Amy the Nurse's Aide Ch. 05-06


With completely feigned sternness, Mary loudly said "Girls! That will be enough. Men will often become erect during this procedure. You must have respect for the patient at all times. This can be embarrassing for the man, giggling and laughing are completely inappropriate." By this time Bill's cock was nearly at full size. The girls would have stopped giggling on their own by now. Every one was agape and eyes riveted.

Amy well knew Bill's most sensitive spots and concentrated her 'bathing' on each and every one. She was very gently dragging the sponge down the sides of his balls, one of his hottest zones. She spent at least ten minutes on his balls. Bill was squirming extensively. Under Mary's direction Amy went on to bathe his penis. She rubbed the sponge up and down the shaft repeatedly and cleaned the head of his cock to a shine! She spent a great deal of time on his most sensitive spot the frenulum. Finally Mary gave a short lecture on how important it was to cleanse the ridge right under the corona of the glans. This of course was BS too. Bill was circumcised so that isn't a big deal. But Mary made is sound as if his cock might fall off if it weren't done fastidiously. She had Amy do it many times to demonstrate the proper procedure. Bill was nearly writhing! Then she stuck the final blow.

"Alright, since this is the most import part of the male sponge bath, I want each of you to do it once." Bill groaned loudly. "Mr. Mitchell, is anything wrong?" Mary asked with contrived concern.

"No I uh, I'm fine" Bill managed to croak. Both Mary and Amy had to stifle giggles.

"Okay, who is first?" Mary asked. A cute young girl volunteered.

Mary made sure that each one carefully and s l o w l y wiped the sponge all the way around the ridge of the corona, which of course meant at least one good swipe over the frenulum as well. With a couple of the girls, she 'corrected' their technique and had them do it a second time.

Mary noticed that Sally, one of the older girls, was hanging back. That surprised Mary, from what she knew of Sally, she would have thought her much bolder. Sally was a tall, very pretty, long haired blond. Blue eyes, great figure with very large, firm tits. Mary had heard stories that she was very 'popular' with the older college guys.

Finally all the girls except Sally had taken their turn. Bill was sweating profusely and shaking. His cock was throbbing visibly. Mary pretended that she didn't realize Sally hadn't had her opportunity. "Alright ladies, see you on Monday." They started out except Sally, who was obviously hanging back.

"Uh, Ms. Johnson, I didn't get a turn. Could I stay and do it now?" it was Sally.

"Well yes, why did you not participate with the others?" asked Mary.

Sally's eyes brightened, "I wanted to stay behind and be sure I understood the lesson completely!"

"I see, I think" said Mary, "well, go ahead."

Sally picked up the sponge and rung it out in the basin of warm water, then she gently lifted Bill's massive cock so it was pointing straight up and began to slowly and gently wipe the sponge over every millimeter of his tool. Soon Bill was ready to cum. Just as Mary was about to say something, Sally stopped, then after just a few seconds began to wipe the sponge around the ridge of the corona. Keeping Bill right on the edge and making him squirm, she wasn't about to let him cum. Finally she stopped.

"You've done that before, haven't you?" asked Mary.

"I'm not sure what you mean" said Sally, quite coyly!

"Sally, you didn't stay behind to be sure of anything, you already were! Why are you still here?" asked Mary, quite seriously.

"Well, this is my third training rotation I know what you and Amy demonstrated is pure bullshit! Sooo, since I love to tease cocks, and since I could tell you two had something going with Bill here, I WANT IN!"

Mary was shocked. Amy was totally flabbergasted! Sally just smiled broadly.

Finally Mary regrouped enough to reply "Well Sally, you're right, Amy and I do have something going with Bill, so here is the deal..."

Mary went on to explain (more or less) what was up. She told Sally that if she would cover for Amy this weekend and watch the door, that next week while Amy was back at school, Mary would teach Sally some of the things she'd taught Amy. Sally was agreeable and excited. She promised to follow Mary's rules. Mary knew she had another natural protégé.

Bill softly groaned "Oh God, not another one."

"What Bill?" asked Mary, truly not understanding what Bill had said. She got no response.

Once Sally had left, Amy was feeling a bit jealous. Mary reassured her that Bill was her project and promised that she wouldn't spoil that. That satisfied Amy.

"Now Amy, I have less than an hour before I need to take off. I want to show you, actually tell you and have you practice, a few more things before I leave. I want to talk you through what I call the 'perfect' handjob. Its perfect from a cock teasers point of view at least, not necessarily from the victim's however" she giggled. "What do you say?"

Amy was definitely game. Bill looked positively miserable, he had no idea how much more miserable is was about to become.

To be continued...

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