tagLoving WivesAmy: The Shared Wife

Amy: The Shared Wife


Amy, The Shared Wife



"Amy- you're looking awfully anxious over there... Are you that nervous?"

"Yeah, a little bit... I guess" Amy peeped with a soft squint from across the living room. Curled up on my couch, clad only in a flimsy little baby doll, sat the 27 year old ditsy little bride of my neighbor. She was watching me intently as I spoke to her husband on the phone. Ken was back in their apartment explaining that he wasn't expecting Amy back till morning.

"so... why so nervous hon?" I teased the tiny 5' freckle faced little Irish lady as I hung up the phone.

"Jeez!..." "she exhaled," its all a bit too real right now! It's all really kind of wierd, you know... When I got married- I was sure that I'd never be with another man again, and don't get me wrong, I was happy to be only with Ken, and then BAM! It turns out Ken likes..."

"...go on honey, what does Mr. Ken like...." I encouraged with a grin...

"Turns out that he wants me to fuck other men! He really gets off on this fantasy of 'sharing' me... " she giggled. "...kinda wierd ... you know. I'll bet he's been fantasizing about tonight for years...

"...and what about you?" I teased.


"Have you been fantasizing about tonight?"

"Well YEAH- a little bit, of course" she laughed nervously."

"Are you wet right now?

Amy blushed, gave me a face, and then capitulated, "...real wet actually...."

"did you and Ken..." I started

"...NO, we haven't! The bastard wouldn't touch me all week. He's been teasing me since you two spoke on Monday... He's been driving me crazzzzzy."

"...so you're horny then..." I joked.

She sighed, "jeez... I'm SO fucking horny...." she laughed.

Extending a hand I helped her up, "stand up baby," I instructed. Slowly she unfolded her pale legs and then stood facing me, her bright eyes looking up- right into mine.

Amy and Ken had moved into the complex 6 months ago. Married for only about 3 years, the couple had moved into a unit near mine that needed some work. It wasn't long before I found myself helping out with the work. We quickly became friendly- they were a lovely young couple, and I was the nice, 50 year ex-marine neighbor who knew his way around a workroom, and was willing to help.

Over the course of playroom & bathroom renovations and all the late working dinners they involved we all became kinda close.

Amy always looks hot to me, standing barely 5' 1" with shoulder length reddish hair, baby face, green eyes and a taught muscular body she'd gotten me going many nights, particularly when the nipples on her perky titties were straining at her top. One night two weeks ago Amy was looking particularly great wearing a tight tank top and short shorts. While Ken and I were talking over beers, he joked how hot Amy looked and then to my shock and amazement started to explain how he'd always wanted to share her with another man. I sat still, listening intently, desperately struggling to avoid doing or saying anything that could mess up what was just beginning to sound like the opportunity of a lifetime.

A month later, after several touchy conversations, plans were made for this evening. Ken and I agreed, he'd send Amy over to my place about 6 on Saturday night. She had to be home Sunday morning before 10. Rule-1 If she ever says 'stop' it all stops. Rule-2 there must be absolute discretion- No one can know. Rule-3 No rough stuff. Rule-4 Treat her like a slut, not a lover.

Amy had arrived at my apartment in a raincoat & babydoll completely horny and near desperate. Ken had been teasing her for days, today was the worst. The horny little housewife was now standing by my couch, swaying softly, barely covered at all in her sheer lingerie. Ken had gone back and forth over sending to me her naked or in crazy lingerie. Amy had finally insisted on wearing something.

She'd been reluctant about the program from the start, but Ken had pressed her for almost 2 years, before she finally agreed & he contacted me.

"That was Ken," I said hanging up, "he says that you're all primed and should be really horny."

"I am", she moaned.

"What did he tell you?" I asked softly.

"He told me to come over here and have fun, and let you have your way with me. What did he tell you?"

"He told me to treat you like a real slut, and to fuck you utterly senseless- using you over and over and then to send you back tired & sore for sloppy seconds."

"Ohhhh... she peeped, staring in suprise, her bright eyes boring into me with nervous excitement.

"Do you want to suck me?" Amy nodded, then with a big grin she flew the 3 steps to me, dropped to her knees and began ripping my jeans off.

Shoving my jeans and shorts down Amy took my hard-on gently into her hands. Slowly kissing and exploring it she tucked in beneath me and slowly licked my shaft. "Look up at me, I want to watch that beautiful face of yours as you suck me," I whispered as I stroked her firy hair. Amy sank down and taking my cockhead between her lips met my eyes as she started sucking me. She was a hot, wild, sloppy cocksucker desperately trying to get all of me into her mouth. Gasping she fell back, "your bigger..." pant pant, "Fatter! So fat, holy crap!" She laughed as she caught her breath.

"And you little honey, are just so tiny-" I joked. At 6'2" I towered over her little frame. Lifting her to her feet I bent to kiss her and we connected with a hot deep kiss that had our tongues flailing wildly. Hugging her tight I stood upright, lifting her as she hung in my arms, her legs wrapping me. My hands wandered her back and ass groping hard and exploring the tight little body that up to now I'd had to only watch from afar.

Reaching in, I grabbed the strap on her flimsy top and ripped it off her body. Amy groaned and ground her pussy into me and I quickly tore the clothes from her body and stripped her naked. "I'd've taken them off for you if you asked" she giggled, "BUT THAT WAS SO HOT!"

Smiling I kissed her neck as my right hand slipped lower, cupping the soft flesh of her ass and spreading her slightly so my left hand could explore her dripping sex. Amy's body shuddered as my fingers began exploring. She jolted as two of my fingers slid into her wet hole. Her arms locked to my neck and her head flew back. Kissing and nibbling on her neck I teased her "your pussy is soooo wet... you want my cock bad don't you?... don't you- you little slut?..." I softly teased & whispered. "Little slut needs cock... you must just ache to be fucked! Ache to be thrown down and fucked totally senseless! Tell me slut. Don't you! Don't you slut? Tell me!!"

"Ohhh godddd, YESSSS!" She panted, "I need your cock inside me, deep inside me,' she spat. "I NEED to be fucked!"

"Tell me!" I taunted.

"I need cock. I'm a dirty little cock slut!" she moaned as my fingers slid in and out of her wet sex.

Raising her higher my right hand joined the fun and groped her sex. Amy jolted and clamped her mouth to mine as I fingered her hole and teased her clit.

"Don't you cum!" I ordered.

Amy started and gasped then sagged, "noooooo p-please, so close.... soooooo closssssse"

"This is my pussy now, and it's up to me when it cums!" I whispered as I kissed her face.

'Uhhhhhnnnnnnn...." she gasped holding back.

"Hold it, hold it, wait!" I encouraged as I wildly groped at her sex.

Amy's eyes bugged and her face contorted as she stared into my eyes begging for release. "who's pussy is this?"

"y-yoursss, uhhnnn"

"who's ass is this?

"y-yoursss, uhhnnn-ummm"

"who's tits are these?

"y-yoursssssss- My body, m-my body is yours! P-pleeease- I NEED TO cum, p-please" she pled.

"Who's lips are these?- Kiss me, let me feel, let me taste those lips"

"Yours, y-yours. I'm all yours" she repeated as she softly kissed her way across my face.

"Wait, wait- on the count of three. One, two, thr..." I teased then plunged a wetted finger into her ass, Amy's tiny body rocked, her back jolting ramrod stiff as she came hard on my hand with a deep groan.

"Eiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, yessssssssssssssssssssss, uh uh uh ohhhhhhhhhhhh- she sqeeled as I jammed my fingers into her pushing her harder and harder. "holy crap, holy mother...." she gasped. "That was soooo intense," she coooed into my ear as she resumed her pattern of gentle kisses.

I carried her to my bedroom where I threw her down atop my bed. She bounced & landed with a wild giggle. At that point I was aching to fuck her and grabbing her knees I splayed her wide and and guided myself into her waiting hole. Amy was hot and tight. Her legs wrapped me as I drove myself inside her, sinking down into her until my balls slapped at her ass.

"OHHHHHHHHHHH," she howled, "ggg-god you're SO THICK!! You feel so amazing in my pussy!"

"Who's pussy? I joked.

"Y-your pussy..." she conceded with a wicked giggle.

"What do you think I should do with my pussy right now? I joked.

"oh--- Fuck it, fuck it hard- Fuck meeeee!" she groaned as I stroked. "I need your cock inside me. Deep inside me- Fuck me Bill! Fuck me- I'm a little slutttttt-" she pled as she curled her back and pulled her legs up. I pounded her down into the bed as she thrashed beneath me.

"Don't you cum!" I warned. "Don't you cum until I tell you...."

"Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Ok- B-but I'm getting close," her wild green eyes flashing desperation as I fucked her hard and deep, driving her tiny frame deep into the bed.


"Y-yes?" she peeped barely in control as I fucked her in fast short strokes.

"Do you swallow Kens cum?" Suprised at the question, she silently shook her head. "But you'll swallow mine- right?" Her eyes flashed as she opened her mouth and groaned. "You will swallow my cum right- right little slut?" She smiled and nodded hesitantly. "Amy...," she looked back at me waiting. "Does Ken fuck you in the ass?" Again the wild eyes and an emphatic shake-

"N-noo." she moaned

"Who's ass it Amy?"

"y-yours" she responded reluctantly.

"So you'll give me your ass if I want it?" Amy sagged and nodded hesitantly. "good girl," I whispered as I kissed her softly. "Now, do you want to cum?"

Amy's tiny face nodded quickly-"p-please."

"Cum on my dick- Amy give me your cum." I pounded her hard and she roiled and shook as she released the wild orgasm that she'd been desperately holding back. Her pussy spasmed and it took all my self control not to squirt. Instead I waited for her to relax and then rolled off and told her to finish me in her mouth.

Amy gasped and took me into her hand. Rolling onto her belly she reluctantly took my raging unit, all sloppy with her juices, into her mouth. "Let me see you little honey. Look at me with those sweet eyes as you suck my fat dick and take my load."

Amy giggled and looked up at me as she struggled to take my fat dick into her tiny mouth. Caressing her head I encouraged her as she sucked me. As I got close I took a firm grip on the back of her head and held her on my dick. Amy's eyes darted wildly as she recognized her position and the impending explosion in her mouth. She sucked the head hard and teased it with her tongue and then when my balls shuddered she tried in vain to pull back. Holding her onto my cock I exploded a load into her mouth, Amy gagged and shuddered."Swallow, swallow fast little girl, take it down, don't let it run out your lips." Amy tried and gagged through a swallow or two before I released her. She sat gagging and sniffling as my seed ran down her chin and onto her freckled chest.

I lay there, spent, gasping for breath as Amy gently took me into her mouth and suckled my softening tool. After a few she sat up and asked if I wanted water or beer? I chose beer and smiled as her naked form toddled off to my kitchen.

We laid on the bed with our beers cooling off. Amy's hand absently caressing my chest.

"That was intense," she laughed. "holy crap, that was really intense."

"Did you enjoy it?" I laughed.

"Yeaaaaaaah! I really did!" she sat up and laughed. "I don't think I've ever cum like that before - so hard and sooooo intense."

"You're a great lover Amy, you cum so freely, and you have an amazing little body..."

"No- don't you mean it's you're amazing little body..." she teased me with a titter, "or so you kept telling me. My body is yours to fuck-" she said sweetly extending her arms to show it. I caressed her cheek and smiled at her and we kissed deeply. "I am so damn lucky..."


"Oh- to have a husband who arranges for you to fuck me like that... That was wild."

"That was great, and we have another 14 hours...

"Holy crap!" she laughed. "w-were you serious about sticking that beast into my ass- err..." she laughed nervously.

"Dunno... maybe. We'll have to see how it goes."

"...and you know... I er, I don't usually...


"I don't usually cum like that. I don't have that easy a time orgasming some times... she offered honestly. "That was really incredible for me."

Pulling Amy to me I laid her out next to me and began gently caressing her breasts. They were smallish pert mounds with big hard sensetive nipples. I gently kneeded and groped her chest pinching and pulling at her nipples. Amy laid back and stretched like a feline getting her belly rubbed. It wasn't long before my hand migrated down her belly. Opening her legs she guided my digits back to her sex. Slowly I explored her outer lips teasing her nub and asshole. Within a few minutes I had two of my fingers buried deep inside her as my palm ground at her sensetive clit. Amy roiled and moaned as my hand took control of her body. Our lips met and we kissed hard and deep. Soon her thighs and knees were tightening trying to squeeze out my intrusive digits. Sliding my other had beneath her I drove a finger into her virgin ass. Amy jumped and squirmed under my relentless attack-

She was soon desperate for release again- her eyes pleading with me. I drove her hard right up the edge and stopped- over and over again soon she was wimpering - "P-please Oh shit I need to cum!!! P-pleeeeeeease!!"

I stopped abruptly and stood up. Amy wimpered and stared in disbelief. Then I knelt at the edge of the bed and pulled her to me spreading her thighs and placing aching pussy to my mouth. "Don't you cum until I say!" I ordered and dove on her. Amy jolted upright and squeeled as my toungue attacked her clit. She pled and begged for release until I finally gave it to her driving my tongue on her swollen clit as she jerked & shuddered beneath me. I mounted her quickly while she was coming off her orgasms and she came again. I pounded her though wave after wave of climax and came deep inside her as she begged for me to cum and stop.

We dozed till my phone rang at 11. Amy ran off to the bathroom while I dealt with my pesky caller. She came back with water. "I like being naked in your apartment," she laughed. "Walking around naked in another mans home is some kind of dirty, you know wild & slutty. Being naked in the home of a man - not my husband- who's been fucking the shit out of me... What a turn on!"

I laughed

We piled a tray with tidbits from my fridge and sat indian style on the bed nibbling.

"So what else is a turn on for my little slut?" I teased.

"I like long walks and modern poetry...." she taunted and giggled. Then she got serious and looked up at me, "can you keep it secret if I want?" I nodded "I've always wanted to try being tied up." I nodded. "...always thought that would be hot... what about you, what turns you on?

"You mean besides having my hot young neighbor delivered to my door for raucus sex?

"err- yeah- I guess that would be high on any mans list." she laughed. "I was real nervous you know. didn't know if I'd enjoy it- with another man."

"I could tell"

"I er- I really enjoyed it. No I mean I really enjoyed it!" she laughed and gently fed me an olive.

"I did too, will we do this again?"

"I hope so... Wow, I guess that depends on Ken, and whether he's still cool with it- afterwards." She gazed at me with saddened eyes as she realized she wanted more, but Ken might not...

We made love softly and quietly before we slept. Amy got on top and moved like a minx on my shaft until I shot another load deep inside her belly.

In the morning she treated me to another wild blowjob before she dressed and slipped back to her apartment.

CHAPTER 2 Ken Makes Plans

I saw them again on Tuesday night. Amy met me at the door with a big smile. Ken thanked me profusely, and I figured that everything had gone over smoothly. Over beers Ken said that they'd been so turned on that they'd fucked all day Sunday. He said it was the best sex they'd had in ages. Amy giggled and said that she had never had so much sex.

"It went well for us, and for you too -I think," I smiled. "we'd like to discuss doing it some more."

Amy laughed as two men casually discussed their sex plans for her, "wow, this is kinda wierd... and real hot!"

"I gotta tell you that I've had a major fantasy about sharing her for years." Ken explained. "So if you want to see Amy again...

Smiling at Amy I said, "I would, when?

"That will be up to you- I guess. Tonight, tomorrow, whenever... But not here, never here. At your place, or... wherever. Same rules. Except- I always get told- a message on my phone or whatever. We're both real worked up about this."

"No time like now then?" I asked Ken smiled broadly and nodded. Standing I took Amy's hand and walking to the doorway quickly explained that we'd be back in a few. We dashed over to my place for a quickie before anyone saw us.

Once in the door, we embraced in a wholly wanton and desperate kiss, groping and ripping at the clothes. "whoa!! lets not rip them off this time," she giggled and started unbuttoning and removing her top. I stripped and we kissed again. I carried Amy to the couch and we fell together. The sex was hot and desperate, and we fell from the couch onto the floor. Amy came before me and I blew into my condom deep inside her belly. Afterward we dressed and both returned to drinks with Ken. Ken laughed as we returned, all flushed and sweaty, he opened fresh beers and toasted us.

The next few weeks were truly wonderful, Ken freely shared Amy with me & we'd connect every free chance we had.


As much as I thought I'd be calling her to make plans, I soon realized that she was calling me more often. Amy's fires were stoked. Two, sometimes three times a week we'd hook up for some wholly physical sex. And it was always real good.

It didn't take too long before we started falling into our routines, Amy would call me right after breakfast to meet, or I'd call her mid-afternoon for a break.

When I called I'd hear the excitement in her voice when she answered, and then that sharp little gasp when she recognized my voice. Then I'd tell her something like 'Amy, take off your underwear, put on a short skirt and tee shirt and meet me on your knees in 5 minutes.' Or she'd call me with something like, 'your sluts little pussy is all wet again and in need of some your special attention.'

I'd given her keys to my place so she could slip in and out more discretely.

For 3 months Amy & I fucked at will, constantly, and her slutty side really came out.

But in the early winter I sensed that Ken had started getting a bit wierd about things.

One afternoon, I went shopping and bought some video cameras and installed them discretely in my living room and bedroom. The next day when Amy came over she dropped to her knees and in a teasing voice she played at begging for my cock. I fucked her twice on my coffee table and then sent her home. We hooked up 3 times that week and I got recordings of it all.

CHAPTER 4 Taking Amy.

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