tagLoving WivesAmy - Our First MMF

Amy - Our First MMF


Although safe sex is not mentioned in my story for creative purposes, rest assured that we always use protection. The remainder of the story is true with the exception that names have been changed to protect the not so innocent. I would also like to take the time to thank those of you who have left me some very encouraging comments and helpful hints regarding previous stories. I hope you enjoy this story and feel free to leave me a message if you like.


The first time that my wife Amy and I took part in a threesome with another guy it kind of happened without warning. We were attending an annual summer pool party hosted by a couple of guys that I work with and we ended up at home with a co-worker of mine with whom I was going to share my wife. Before we get started I should probably take the time to introduce Amy to those of you who haven't read my other submissions. She stands 5'5" tall, weighs about 130 lbs. and has a body that always turns heads. She has beautiful blonde hair that falls just past her shoulders and the sexiest eyes that change from green to blue depending on her mood. Her hour glass figure is accentuated by a lovely set of 36C breasts and a firm round ass. Every time I think about her I am reminded of how fortunate I am to get to spend the rest of my life with her and nothing makes me happier than sharing her with others.

So, back to the party. There were about fifty of my co-workers that had gathered for the yearly bash and the drinks, as always, were flowing nicely. The hosts of the party did a fabulous job in entertaining all of the guests with great food, lots of booze and some games to play as the night wore on. Every one was having a blast, Amy and I included. She had been out to work functions with me numerous times before so she had no problems finding people to talk to. She spent a significant amount of time getting to know the few people that she had not previously met which included two women that were new to work and my soon to be tag-team partner, Steve. As the night wore on people started to become more and more intoxicated and that led to some wild happenings in the pool and hot tub.

I had been inside chatting with Myriam, a woman from work, for quite a while when I realized that I hadn't seen or heard from my wife in nearly an hour. I excused myself and went back outside in search of my wife after mixing another drink. I saw that a few people were talking loudly and laughing in the hot tub but Amy wasn't among them. I finally found her in the pool with a few guys who were obviously smitten with my sexy wife who, by the way, looked amazing in her bikini. I watched for a moment as my wife openly flirted with Steve while he floated in the pool on a lounge chair. He sat on the chair with his legs stretched out in front of him as Amy was between his thighs leaning on the edge of the chair. She had her hands on his legs for 'balance' and they talked quietly in the corner of the pool. On a few occasions I noticed that her hand casually made it's way up his leg to the point where his swim trunks began.

I made my way over to their secluded corner and asked if they wanted a drink before I joined them in the pool. Neither of them required a fresh beverage so I pulled my shirt over my head and hopped into the pool with Steve and Amy.

"So, what have you two been talking about over here all alone?" I asked them as I swam up behind my wife and pinched her ass below the water.

"Nothing!" they answered in unison, not wanting to reveal their conversation topic.

Shortly after I hopped in the pool Steve stated that he had to go to the washroom and exited the swimming pool. He informed us that he was probably going to check out the hot tub when he returned.

"That sounds like a great idea!" Amy agreed, "We'll meet you there in a bit!"

Once Steve was out of sight I wrapped my arms around Amy and pulled her tightly against me, pressing our lips together in a very passionate kiss. As we made out in the pool I noticed that we were alone and decided to take things a little further. While continuing to kiss my wife I managed to slide my hand between our bodies and into her bikini bottoms. Even amidst the warm pool water I could tell that her pussy was extremely wet from her flirting and teasing of Steve. I easily slipped a finger inside her pussy which caused her to moan into my mouth.

"I want to fuck you right here and now!" I whispered to my wife while nonchalantly pulling out my cock and moving her bikini bottoms to the side.

I moved my hips slightly closer to Amy and lifted her up in the water before lowering my sexy lady down on my pole. She bit her lip to stop from giving away our little secret as I pushed my entire 7 inches into her tight slit. She wrapped her muscular legs around my torso and started to gently gyrate her hips causing the water to ripple around us. If anyone had seen us they would have known exactly what we were doing and this just added to the excitement. I was slowly thrusting into Amy's tight box and could see her nearing her first orgasm of the night. I pressed my lips to hers in order to muffle any moans that tried to escape her mouth while she was cumming. Her tongue darted into my mouth as she rode my cock to a small yet satisfying climax. As her orgasm subsided she released her grip which allowed my cock to slip from her slippery pussy. Much to my chagrin, she then swam away and left me standing in the middle of the pool with an extremely stiff dick and desperate for a release of my own.

I thought that she was just going to tease me for a moment and then return but she swam the edge of the pool and climbed out onto the patio. She glanced back at me mischievously and then made her way to the hot tub where she had told Steve to meet her. I was very frustrated but I decided to play along with her little game and see where it led. After tucking my cock back into my swim trunks I exited the pool and went inside the house to briefly use the washroom prior to joining the group in the jacuzzi. Once I was finished in the washroom I began to make my way back outside but was stopped on the way by one of the other guys from work.

"Your wife is awesome! She's always the life of the party. You'd better keep your eye on her or one of the guys might try something!" he warned me before entering the washroom himself.

I knew that my wife was more than capable of taking care of herself and I trusted her to not do anything that I was not comfortable with. I actually found the prospect of her fooling around with another guy to be very appealing and secretly hoped that I would walk outside and find her playing around with Steve. I exited the house and strolled over to the tub where about five or six of my co-workers were chatting with my wife and each other. Amy was seated next to Steve and Luke, the host of the party, was on her other side. I also noticed that Amy's bikini was laying on the ground next to the hot tub which came as no surprise since she loves to expose herself as often as she can. I also saw numerous other bathing suits in a pile next to Amy's so I assumed that everybody in the tub was also naked.

"Take off those shorts and get in here, it's so warm!" my wife prompted me.

I stripped down and hopped into the jacuzzi, finding a seat next to Luke's girlfriend Myriam. As I was settling into my seat I saw, out of the corner of my eye, that Myriam was checking out my package as I slowly lowered myself into the water. I returned her gaze and saw that she had a beautiful set of B cup breasts that were resting just below water level. I was slightly uncomfortable being naked in the midst of so many co-workers but I fought the urge to get out and attempted to enjoy myself, which wasn't too hard to do.

I struck up a conversation with Myriam as my eyes wandered from her to my wife who was sandwiched between two guys that I knew were very interested in her. Each time that I glanced at Amy she seemed to be squeezed tighter between the guys. My wife was being her flirtatious self, smiling and laughing constantly, especially with Steve. From my vantage point it looked as if his hand was resting either on her thigh or between her legs and her hand was definitely fondling his member beneath the bubbling water. Every once in a while I could see Steve's eyes close as he was obviously loving whatever my wife was doing to him under the water.

"It was nice talking with you, see you at work." Myriam said as she exited the tub, signalling for Luke to do the same. Luke seemed somewhat hesitant to get out of the jacuzzi and it soon became apparent why. When he finally did stand his cock was erect and stuck out in front of him.

"I've never touched an uncut cock before." Amy stated as she reached for Luke's stiff prick. His cock twitched as my wife's delicate hand caressed his member which sent Myriam into a temper tantrum before she stormed into the house. Luke allowed my wife's hand to glide up and down his shaft a few times before he excused himself to go calm his girlfriend down.

Once Luke and Myriam departed there was only Steve, Amy and I left in the tub. My wife settled back into her seat next to Steve and continued to flirt and tease him openly while I sat on the opposite side of the jacuzzi and took it all in. I watched Steve lust after my wife as his hands were gently caressing her naked body. I could see that Steve was a little nervous about touching Amy while I was there so I decided to give them some privacy.

"I've got to go to the bathroom, I'll be right back." I announced as I stood and walked into the house. I took my time inside the house hoping that Steve would grow bolder while I was away and upon my return I knew my plan had worked. I paused inside for a moment in an attempt to catch a sneak peek of what was transpiring outside. My wife had moved and was now seated on one of Steve's legs as he massaged her breasts that were now exposed above the water. I also noticed that Amy's hand was causing the water to ripple as she resumed stroking Steve's stiff cock.

I couldn't wait to see where this night was headed so I quickly left the house and hopped back into the hot tub. Steve was still a little unsure of what he was permitted to do so as I slipped back into the water he removed his hands from my wife's body.

"Don't stop" Amy pleaded, "he doesn't mind, do you Hun?" she asked while placing Steve's hands back on her tits.

The two of them seemed to forget that I was present for a minute or two as they explored each others bodies while I watched intently. Amy leaned into Steve and began to whisper something into his ear. The more she spoke to him the wider his eyes grew so I knew she must have been talking dirty to him. Whatever she was whispering must have been really good because I witnessed Steve's eyes nearly pop out of his head and his hands froze on my wife's body.

My wife's head turned to look at me and the words that escaped her lips were music to my ears. "So, wanna go to our place and have a threesome?" she asked, knowing what my response would be.

"Sure, let's go." I replied calmly, hiding my enthusiasm. I was the first to exit the water and grabbed our swim suits and gave them to Steve and Amy. We all went inside to change into some dry clothes for the short walk back to our place. While Amy was in the washroom changing Steve asked me if I was okay with what was about to take place and I assured him that I was. Even though this was to be the first time that I watched my wife fuck another guy, I was extremely turned on and couldn't wait to see her riding another cock.

When Amy exited the washroom we left the party house and began the short walk, through a mall parking lot, to our place. Steve and I flanked my wife as we strolled home under the rising sun. She kept up her flirting during our trip, kissing both Steve and I and grabbing the bulges in the front of our shorts. We paused for a moment in the empty parking lot and pulled Amy's tits out of her shirt and we each took an erect nipple into our mouths. I slipped my hand into her skirt and found that her pussy was dripping wet from all of the teasing that she had done throughout the evening. I easily slid two fingers into her slick pussy and then brought them up to her lips where she eagerly sucked them dry. She pulled Steve close and pressed her lips to his, allowing him to taste her sweet juices.

All desperate for a morning of very steamy sex, we continued on our way and were in our apartment in a matter of minutes. I went to the kitchen to fix us all another drink and Amy went to the washroom while Steve made himself at home on the love seat. My wife and I soon joined Steve in the living room and we chatted and downed our drinks. Amy asked Steve to help her make more drinks and he followed my sexy wife into the kitchen. While making the drinks Steve stood directly behind Amy and pressed his body into her back, undoubtedly grinding his stiff cock into her ass. He leaned down and started to kiss her neck as I watched her hands snake around and rub his dick through his shorts. They played with each other for a few minutes until I cleared my throat and asked how my drink was coming.

They both returned to the living room, Steve took his place on the love seat while Amy put a CD into the stereo and started to gently sway her hips to the music. I sat mesmerized as my wife shook her ass, which was barely covered by her short skirt, in the center of the room. I glanced over at Steve to see that his eyes were also fixed on my wife's magnificent body and his hand was casually rubbing the front of his shorts. Amy must have noticed Steve's actions as well because she made her way toward him and danced directly in front of him. He reached his hands out and sensually stroked her exposed thighs and eventually trailed his hands under her skirt until he had a firm grasp of her round butt. She allowed his hands to linger on her ass for a short while before spinning around and sitting in his lap.

Amy started slowly grinding her ass into Steve's crotch while staring directly at me. "Do you want to share your sexy wife with Steve?" she asked me, "His cock is nice and hard already! Is yours?"

"If you keep that up I'm gonna cum right here and now!" I replied. "Why don't you show Steve that magnificent body of yours again?"

With that, Amy stood directly in front of Steve and put on a very hot strip tease show as she peeled off what little clothing she was wearing. She teasingly played with her nipples when she removed her shirt and trailed a finger along her damp slit after removing her skirt. My wife then brought her finger to her lips and demonstrated to Steve exactly how she intended to suck his cock. She swirled her tongue around her digit and then sucked it deep into her mouth while moaning around it.

She was now completely naked and continued to move to the beat of the music until she felt the need for more. "Stand up Steve and let me help you out of those pesky clothes!" she demanded, grabbing him by the belt and helping him to his feet. Steve pulled his shirt over his head while my horny wife unbuckled his shorts and slid them around his ankles. Steve's cock sprung free and stuck out proudly from his body as he stepped from his shorts. Amy wrapped her tiny hand around the base of Steve's shaft and walked him like a puppy dog as she led him toward our bedroom. "Why don't you fix us another drink, lose those clothes and meet us in the bedroom!" she asked me as they walked by.

I stood and made my way into the kitchen yet again and mixed three more cocktails. My mind raced at the thought of my wife alone in our bedroom, naked with another guy. I started to feel slightly jealous but I was also tremendously aroused so I decided to take my time before joining Amy and Steve. Visions of walking into the room to see my slut wife with Steve's cock in her mouth or with his face buried in her snatch forced the jealousy out of my system as I shed my clothing. My cock jumped from my shorts, harder than it has ever been as pre-cum leaked from the tip.

I silently made my way down the hallway and tried to eavesdrop on any activities that were taking place behind the closed door. As I neared the room I could hear muffled voices and an occasional moan. I quietly opened the door just enough that I could see what was taking place without being noticed. My jaw dropped and my eyes were locked on my wife as she had Steve's cock balls deep in her mouth while he straddled her face. She was laying on back with her legs spread and her pussy glistening in the light. Steve began slowly fucking Amy's mouth and she grabbed hold of his ass to pull his shaft deeper into her throat. I stood at the foot of the bed for a minute or two watching my wife with another guy for the first time, and I was loving it!

While Amy slurped away at the big cock that was in her mouth I crawled onto the bed and slipped between her legs. I drove my tongue into her dripping pussy and I could hear a muffled moan escape from her lips as she inhaled Steve's cock. I fucked my wife with my tongue while Steve fuck her mouth and she writhed in sexual bliss from the attention she was receiving from both ends. She took Steve's member from her mouth just long enough to tell him that she wanted him to cum on her face. He thrust his big cock back into her open mouth and resumed his pounding of her mouth. In a matter of seconds Steve announced that he was about to cum and pulled his dick from Amy's mouth. She wrapped her fist around his shaft and after just a few strokes he exploded all over my wife's beautiful face.

The sensation of having another man's cum splashing off her lips and cheeks was enough to send Amy over the edge and she came all over my tongue that was lapping away at her pussy. My wife let Steve's rapidly deflating cock fall from her mouth as she grabbed my head with both hands and pulled my face hard against her flowing cunt. Her initial climax was followed closely by a second, more intense one, while she repeatedly thrust her pussy into my face. Amy finally released my head, allowing me to finally inhale some air and suggested that Steve and I switch positions.

"Wow! Your wife gives amazing head!" Steve commented to me as he dismounted and slid down to the foot of the bed, panting as he did so.

He certainly didn't need to tell me and I couldn't wait to experience it for myself. Instead of straddling her as Steve had done, I lay on my side next to her so that I could relax and enjoy her talented mouth as well as watch Steve eat her sweet puss. Once I settled into position Amy immediately engulfed my cock and sucked me deep into her mouth. Her tongue danced along the underside of my shaft and flicked across my balls when it could reach.

As I was enjoying what was turning out to be possibly the best blowjob I had ever received, Steve had caught his breath and was beginning to gently lick my wife's slit. Amy's entire mouth seemed to vibrate as she moaned each time Steve's tongue trailed across her protruding clit. Her moans quickly became louder and more frequent until she suddenly stopped sucking my cock and just held it between her lips. I knew she was on the verge of cumming once again so I pulled my meat from her mouth and watched as another climax ravaged her body. Just as she began to erupt I leaned down and drove my tongue into her gaping mouth, passionately kissing my wife as another man made her cum.

Exhausted, Amy lay in the center of the bed attempting to recover from her multiple orgasms while both Steve and I lightly caressed her naked body. Steve's face was smeared with her juices and he was licking his lips, tasting as much of her cum as he could. I noticed that Steve's cock was hard once again and my own member was aching for some attention. Amy sat up and scooted to the bottom of the bed, never taking her eyes off of our raging hard-ons.

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