Amy's Friend Gets Fucked


"Oh my God, you're making me cum again!" she wailed, "Keep fucking me, you feel so good inside me!"

I did as I was told and increased my pace until my cock was slamming into her gushing pussy. As she was cumming I could feel her pussy spasm as her juices washed over my shaft. She had become so wet that you could actually hear sloshing sounds as I pounded her pussy as hard as possible. I managed to prevent myself from cumming up to this point but I knew I was on the edge so I slowed my pace and eventually stopped altogether, pulling my cock from her pussy. Becky looked up at me and knew exactly what I had in mind. She cupped her breasts and brought them within inches of my drenched cock.

"Are you ready to cover these big tits with your cum?" Becky asked sexily.

"I sure am! I've been ready since the day you promised them to me!" I replied.

Becky allowed some saliva to fall from her mouth onto her mounds which she smeared around for some lubrication. She leaned forward a little bit more until my cock rested between her tits. My cock completely disappeared into her cleavage when she pressed her breasts together and began to rock back and forth. I knew that between the excitement of fucking my wife's best friend and the wonderful softness of her tits that I didn't stand a chance of lasting much longer. I made up my mind to just give in and cover her breasts with my load. I pumped my cock between her tits for a minute or two and then pushed Becky back on the couch while taking hold of my cock. I'm not even sure that I managed to get a full stroke in before I started cumming all over her tits and face.

I spewed a huge amount of cum onto Becky's plus sized body which she, in turn, began rubbing into her skin. I continued fisting my cock until every last drop of jizz had been expelled from my body and now rested on Becky's torso and face. When I was finally finished I looked down at Rebecca and saw that she had a huge smile on her face and had apparently loved being blasted with my cum. She even scooped some of my seed from her tits and placed it in her mouth with her fingers.

"Mmmm, I think we're gonna have to do that again sometime soon!" she exclaimed.

"I'm ready anytime you are!" I sighed, trying to catch my breath.

"Yeah, that was a great show! You'll definitely have to put on an encore performance!" Amy praised from down the hall. "But right now I need you to come over here and fuck me!"

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by Anonymous

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by KeepItHot12/28/17

Love it.

Great fantasy. Very hot!

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by Anonymous07/26/17

Sometimes it's hard to choose

The sight of one's cock disappearing in a hungry pussy competes with that of it disappearing between two beautiful soft breasts. Such a problem. I have had the pleasure of that dilemma, and I've askedmore...

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