tagIncest/TabooAmy's Christmas Guest Ch. 18

Amy's Christmas Guest Ch. 18


"I think it's time we got some sleep," said Sarah.

I yawned. "Definitely. It's been a fantastic day, but I'm worn out."

"I think we're all tired," said Sarah. "But girls, just in case you had any doubts... Come to bed."

Amy nodded, her face showing a complex mixture of emotions – relief, gratitude, hope. And love.

Sarah got up and walked towards the stairs. I went with her, and Amy and Laura followed, Laura's sari brushing the carpet as she walked.

We went into the master bedroom, and Sarah said, "I guess you want a hand with getting out of that, Laura."

"Hmm, definitely," said Laura.

Sarah made sure she removed the vital safety pins, then carefully unwound the fabric from Laura until she was left in the short blouse and petticoat. Sarah folded the sari and placed it carefully on a shelf.

Laura pulled the short top off over her head and put it aside, then slipped out of the petticoat. As before, she hadn't worn anything underneath, and I looked appreciatively at her unclothed body, admiring her petite figure and small but perfect breasts as she stood before me. I was certain Sarah and Amy were doing much the same.

"Your turn, Amy," said Laura.

Amy pulled her long tunic over her head, then slipped the trousers off. Again I took my time looking at her fuller but still girlish figure.

She smiled. "Come on, Tim, you can't always be last."

I quickly undressed, and tried not to be self-conscious with three pairs of female eyes looking at me.

"My turn," said Sarah, gracefully removing her loose tunic and trousers.

"Sarah, you look amazing," said Amy.

Sarah smiled. "Good job Tim thinks so, too. I was a little concerned that he might forget to notice me with you two around."

"Never," I said. I yawned. "OK, let's crash out."

I pulled back the covers and picked a spot in the middle of the big bed, settling myself comfortably. Sarah joined me, pillowing her head on my chest, her hair spilling over me.

Amy and Laura completed the pattern, Amy lying next to Sarah and draping her arm over Sarah's body so her hand rested on my stomach. Laura lay down on my other side, and I slipped my arm under her head. I pulled the covers over us and turned out the light.

"I'll probably get up pretty early, to go into work and talk with my boss," I said, "but I'll try not to disturb you. Have a lie-in, and I should be back in time to make you a late breakfast."

"Sounds perfect," said Amy, her voice sleepy.


I woke early, as I'd expected, and carefully managed to untangle myself without waking anyone. I looked back at them as I went out through the bedroom door; the girls had snuggled closer to Sarah to fill the gap I'd left, and I decided that she looked very like a mother cat with her kittens. A sudden swell of emotion hit me, and I thanked whatever God there might be, for what I'd been given, however short or long a time it might last.

I put on my suit for the first time in days, the clothes feeling strange. Then I got into the car and drove towards the office. It was still very early, and the car park was practically empty when I arrived, though I noticed with relief that my boss's car was already there. I didn't want to wait till everyone else was in the office; I didn't feel prepared for the inevitable sympathy. Or perhaps worse, the friends and colleagues who would want to show sympathy but wouldn't really know how, and would feel awkward and perhaps a little guilty that they couldn't seem to find the words they wanted to say.

I used my security pass to open the outside door, and climbed the stairs to the top floor. I walked across the open-plan space to my boss's office. She saw me approaching through the glass wall of the office, and quickly got up from behind her desk to meet me as I opened the door.

"Tim!" she said, surprise in her voice. "We weren't expecting you for another week. How are you doing?"

"OK, thanks, Jo," I said. "Actually, I have some surprising news for you, and also something I need to discuss."

"Please, Tim, sit down," she said, indicating the sofa in the meeting area at one side of her office. I sat, and she sat next to me, turning to face me.

"Go ahead," she said.

"Well," I began, "this will probably seem very sudden to you, but..." I started to explain about Sarah. "It was so good of her to come over for the funeral, and she offered to help me sort things out in the house, and the girls like her, and..."

I felt tears running down my cheeks. Jo put an arm round my shoulders.

"Well," she said philosophically, "none of us are as young as we used to be. If a chance of happiness comes along again so soon, take hold of it with both hands."

I blinked away my tears. "I'm glad you understand."

"So what else did you need to talk about?" she asked.

"Well, Sarah has lived in India for several years, and she's really fallen in love with the place. I'd like to take the whole family over there, start again."

Jo was silent for several moments. Then she said decisively, "Tim, you've been a real asset to this company for the years you've been here. You took a big risk on the business's future when you bought into the profit-sharing scheme, and that counts for a lot – it could have gone either way. I don't want to lose you completely, but it'd be hypocritical of me, after what I just said, to try and persuade you to change your mind."

She paused, then went on, "You know we have an office in Kolkata. If you'd be prepared to work for us on a consultancy basis, and get into the office reasonably often when we needed you, I think we could work something out."

She thought for a while, then said, "The only issue I can see is that it might not be so easy for you to travel, depending on where exactly you move. The roads aren't great, it can take forever to get anywhere."

She rested her chin in her hands, considering the problem.

I couldn't repress a gentle laugh. "I didn't tell you what Sarah's work is, did I?"

She shook her head.

"She's a pilot – she flies our senior people round India. I think we could – what was it you said? – work something out."

Jo began to chuckle too. "I think we have a deal, Tim. And – congratulations." She leaned across, and my eyes widened as she placed a warm kiss firmly on my lips.

"I've been wanting to do that for ages," she said. "Now, don't worry about a thing – I'll write this up, and present it to the Board with my firm recommendation."

"I really appreciate this, Jo," I said, slightly dazed, still feeling the touch of her lips against mine. "And any time you feel like a break, we would love to have you to stay with us in India, and give you a holiday you'd never forget."

"I'll definitely take you up on that," she said. "Give my regards to Sarah and the girls."

I walked down the stairs, feeling as though my feet were barely touching the ground. I got into the car, and pulled out of the car park, realising that I might never need to come into this office again.

I stopped off at the supermarket on the way home, and bought treats for Sarah and the girls – breakfast pastries, coffee, fresh fruit, and more salad and cold stuff. I picked up some more wine, and on impulse a large bottle of champagne.

I drove the rest of the way home, parked the car, and unpacked the shopping. I made coffee, warmed the pastries, and carried a laden tray up to the bedroom.

The room was still dark, and I switched on one of the bedside lamps so as not to make the light suddenly uncomfortably bright. "Breakfast time, sleeping beauties."

Sarah stirred first, sitting up. The covers slipped from her, and despite her obvious sleepiness and her mussed hair, I felt the same thrill as always on seeing her unclothed.

"Mmm," she said, "you didn't take long. How did it go?"

"Unbelievable," I said. I explained Jo's offer.

Sarah blinked. "That's fantastic news."

"Absolutely. I think we can start to make serious plans."

Laura and Amy, still curled up against one another, stirred, and Amy opened her eyes.

"Come on, sleepy-heads," I teased, "breakfast's ready."

The two girls sat up sleepily, and accepted the mugs of coffee I offered.

"What's it like outside?" asked Laura.

"Lovely," I said. "Perfect weather for a picnic, and I brought everything we'll need. And a surprise, too."

"Sounds great," said Amy. "Mind if Laura and I shower first?"

"Go ahead," I grinned.

The two girls disappeared into the en-suite, and I could hear them giggling as they washed.

"Well, they sound like they're waking up a bit," I said. "How about you?"

"Try me," Sarah said, and I glanced up to see the inviting smile on her face.

She took hold of my tie and pulled gently, bringing my lips against hers. "You won't be needing your suit on any more today, will you."

I grinned. "No fear – or ever, if I can help it."

I removed my jacket, then slipped quickly out of my trousers. Sarah looked at me meaningfully, and I took off my Y-fronts and dropped them on the floor.

Sarah stood in front of me, the proximity of her naked body arousing me even further, and undid the buttons of my shirt, pushing it off my shoulders. Then she sank to her knees and took my already-hard penis between her hands, bending her head to kiss the tip and use her tongue on it. I stroked her hair, then put my hand behind her head as she took more of me into her mouth.

"Mm," I said, "that's good. But do you want to take me all the way like this?"

She didn't pause to answer, instead swirling her tongue more insistently on me. I groaned, and she began to use her hands on my shaft while continuing to move her lips and tongue on me. I climaxed suddenly, and spurted once, twice, filling her mouth with warm fluid. She smiled against me, and swallowed deliberately, using her tongue and lips to ensure that she got every drop.

She slowly released me, and straightened, putting her arms around me and pulling our bodies together.

"Now," she said, "why don't you eat something too?"

She indicated the bed, and I lay down, resting my head on the pillow. She straddled me, so that her already-wet entrance was against my mouth. I began to tongue her, and lifted my hands to touch her breasts and nipples. She responded, flexing against me. Then she leaned back a little way, stretching her hands behind her, and started to touch my nipples.

I gasped, and paused in my attentions to her. "Do you think I could be ready again?"

She smiled. "Worth a try. Now, you were in the middle of something?"

I started to tongue her again, and my mouth and hands on her seemed to be connected to her touch on my nipples. Gradually I felt her building towards her own climax, and suddenly she took her hands from my chest and pressed my fingers hard against her nipples, gasping as her orgasm shook her and I continued to use my tongue on her until she was entirely spent.

She shifted position and lay down, her body partly across mine.

"Don't go to sleep," I teased. She nodded, her eyes closed, her hair draped across my chest.

Just then the girls came back in, hair wet, wrapped in bath robes.

"Hmm, seems like we missed out," said Amy, amusement in her voice.

"Well," I said, "Sarah was doing her best to get me ready to try again, but I seem to have temporarily worn her out."

Amy gave a mischievous look. "Maybe in a little while," she said. "I'm sure we can make an opportunity while we're on our picnic."

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