tagLesbian SexAmy's Awakening Ch. 02

Amy's Awakening Ch. 02


Sara’s mom woke early Sunday morning took a quick shower and was going down to check on the girls in the basement. She, her husband and their youngest daughter were headed for her in-laws this morning and she wanted to be sure the girls were ok. During the previous night she had come downstairs to refill her iced tea and heard sounds coming from Sara’s room in the basement. Not wanting to intrude on their privacy she silently stood with an ear to the basement door and listened. There seemed to be no mistake about the sounds she heard and smiled as she returned to her bed. After all, she was young once and had sexually experimented with some of her girl friends. Quietly descending the stairs she slowly opened the door. The room was quite a sight. Empty beer cans were scattered everywhere, an empty bottle of Tequila sat on the nightstand, and birthday wrapping paper and boxes were strewn about the room. What really caught her attention though was the sight of four naked young teenagers soundly sleeping on the queen size bed. The room reeked of stale beer and female sex. Stepping into the room she walked to the desk and grabbed a post-it note. Scribbling a quick note she attached it to the door and headed up stairs. "Looks like they had a grand time!" She smiled to herself. Within 30 minutes the rest of Sara’s family was dressed and on the road. They wouldn’t return until later that evening.

Beth was the first stir. Slipping over Sara she walked into the bathroom, found her bag, extracted the toothbrush and after emptying her bladder brushed her teeth. Return to the bedroom she noticed Amy lying there with her eyes open. Amy smiled as she watched the naked redhead walk over and place a gentle kiss on her lips.

"Good morning sleepyhead." Beth whispered. Amy sat upright and like Beth headed into the bathroom to clean the nights taste from her mouth. Beth sat on the edge of the bed and ran a gentle hand over Jamie’s still body. Reaching down into the hairy conjure of her thighs she softly caressed the young girl’ hidden clit. Jamie began to stir and was soon fully awaken as she spread her legs to allow Beth better access. Jamie’s sudden movement on the bed caused Sara to open her eyes. Looking over she watched as Beth continued to stroke Jamie ever so softly.

"What time is it anyways?" Sara asked pulling herself up against the headboard.

"A little after 9." Beth answered sliding her finger down Jamie’s pussy and then dipping her middle finger into the warm opening.

"Oh shit, I wonder if mom and dad are gone yet?" Sara stated looking around the messy room in somewhat of a panic. "We’d better pick up these beer cans before they see them or we’ll all be in deep shit!"

As she was getting out of bed she noticed the yellow sticky note hanging on the door. Retrieving her mom’s message she read;

"Looks like you girls had a good time last night. This room smells terrible so make sure you air it out. Make sure to get rid of the liquor bottle and all the beer cans before your father sees them. We should be home by midnight, will call when we’re leaving." Love, Mom

Sara smiled, she and her mom had a great relationship but she was still a little surprised at the mellow demeanor of the note. Walking into the bathroom she saw Amy bend over the sink working the toothbrush over her teeth. Walking up behind her she ran her hands around the naked form and cupped the large breasts. Sara’s contact made Amy jump at first but then she relaxed and allowed the older girl to massage her tits. Pulling herself away, Sara sat and the toilet and completed her morning task. Both girls giggled when the heard Jamie squeal in what was obviously an early morning orgasm. Walking back into the bedroom Sara spoke to the other girls.

"Enough playing around you guys. Time to get this place cleaned up and have some breakfast!" The girls began picking up the empty cans and bottle, putting the discarded wrapping paper in the trash bag and piling the gift boxes next to the bed. Satisfied that the room was clean Sara opened a window, tossed on a robe and headed up stairs to find breakfast. Shortly all four girls were in the kitchen busily making bacon and eggs. After sitting at the table for almost an hour chit chatting they finally cleared the table and loaded the dishwasher. With the kitchen cleaned up the girls headed back downstairs to Sara’s room. The aroma of fresh spring air had replaced the smell for the previous nights games.

"I don’t have to leave until 4." Jamie stated. "Any ideas?"

Sara had turned the TV on and when she hit the play button for DVD player the disk inserted the night before sprung into life. Soon pictures of men and women engaged in multiple sex acts filled the screen. The girl’s sat watching the video images in silence.

"I know, let’s give Amy’s new toys a try!" Beth squealed as she rose and found the box holding the birthday presents. Placing the 4 objects on the bed she picked up the flesh colored dildo and started stroking it slowly. Leaning over she raised the phallus to her lips and slid the toy into her mouth.

"Jesus Christ Beth, you have no idea how hot that looks!" Cried Amy as she picked up the long silver vibrator and imitated her friend. Sara and Jamie sat on the bed watching the girls perform oral sex on the false penises. Jamie reached over and untied the belt holding Sara’s robe closed and pulled the garment off. Leaning in she started licking the bare breast in front of her. Sara threw her head back and slid a hand down to her crotch. Slowly playing with her own pussy she cooed. Jamie stood and dropped her own robe to the floor and climbing on the bed recaptured Sara’s extended nipple.

Watching their friends starting to get worked up Amy and Beth soon shed their own robes and were lying on the bed pleasuring each other’s private area’s with the plastic toys. Beth took the flesh colored dildo and started rubbing up and down Amy’s pussy lips until the youngest girl started to squirm. Figuring her pussy would be good and wet she pushed the head of the dong into the opening of Amy’s cunt. Applying a slowly even pressure she tried to penetrate the virgin hole. Amy cried out as she felt the intruder begin to enter her.

"Oh Beth that hurts, I don’t think it will fit. It’s too big and I’ve never had anything up there before!"

"Just relax and let it happen." Beth encouraged her as she continued to gently push the object deeper. Slowly, half and inch at a time the artificial prick sank into Amy’s canal until it hit the girl’s intact hymen. By now Amy was becoming accustomed the object buried in her snatch and began pushing her hips up to meet Beth’s gently thrusts.

"Put it in deeper pleaseeeee!" Amy pleaded with her friend.

"If I go any deeper you’re going to feel some pain." Beth quietly whispered in her ear. "But the pain will only last a few minutes I promise."

Pulling the instrument out until only the head remain engaged she slowly forced it back in. With each succeeding movement Amy’s flowing juices decreased the friction on the toy. Finally when Beth thought the girl was ready she placed a flat hand on the end of the cock and jammed in it as deep as she could go.

"Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuuuuuuuuck Oooooooooh!!!!" Amy screamed as the tool ripped through her maidenhead and sank into the undiscovered region. Laying still Amy soon felt the pain begin to ebb and new exciting feelings replaced the discomfort.

"Ohhhh gawwwd yesssss," she moaned, "fuuuuuck meeeee!" And with that Beth began to move the pleasure maker in and out as rapidly as possible. Bending over Beth’s mouth found Amy’s now fully erect clit and began to nibble on it. That was all Amy could take as she arched her hips and came all over the fake cock. Beth smiled as she knelt with her ass in the air and watched Amy’s climax. A mixture of cum and blood trickled onto the sheets under Amy’s ass.

Sara and Jamie had been sitting face to face with her hands buried in each other’s pussy watching Beth give Amy her first fuck. With fingers sunk deep into each other and thumbs feverously working their clit both teenagers climaxed together creating a large wet pool of cum all over the sheets.

Moving from the spot they were in Sara took the vibrator from Amy’s hand and immediately ran it through Beth’s slit. Beth jumped as she felt the shiny tube slide over her sensitive clitoris. While Sara attended to Beth’s pussy, Jamie crawled behind Beth and began to run her tongue up and down the girl’s upturned ass. Rimming the delicate brown pucker asshole she drooled a pool of saliva onto the hole and pushed her tongue in as hard as she could. Beth immediately started to buck under the girl’s assault moaning loudly when she felt a small hard object replace Jamie’s tongue at the entrance of her wet anus. Slowly the first of five round anal beads slid into the opening held firmly in place by her tense sphincter muscle. Relaxing she sighed as the bead past the muscle and a second, third, fourth and finally a fifth bead were pushed deep into her ass. Her ass felt completely filled as Sara took the buzzing vibrator and plunge it into her vagina. The low humming of the vibrator was sending shockwaves bolting through her body. Screaming her orgasm went off like a thousand tiny bombs.

"Ooohhh… I’m coommmiinngggg… ooohhh ffuuuccckkk Ahhhhh, shit, I’mmmm cumming. Yaaaaa, I’m commin’, Ohhhhh, here it cums." Just then, Jamie grasped the end of the cord and pulled the beads out of her ass. It seemed as every nerve ending in her body was centered on her anus as each and every bead expanded and contracted her asshole.

Just as the night before all four girls collapsed onto the bed and drifted back off to sleep. Several hours later they all began to stir and one by one they woke up. Amy was the first to move and swinging around brought her head down into Jamie’s crotch. Pulling her legs apart she ran her tongue through the girl’s pussy and immediately latched onto her clit. Jamie moaned as she felt the wet warm tongue sliding around her labia and clit and when she looked up she saw Beth’s shaven cunt only inches away. Reaching up she pulled Beth’s legs around her head and repeated the maneuver Amy had just tried on her. She reveled in the feeling of the baby smooth skin between Beth’s legs as she licked her way to the clit. Sara picked her head up and decided she wasn’t going to be left out and turning her body 180 degrees dropped her legs around Beth’s head as she planted her own mouth on Amy’s very hairy cunt. Beth was the last one to wake up as she felt Jamie’s exquisite tongue lapping at her cunt. Basking in the feelings she adjusted her head and was soon applying the same oral action to Sara’s womanhood. The daisy chain now completed, the four girls licked and slurped with earnest trying to bring their partner to orgasm before they themselves climaxed.

Just then Sara pulled herself from the circle, got off the bed and retrieved the box of birthday toys from the floor. Climbing back onto the bed with the others she said.

"Close your eyes and reach into the box to get a toy. No fair looking and we’ll see if these things really work!"

Holding the box out to Beth, she reached in and drew out the anal beads. Amy was next and out came the realistic looking dildo. Jamie retrieved the long silver vibrator, leaving the black butt plug for Sara.

Working her way back into the group Sara immediately resumed licking Amy’s hairy twat. Slowly she licked her way to Amy’s crinkled anal opening and after spending several minutes lubricating the opening began to slowly push the black toy into the canal. Amy stopped licking Jamie’s cunt as she felt the cone shaped device begin to slide into her virgin ass. Relaxing as much as possible she was convinced that Sara would never get it inserted as her sphincter muscle fought to prevent the intrusion. But suddenly the muscle stretched and the plug sank into her. Only the large flange at the base of the plug prevented the thing from completely disappearing into her. Her ass felt full as Sara inserted a finger into the hollow of the toy and she tried fucking her chubby butt.

At the same time Sara was planting the plug in Amy, Jamie switched on the vibrator and was running through Beth’s swollen vaginal lips. The buzzing of the silver bullet shaped toy sent shockwaves through Beth’s body causing her pussy to begin leaking fluids. As Jamie noticed the flow of juices running down the girl’s thighs she moved the toy to Beth’s opening and shoved the metal object deep into the leaking cunt. Beth screamed as a mini-orgasm hit her.

After adjusting to the butt plug firmly implanted in her young ass, Amy took the dildo and unceremoniously jammed it into Jamie’s exposed pussy. Jamie jumped when she felt the plastic phallus hit her cervix. She was not as well lubed up as Beth and a slight tingle of pain mixed with her growing arousal. She suddenly had trouble concentrating on Beth’s pussy as Amy increased the plunging motion of the dildo. Soon her first orgasm ran through her.

Beth in the meantime had started working the beads into Sara’s pussy. Slowly she pushed each of the round pebbles into the moist cavern hoping the girl’s own juices would help make them slippery. When she felt they were sufficiently lubricated, she pulled the out and inserted them in the intended anal crevice. Sara moaned loudly as one by one the beads slid into her unused asshole. Once all the marbles were firmly lodged in Sara’s ass, Beth returned her lips and tongue to the vagina above her head. By now, all the girls had one of the birthday presents inside them and they were bring each other to mind-blowing orgasms.

After all the girls had experienced all the climaxes they could endure they broke the circle and removed the toys. Exhausted they began to take separate showers and clean Sara’s bedroom up. When everything was in order they kissed each other goodbye and headed toward their respective homes.

This was not the last time the four girl’s got together for more fun and games. However, as time passed, Jamie and Beth spend more and more time together while Sara and Amy continued their own affair. But no matter what would happen in the future, they would never ever forget that first night when they all awoke the feeling within Amy and themselves.

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