tagGroup SexAmy's College Experiment

Amy's College Experiment


Amy always had a healthy sexual appetite. From the time she hit puberty she always wanted to try new things and experience new highs. She kissed her first boy at age 12 and lost her virginity at age 15. She continued to sleep with guys throughout high school, trying new positions and constantly seeking that next thrill.

She was discreet. Amy didn't want to develop a reputation as a slut, but she enjoyed sex so much that she couldn't resist seducing unsuspecting guys and having her way with them. She enjoyed older guys with more experience and she also liked to teach young virgins about the ways of the world. She was into everything.

Amy had shoulder length brown hair. She was about 5' 10'' with medium sized breasts and a very athletic body. She loved to do yoga and as a result was extremely flexible and balanced. All the guys in school wanted her.

In college, she began experimenting with women. First, her roommate, Christy, who was a full-on lesbian. She was attractive, tall, with blonder hair and long legs and large breasts. She had striking blue eyes and soft full lips. She was a real beauty and Amy succumbed almost immediately to her charms. They fooled around, mostly heaving petting and some oral sex, but occasionally they would get drunk and do some serious rounds with her roommate's sex toys.

Christy spent more time thinking about her needs, and making sure she was satisfied. Men were all about "wham bam thank you ma'am" and it was all over almost as soon as it started.

Until she met Peter.

Peter was a senior when Amy was just entering her sophomore year. He was athletic and smart and had a lot of friends. He always seemed to be at the bar hanging out, talking to people, dancing to live music. It was well known that he liked the ladies, but he wasn't known as a player or anything. Just a fun guy who was a good hook-up. And a good guy, too. He wouldn't fuck you over, but he wasn't exactly the long-term relationship type either.

Amy was intrigued but didn't want to be another one of his conquests.

She did, however, think about him. She would lie in bed at night and fantasize about fucking his brains out. She would think about how she would seduce him, get him back to her place and then ride him for hours until he begged her to let him come. She would take his cock in her mouth and show him what a real blow job felt like. She would sit on his face and make him eat her pussy. She would take him every way he could imagine and she wouldn't stop until she was completely satisfied.

On nights like these, when she would fantasize about Peter, she would work herself up into a frenzy. Her sheets would get sweaty, she would masturbate furiously, touching herself for hours until her roommate came home and finished her off with a dildo.

This happened 3 or 4 times, and she knew she couldn't keep going on like this. She would have to try the real thing, or she would never know what she had missed. He was about to graduate in weeks and then he would be gone, probably off to some big job in New York or something.

It seemed like an easy thing. Just go to the bar and seduce him. Ask him if he wanted to go home and fuck. It would be easy. His reputation said he wouldn't turn her down. But Amy was nervous. Should she just walk up to him and strike up a conversation? Or have a friend introduce them? Or maybe she could sit across the room and uncross her legs, revealing herself to him and making him want her? Ugh, it shouldn't be this hard, she thought.

She took a long hot shower and shaved her legs. Then she shaved her pussy, leaving just a small landing strip. She put on her skimpiest thong, wore a pair of jeans that showed off her ass, and a short tight shirt that revealed a few inches of her flat stomach. Heels, a sexy black bra, and some light makeup. It he didn't want to get down with this, he was probably gay.

Her roommate walked in just as she was about to leave.

"Where are you headed? Wow." Her roommate whistled. "Damn."

"I'm just headed to the bar. Want to go?" she asked Christie.

"Hell no. I want to undress you right now and taste your sweet pussy. Hot damn, girl!"

Amy blushed. "I'm going to try to sleep with Peter tonight," she confessed.

"Wow. Tonight's the big night, eh? No more masturbation marathons? Well you certainly look good." She leaned over and started to rub Amy's arm.

"What are you doing?"

"Nothing I can control, you honeypot." She moved her hands over to Amy's bare midriff and trailed her fingers along her exposed skin. "You are hot, girl."

Amy blushed again and felt herself getting moist. This was not the plan.

Christy moved closer and started to kiss her, lightly at first, just brushing her lips over Amy's, then more forcefully as she crushed her body against Amy's and pushed her onto the bed. She ran her leg in between Amy's legs and began to massage her pussy through her jeans.

"Stop it, Christy! I have to get to the bar!" Amy pushed Christy off her. "Do you want to come or not?

"Yes, I want to come, what do you think I was trying to do?"

"You know what I mean. Do you want to come to the bar? Come on, you know this is important to me."

Finally Christy relented. "OK. I'll go with you. But don't expect me to keep my hands off you all night."

"Fine, whatever, let's just get out of here."


They walked down to the bar, showed their IDs and made their way to a back table. Amy knew she would have to get a few drinks in her to develop her courage. She ordered a martini and looked around the bar. There was a jazz/rock band playing in the corner and a relatively sparse crowd. It would fill up later but for now it looked to be mostly just some music junkies and other artistic types. No sign of Peter.

Christy stared at her hungrily. Amy tried not to return her glances, but it was hard to resist. Christy was beautiful, after all, and knew all the places that gave Amy pleasure. Christy began to play footsies under the table, rubbing her legs against Amy's and gently massaging her calves.

They had had 3 drinks each when Peter walked in. He was wearing jeans and a black t-shirt that showed off his physique. Amy thought she could see a bulge in his pants but knew her imagination was liable to run away with her.

He walked over to a table where some of his friends were drinking, in direct sight of her. Perfect.

Christy continued to play with her legs under the table, but there was a post that blocked her activities from view of the rest of the bar. They were just a couple of attractive females out at a bar, nothing out of the ordinary. Amy began to suspect that Christy was rubbing her pussy under the table, as she couldn't see Christy's left hand and her breathing was becoming increasingly labored. No matter, she thought, I should focus on the task at hand. How to seduce a boy.

The waitress appeared suddenly with two fresh martinis. "These are on the boys at that table over there," she said. Amy immediately blushed, horrified. Had she made it that obvious? Was she staring? How did he even know she was looking at him?

She turned her attention to the martinis and took a sip. BEfore she could put her glass down, he appeared at her table. "Hi Christy. And you are?"

"Uh, I'm, uh..." she stuttered.

"Hi Peter, this is my roommate, Amy." Amy was going to kill Christy when they got back home. She couldn't believe that all this time she knew Peter....what had she told him?

"Hi Amy. I'm Peter. Do you mind if I sit down?"

"No, not at all. Please sit." He sat.

"So, you're a sophomore, right? Where are you from?"

"Yes. I'm from New York. Well, a suburb of New York. New York State. I'm from New York State."

He laughed confidently, flashing her a warm smile. She was so nervous but he put her at ease. He reached across the table and touched her arm. "Relax, Amy, I'm from Connecticut, I know about New York. Which town?"

She took a big swig of her drink. "Rye. Where in Connecticut are you from?"

"Right here in New Haven, actually. I never would have gotten into Yale except my parents are both doctors at the Medical School. i couldn't pass up the chance to go to Yale, even if it seemed kind of boring to not leave town."

"Oh. Cool." Amy couldn't think of anything to say. Peter started to get up.

"Wait!" she said, a little too forcefully. "Thanks for the drinks, why don't you stay and talk to us?"

"Oh, I would, but I think my girlfriend would be jealous if she saw me talking to you two beauties."

Amy felt like she had just been punched in the stomach. She had never considered this.

"I'm just kidding! I don't have a girlfriend. Ha ha, you should see your face. Let me just grab my drink."

Amy was horrified. First her roommate had lied to her, now Peter was up in her business.

He walked over to his table, got his beer, and returned. Amy was fully flushed at this point, whether from anger, alcohol, excessive petting under the table, or the boy of her dreams flirting with her so obviously. Christy reached across and rubbed Amy's cheek, trying to put her at ease. Amy could smell Christy's pussy on her fingers - she was right, she had been masturbating at the table. My God.

Peter sat back down. Christy excused herself to the bathroom and Amy tried to make conversation. He asked her about music, about her plans post graduation, about her classes. He even asked her if Christy was in fact a lesbian, as everyone suspected. He put her completely at ease. When they finished their drinks, he asked her if she wanted to go somewhere else where they could hear each other talk.

She said yes.


They walked back to her dorm room. As soon as the door opened, he pushed her into the room and onto the bed. Amy was shocked. He leaped on top of her and began to kiss her. She didn't let her brain get in the way, she just did what came naturally to her. She kissed him back, hard, and ripped his shirt off. He returned the favor and began to kiss her everywhere. Up and down her body from her neck to her stomach and back again.

She was tingling all over. Next he pulled off her jeans, revealing her black thong. He kissed her legs, starting at the calf and then working his way up to her thighs and then her inner thighs, until he was right on top of her pussy. And then down the other leg. She felt herself glistening in anticipation. He removed her thong, slowly, and began to massage her legs again. He lifted them up and spread them apart slightly. She resisted coyly, but he was strong and forceful and she eventually succumbed.

She lay back on the bed while he kneeled on the floor with his face right up between her legs. He licked and kissed her for what felt like hours. She began to feel a pressure building up insider her and she held onto the back of his head and pushed him harder into her. Then she came all over his face. He was slick with her juices. but he didn't seem to mind. As soon as she finished, he moved up her body and began to kiss her mouth. She could taste herself on his tongue and couldn't get enough of her own delicious juices.

He then inserted a finger into her pussy, rubbed it back and forth a few times, and moved it up to her mouth. She hungrily sucked on it, tasting herself, knowing it was driving him crazy.

He stood up and took off his jeans. She crawled off the bed and pulled down his boxers, freeing his cock. It was big but not obnoxious or scary. She immediately took him into her mouth, gently and slowly at first, building up to something faster. She looked up at him. "I want you to come in my mouth," she said. Then she took his balls into her mouth and played with them. She could feel him harden further.

He grabbed the back of her hair and began to fuck her face. She took him in and let him control her. Not too deep at first, but slowly he increased the pressure and soon she found herself deep-throating him and feeling herself full of him, just as she had fantasized about. He was about to come, she could feel it building, when she heard a key in the lock.

The door opened and there was Christy. Amy could only imagine the scene she walked in on - Peter was fully naked and vigorously face-fucking her roommate on the floor in the middle of the room.

Christy took in the scene and quickly closed the door behind her. "This is something I have to get involved with" she said. Peter let go of Amy's hair but didn't move otherwise. He looked down at Amy and raised his eyebrows.

Amy thought for a moment and then continued her blow job. Fuck it, she thought, this is new. Peter had lost the immediate tension but she built it back up pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, Christy began to take off her clothes. Then she walked up to Peter and kissed him on the mouth. Amy looked up and saw them making out. She was shocked. She thought her roommate was a lesbian!

They broke apart and Christy said, "Huh, I've never kissed a man before. That was fun." Then she got on her knees next to Amy. "May I?"

Before Amy could answer, Christy was sucking Peter's cock like a porn star. He grabbed her hair and said "gentler, gentler" guiding her until she got into a smooth rhythm that he clearly enjoyed. Christy came up for air after a while and passed the cock back to Amy. "That was incredible," she said.

Amy went back at it while Christy crawled under Amy and positioned her mouth right on Amy's pussy. Hmmmmm thought Amy, now this is nice. Peter saw what was happening and felt his pulse quicken. Soon he was splurting come right into Amy's mouth, deep into her throat. Amy swallowed what she could but some dripped out of her mouth and onto Christy's belly and thighs. Amy cleaned up Peter and then went down on Christy, greedily licking up every last drop of come and then moving to Christy's glistening pussy. Peter retreated to the bed and watched the 2 roommates going down on each other.

Soon he got hard again.

He came around behind Amy and stuffed his cock in Christy's mouth. She gagged at first but then started to take it in gracefully. He thrust in and out of her mouth a dozen times and then inserted himself into Amy's wet vagina. She gave a muffled cry and continued to eat Christy's pussy. Christy lay under them both and alternated between licking Amy's clit and sucking on Peter's balls as he fucked Amy.

WIthout warning, Peter pulled out of Amy, stood up, and walked around the room to the other side, where he repeated the same thing, stuffing his cock this time into Amy's mouth, letting her taste herself, and then plunging into Christy's tight lesbian pussy.

Christy was shocked at his size but had some experience with her sex toys. Nothing compared to a warm pulsating cock though, and she came within minutes.

Peter then told Amy to flip herself around and make out with Christy. She had no choice, she wanted to please Peter above all else so she hungrily began to kiss her roommate, crushing her breasts against hers and wildly ravaging her body with her hands. Peter alternated between the two vaginas in front of him, thrusting into Amy for 10-20 times and then pulling out and thrusting into Christy. Both girls were on the verge of coming. They could taste themselves, each other, and Peter's cock as they hungrily kissed each other and felt Peter's manliness inside them.

Amy came first, in a long and powerful wave of pleasure. Christy wasn't far behind. Peter then walked back around to the other side of the room and told the spent girls to get on their knees. He shoved his cock into AMy's mouth and fucked her face until he felt himself about to come, then he pulled out, took over and splashed his come all over he face, and Christy's. The girls began to make out, hungrily lapping up the come off their faces and each other, while Peter collapsed on the bed.

The girls got in next to him and they all fell asleep in minutes.

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