tagBDSMAmy the Nurse's Aide Ch. 03-04

Amy the Nurse's Aide Ch. 03-04


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Bill didn't sleep much that night and waiting for her to show the next day was torture. She usually arrived about 1:30. She had never been later than 2:00. It was almost 2:30 and he was getting frantic. At 2:40 she walked through the door. Bill nearly screamed with relief. She closed the door on her way in and headed to the bed. She was wearing a tennis skirt or something like that. It didn't show off her ass like most of her outfits, but it was very short and certainly showed off her legs nicely.

She pulled the visitors stool up to the bed and sat on it. The stool was slightly higher than the bed. She crossed her legs and sat there with her dress barely covering her ass and pussy. Bill was already hard.

"Sorry to be later than usually, I had a ton of stuff to do before I leave tomorrow. So, how are you today?" she said with a grin.

Bill was not about to mess this up. He needed to cum and he needed it badly. He knew Amy was going to tease him and make him suffer, but he didn't care. As long as she would just get him off before she left.

"I was worried you wouldn't come today and I wouldn't get to say goodbye" he said with a smile.

"You were worried I wouldn't come and cure your blue balls!" she giggled.

"Well, that too" he laughed. She had moved slightly and now most of her ass cheek was showing. Her legs looked about five feet long! And the skirt was hiding almost nothing. If it weren't for the way her legs were crossed, he was sure he would be able to see her pussy.

"So Bill, did you do as I asked and think about what you want today?" she was still smiling broadly.

Bill wasn't going to try and be subtle, he was afraid that would ruin the whole deal "Yes Amy, I'm sure you realize I haven't thought of much else. I definitely want you to make me cum, please! And Amy, I don't just want to be made to cum, I want it to be you who does it, honestly!" Bill meant every word, this girl had him under her spell.

Bill's cock was already almost fully erect, which was obvious to Amy. As she uncrossed her legs and slid off the stool to stand next to the bed, Bill got just a peak, but enough of one to realize she had nothing on under the skirt. That was all it took, his cock was now completely hard.

Amy turned back the covers and exposed his large, hard prick. She smiled even more broadly. "I guess I do turn you on, don't I?"

"Yes Amy, you really do"

She gently hefted his large full ball sack, "These are very full, you must really need to cum."

"Yes Amy, I most certainly do. Will you please make it happen for me?"

"Well, we'll see" she giggled, but she had already started to slowly stroke his cock with both hands. Instantly Bill was racing toward an orgasm. After only a few strokes Amy said "Bill, do you want to cum in my mouth" she could feel his cock pulse and swell even more once she had asked this. Without awaiting a reply she slid her lips over the head and shaft and took him even deeper than she had the day before.

Bill watched her cheeks bulge and her lips stretch over his thick shaft as he moaned "Oh yes Amy, I'd love it if you'd do that, please make me cum in your mouth."

She slid up and down his huge pole. Bill had never felt anything like this. He couldn't believe how much of his cock she was able to fit in her mouth.

"Oh God, that feels so good. I'm not going to last much longer" he warned. That was a mistake.

"Oh Bill, neither of us wants it to be over that quick" she said as she slid his cock out of her mouth and laid it down gently. It was literally pulsing with each heartbeat. The head was swollen and almost a dark purple. The veins were standing out prominently. Bill was truly aching to cum. Amy just ran one fingertip up and down the large vein on Bill's cock, making it twitch even more.

"Amy, please, please. You've made me need to cum so badly, please make me cum now."

"Not just yet Bill" she said as she stopped touching him altogether. "Bill this is a huge turn on for me, like nothing I've ever experienced before. It's making me wet. Want to see?" and before Bill could react Amy reached up under her skirt and within a couple of seconds was holding a single finger up for Bill to see. It glistened with her wetness. She slowly reached over and wiped it on his upper lip, right under his nose. He was like a deer in the headlights, he never moved a muscle as she did it. But instantly her sweet young scent invaded his olfactory nerves and drove Bill wild! This girl really knew how to get to him.

"Each year in the spring, the senior boys have a secret vote giving 'awards' to the girls. . Oh the boys think we don't know, but the girls always find out! Bill, guess which one I won."

Bill was sure he knew what Amy was talking about, hell he remembered doing something like that back when he was in school. Bill decided to be honest "I think it was probably 'Best Legs'."

"That's sweet, thanks, but these boys were more into action than body parts. You know 'Best Lay' and so on. Now what do you think?"

Bill didn't know Amy's past well enough to be sure, but based on what he did know he ventured on "Well, based on what you've done to me, I wouldn't be surprised if it was 'Best Blow Job'?"

Amy giggled, "No, I've only done that just a couple of times, and never twice to the same guy. This was for something I've done A LOT! You've experienced it too!"

It dawned on Bill where this was going, "Based on everything I've seen and experienced its 'Best Tease' I'm guessing."

Amy laughed, "Almost right, 'Biggest Cock Teaser' and you know Bill, they were right. I told you that I've been sexually active with a number of guys, but they never got that far without having suffered through several cases of blue balls first. And there are many, many more guys who could barely walk at the end of an evening who never got anything more for their efforts. I know I'm just a little bitch, but I absolutely love teasing a guy so much he would do anything to cum, and then not let him! Just like you!"

With that she reached over and started to lightly run her fingers up and down Bill's shaft as she continued "But this is extraordinary. I've never been able to play with a cock this magnificent, nor have I ever had the opportunity to have a guy so totally helpless. I can do whatever I want and there is nothing you can do about it."

"You know Bill, it was really cute that you were so worried about the teenage girl in me, that you asked me to stop the day before yesterday. I can't tell you how much that turned me on, it was exactly as I had planned. Because there was no way I was going to let you cum anyway" she laughed hard at this. Amy was truly a young, cock teasing bitch. She had obviously calculated this whole thing for her amusement and to make Bill miserable.

"Oh, I really do like you Bill, and I have enjoyed talking and visiting and helping you out, but I just LOVE frustrating your cock like this. And now the question is, do I let you cum today, or do I add you to my list of guys with severe blue balls and nothing more. You would certainly qualify as number one on the list. Would you like that honor?"

"No, Amy please. Don't do this anymore, please make me cum. You have driven me completely nuts. Please make me cum now, I really can't stand this anymore."

"Oh Bill, you're just like the guys my age. Of course you can 'stand' it, you just don't want to. I have an idea. You think about something for a minute, then I'm going to make you an offer. I want you to think about what it would feel like if I could get up on this bed and put the head of your cock right on my pussy lips and then very slowly lowered my tight young cunt down onto your shaft until that whole massive dick of yours was buried deep inside me. I'd feel so damn tight around that great big cock. I'd feel like I was bursting and your cock would be squeezed so tight. Then slowly I'd start working up and down, then faster, then still faster and pretty soon I'd be fucking you for all I was worth. Can you imagine what that would feel like Bill?"

Bill was moaning without realizing it. This girl was driving him insane, and every time he breathed he still inhaled her scent again.

"Of course that isn't possible here with you like this, but it will be possible when you get released in a couple of weeks. So here is my offer Bill" she started to slowly stroke his cock again as she continued "I have to go in just under an hour. You let me play with your cock that whole time, and don't once ask for me to make you cum, and you will end up by me leaving you with the worst case of blue balls imaginable, BUT I promise that when you get out of the hospital, I'll come back for the weekend and I'll give you the fucking of your life. For the whole weekend. One thing, if you weaken and change your mind and ask me to make you cum today after agreeing...the whole deal is off. Now if you don't take this offer, you can try to talk me into making you cum today, but there would be no guarantee. It would just depend on how big a bitch I want to be, but it would mean when I leave today that's the end! Bill, I absolutely promise I won't back out if we make this deal. So your choice is, bad blue balls and the fuck of your life in a couple of weeks, or take a chance on my generosity today. Which do you want?" Amy had a huge grin on her face and she couldn't keep the giggle out of her voice. She was obviously enjoying Bill's misery immensely.

Amy had timed her final question so that Bill was going to explode into orgasm with the next stroke of his cock. Of course she did not provide that final stroke. Bill couldn't concentrate. He had no idea what to say. His mouth opened and shut, but nothing came out.

Amy - the Nurse's Aide Part 4

"Before you decide I want you to know what you'd be missing!" she said as she climbed up on the stool again. This time she put both feet up on the edge of the bed and Bill had a perfect view of that sweet, young pussy. "I'm so horny I just have to do something about it before I can go on." And with that Amy started to finger herself. Bill was like a witness at a train wreck, he couldn't take his eyes off her fingers sliding in and out of her tight cunt.

At first Amy was talking to him as though nothing else was going on, "Bill, if you agree to my plan you'll not only get to feel what its like to have your great big cock in my tight little pussy, but I'll let you taste me. You can put your tongue deep inside me and taste my juices. I might even let you do that before you shoot that huge load of cum inside me!"

Amy was trying to get Bill obsessed with her sweet young cunt, and it was definitely working. Soon Amy stopped talking and her eyes closed. She started to moan softly and finally came with a shuttering grunt. She slumped in the stool for a moment. Bill was mad with lust! Soon Amy had regained her control, "Now I can concentrate," she giggled "so have you made your choice Bill?"

She had done as she hoped, Bill was so obsessed with her pussy now that cumming was secondary. He simply had to agree to her plan, he couldn't stand to pass it up. "Okay Amy, I'll do as you say, but are you really, really telling me the truth?"

"Absolutely Bill, I won't lie or trick you. If you can keep from begging to cum for the rest of today, I'll come back for a weekend as soon as you're out of here and we will fuck and suck until we can't do it any more, I promise."

And with that she moved to the bedside and started to play with his cock and balls again. It wasn't long before Bill was moaning and on the verge of cumming again. But he didn't say a word. Amy had the look of power in her eyes the likes of which is rarely seen in one so young. This girl was an absolute natural cock teasing bitch!

"I'm so glad you choose this option Bill. And you made the right choice by the way. I had decided I wasn't going to make you cum today no matter what. This way we both have something extraordinary to look forward to."

Part of why Bill had made the choice he did, was because he assumed that Amy had made exactly the decision she'd just described. Still his ache to cum was unbelievable. Amy was massaging his balls with one hand and very slowly stroking his cock with the other. She brought him right to the edge and then stopped again.

Bill groaned loudly, but said nothing. "It must be very difficult not to ask me to continue when you need to cum so badly, isn't Bill?" Bill just groaned some more but remained silent. "You have good will power Bill, I'll have to see if I can break it. We have about 45 minutes left before I must go. That should be enough time for at least five more cycles." Amy was getting into this so much it was surprising her. It was a total turn on for her.

Bill just kept moaning and thrusting his hips, hoping that she would make a mistake and he'd finally get to cum. That didn't seem likely. Amy was letting him recover before starting again, but when she wasn't physically stimulating him she was driving him crazy with her words.

"Bill, if you hold out today, I'm not just going to give you the fuck of your life, I promise I'll give a blow job you'll never forget. And I'll swallow every drop. You'd love that wouldn't you Bill?" she giggled. She could tell he would. Just talking about it made his cock start to twitch. To torment him some more, when he had recovered sufficiently from her last strokes, she leaned over the bed and took him deep in her mouth again. Bill still couldn't believe how much of his cock she could get in!

After a moment of that, she went back to stroking again. Bill's cock looked as if it would explode. His scrotum was tight and obviously swollen, the veins on his cock were literally bulging and the head of his cock was even more engorged and darker in color than before.

Just as she stopped this bout of stroking because she was afraid he would cum she heard "Exactly WHAT do you think you're doing young lady!"

Amy screamed and spun towards the door. Bill's eyes flew open. Amy had been so intent on what she was doing, she hadn't heard this woman come into the room. In Bill's condition he probably wouldn't have noticed if the ceiling had caved in, besides he'd had his eyes screwed shut for quite a while.

There stood a woman in a nurse's uniform. She was rather tall, had jet black hair that was quite long, dark brown eyes and very pale skin. In fact she was extremely good looking. And had a great figure. As contrasted to Amy's svelte shape, this woman had a rather voluptuous build with very large breasts that appeared to defy gravity. She looked to be about mid thirties, Bill's age. In fact she was exactly 36 too.

Amy was at a total loss for words. She stuttered and mumbled and finally managed, "How long have you been here?"

"Long enough" was the only reply. "My name is Mary Johnson. I'm the teaching nurse from the college. Today is my first day of a two week rotation at this hospital. You're Amy aren't you?"

Amy was shocked this woman knew her name, "Yes, how did you know?"

"I've reviewed all the files of the nursing staff, including the volunteers like you. Amy you have a very good potential future in nursing. What I just observed could end that before it starts!" Mary said in a very stern voice. She looked to be all business and no nonsense.

"Oh please don't!" Amy pleaded, her eyes puddling up, "I didn't mean any harm, and I've wanted to be a nurse all my life, please don't turn me in."

"Amy, the behavior I observed over the last few minutes would be enough to keep you out of nursing if almost anyone discovered it!"

Amy started to sob softly.

Suddenly Mary broke into a huge grin "Almost anyone but me that is!"

Amy stopped crying and stared at Mary with her mouth just hanging open, "What?" she croaked.

"Wait right here" Mary said and went out the door, to return in under a minute.

"There, now we won't be disturbed. Amy, if you had been found out by anyone else you'd been in serious trouble. Fortunately for you, I have your same interest. In fact cock teasing male patients has been an obsession of mine for years now. Oh I certainly didn't start as young as you, but a few years after I started nursing I sort of stumbled on to it by accident. Now I look for every opportunity!"

Bill couldn't believe what he was hearing. It appeared that not only had he not been saved, now he had two cock crazy women to deal with. He groaned loudly. This caused both Amy and Mary to laugh out loud.

They both moved to the bedside. Bill's cock and substantially softened. "My God" exclaimed Mary, "you've certainly found an unbelievable specimen here Amy. Jesus, look at the size of that cock! I've been doing this a long time and I've never see anything nearly that big. I could tell he was big from across the room, but I didn't imagine this. Amy, how long have you been teasing him?"

"You mean today?"

"My God, you've done this before? When?"

"Will, this is the third day in a row."

"For how long each day?"

"About an hour or so each day, today we've already been at it about that long."

"I can't believe it. Amy you have a gift!" Mary giggled, "But you have a lot to learn. And I think I'm just the one to teach it to you." Bill groaned again, which elicited another laugh from Mary and Amy.

"Amy, you must never let yourself get caught again. Always have someone covering for you. You don't always have to let them know why, just be sure there is someone to warn you before anybody comes in. You'll be surprised at how many nurses are into this and will cover for you if they know what's up, especially if they get to play too. Also, don't be greedy. Bide your time and make sure it's the right situation. I must admit for a first time you found a beauty! It is such a turn on to make a guy all hard and horny, when he has no way to cum. But this is world class."

"Now, lets get on with some lessons. Bill seems to have calmed way down so why don't you show me what you've been doing to him."

And with that Amy was off and running. Almost instantly Bill was back to fully hard and it was only a matter of minutes before he was right on edge one more time, moaning and writhing. Amy pushed him as far as she dared and stopped again.

"Why did you stop?" asked Mary.

"I don't want him to cum of course" Amy said, somewhat surprised at the question.

"Oh my, we have a lot to teach you. Amy, you could have pushed him much further and held him on the edge much longer, you just aren't experienced enough yet. Let me show you."

"Wow, would you?" Amy asked excitedly.

"Of course, we'll let him rest a few minutes and then you do it again. When you think you need to stop let me know and I'll take over, okay?"

Bill groaned loudly again. He didn't think he was going to be able to stand what was coming. He was probably right.

To be continued

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