Amy, My Exhibitionist


"Is this what you want, Gail?" "Are you a slut, licking my cock like a hungry little girl?"

"Yes, Blaine," She said quietly, breathlessly, "This is what I need. Please force me to do dirty things."

"Ask permission to suck me."

"Can I please suck your beautiful cock, Blaine? It's so big and strong, I can't help myself."

"Yes, suck it slowly so I can see your pretty red lips - make it wet and shiny and hard," I demanded. She began to breathe harder and moaned slightly as she sucked my dick slowly through her pursed lips. As she made her way down, she angled her head slowly left, then right, sucking all the way, looking into my eyes.

She made several long trips up and down the shaft this way until I was close to coming. I loved watching her lips stretch around my erection. It was now glistening with a coat with her saliva and my pre-cum. I became filled with adrenaline driven lust and a feeling of sexual power over her that made me talk to her not like the suburban PTA mom she was, but a kinky, sex-crazed bitch in heat.

"I'm going to cum on your face, Gail. Use your slutty mouth and lips to love my cock till I tell you to stop, then I'm going to pull out and cum all over you, okay?" I knew that if I came outside her mouth, I could get hard again quickly, allowing me to get her to do still more for me.

"Mmmmh," she moaned as her head began to bob up and down more rapidly on my very swollen member. She used her pursed lips to great effect to suck and stroke me without ever using her hands.

"I'M CUMMING! Oh, Mrs. Jorgenson, you SLUT, you DIRTY SLUT!" I quickly sat up, withdrew my throbbing dick from her mouth, grabbed it and aimed at her face. I came in great globs all over her mouth, chin and chest.

"Rub it all over your tits," I told her, "Show me how much you love it." She looked up at me with a surprised, questioning look and I hissed at her, "Do it!" She used both hands to start rubbing my sperm all over her chest as it dripped off her chin.

"Am I doing it right, Blaine?" She asked, looking up at me with a coquettish smile. "You know I can't resist you. Your cock is so big and hard, and you're so commanding and strong," she said, fulfilling her part of the fantasy bargain - convincing herself that her daughter's high-school boyfriend was forcing her.

"Yes, Mrs. Jorgenson, you're a very good cock-sucker; a first-rate slut," and she smiled at my filthy compliments as she continued to rub her tits and pinch her nipples.

"Now you're going to have to make me hard again. Kneel between my legs and use your sexy mouth some more. Come over here on the bed," I told her, propping up a pillow on the headboard, then sprawling out, legs spread, with my hands behind my head.

She gave me a small smile and dutifully crawled up to me kneeling between my legs. My cock was still soft after the massive blast I'd sent onto her face. I watched her kiss and lick my limp dick and then slurp it completely into her mouth.

"Just hold it in place with your lips and massage it with your tongue. I want you to feel my cock grow big and hard while it's in your mouth."

I felt it begin to stir. I felt her warm, wet tongue massaging the underside of my penis while I watched her red lips get wet around the base of the shaft. My cock got bigger and bigger, stretching her lips and gradually extending deeper into her mouth. She felt this happening and began to moan and squirm excitedly. She was getting very turned on as she felt my hardening cock expand into the recesses of her mouth!

"I'm going to fuck your mouth, Mrs. Jorgenson. You're a terrific cock-sucking slut with a talented mouth that I just have to fuck!" And with those dirty words she moaned loudly - my throat-filling erection muffling the sound of her voice as had a massive, bucking orgasm. She reared up like she was coming up for air from the deep end of a pool, my cock popping out of her mouth as she pushed her palms into her shaved crotch and came and came and came.

"Oh God! That's so dirty and so GOOD!" she yelled, "Fuck my mouth Blaine! Please fuck it now," she pleaded as I lay there, my hard cock glistening wet and throbbing.

"Kneel back down here and suck just the head into your mouth." She wrapped her lips around my shaft about 2 inches from the head. I grabbed a handful of hair with both hands just above her ears and held her head steady while I slowly raised and lowered my hips off the bed, sending my cock deep into her throat and back out again.

"That's right; use your lips and tongue to make your mouth into a pussy." I began to increase the speed and intensity of my upward thrusts - up, down, up, down.

"Mmmfff! Mmmfff!" she moaned as I held her head and stroked - up, down, up, down.

"Do you like it when I fuck your mouth? Are you a slutty blow job artist?" I felt her shake her head 'Yes' between my hands. I angled my hips, sliding my cock up, down, up, down, in and out of her mouth alternating the angle from left, right, left, right. I just wanted to keep thrusting and cum again, but I also loved the feeling of power I had over her and wanted that feeling to continue. Finally, I conjured up the will power to stop.

"Come up here and kiss me and tell me what you like," I said gripping the sides of her head and speaking like I was talking to a little girl. She crawled up to my face and kissed me gently, rubbing her cunt lips against the underside of my throbbing erection as she lowered her face to mine.

"I love it when you talk dirty to me. I love the feeling of your hard, young cock thrusting in and out of my mouth. Make me suck it some more. Make me feel like a cock-crazed teenager again," she said and she kissed me hard, rolling her tongue around in my mouth. I kissed her back just as hard, sending my tongue out to meet hers.

I broke away and told her, "I'm going to pull you down to my cock with your nipples. I'm going to make you take me deep in your throat and suck me till I cum in your mouth." I reached up to her chest with both hands and firmly gripped her long, stiff nipples, hard, but not enough to hurt, and began to pull on them, drawing her back down to my erection.

"Yes, oh yes, that's so good," she whispered, as I rolled her nipples between my thumb and forefinger, still pulling down till she reached the head of my dick. "Make me suck your cock, make me your slut."

"Mmmmhh, Mmmmhh," came out of her throat as she took my cock in. I began to pull harder, then ease up, alternating hard pulls on her nipples and relaxing, forcing her to take me deep into her mouth, then pushing up a bit forcing her to keep stroking me. I began to twist her nipples a little with each pull, and then she really started making obvious pleasure noises. Her sucking and moaning was pushing me closer and closer to another orgasm.

"I love your sexy nipples. I love to twist and pull them while you suck. I think you're going to make me cum with your dirty, sexy mouth, Gail!" I groaned as I began to shoot another huge load, this time down her throat.

"Mmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm, Mmmmm," she moaned as she swallowed each powerful spurt and had her own second orgasm. She dropped down onto her back, next to me, breathing hard, like she just finished swimming a lap. "Now what?"

I was tired, but this whole fantasy of hers - me, a forceful, demanding male, making her do dirty, slutty things against her will - was intoxicating, addictive. I'd been drawn into it and wanted to continue until I couldn't go on - or she couldn't! I really wanted to make love to her. I wanted to fuck that shaved pussy of hers, but there was no way I was going to be hard again soon. But I had a pretty good idea that I thought Mrs. Jorgenson might go along with.

I couldn't believe I said it, but I blurted out, "If you can get me hard again, I'll fuck you like you've never been fucked, Mrs. Jorgenson."

She got off the bed and stood next to it, hands on hips, with her feet a little further apart than necessary. She was giving me a good view of that pronounced pussy mound, shaved and still glistening from her orgasms. "You're so demanding, Blaine, even on yourself! You came twice already? How can you possibly get hard enough to fuck me?" she asked, shifting her weight from one foot to the other, sending a seductive hip slowly right, then left, in front of me.

"Amy likes to show off for me, tease me, perform a little. That'll get me hard again; it always works."

"Oh, I couldn't," she resisted, still swaying back and forth.

"Of course you can. You've got a good body, sexy tits, and a beautiful pussy. Show it off! Entertain me! Put on makeup, like you're going on a date which ends with a good fuck. Use your imagination. Dress up in sexy clothes, and you'll feel like the sexy woman you really are. I want you to be my porno-fantasy, Mrs. Jorgenson! I'm going to sit downstairs in the family room and wait for you."

She got that same kind of sloe-eyed smile on her face that I find so attractive in Amy and offered "Yes sir!" before walking into the bathroom, a pronounced hip sway with each step.

I went downstairs, turned on every light, and waited on the sofa. I heard her rinse off in the shower, then the blow dryer, then silence for a while.

She entered looking like a walking wet dream. She had on heavy eyeliner and more bright red lipstick. She had applied some makeup, accenting her cheekbones and her clear skin. She'd combed her hair into a pony tail with a blue ribbon. She was wearing one of Amy's skirts - a thin, summery thing that was very short on her. She had a sheer blouse on with no bra. It was unbuttoned and tied at the bottom above her waist so I could see her midriff, but I could see right through the material to her dark, pointy nipples. She was wearing a choker around her neck. Her legs were encased in sheer white thigh-highs with and her feet in black heels.

She stood in front of me, hands on her hips, swaying from side to side, and asked, "Do I look foolish?" She pulled up the skirt in front and showed me her panties; sheer, high cut and tight. "How about these? Are they part of your 'porno-fantasy?"

"Come here," and I sat up reaching around behind her to put my hands firmly on her ass under the skirt and pulled her crotch into my face. I rubbed my face and chin against her mound through the thin skirt and panties.

"I guess the clothes are a success!" she said pushing her crotch against my face. She stepped away, removed the skirt and strutted around like Amy. She sat down in a chair, slouching down with her hips far forward and her legs spread and started stroking her pussy through her panties. She ran her finger delicately along her slit while she watched me react. It was a profound turn-on to see my girlfriend's mother acting like such a slut. My cock began to respond.

"You have a nice, big cock, Blaine, and I want it in here," she said while making little circles with her finger against her wet, ripe cunt. Like mother like daughter. "Will you do me from behind? My 'ex' knew only the missionary position - nothing else. I want something more! I'll suck you to make you hard enough," she purred.

"I want to eat your beautiful pussy first," I said, with a smutty grin. "Take off the panties and lay here on the couch with your legs spread," I ordered. She wriggled out of the tight panties, her hands shaking as she stripped them off. Her shaved pussy was pink and wet, her clitoris distended. I laid down between her legs and put my hands under her ass cheeks, sending my warm breath onto her pussy. Her eyes were open wide and dancing and she was breathing in short, nervous gasps. I was curious.

"When was the last time someone ate you out, Mrs. Jorgenson?" There was a long pause.

"Never," she whispered. "I told you about my prudish ex-husband. Before him, my only experience was clumsy intercourse in the back of a car. I've always wondered what getting eaten would feel like."

I looked into her eyes and slowly brought my mouth down on her puffy pink lips and planted a noisy kiss, just for fun. Her excitement was apparent as she took in a sudden deep breath. With my lips still clamped to hers, I extended my tongue into her vagina, a lick, a prod, then deeper, tasting her musky secretions.

I pinched her clitoral hood between my pursed lips and sucked gently. I knew she was already cumming, but I continued to stimulate her with long slurpy licks between her inner and outer lips, around her love hole. I extended my tongue as far as I could into her, lifting her ass off the sofa and pulling her pussy against my face. Then I rapidly flicked my tongue inside her, finishing her off with a gushing orgasm.

"Oh Blaine. Mmmmh! Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm!" she moaned as she came in ripples of ecstasy.

I was stiff as a closet rod by now and I wanted to give her that fucking I'd promised.

"Bend over the back of the sofa and spread your legs." Her surprised look was followed by a breathy smile that said this was exactly what she needed. She put her arms on the back of the sofa and bent over at the waist, presenting her delicious-looking ass and pussy for me.

I stood up and put my cock at the entrance to her vagina. I pushed very gradually into her slippery canal then stopped with my cock buried to the root in her pussy.

"How hard do you want it?" I moved in and out once. "That hard?"

"Oh!" she said, and then, "Harder."

I thrust twice again, forcefully and deeply. "Like that? Do you want it hard and fast?"

"Oh! Oh! Yes, hard and fast!"

I began to piston into her vigorously. I bent over to reach for her breasts. As I pumped in and out I pinched and twisted her long nipples.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" she yelped as I continued my machine-like thrusts. "That's what I want! Fuck me HARD! FUCK ME HARD!" I let go of her nipples, gripped her hips from the sides, and repeatedly pulled her into me and then pushed away with each stroke. Her ass and my hips made loud sounds as we collided: Slap! Slap! Slap! Slap!

"Don't – Stop – Don't – Stop – Don't - Stop," she said matching the rhythm of our collisions.

"OH! I'm cumming! CUMMING! OH GOD!" she yelled, and I felt her vagina grip me as she came again. I continued to pound her pussy from behind while wave after wave of orgasmic pleasure ripped through her. After two orgasms, I could now hold back my own.

"Stop! - Blaine! - Stop! - Blaine! - Oh! - Oh! - Oh!" she blurted in staccato bursts as I pummeled her pussy.

"Hard enough now?" I asked rhetorically as I felt my orgasm rising, pumping furiously.

"Yes! – Yes! – Hard – Enough – Stop! – Stop! – OH!" And with a final deep thrust I stood up on my toes and started pumping into her. Cum began to trickle down the inside of her thigh.

"Jeez," she breathed as I slid out of her, dripping. Her head collapsed onto her crossed arms resting on the back of the sofa. "They say be careful what you wish for – it might just come true. Mine came true with a vengeance!" she said, then stood up and kissed me hard. "What are you doing tomorrow afternoon?" Oh boy.


Chapter 5 - Lucy

"Do you suppose Lucille has ever had sex?" Amy asked one day about another nerd in our loose-knit group. "She's one of my only friends, but she never talks about dating, or her friend, Chuck."

"Dating? Two or three dates is not dating, not love, and not sex. I don't think they're any different than we were up until a few months ago - Pizza and a movie, then home. Chuck and Lucy are both cherry."

"You're right. So I want you to help me introduce Lucy to sex. I want you to fuck her."

"Amy??!!! I can't do that! Think of what we have together - we shouldn't mess with that. Besides, you're more than enough for me already."

"I know. That's why I'm willing to share you so Lucy can learn. Then she can teach Chuck," she said confidently.

"What if she doesn't want to? I mean, she's another wallflower like the rest of us."

"Oh, she wants to all right, she just doesn't come out and say it."

"So you've talked to her about dates and stuff, haven't you? Have you told her about us?"

"Okay, we have talked, but she's knows nothing about what we do together. She's coming over to study with us tomorrow afternoon. My mom is going to church right after work, so we'll have plenty of time."

Amy had made her decision and set it up, so I decided not to argue. The next afternoon the three of us studied for an hour when Amy got into it. "Lucille, have you had sex with Chuck?"

"Amy!! NO! How could I? I'm not that kind of girl," Lucy protested.

"You've gotten into heavy petting and kissing with him, though, haven't you?" she asked, but she knew the answer.

"Well, no! Amy, why the questions about my non-existent sex life. I don't think we ought to talk about these things in mixed company. I mean Blaine is here."

"Lucy, Blaine and I fuck all the time - almost every time we're together. Think about it. We may not be beautiful. We're definitely not cheerleaders and Blaine's not captain of the football team. But just because we're part of the clutzy, studious crowd doesn't mean we can't enjoy sex. So Blaine and I are going to show you and then you can instruct Chuck. Blaine, take off your clothes so we can start."

"AMY!! Your language! And Blaine, you're not really going to ... Oh my god," she babbled, but she made no move to leave. Meanwhile, I quietly stripped and stood there, a pawn in Amy's grand plan. I was too chagrined to feel any excitement over the prospect of being naked in front of these two. Not yet.

"Sit next to me on the bed, Lucy. Blaine, stand in front of us. See how his penis looks? Watch what happens when I massage it. Amy took my limp dick in both of her warm hands, and I couldn't stop my cock from growing, despite the weird situation. "See how it starts to get bigger?"

Lucy stared, infatuated. "You stroke him now, Lucy, see how it feels." Amy guided Lucille's hand to my hardening cock. She was tentative but started moving her hand up and down the shaft, instinctively.

"Oh my," she said, staring and stroking while I grew even further in her loose grip.

"You can keep him excited and hard different ways," Amy said matter-of-factly to Lucy. "Sometimes I suck it, sometimes I put baby oil on my hands and give him a thorough stroking - a hand-job - but the most fun is to tease him by showing off my body in sexy clothes – usually just panties. When I dress sexy, I don't even touch him and he stays hard as a rock. I'm sure you can keep him hard the same way."

"Oh, Amy, this is all so crazy," Lucy weakly argued, but she stayed right there, still gently stroking me.

"Ok, let go of his cock," Amy ordered, "And Blaine, switch places with us and lean back so we can see your erection sticking out." I sat on the bed and leaned back on my elbows with my dick prominent between my splayed legs. I heard Lucy sigh a little as she continued staring at my cock.

"Lucy, just do what I do, and Blaine, you watch Lucy take off her clothes - don't watch me." Amy began to slowly remove her shoes, blouse, then her skirt while Lucy just stood there. "Come on, Lucy, this works, trust me. Start by taking off your blouse, and kick your shoes off."

Lucy complied reluctantly, slowly unbuttoning and then removing her blouse. She was wearing a slip in addition to her bra.

"Ok, now the skirt, and then the slip," Amy instructed. Lucy removed her skirt, pausing with a pleading look before pushing the slip down off her shoulders and stepping out of it.

Lucy was kewpie doll cute - short, with short dark hair and a fleshy rounded body - bordering on plump, but not quite, and glasses of course. If Amy looked like a future librarian, Lucy was destined to become first assistant librarian. Standing in bra in panties she looked very white and soft. Her pixie red lips were drawn tight. It was apparent that her breasts were large, soft, womanly, in spite of her small stature.

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