tagInterracial LoveAmy's Fascination Ch. 08

Amy's Fascination Ch. 08


Amy looked out the window and watched the countryside speed by. She glanced over at her husband in the driver's seat, but he seemed oblivious to her agitation. Every mile closer they got to the campground was a mile farther away from the black cock she was craving.

It had been almost 18 hours since she'd had Treyvon's dick inside her. That was the longest time she'd gone without fucking him since she had first given in and gone to his apartment. The past week had conditioned her body to need the black man's dick all the time, and she was feeling a bit stir-crazy without it.

Her mind wandered back to the previous afternoon when she had last seen him. They had fucked in the back room of the coffee shop where she worked, along with her boss Janice and another black man. Amy's pussy throbbed at the memory of Treyvon's cock pumping her full of seed. As much as she wanted to feel that again, she was also slightly relieved to be away from him for a few days. Treyvon seemed determined to keep dumping cum into her womb until he got her pregnant. The thought of carrying a black man's baby was a huge turn-on in fantasy form, but in reality it would probably destroy her marriage and her family life. She wasn't capable of telling Treyvon no when his dick was in her, though, so she was secretly glad for this little break during her most dangerously fertile days.

She thought of Mara, and the conversation they had shared after the girl had watched Amy make out with her black boyfriend. The younger girl was a college student, and worked the most hours at the coffee shop after Janice and Amy. It was only a matter of time before she caught on to what her coworkers were doing, since Amy knew that wasn't the last time they would be spending hours in the back room with multiple black men. She had decided it would be better to seduce Mara into their lifestyle than to risk her telling people on her own.

"What are you doing?" Mara asked as Amy approached her after kissing Treyvon goodbye. "What about your husband?"

"It's okay," she replied with a wink. "What he doesn't know won't hurt him. Besides, did you see that bulge in his pants?"

Mara rolled her eyes. "You mean the socks he stuffed into his pants? I'm not impressed."

"What are you talking about?" Amy said.

"Kenny says that black guys always stuff their underpants with socks to make it look like they have a big penis," she said. "He says that rap music makes them think all black guys should have a big penis, even though really every man has the same size."

Kenny was Mara's boyfriend. Amy had met him before. He seemed like the typical ex-high school jock, trying to cling to his glory when in reality nobody cared about anything he had done before graduation. He must have been telling Mara stories to cover his own insecurities.

"Oh, honey," Amy said. "What size did he tell you they all were?"

"Five inches," she said. "That's how big he is, so I know it's true."

"You've never seen a picture of a dick on the internet or anything?" Amy asked, incredulous at how naive the girl was.

"No. Besides, Kenny says that all those pictures on the internet are fake. That's why he doesn't watch porn." Mara said.

Amy shook her head and pulled up a picture on her phone of herself with Treyvon's dick next to her face. Holding it out for Mara to see, she said, "That's the biggest 5 inches I've ever seen."

Mara took the phone from her and stared at the picture. "There's no way. That has to be fake," she said.

"Oh, it's real, believe me," said Amy. "I just felt every inch of it. Scroll through, there's more."

Mara flipped through the pictures on Amy's phone. One by one, she saw the photos Treyvon had taken a few days before. Amy on her knees, sucking his cock. Amy from behind, his black dick in her pussy. She stared at the images with her mouth agape.

"Do you believe me now," Amy asked.

"I... I don't know what to think. If these are real that means Kenny has been lying to me. Why would be lie?" Mara said.

"Because he's embarrassed about his small penis, and he didn't want you to know. If you think sex feels good with his little 5-incher, you have no idea what you are missing out on," Amy replied.

"Is it really that much different?" the younger girl asked.

"This past week with Treyvon has been mind blowing. His cock reaches places inside me that I had no idea existed. And it feels sooo good when he stretches my pussy out," Amy said.

She could see Mara's nipples beginning to poke through her shirt. Her words were having the intended effect. The seed had been planted in Mara's mind. Now she just needed to let it take root.

"I can tell you like these pictures. Why don't I send them to you so you can enjoy them in private," Amy said, taking her phone back and texting the pictures to Mara.

"No, I can't..." she started, but Amy cut her off.

"Of course you can. Kenny has been hiding what real sex can be from you. You need to explore what you've been denied. Here, let me send you the name of a website that did wonders for me. Just search for 'Jackson Hammer' and get ready to be amazed," she had said.

Mara had seemed overwhelmed, but Amy was confident that the younger girl would take her advice. She hoped Mara would start masturbating to Jackson's monster cock over the weekend. She made up her mind to call her on Sunday to make sure.

The car pulled into the parking lot of the campground, snapping Amy out of her daydreaming. They stopped next to their assigned site, and she and Trent unloaded the minivan while the kids ran off to the playground. Her husband began to set up the tent they would share, while she worked on a separate one for the kids.

Soon Amy had the tent up and went back to the van to grab their backpacks and sleeping bags. She crawled inside the tent and unrolled the bags for the kids. When she stepped back outside she saw her husband talking with someone near their tent.

"Honey, come meet our neighbor," he said, stepping aside to reveal who he'd been talking to. Amy's heart skipped a beat. There stood Treyvon. It took every ounce of her self-control to prevent herself from running into the black man's arms. What was he doing here?

"Hi, Amy," he said, his tone betraying nothing. "Fancy seeing you here."

Trent looked between the two of them. "You two know each other?" he asked.

"Treyvon is a regular at the coffee shop," Amy said, frowning at the black man.

"Yeah, I work nearby, so I'm there all the time. Especially this past week. I've been 'in there' every day," Treyvon said, staring into Amy's eyes as he put special emphasis on 'in there'.

"Wow, small world," said Trent, completely missing the double entendre. "Well, it was nice meeting you, but we should get back to setting up."

"Here, let me help you," Treyvon said. "I've been here a couple hours so I'm already settled."

"Hey, thanks," Trent said, before Amy could get a word in. "We appreciate it. I'm gonna go to the front and pick up some firewood." A minute later, he was out of sight.

"What are you doing here?" Amy asked when she was sure her husband was out of earshot. She picked up their bags and carried them to her tent. Treyvon followed her inside.

"I didn't want to break our streak," he said in a low voice. "I've filled that pussy every day for the last 5 days now. I wasn't about to let a little family camping trip get in our way." He pulled his shorts down a little, exposing the base of his cock.

"Stop!" Amy hissed. "We can't do that here! My husband will be back any minute."

"The front office is a ten minute walk from here. We have almost twenty minutes. The more you argue, the less time we have," Treyvon said. He grabbed one of her tits and squeezed.

What little fight Amy was able to muster went out of her when his hand touched her breast. She was overcome with lust at seeing him here, while she was with her husband. She fell forward onto her hands and knees and pulled her yoga pants down. She positioned herself with her head near the tent's zipper, so she could at least see anyone approach. "Alright, but we have to hurry," she said.

Treyvon didn't need to be told twice. A moment later Amy felt his fat black cock parting her pussy lips and sliding into her. She let out a low moan as her married pussy was penetrated yet again by a black man that was not her husband. She could feel his balls slapping against her mound as he thrust into her from behind.

They only been fucking for maybe five minutes when Amy felt her orgasm approaching. She was about to give in to the pleasure when suddenly she heard a noise coming from outside. She looked through the slit in the tent and saw a golf cart driving up towards their campsite. Trent must have gotten a ride back from one of his friends.

Amy pulled away from Treyvon's cock in a panic. She pulled up her pants and whispered, "My husband is back. I will go out and distract him. You get out while his back is turned."

Without waiting for a response, Amy crawled out of the tent. As she stood she realized her pussy was soaking through the crotch of her yoga pants. She hoped the black fabric wouldn't show the wet spot. As she reached her husband, she made a show of pointing up into the trees and asking him what kind of hawk it was she saw. As he looked for the nonexistent bird, Amy glanced back and saw Treyvon exit her tent and walk towards them.

"Oh well, it must have flown away," she said. "Did you get the firewood?"

"Yeah, we should be all set for tonight. I picked up some beer for myself, and some margaritas for you," he said.

They finished setting up the campsite. Now that her panic at being caught had faded, Amy felt annoyed at her husband for interrupting her orgasm. She kept stealing glances at Treyvon as he helped them unload the minivan. She could see the outline of his still-hard cock straining against his shorts. Apparently he wasn't happy about being interrupted, either.

"What do you guys say we head down to the beach?" Treyvon asked when they were finished.

"That sounds like a great idea," Trent replied, grabbing his swimsuit. Amy had no choice but to follow along with what Treyvon had planned. She was still extremely horny, but was nervous at how reckless her black boyfriend was being in front of her husband.

She changed into her swimsuit, a modest one-piece. The blue fabric instantly darkened with moisture as it came into contact with her wet pussy. She wrapped her towel around her waist to hide the wet spot. "I'll just have to get into the water right away," she thought.

As the three of them walked down to the beach, they passed the playground where her kids were playing. Amy waved to them as she walked by. A woman stopped her as they approached. It was Karen, who had 3 kids around the same age as hers.

"Do you mind if they spend the evening with us?" she asked Amy. "It's Danny's birthday and we are throwing a little party."

"Sure, no problem," said Amy. "Just send them back when it's over."

They arrived at the beach a few minutes later. They found a nice spot away from the few people already there, and sat down. As Amy untied her towel from her waist and laid it out on the sand, she noticed that she had unconsciously set up next to Treyvon instead of her husband.

"Get it together, Amy," she scolded herself as she moved her stuff next to Trent. "This is gonna be delicate enough without you making sloppy mistakes like that."

Her husband cracked open a beer as soon as they sat down. He offered her a small plastic bottled margarita, but she turned it down. "I'm going for a swim," she said.

"Alright," he said, tossing a beer to Treyvon. "Have fun!"

Amy waded into the water. Soon she was deep enough for the water to cover her chest. She watched her husband and her black boyfriend drinking beer on the beach. "What are they talking about?" she wondered. "Treyvon better not say anything to him."

She floated in the water, thinking back to her cut-off orgasm in the tent earlier. Her pussy tingled as she remembered the feeling of Treyvon's black dick sliding into her. She stood up and pushed her fingers into her slit, hidden by the water line.

Back on the beach she could see her husband opening another beer. She looked at Treyvon next to him, with his sculpted body and ebony skin. She fingered her pussy as she stared at him. She pictured him standing over her, telling her how he wanted to impregnate her, how he would make her belly swell with his baby. Amy came, biting her lip to keep from moaning out loud.

She saw movement on the shore. Treyvon was getting up and wading out towards her. Her husband seemed to have fallen asleep. She swam towards Treyvon and met him as he came in.

"Your husband pounded 4 beers and said he needed to take a nap," he said. "Then I saw the look on your face out here. I know that look."

Amy grinned. "What look is that?"

"Your 'Amy needs black cock' look," Treyvon said. "You have it on your face most of the time you are around me."

"Well, I did just finger myself while thinking about your black dick, so you're not wrong," she said.

Treyvon pulled his cock out of his trunks. Amy could see it floating in the water, just below the surface. She took it in her hand and began to stroke it, feeling it stiffen in her palm. "Let's move in where the water's deeper," he said.

They waded out further from shore. Soon Amy could no longer touch the bottom. She had to tread water to keep her head above the waterline. Treyvon was still standing. He grabbed her by the waist and pulled her against his body. She tensed as she felt his hard cock press against her belly.

"It's okay, your husband is passed out, and there's nobody else here," he told her. Sure enough, she saw that the other people down the beach had left. Amy relaxed. She put her arms around the black man and kissed his mouth, enjoying the feeling of his strong hands holding her up in the water.

After a few minutes of kissing, she felt Treyvon's fingers brush across her crotch to move her swimsuit aside. She was about to get fucked in outside, in public, in open view of anyone. Her husband could wake up at any moment and catch them. The risk made Amy feel deliciously slutty.

"Yes, put it in," she whispered. "Put your big black cock inside my pussy." She reached down and guided it inside. Her eyes rolled back in her head as she felt the familiar girth fill her pussy. She wrapped her legs around his waist and dug her heels into the small of his back, pulling his dick deeper into her.

Treyvon held Amy up with his hands on her ass. He had total control over her whole body. He began to move her up and down on his cock. She could feel every inch of his hard shaft as it slid into her. Her pussy felt stretched to the limit as he bottomed out inside her.

"You like this, don't you girl?" Treyvon asked. "You like me fucking out here, where everyone can see what a married black cock slut you are."

He was right. Amy felt incredibly aroused by the fact that they were outside where anyone might catch them in the act. Her hard nipples poked against the padding of her swimsuit. She pulled them out and pinched her nipples with her fingers as Treyvon continued to spear his dick into her.

"Yeah, that's it girl. Show me those big white titties. They belong to me, just like your pussy does," he said.

"Yesss," Amy said, her tits splashing down into the water every time Treyvon lifted her. "My body is for you, Trey."

"You tried to keep this pussy away from me this weekend, didn't you?" he asked. "But I came to take what's mine. I told you I was going to keep pumping your pussy full until you got pregnant. Did you think this little camping trip was going to stop me?"

Amy blushed. She couldn't believe Treyvon was calling her out on spending a weekend away from him. But the possessive way he talked about her body was driving her wild. "I'm sorry, Trey. It was wrong of me to try to keep you from what's rightfully yours."

"That's right, girl," Treyvon said as he increased the pace of their fucking. "I'm glad you see it my way. That's why you're gonna spend the night in my tent tonight."

"What? I can't... O-ooh!" Amy started to protest, but Treyvon cut her off by suddenly jackhammering his cock into her as fast as he could. Her words trailed off into a moan as a powerful orgasm ripped through her.

"No excuses, girl. You're coming to my tent tonight," he said.

"Yesss," she hissed, not sure if she was really agreeing or just responding to her orgasm. The huge cock in her pussy was too much.

"That's my girl," Treyvon said. "Now, tell me where you want my load."

His load. The words brought clarity back to her sex-addled mind. Treyvon was about to cum inside her pussy again. Amy was pretty sure she was ovulating that day. This was the moment of truth. If she let the black man shoot his load inside her, she would get pregnant.

But how could she stop him? He was balls deep in her pussy at that moment, and his arms were holding her in place. Amy didn't think she could get off his dick, even if she wanted too.

And that was just it. As she thought about it, Amy discovered that she didn't even want to try. She wanted this to happen. She had made a halfhearted attempt to keep herself away from Treyvon's dick that weekend, but was secretly delighted when he had shown up. She had dropped her pants and given him access to her pussy not five minutes after running into him that day. Who was she kidding? Treyvon would get her pregnant that day, and she wanted it. She needed it. The mere thought of it was enough to make her cum again.

"Cum inside me! Oh, fuck! Cum inside my fertile white pussy!" she cried, in orgasmic bliss. "Put a black baby in me, Treyvon!"

"Fuck yeah, here it comes," he said. He thrust into her deeply, and tried to hold her in place, but Amy wasn't having it. She was grinding her hips onto his cock like a woman possessed. She felt it begin to throb inside her, and cried out in ecstasy as the first jet of cum was released into her womb. She could feel it pumping torrent after torrent of potent seed into her fertile pussy. She stopped grinding and slid down, her head bares vice the water, her legs around Treyvon's waist, locking her in place on his dick while he continued inseminating her.

A few minutes later, as she felt the black cock inside her stop twitching, Amy kissed Treyvon on the mouth. He grinned at her. "That was a good one," he said.

She was just about to agree, and suggest they go for round two when voices distracted her. She saw a group of people coming up the path to the beach. She gave Treyvon small disappointed smile before taking a deep breath. Underwater, she pulled herself off of his cock and put her tits back inside her swimsuit before coming back up to the surface a respectable distance away from him.

They waded back to shore. As they approached, Trent stirred and woke up. He smiled sheepishly at Amy. "Sorry, I guess I was tired. Let's go back and get the fire started. I'm getting hungry."

"Sounds good," said Amy. "Treyvon, would you like to join us for dinner?"

"If you're sure, I don't want to impose," he said.

"Of course I'm sure," Amy said, before her husband could say anything. "In fact, I insist."

Treyvon accompanied them back to the campsite, where he and Trent started the fire. Amy unpacked some hot dogs, and got some buns ready. After the fire was blazing, they roasted the hot dogs on sticks.

Trent went to the cooler and pulled out another beer for himself. While he was distracted with this, Amy turned to Treyvon. She took her hot dog and licked the tip as if it was a cock, teasing the black man.

"Anyone else want a drink?" Trent called from behind the cooler lid.

"Sure, I'll take one of my margaritas, thanks!" she said, leaning forward to give Treyvon a peek at her tits.

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