small groan as Gabe's cock popped inside of me and then slid in deep. It was excitably. His cock was so big, so filling, it pulled me apart. I had always thought my husband to be more than adequate, but this, this was extraordinary.

He pushed and pushed on me. Giving me the full brunt of his weight, I felt full. Then he rolled me over and pushed some more. His cock getting deeper and deeper, pressing as far in as it could go, pushing against me in pain and pleasure.

Finally I exploded. My husband holding me against his chest, Gabe ceaselessly pounding against me. I sat there screaming to no end, my ecstasy felt infinite. When I finally finished, I felt finished.

Gabe slowly pulled himself off of me, his cock springing straight up. He hadn't come.

I rolled over and removed the condom to put him in my mouth, but he quickly grabbed another one and put it on.

"Come here," he motioned.

I started to come closer, but he grabbed John by his shoulder and turned his back towards him.

My heart lurched to my throat when I saw him slide his cock between my husbands cheeks, his hands reaching around, massaging his cock.

"It's okay isn't it?" he whispered into my husbands ear, pressing towards him not waiting for an answer.

I could see Gabe's cock slowly pushing against John's anus. John's pants getting louder and louder the harder he pushed. He looked down at me almost apologizing as I watched Gabe's shaft slowly disappear between his cheeks.

He fell forward to his hands and knees, Gabe slowly pressing deeper and deeper into him. I didn't know what to do, I just stayed there and watched.

My husbands cock grew firm at first, Gabe's hands massaging it as Gabe's own cock slowly burrowed into my husbands ass, then out again.

Gabe was much slower fucking my husband than he had been with me, and watching him go in and out was excruciating. The look on my husbands face going from pain to horror to pleasure with each thrust. I watched for what felt like twenty minutes.

Gabe grabbed his shoulder and pulled himself deep inside. I couldn't just watch anymore, I started to play with myself, not sure if I should interrupt.

"See, she likes it," Gabe bent over and whispered in John's ear, "and I think you like it too. First I fuck your wife, then you. Right."

"I want her to see your face when I come," he turned John towards me.

He looked scared. Really scared. I could tell he was turned on too, but he mostly looked scared. I reached my hand out to touch his, watching Gabe slowly, rhythmically, pull in and out. I felt terrible but unbelievably turned on watching him being taken like this. Like I take him.

I bent forward and kissed him. I felt all the power again. I was in charge. I convinced myself this was my idea to have him taken, and I started to get hot all over again.

I got underneath him, his smooth cock inches from my wanting sex. I kissed him passionately and raised my hips up to greet his cock, searching for it to fill my opening, finally letting him inside.

I saw Gabe's hands reach out and forcefully grab John's shoulders, pulling the two of them tight against each other. Then he pushed John down, my husbands cock buried in me, the weight of two men bearing down on top of me. We all started to come.

I could feel Gabe's cock inside of my husband, pulse after pulse inside of his belly, each pulse sending my husband deeper into me, their weight was crushing.

My husbands seed came next, filling me with his hot shaft and warm fluids, I felt it dripping out between my legs. I let out a series of loud groans as my body billowed into explosion, unable to move. My husbands tongue exploring deep inside of my mouth I shook to climax.

We lay there for an hour afterwards, all of us tired. It was very awkward. I didn't know who I should cuddle with, or if I should just get up and get cleaned. Finally Gabe broke the ice.

"I should get going," he rubbed my leg, "that was incredible."

And he left. We never saw him again.

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