Amy - Our First MMF


"I have had this fantasy for a long time and I want to fulfill it now!" she explained, " I want to suck you both at the same time so move closer together and put your cocks in my mouth!"

Steve and I wasted little time in moving thigh to thigh so that my wife easily had access to both of our cocks. Her face beamed with excitement as she prepared to suck two cocks simultaneously for the first time. She grasped both cocks in her delicate hands and stroked us each slowly as she salivated at what was to follow. Amy soon leaned down and took Steve's dick into her mouth until her nose nestled against his abdomen. She rapidly raised her head and his cock popped free for a moment before she wrapped her fist around his shaft and slowly pumped up and down. She looked me straight in the eye before sucking me between her lips and taking my manhood into her mouth in its entirety. My wife alternated between our cocks until we were both on the brink of unloading into her talented mouth.

I'm not sure what I gained more pleasure from, watching my slut wife deep throat Steve or pushing my own cock into the back of her throat. This being this first time I had ever watched Amy with another guy, I didn't know what to expect but I was overwhelmed with the outcome thus far. I felt a strange sense of pride each time that my wife took Steve's cock into her mouth as well as a slight feeling of jealousy. I wasn't worried that she would have so much fun with Steve that she would run off with him, I just wanted to feel her mouth on me!

I had to think of anything I could, except for the amazing blowjob I was watching and receiving, in order to prevent myself from exploding in Amy's mouth. Just prior to erupting, I rolled out of my wife's reach and moved behind her so that I could eat her pussy from behind while she continued to treat Steve. I attacked her snatch with my tongue and had her moaning uncontrollably in no time at all. She was so excited from fulfilling her double blowjob fantasy that her juices were leaking from her slit and leaving a moist trail down her thighs. There is nothing that tastes sweeter than a sopping wet pussy and my wife's is no exception. I can think of nothing sexier that going down on her after she has been fucked or eaten and has cum a few times.

Amy arched her back and thrust her ass high in the air, granting me easy access to her sloppy puss, while maintaining a steady rhythm on Steve's hard shaft. I flattened out my tongue and began to lick her from clit to asshole and back again. I could see her legs trembling as she was fast approaching yet another climax and I had every intention of making her cream all over my face. I noticed that each time my tongue ran across her asshole that she jumped in excitement which was out of character for her. Amy usually grows bored of having her ass licked after just a few moments but she seemed to really want it tonight so I decided to give her the attention she was craving.

I manoeuvred until my mouth was directly over her opening and darted my tongue into her ass as deep as it would go. My wife's body shook in enjoyment when I pressed past her tight ring and much to my surprise she reached back and spread her ass cheeks with her unoccupied hand, encouraging me to go deeper. While fucking her tight ass with my tongue I slipped two fingers into her pussy and vigorously thrust in and out of her cunt. My wife screamed out in orgasm as I devoured her ass and finger banged her tight twat. She was no longer able to keep Steve's cock in her mouth and it slapped against his stomach, covered in saliva. I could see in his eyes that he was on the verge of cumming so it was probably a good thing that she stopped sucking him off.

I withdrew my fingers as Amy came down from her most recent climax and gave her ass and pussy one last long lick, tasting as much of her cum as I could suck in. I gave her round ass a firm smack as I crawled back toward the top of the bed and lay next to Steve. Both of our cocks were rock hard and Amy was stared at them both with lust in her eyes. I knew she was desperate to finally be fucked and I knew that I wanted Steve to be the first one to fill her pussy tonight.

"I know you want to get fucked, so why don't you ride Steve for a while?" I suggested.

"Do you want to watch his big cock slide inside your little slut wife?" she teased back.

She knew I wanted to watch her fuck another guy and she wanted it just as bad. My wife slowly swung a leg over Steve's straddled him while sexily crawling until his cock rested between the lips of her hungry pussy. She ground her slippery pussy along the entire length of Steve's rod a few times before taking hold of his member at placing it at the entrance to her canal. She looked me dead in the eye as she sank down and impaled his cock with her snatch. I watched her eyes roll back into her head as Steve's impressive tool stretched her tiny pussy.

She took it very slow at first in order to get accustomed to the new cock inside her. Once she was used to his size and shape she started to gently rock her hips, stirring her juices ever so slightly with his cock. Amy quickened her pace and was soon violently bouncing on Steve's rod as I looked on in amazement.

"Oh Honey, his cock feels wonderful inside me!" my wife announced, "I feel so full right now!"

Amy's constant chatter had me more turned on than I had ever been in my life and I urged her to fuck Steve really good. Amy put forth her best effort and I could see from the look on Steve's face that he had never been fucked like he was right now. I climbed off the bed and walked around until I could watch Steve's tool invade my wife's pussy as her ass bounced up and down. Each time she slammed down on her new lover's cock her ass cheeks spread slightly, exposing her pink asshole to my gaze. It was at this point that I thought about my favourite type of porno scene, the double penetration, and how much I would enjoy filling Amy's ass while another guy pumped away at her cunt.

I coated my index finger with saliva and approached her tiny rear opening, cautiously massaging her anus while Steve continued to thrust up into her snatch. The instant my finger grazed her hole she spun her head around and looked at me apprehensively and her movements on Steve's cock nearly stopped. We'd had anal sex a few times prior to this occasion but she had never had both her pussy and ass full at the same time. I wanted tonight to be a night of firsts for both of us so I continued on with my exploration of her bottom. I greased my digit with another coat of saliva and tenderly pressed the tip into her tight canal.

"Oh my God!" Amanda screamed while resuming her vigorous fucking of Steve, "That feels so good!" When my first knuckle slipped past her sphincter she emitted a low groan of intense pleasure and suddenly exploded all over Steve's cock and my finger. "Put it in further!" she begged while still in the throws of a massive orgasm. I did as requested and slid my second knuckle into my slut wife. She lost control of her body and began to thrash wildly, forcing both Steve and myself from her orifices.

When her climax finally began to subside she collapsed on Steve's chest gasping for air. I had seen and felt her have some pretty exquisite orgasms before but they were nothing compared to the most recent one! Her entire body quivered for at least 5 minutes following her astonishing climax. Watching my loving wife enjoy herself to such an extreme extent had my cock harder than it had ever been prior to this moment. I noticed that Steve was still at full mast as well and was slowly sliding his shaft between her slick labia.

" I want to feel your wet, used pussy!" I demanded just before flipping her over onto her back and spreading her legs wide. Her moist pussy glistened in the dim light of the bedroom and I just had to have a taste of her well fucked snatch. I lowered my face to her damp slit and lapped up all of the juices that seeped from her puss. I love the taste of her sweet pussy after she has cum and this time was no different. I could have continued to eat her out for hours but I desperately needed to fuck my naughty little wife!

I wiped her juices from my face and mounted her, my stiff cock easily slipped into her open pussy as I kissed her deeply. I didn't want to occupy her mouth for long since I knew that Steve was as eager as I was for some more attention and he would probably want to feed his cock into her hungry mouth again. I positioned myself on my knees between her thighs which gave me a great view of my rod slamming into her pussy and Steve quickly moved toward her head to stuff his member into her waiting mouth. Yet again my wife was getting it from both ends and loving every minute of it. Her moans became constant as she gyrated her hips to my thrusts and slurped away at Steve's shaft.

Amy's mouth was working Steve over so well that he announced that he was about to burst into her throat if she didn't stop sucking him. Much to Steve's delight my wife increased her tempo and encouraged him to explode into her mouth. Steve grabbed a fistful of my wife's hair and thrust deep into her mouth two or three times before he grunted and coated her tongue with his cum. She swallowed as rapidly as she could but his load was apparently huge and began to leak out the corners of her mouth. Steve's whole body jerked as he emptied the last remnants of his cum between Amy's still sucking lips. When my wife opened her eyes and looked directly at me, as she swallowed one last time, I almost filled her pussy with a load of my own. Luckily, I pulled out in time to stop myself from bursting right then and there.

Steve, exhausted from his lengthy orgasm, fell onto the bed and lay next to Amy while I slid to her other side. I wasn't finished fucking my insatiable wife yet so I rolled her until her back was to me and entered her from behind as we spooned next to Steve and his deflating cock. I very slowly fed my meat into her puss, enjoying the sensation as every inch was eventually enveloped by her hot cunt. I pushed my cock into her pussy until my balls were sandwiched against her ass and reached around to fondle her sensitive breasts. Steve cautiously leaned in and pressed his lips to hers as I squeezed her tits and slowly withdrew my shaft nearly all the way from her wet box. With very deliberate strokes I made love to my wife while she made out with one of my co-workers in our bed.

"Why don't you help Steve get ready for round two?" I whispered into Amy's ear. "I want to watch you get his cock hard with your mouth while I keep your pussy warm for him!"

She moaned into Steve's mouth and almost immediately broke their kiss and told Steve to move up so she could get his cock stiff again. Amy sucked his flaccid prick between her lips and worked her magic until he was once again at full mast. She worked his dick over really well for a minute or so before letting him pop from her mouth as she pumped him with her fist.

"I want you two to take turns fucking my little slut pussy until I can't cum anymore!" my wife demanded as Steve moved to lay down in front of her while I thrust deep into her one last time before pulling out completely. "Okay, put that beautiful cock inside me Steve! Make me scream!"

I grabbed my wife's leg and raised it into the air so Steve could easily access Amanda's hungry hole and also so I could watch his cock slide into my naughty little spouse. She took hold of his shaft and placed the head at the entrance to her canal as she engaged him in another deep kiss. Steve eagerly thrust his hips forward, burying his cock to the hilt in one swift motion.

"Unhhhhh, your cock feels fucking amazing!" Amy howled, "Pound my little pussy while my husband watches! Make me cum again!"

She forced her leg from my grasp and wrapped it behind Steve ass, pulling him into her as deep as possible. She was really getting into the thrashing that Steve was awarding her needy pussy. With her leg back down I was now unable to view her outstretched snatch so I decided to get involved elsewhere. I moved tight against her back which pinned her firmly between Steve and I and also caused my cock to rest comfortably between the globes of her butt. I started to lick and nibble the nape of her neck which drives her wild. Steve's tool and my mouth sent her over the edge quickly as she cried out the arrival of another climax.

"Oh my God, I'm cumming again! I love being tag teamed!" she blurted out, "Stuff me with your big cock Steve!" Steve's rod continued to slosh around in my wife's convulsing pussy throughout her entire orgasm. She craned her neck in order to look back at me while she came down from her sexual peak. "Thanks for letting me have another cock to play with, I'm having sooo much fun!"

"I am thoroughly enjoying myself too! Anytime you feel the need for a second cock, go right ahead! This is the most erotic thing I have ever been a part of!" I admitted. "Now I want to feel your well fucked puss...if Steve doesn't mind me taking a turn."

"Your place, your woman, your rules, you can have whatever you want!" Steve quipped as he withdrew his slippery cock.

I immediately replaced his cock with my own and started to really hammer away at my wife's used pussy. Steve helped out by placing his hand on her pussy and gently rubbing her oversensitive clit while my dick split her swollen labia. The dual pleasure that my wife was experiencing had her rapidly approaching yet another juicy climax. At the precise moment that I felt her pussy start to really clamp down on my shaft I pulled out and told Steve to fuck her again. Just as her cunt started to spasm Steve penetrated her hard and deep.

"Oooo, that's it, take turns with me!" she yelled, "Share your little slut wife!"

The second I heard her talking so dirty I knew that she was game for nearly anything so I made up my mind to push the limits slightly. Amy was breathing heavily from her recent orgasm and Steve was barely moving inside her as she calmed down. I climbed off the bed and dug through her nightstand until I located a bottle of lubricant which would definitely come in handy for what I had in mind. I wanted to fuck her ass while Steve was still in her pussy.

Armed with the lube and a rock hard cock I crawled back behind Amy and kissed her cheek while she lay motionless with Steve still buried inside her. I applied a generous amount of lube to both my shaft and her puckered hole. When she felt my finger exploring her bum again all she did was turn her head and look at me with a mischievous grin on her face. I knew this was a signal for me to continue as she was very into what was about to happen. I spread some lube around her asshole and then proceeded to insert first one, then two fingers into her tight ass. She must have really liked the feeling of having both her holes filled as she soon began moving her hips, forcing my fingers deeper into her bottom.

After loosening up her rear opening with my fingers for a few minutes I felt she was ready to take my engorged cock. I pulled my hand away from her backside and placed the head of my cock against her asshole. Steve removed his prick from her pussy which afforded me a little bit more room to enter her ass while he stimulated her clit with his fingers. Amanda reached back and spread her cheeks apart as I started to apply some pressure to her anus. I watched in awe as the tip of my cock disappeared into my wife's sweet ass. She groaned loudly at the initial invasion of her ass but soon grew accustomed to the feeling and began to gently push back, taking more and more of me into her ass.

"Your cock feel's so good in my ass! I want you to fuck me nice and hard when I'm ready!" she moaned.

She continued to force more of my shaft into her until I was balls deep in her tight butt. She remained motionless for a moment before cautiously pulling away until only my head remained inside of her. When she pushed back again she did so much quicker than the first time, her ass slapping against my abdomen as she sighed deeply.

"My ass is ready to get fucked now!" my wife stated excitedly. "Don't stop touching my puss, Steve!"

I commenced sliding my cock in and out of her tight ass with long deliberate strokes, forcing her to moan loudly each time I did so. I had my eyes closed until I felt the bed move and noticed that Steve was manoeuvring so he could put his cock in Amy's mouth again without taking his hand from her clit. She eagerly sucked him into her mouth and was once again being fucked from both ends, this time with a bit of a twist. By this time I was pounding her ass so hard that I was pushing her into Steve's cock, forcing it deep into her throat.

"You're such a perfect little slut!" I praised, "Taking a cock in your ass and one in your mouth...and you're loving every second of it, aren't you?"

"Mmmmhh, hummmphhh!" she moaned around Steve's rod.

I felt Steve's fingers slip into her pussy as I fucked her ass. She definitely felt this as well because she screamed out in utter bliss after letting Steve's cock escape her lips. I felt her ass contract around my pole and knew she was about to cum one more time when suddenly Steve withdrew his fingers and lay down in front of her.

"What are you doing? I was about to explode!" Amy questioned, somewhat irritated.

"You seemed to be enjoying yourself so I wanted to fuck your pussy while Jack bangs your ass!" Steve admitted.

"Well then stop talking and put that big cock of yours in my little slut hole!" Amy demanded enthusiastically.

Hearing my wife talk like that, which is out of character for her, nearly made me deposit my load at that very moment. I stopped all movement in order to delay my own orgasm while Steve moved into position. I lifted Amy's leg to accommodate Steve and he ran the head of his dick along her damp slit before starting to push it in. I could feel him enter my wife's pussy as I remained lodged in her ass. Watching another guy fuck my wife was one thing but actually feeling it, from the inside, was unbelievably erotic. My cock jumped in excitement as Steve slid his entire length into her pussy, the addition of his cock made her ass feel even tighter than it had before. I struggled just to keep my cock inside her as Steve began to methodically fuck her.

"Mmmmm, I feel so full! Fuck me Steve, I'm gonna cum already!" my wife cried.

She came more violently than she had all night and her whole body convulsed between us. Just as her climax ravaged her body I started to pump in and out of her ass while Steve continued to screw her gushing puss. We soon got into a steady rhythm, as Steve thrust in I pulled out and vice versa. Having one of us constantly hammering into one of her holes prolonged Amy's climax for what seemed like an eternity. She was thrashing around while both her pussy and ass clenched our cocks.

"I want to feel both of you cum! I want two cocks to explode in me at the same time!" my wife wailed.

I glanced at Steve quickly to determine whether or not he was ready because I knew I couldn't hold out for very much longer. Steve gave me a subtle nod, confirming that he about to fill Amy's pussy with his seed. Steve was ramming his manhood as deep and as hard as he could and announced to us that he was going to cum.

"That's it Steve, fill me up!" Amy screamed, "Oh Honey, I can feel his cock swelling inside me!"

"I'm going to spray your ass with cum!" I grunted while pistoning into her ass over and over again. I slammed my cock deep one last time and let go with what was possibly the biggest load I had ever unleashed. I erupted with stream after stream of cum that filled her ass at the exact same time that I felt Steve's cock twitching in her pussy. I held still and let her ass milk all of the cum from my prick while Steve used short quick thrusts to release his load into her cunt.

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