tagRomanceAmy Passed Their Way

Amy Passed Their Way


Amy Beckwith, sportswriter for the New York times, got up from her desk, stretched, put on her coat and headed for the door. Another edition put to bed. It was now ten PM. Bored and lonely, she resisted just going straight to her flat. Instead she took a cab to "Jack Dempsey's" bar.

If you had made a name for yourself in big time sports, and were in New York City, you made it a point to stop in at Dempsey's. Though Amy stopped there several times a month, very few people recognized her as the Olympic marathon champion from 1988. Ever once in a while, she would be introduced to a player for the Yankees, New York Giants, Jets, Knicks, or Mets. When told of her Gold medal, there would be a recognition in their eyes of what it took to be a champion. They knew.

Wind driven rain from the overhead thunderstorm soaked her as she ran from the cab to the door. "Hi Walter, " she said to the bartender. "I'll have a Long Island Ice Tea. "

"Nice to see you Amy, coming right up. "

Amy looked around. Jim McKay, Roone Arledge, and Frank Gifford were in the back corner. The Pirates were in town. Wilson, Kendall, Giles, Schmidt, and Loiselle, were at a big table with the Met's Piazza, and Ventura. Amy laughed to herself. They fight like hell on the field, but are the best of friends off the field. But why not? Out of the millions of boys that play baseball, these there the gifted ones that have worked so hard to hone their skills. Long after their legs will not carry them at the championship level, they will have these friendships, of men who share who they have been, what they have done.

Amy, the spectator, still was lonely in the sea of people. A man entered the doorway. His hat was pulled down. His collar was up. As he took them off, she saw that it was Tommy "Daylight" Thompson, halfback for the New York Giants. Amy thought to herself that the Giants are in town for the beginning of their training camp.

Amy had followed Tommy's career since he was an All American for Penn State In his prime the scouting report of him was that he was not as shifty as Gayle Sayers, or as powerful as Jimmy Brown, but he had an uncanny ability to use his blockers, and bounce off defenders to get the yards his team needed. Pictures of him draped with three defenders as he plowed the last two yards were the stuff of nightmares for NFL coaches.

Amy had overheard the sportswriters discussing the fact that the Giants had drafted Hershal James. There was a good chance that Tommy would be relegated to the position of back up halfback this year.

In years past, when he entered Dempsey's, his head was held high, with an arrogant look. He would slowly gaze around the room like he owned it. Not tonight. His eyes were downcast. He went to a booth. Amy had read in the papers that Tommy's financial adviser had stolen twenty million dollars from him. Soon after, his wife divorced him. So much for true love.

For a man with two Super Bowl rings, he did not convey the look of a champion as he sat hunched over his drink. Amy studied him for a few minutes. Picking up her glass, she walked over to his table. "Hi, I'm Amy, can I sit down?"

Tommy looked up. " I usually sit alone. "

"So do I. But, you look like you need a friend. I'm lonely too. "

"Your Amy somebody, I remember seeing you run. Yes, now I remember. Your that gal from Maine that won the 1988 Olympic marathon. God, it was a hundred degrees that day. That girl from Sweden matched you stride for stride the last three miles. When you got up on your toes and sprinted the last four hundred yards it was the greatest show of guts that I have ever seen. Sit down. "

"Amy Beckwith. Now with the New York Times. Thank you for the compliment. "

"You might be interested in knowing that at the time of your run the Giants had taken a break from training. We were in the study room watching you run on TV. Lawrence Taylor clapped and cheered. Bill Purcell kept saying, "Run Baby, run!" As you crossed the finish line, Purcell told us, "When you are tired and the going is tough, remember that little girl. "

"Thank you for that tidbit. So, how are things going for you?"

Tommy told her about the fact that he would be the back up halfback this year. How hard it was to not be number one. How the team reacted to his change in status.

Amy listened to him talk. There were a lot of if or maybe things that he mentioned. She looked him over. He did not appear to be in condition to be an NFL halfback. She asked what he had done to get ready for the season. The short answer was, not much.

"Take you home?" He said.

"Sure, it is just twelve blocks. "

Sitting on her couch sipping wine, Amy could not hold back what was on her mind.

"Tommy, you have to understand that everything I do, and everything I associate with, I judge by my standards. You may stomp out of here, but I am going to tell you what I think. I see a man that has been dealt some severe blows. As I look at you now, I see a man that has given up. You are out of shape. It seems that you will be content to just sit on the bench and collect your salary untill the year ends, and then just fade into the night. Is that how you want to be remembered, as a fat has been?"

Tommy "Daylight" Thompson's face got red. He grabbed his coat as he headed for the door. As he reached for the door he stopped. His shoulders hunched. He put his hands to his face and begin to sob. She could just hear him say, "I have no one to go to, no one that cares, only a hotel room to my name. "

Amy went to him. Putting her arms around him, she said, "I have an extra bed room. Why not stay the night? No pass, just friends. Okay?"

Tommy woke up to the smell of coffee, and bacon. They talked. Amy convinced Tommy to let her train him for the upcoming season. His weight was two hundred and sixty pounds when they started. By the end of training camp, what with the Giant's workouts and Amy's, Tommy was down to two hundred and twenty two pounds. She had him running at 4:45 AM. She had him running at 8:45 PM. His time in the forty yard dash was 4. 2. It was the fastest since his rookie year.

Hershal James did get the nod as starting halfback. In the Redskins game, the score was tied in the fourth quarter. With third and sixteen, Tommy was put in as a split end. A screen was run. He received a short pass. Two steps toward the sidelines, a one hundred and eighty degree reverse, and "Daylight" ran through the entire Redskins team for a touchdown. It was the "Play of the Day. "

It was a different Tommy Thompson who arrived on Amy's doorstep that evening. Amy had seen the game on TV. She smiled a knowing smile when she saw the ear to ear grin on his face. He picked her up in his arms. "Amy, you did it. It was there, like you said it would be, if I worked hard enough. You said that I could not have sex with you until I earned it. Have I earned it now?"

Amy laughed to herself. Several times he had stopped at her place. When he had allured to the idea of them sharing each other in bed, she had put him off. "Not now, " she had said. "Someday, when you have earned it. "

"A deal is a deal, Amy?"

With a big smile on her face, Amy replied, "Now, I don't recall saying that just one touchdown would get you anything. Maybe, all you have earned is a kiss on the cheek?"

He lowered his face to her's and turned his cheek toward her. Amy gave him a kiss on the cheek.

Effortlessly, Tommy picked her up and carried her to her bed room. Her one hundred and ten pounds was less then a third of what he could bench press.

Both fully clothed, they lay kissing and gently stroking each other. Amy was on her back, and Tom was on his elbows. Tom gently kissed her nose, cheeks, under her chin, and then her lips. His right hand undid her belt, and lowered the zipper of her jeans. Rolling her on her side, he lowered her pants, and then slid off her white cotton panties.

Amy sat up. She took off her blouse while Tom took off his clothes. Her nipples were the only part of her breast that protruded. Ever so gently he placed his mouth on the right one and ran his tongue around it. Amy closed her eyes, and arched her back.

"Feel good?"

"Oh, yes. "

Her trim, well muscled legs opened as his finger found her slit in the mat of her brush. Her hands went to his head as she kissed him on the lips as his finger entered her, stroking slowly in and out. Tom could feel her moisture spreading on to her pussy lips. He knew that she was ready.

"Can I go in without a condom?"

"Please do. My period stopped yesterday. I hate condoms. "

"Me too. "

As he slid into her womanly passage, Amy raised herself so that he fully penetrated to the bottom of her. Tommy was careful not to let all his weight lay on her. Slowly they begin a rhythm of moving together just fast enough to enjoy the sensations, but with no urgency to climax. From time to time they would stop, joined together, as they kissed and talked. Tommy could hardly tell when Amy cum. She said nothing, but she stiffened as her pussy clamped down on him. He maintained the rhythm for another two minutes so that she would complete her orgasm. Then he stopped to kiss her again. Finally, Amy said playfully, "Hey, I'm hungry. Shoot your load. We can break for supper. Then, I will entertain a suggestion that you move your stuff from your hotel to here. What do you say?"

Tommy laughed, "Sounds like some sort of entrapment to me?" With that, he gathered her legs up, and placed his hands on her fanny. His weight now fully on her, with his head along side her's, he stroked long and deep into her until he too enjoyed the joy of orgasm.

As the football season went along, Amy did not let up. She ran with him ever morning and every night. That in addition to the team workouts was the hardest he had ever trained in his life. She wanted him to run faster ever day. Yesterday's time was yesterday's time. Today's had to be better. Tommy's weight was now down to two hundred and ten pounds. No one on the team could run the forty yard dash as fast as Tommy.

The Giants made it into the Super Bowl. Their rivals would be the Forty Niners. The first half was a defensive stand off. Each team made only nine first downs in the first half. The hitting was brutal. The score was six to six. Each team had scored two field goals. On the last play of the third quarter, Hershal James ran a cut back pattern trying to cut the zone defense. As he caught a pass, he was hit head-on by Bronco Brotonavich, the middle line backer, whose two hundred and fifty-five pounds was in full stride as his pads whacked James squarely in the chest, cracking two of his ribs.

"Thompson, get your ass in there, " Coach Purcell hollered as they removed James on a stretcher. Chad Cole, the quarterback, watched as Tommy jogged to the huddle. Chad liked Tommy, but he wondered if Tommy still had it. Running backs only last four years, on average, in the National Football League. Tommy had been one of the best, but he now was thirty-three years old.

The Niner's defense was getting tired. So, Chad used Tommy as a decoy, as he threw first to each of his split-ends, and then his tight-end. Next, he ran a draw, with Tommy's job to block out the defensive end. They got two first downs, then ran out of steam and had to punt.

The Niner's received the ball on the ten. They ground out seven first downs. Then, they fumbled on the Giants twenty yard line. The Giants offence took the field again. Chad called for another draw, but this time as Tommy was setting up to block the end, Bubba Liscomp, all three hundred and twenty pounds of him swung his arm at Tommy head. Catching him at the neck. He clothes lined him, spinning him to the ground.

Tommy's bell had been rung. He staggered to his feet. He stumbled to the huddle. There was blood running from his nose, and from a cut on his chin. Mud and grass was caught in his face guard. Tommy "Daylight" Thompson was pissed. Chad was about to call the signals when a steely even voice said, "Give me the fucking ball. Give me the fucking ball, and you, Tank, dump that son-of-a-bitch, Liscomp, to the side, and I'll rumble with the fucking ball. "

Tank Wilson is an All Pro left tackle out of Penn State. He had been Tommy's teammate at Penn. Tank knew that when pissed, there was no stopping "Daylight" Thompson. He chimed in, "I've had enough of the pussy footing shit. Chad, you give "Daylight" the fucking ball, and I'll get him into the Niner's backfield. Danny Kramer, the left guard, added, "I'll move Green out of the way, so the student body can trot through. " Webster, the fullback growled, "I'll take out that son-of-a-bitch, Brotonavich. "

Chad intoned, "Blue two, on three. Lets kick some ass!"

"Hut, Hut, Hut. " Twenty-two of the fastest, toughest, most gifted athletes on earth charged at each other. There was the grunts and sounds of contact. Tommy took two steps. The football was expertly handed to him as he reached full speed. Tank caught Liscomp with a cross body block that straightened him up and shifted him to the right. Green was shifted to the left, and Webster shot through the hole. Two steps later, Webster's shoulder pad caught Brotonavich in the hips, upending him.

One step behind him was Tommy "Daylight" Thompson, who planted his right foot, and cut sharply to the left to avoid the closing left linebacker.

Terry Bradshaw, the sports announcer, screamed into his mike for all the world to hear. "Daylight" Thompson is into the secondary. The Old Pro is at the thirty. He is running right at Simms, the safety. There is the fake, Daylight has turned him completely around, and Daylight is by him. No one will catch him now. He still has it. He is at the Niner's forty, thirty, twenty, ten. Touchdown!"

Bradshaw added, "You need to see this play in slow motion to fully appreciate the blocking, both at the line and in the secondary. But let me tell you, something fired those guys up. My guess is the clothes line block by Liscomp. "

Huey Long chimed in, "Could be Terry, but the last time I saw a halfback move like that was when Walter Payton was in his prime. "

A week after the Super Bowl, the Giants offered Tommy a two year extension of his contract at nine million a year.

Amy and Tommy got married on February 22. For their honeymoon, they went to Jamaica. Tommy told Amy that he and his first wife had been swingers. Would she give it a try? Amy response was, "Look, that is a whole new idea for me. I'll go there. I'll watch the people. I'll even walk around nude. That sounds like fun. But, I don't know if I will ever sleep with anyone but you. "

That night they were settled in at Hedonism III. They attended a theme party that night. Everyone wore body paint instead of clothes. They both had a wonderful time. Met several other couples. No one recognized either of them, so they told people that they were the Smiths.

The next morning at seven AM, Amy went out for a morning run of five miles. By coincidence, another runner, a boy of eighteen who was staying at the Hedonism, with his parents, started out to run at the same time. After a short while, Amy caught up with him. As they ran, side by side, she said, "Hi, I'm Amy Smith. Who do you run for?"

"I'm Skip Benson. I have a track scholarship with Manhattan, and I train at the Downtown Athletic Club. "

"So do I. Usually either very early in the morning, or very late at night. "

" I run between three and five-thirty. "

They ran, side by side, without further comment for the next twenty minutes.

"Skip, same time tomorrow?"

"Sure Amy. "

At the end of the second day run, Amy told Skip that she had been told that it was a beautiful, scenic, and deserted to run south down the beach. She went on to say that she would run nude. "Still want to come along?"

With a blush, Skip said, "Yes, if you don't mind. "

At four-thirty AM, Tommy got up to go on a deep sea fishing trip. Again at seven AM, Skip and Amy ran down the beach for twenty minutes. Then Amy saw a flat patch of moss on a cliff overlooking the surf.

"Let's go rest up there?"

Amy lay one her back watching the clouds form shapes of animals, Indians, trees. She and Skip took turns pointing out the shapes to each other.

"Amy, can I ask you a favor?" Skip inquired.

"Sure, what do you need?"

"I have never seen where a baby comes from. Would you let me look at your, you know, place?"

With a smile on her face, Amy raised herself on her elbows to look at Skip. There was no doubt that he was sincere. With a laugh and a giggle, Amy lay back down on her back. She opened her legs, put her arms up and slid her hands under her head as she said, "Help yourself. " She closed her eyes so that he would not be embarrassed while he looked at her.

Skip gently sat between her legs. He pushed them further apart. His fingers pulled her lips apart. A finger traced her clitoris, urinary opening, and then pried her further open so that Skip could see within her vagina.

The gentle stimulation was pleasant. Amy relaxed.

"You are very small down there. How deep do you go? How does it work?"

For the next ten minutes Amy quietly explained how the insides of a woman were designed to give pleasure, and to produce children. She went on to say that she was on the pill, so she could have sex without becoming pregnant.

"Then there is no reason for you not to let me have sex with you?" Skip said as he stroked his index finger in and out of her.

Amy took a deep breath. Should she? Tommy did not mind. It was so tranquil laying here with his finger stimulating her. She had all day. He would want it again. They all wanted it, again. She liked Skip. She could control Skip. Skip was fifteen years younger then her. She opened her eyes, lifted her head and gazed at Skip. He had a look of passion on his face as he stroked his finger faster in her.. Amy closed her eyes, lay her head back, opened her mouth for another deep breath, and thrust her hips at his hand. "Okay. "

As Skip slid forward on her, she reached down to guide his cock into her. "Take your time. You can have me all day. "

Amy laughed when Skip divulged how completely he understood what she had allowed to start, and now was committed to, when he quietly said, "All week, all year, maybe longer, huh?"

Skip lay still for a few moments when he was completely in her. "Wow, You feel good. "

"You feel good too. C'mon and push, push…"

The surf crashed. The sea breeze blew. Seagulls squawked, and on that cliff in a remote section of Jamaica a boy lost his virginity.

There were now two men, who knew how lucky they were, that Amy passed their way.

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