Amy, My Exhibitionist


I quickly knelt between her legs, gripped the waistband of her panties and pulled them down and off her hips before she finished cumming. I plunged my tongue into her vagina and started licking. She smelled and tasted so delicious, I couldn't stop licking, sucking and teasing her. She began bucking and convulsing again as I made love to her pussy with my mouth. I really didn't know what I was doing, but apparently cunnilingus came naturally to me. Or maybe it was just the big tongue. Whatever - it worked.

"Blaine! My God! What are you doing to me? Your tongue feels so wonderful! Mmmmh! Ohmigod! Mmmmh! Yes!" she screamed as I inserted my tongue a couple of inches into her. She bucked and writhed, impaled on it as she continued cumming. I loved eating her, but now I needed release.

I popped up off the floor, ripped open my belt and zipper, shoved my pants and underpants down to my ankles and stood directly in front of her, stoking my rock hard cock with my fist. I stared at her crotch, almost out of control with lust. She propped herself up, her eyes moving from my cock to my face as I stared at her gaping pussy. I spit on my hand, stroking faster until I came in several long spurts that made wet splats on her chest, navel and pubic hair.

"Wow," she said. "Did I help you come like that? Without even touching you?"

"You did, Amy, you're so hot! I couldn't control myself."

"Just licking me … and kissing me between my legs…kissing my pussy lips…my clit?" she said, slowly, raising her hips off the bed and rolling them, while she wiped the sperm around on her hard nipples with her hand. This average-looking girl, my nerdy friend from grade school was talking in the sexiest possible way, using the dawning knowledge that with sex she could get me to do anything to her, for her, with her.

"Bring me your cock," she said and sat up on the bed with me standing right in front of her. My erection had wilted but she took my penis in both hands and began to stroke it gently. I got hard.

"Ooh, it feels so warm and soft and hard all at the same time," she cooed. "Do you think you can come again? Am I sexy enough to make you come again for me?" And at that point she parted her lips slightly and slid them over the head of my penis. I watched her slide her lips up and down the shaft and it made me harder than I'd ever been. While she slid her mouth up and down my shaft, I could feel her tongue dancing on the underside, massaging me toward a second climax.

"I'm going to cum, Amy," and all she did was look up at me with my penis deep in her mouth and give me a muffled, moaned, "Yes," while she continued sliding her lips up and down my shaft until I came for the second time in less than 15 minutes. I shot several loads into her throat and she swallowed all of it.

"Mmmh, THAT was nice," she said in a girlish, teasing voice. Study session completed.


Chapter 3 –Sex and Exhibitionism

We both continued to do well in school in spite of the amount of time we spent in sex play. I treated her well. I was even romantic, bringing her flowers, a card or candy. We studied together without sex occasionally. But each time we got together to play, whether it was in her room, or some other room in her house if her parents were out, the level of her wantonness increased.

I was addicted to her exhibitionist nature, her sweet pussy and her pointy, dark nipples. I admired her willingness to be completely open about her body even though she wasn't anywhere near looking like a balloon-tit Playmate.

Several times, she had me lay back on her bed, while I slowly stroked my exposed, hard cock. She stood over my chest wearing only the tight, translucent panties and a dirty, sloe-eyed smile. She would grind her hips, thrust her mound forward and stroke her slit with a wet finger while I stroked my erection. The centerline of the panties would become dark and transparent with lubrication from her finger and her pussy. Her pussy lips would become puffy and prominent behind the fabric

"Do you want to see more?" she asked as I stared up into her wet crotch.

"Yes," I whispered, "show me more of yourself, show me your cunt." At which point she stepped to one side of me, slid the panties off her hips and stood back over, grinding and thrusting. She spread her lips, displaying the pink juicy inner lips of her sex. I once used a flower from a bouquet I bought to tickle her slit from below. Flattening her fingers against the pubic hair on her mound, she would pull up and back, opening and exposing herself even more to me. She would rub her clit and give herself an orgasm while I watched, stroked and tickled.

I gained some control over my own orgasms when she did this to avoid messing up my clothes and her bed. When she was done showing off for me, she knelt beside my hips, gripped my cock in her hand and stroked me slowly to orgasm. Sometimes she gave me slow blowjobs lying between my legs. But she instinctively knew that for me, release was just a necessary end, that the real treat for me was her, her pussy, her nipples, her ability to arouse and thrill me.

There were a couple times I visited while her mom was there, and she would flash me when her mom wasn't looking, sometimes wearing the tight, translucent panties, sometimes with no panties at all!

Once, when her mom was out, she laid down on top of their dining room table wearing only a tight little sweater and the pale pink panties. She spread her legs wide and I licked, stroked, and ate her for what seemed like an hour through the panties. I pulled them down and off her legs and told her to her kneel on the table so her ass and pussy were up in the air about head high. She put her thumb in her mouth, crouched on the table top while I sat in a dining room chair and licked her, kissing, licking and even biting. I stuck my tongue deep in her cleft and sucked on her pussy lips and clitoris. I rotated my tongue into her vagina until she arched her back and came like never before.

The next afternoon she wiped a thin layer of baby oil all over her chest, nipples, and belly. She rubbed more and more into her panties and her crotch until the panties were completely see-through. She paraded around the room, bending over, spreading her legs, and asking me, "Do you like this? How about this?" She pulled the wet fabric way up on her hips, tight against her pussy. "Do you like, hmmm?" Then she grabbed the fabric from the front, scrunching it together until it was just a thin little string from the waist to her ass so it found its way between her pussy lips, pushing them to either side while I stared at the juicy sight. Then she stripped off the panties.

She repeated the spectacle of displaying herself standing over me, rotating her hips and thrusting her beautiful pussy out, except that she then knelt over my chest, grinding her pussy against my face and chin. I reached up and pinched each slippery nipple between thumb and forefinger. I rubbed them and stroked them while she writhed above me, her pussy lips repeatedly brushing my chin, lips, and nose. She came, grunting and moaning, while I gripped her nipples, pulling on them as hard as I dared without hurting her.

She then reversed her position, putting her knees on either side of my head. She lowered herself toward my cock, while she wiggled her baby-oil soaked pussy above my face. I inserted my finger into her pussy enjoying the close-up view of her pink lips, while she licked my cock from the base to the tip and back again. She pursed her lips and literally sucked all of me into her mouth. I couldn't believe how good her tongue and lips felt gripping my erection. She bobbed her head up and down using her mouth like a vagina until I came in waves. I stroked in and out of her vagina until she came. She swallowed it all, letting only a little dribble out of the corners of her mouth, while I slowly slid my finger around in her until I drew it out all shiny and wet.

I breathlessly thanked her and told her I wanted to give her another orgasm with my mouth and tongue, but I wanted to taste her, not a coating of baby oil.

"I'll take a quick shower, and come right back to you. Give your tongue a rest." Then with a little of my cum still on her lips, she moved over to face me and had me watch her while she licked me clean. I was erect again within minutes, and she said, "Eager, aren't we? I'll be right back." I could hardly wait.

I couldn't believe how beautiful and sexy she looked when she strutted into her bedroom. My nerdy girlfriend was in the shower longer than it should have taken because she'd shaved off all her pubic hair. Thin, and without pubic hair she looked like she was a tall, sexy 10-year old, and she knew it. I had to taste her, but first, I gathered her into my arms, kissed her hard, and asked her to please just show off for me while I lay back on the bed stroking my erection. She put on a pair of heels and strutted around the bed.

"I forgot my panties, so my mommy might spank me. Mister, do you like my pussy?" she said to me, in a little girl's voice. "I think my nipples stick out too much. Do you?" She backed up to the head of the bed, placed her feet about 18 inches apart and bent over to touch her toes. I could see her dark asshole, and beneath, her shaved, pink lips, getting puffy and wet.

"Will you hold me and protect me mister, so I won't get a spanking?" She babbled on while walking around the bed, then stood next to it, lifting her right foot onto it adjacent to my ear, teasing her pussy with her fingers, while she talked like a little girl. I looked right up into her cleft just inches from my face. Her smooth pussy lips were wet and shiny with her lubricating juices and separating further as her excitement built. I could see her clitoris extending outward from its hood.

Then I did what I'd learned to do well. I got up and laid her onto her bed placing a pillow under her head and under her butt. Then I lay down between her legs and started kissing the inside of her ankles, knees, thighs, getting closer and closer to her shaved pussy. I licked my way up the inside of her thigh till I reached her smooth lips. I looked into her eyes from my vantage point, extended my tongue, and slid it between her lips, right into the entrance to her vagina. I slowly licked my way up her cleft to her clitoris, teased it a little and then licked my way back down.

"I'm making love to your pussy with my mouth and tongue. Do you like it? Should I keep doing it?" She mouthed a wide-eyed 'Yes', nodding vigorously. I opened wide and planted my lips over her entire mound, stiffened my tongue, and teased her clitoris for a long while, looking into her eyes the whole time. I sucked her gently till she gasped with pleasure. I stopped before she came and of course, she whispered, "Please don't stop; it feels so good and so dirty with you looking at me like that." I continued my wet ministrations to her smooth, juicy cunt.

I angled my head and sucked the plump outer lips into my mouth one-at-a-time and made wet, slurpy sounds. I used my fingers to separate her lips and licked the wide open inner lips. I stuck my tongue out while looking into her eyes and slowly drove it in and out of her, fucking her with my stiffened tongue until she came in several waves, moaning and gasping.

Finally, I climbed up on top of her and slowly slid my cock into her slippery vagina. She was incredibly warm and wet, gripping my cock with her inner muscles. She extended her legs up and crossed her ankles around my back, pulling me into her. I began to thrust in and out faster and faster until we were both moaning and grunting.

"Unhh, Unhh, Unhh, oh Blaine, I'm cumming!" she screamed as I pumped furiously.

"Ugh! Ugh! Ugh! Amy I'm cumming inside you!" At which point I unloaded a blast that shook me so hard I rammed forward into her with enough force she yelled.

"OW! BLAINE! THAT's SO GOOD, Blaine!!! And we collapsed into each other, exhausted.

"Let's do this again so we get it right, Okay?" she said with a silly grin. Another successful CB homework session!


Chapter 4 – Mrs. Jorgenson

Gail Jorgenson, Amy's mom was very busy - a single professional mom for the last 8 years, but apparently made good money, judging by their beautiful house. Now, Gail Jorgenson was a fit Norwegian, with dark blond hair and, like Amy, not beautiful, but attractive enough with curvy hips and good legs. I guess that's where Amy gets her shapely bottom half.

One Friday, she came home from work early for a change and sent Amy out to run errands that had piled up. Amy set me up at the dining room table to work on the school assignment for both of us while her mom puttered around upstairs. I sat there reading the boring English material, daydreaming and fantasizing about what Amy and I had recently done on that very table and what might come next. In my reverie, I imagined being virile, irresistible, demanding that Amy, "...suck it deep. Yeah. You like sucking that big cock, don't you?"

Incredibly, I'd said it out loud, because Mrs. Jorgenson, standing in the doorway, softly questioned, "Did I hear you say, 'suck that big cock,' Blaine?" I sheepishly looked up at her from my book. I was not greeted with the furious look I expected, instead, she said, "Blaine, I need to talk to you." There was a long pause while she stared at me.

"I know what you force my daughter to do in her room. I saw you two a few days ago, naked and pleasuring each other."

I force Amy? No way! She loved getting naked and showing off. "Oh god, Mrs. Jorgenson, I'm sorry you saw that, but Amy start ...uh, we, we really love each other," I lamely offered as justification.

"Don't talk to me about love, that's lust, pure and simple."

"Mrs. Jorgenson, I didn't force Amy to..."

"Don't tell me stories! My daughter wouldn't prance around her room in front of you wearing only her panties. And not panties I bought her - those 'sex panties' she wears for you!" And suddenly, she stepped forward and kissed me hard on the lips. It shocked me and I brought my arms up to push her away, but she wrapped her arms around me.

She broke off the kiss and said huskily, "Force me. Force me to do things like you make Amy do. It'll be our secret."

I was in shock. Maybe in her motherly fantasy world, she really believed I was forcing her daughter to endure oral sex, to prance around in her panties. My face was red, and my hands were shaking so I took three deep breaths to calm myself. She must have thought I was puffing myself up to be angry or defiant and stepped back a half-step.

"No need to get physical with me," she said meekly, "just tells me what you want me to do." She sat down, looking at the floor. "My ex-husband was gentle and kind and always treated me politely - like a lady, which was fine in company but not what I wanted in the bedroom. I wanted him to be forceful with me. I told him to talk dirty to me and make demands of me but he never could. That caused us to drift apart till we agreed to divorce amicably. I've been hungry for a demanding, potent lover since I was young, and here you are," she said softly, looking shyly up at me.

A bomb went off in my head. She wantedto be told what to do; to be forced to do something dirty. Apparently, a forceful male was her fantasy and she wanted me to be the one to realize it for her. I quickly came to my senses, realizing I needed to take over. I took another deep breath and ordered her upstairs.

"Do you want me to wash myself?" she asked and moved forward kissing me lightly on the lips.

"Yes. Strip and then get into the bathroom, Gail, " I said in as authoritative a voice as I could muster, even though it felt funny using her first name like that.

I followed her upstairs into her bedroom. She had a plain face with sensuous lips, wide, curvy hips and small breasts. I wondered what her body would look like without her office professional clothes. I watched while she took off her shoes and blouse. She wiggled those wide hips seductively as she let her skirt drop to the floor.

"Take off your bra," I demanded, "and remove the panty hose also." Then I noticed she was wearing the pink pair of the panties that Amy and I had bought months ago for our sex play. Holy shit, Mrs. Jorgenson had planned this! I was helping her act out her fantasy!

She had one of those bras that have a front clasp which she undid and then slowly opened so I could see her breasts. They were small but they had much larger, dark pink areolas than a breast that size should have. I thought they looked very sexy, but the panties were really the attraction for me.

She had the most prominent mound and pussy lips I'd seen, including Amy's and all the graphic photos in Playboy and Penthouse. Her mound pushed out the front of the semi-transparent panties, and her pussy lips were clearly defined and visible in the panties, which were pulled very tight to contain those wide, womanly hips.

"Now into the shower?" she asked, with her hands on her hips as she swayed back and forth.

"Yes," I said gruffly, and put my own hands on her hips, steering her from behind into the bathroom. I sat down on the toilet and had her stand in front of me. "Peel off the panties," I ordered, with my sense of control gaining a little steam.

She put her hands flat against her stomach and worked them under the waist band, then pushed the panties down off her hips and legs till she stepped out of them. I stared at her bald pussy. She shaved – everything – there was not a shred of pubic hair!

"You shaved your pussy. Why Mrs. Jorgenson?"

"I noticed several weeks ago when Amy stepped out of the shower that she'd shaved her pubis. I assumed that you demanded that she do it, so … I guess I did it to feel young and sexy again. It's been so long since I've been fu… had sex. I just went ahead and did it."

"Your pussy is very attractive this way. I think it worked," I said and I ran a finger carefully down her tummy to her plump lips and slid it along the slit. She breathed in sharply but I waved her into the tub. I watched her shadowy form behind the curtain, bending, washing, rinsing. I left the bath as she turned off the water and told her to meet me in her bedroom.

I removed all my clothes and sat on the very edge of the bed, leaning back, waiting for her with my erection prominent between my outstretched legs. When she walked in, her eyes widened and she gasped as she stared at my erect cock. I don't think she dated much after the divorce so many years earlier.

"Put some lipstick on." She looked a little startled at my demand, but leaned over her dressing table and applied a bright red, shimmering lipstick.

"Take this pillow and kneel here. Make love to my penis with your mouth," I demanded, pointing at the floor. Her look was clearly grateful as she knelt down between my legs and reached for my vertical cock. "No!" I said. "Put your hands down by your sides. Start by using only your tongue and I want you to look up at me while you perform."

She put her hands down, resting them on the tops of her thighs, and leaned her head forward until she tentatively kissed the tip of my penis. A little bit of lipstick was left on the head as her red, pursed lips drew away. Her face looked angelic as she stuck her tongue out and licked the lubricant from the tip, then kissed it again while her upturned eyes looked into my face. Her wistful, hungry look told me this was what she wanted.

"Lick it starting at my balls and work your way slowly all the way to the tip," I ordered and she obliged, licking my cock slowly up and down like a warm Popsicle. It was really exquisite watching a woman twice my age lick my stiff dick so lovingly.

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