tagIncest/TabooAmy's GrandPa Ch. 3

Amy's GrandPa Ch. 3

byWyden Long©

(Gentle reader. Please rest assured that all models used in this story are at least the minimum legal age to fuck and suck to their heart's content. If it boggles the imagination to read of a girl old enough to be in college who still has her cherry, then feel free to skip this chapter. As much as I hate to admit it, I was halfway through college before I got my ashes hauled the first time, and I had been spending most of my waking moments trying to find a partner for years, so it is not so hard for me to imagine an introverted young girl reaching the age of majority still in possession of a quaint bit of flesh.)

A further note: In Chapters 1 and 2, I had been lucky enough to get to know my granddaughters. The older sister, Amy, was hot as a firecracker and had been around a lot, she thought, until I taught her the value of protracted lovemaking with lots of buildup. She had helped break the ice with her younger sister, Bitsy, who was getting very interested in becoming a woman in every way, but I had a plan. It was a sneaky way to pay for her college expenses without her thinking of it as charity. She had something to sell!

* * * * *

After our three-way fuck session, the ice was completely melted around the old homestead. Amy, Bitsy and I all roamed around completely nude. There was a lot of groping and goosing, licking and sucking going on. If their mother could see us now!

"Hey! You guys want to see a movie? I've got one that was made from an old story written back in the 1700s. They made a really big deal about virginity and girls' cherries back then. This old fart had a very beautiful daughter and he guarded her so well that she was 18 and still a virgin. He was going around fucking anything he could find--especially virgins. The daughter really wants to get laid but he guards her too closely. The other people in the story sell him an anonymous young girl's cherry and hide her face so he can't see who he's fucking. When he finds out he has fucked his own daughter, it causes him to have a heart attack and he dies."

"Wow! How dramatic!?"

"Let's watch, let's watch!"

I nuked some popcorn and we all climbed into a ball to watch the legendary John Holmes stuff his 12-inch prick up this cute girl's ass.

"Wow!", breathed Bitsy. "How does she take it?"

"It's not as hard as you think. Want to try it? It's a way for you to get fucked without popping your cherry."

"Won't it hurt a lot?"

"Does she look like she's hurting?"


"Well, sit on my lap. We can actually get you ready for it while we watch. My hands are already slick from the butter on the popcorn."

Bitsy climbed aboard and I idly toyed with her cunt and asshole with my buttery fingers while we watched the scene that set up the surprise defloration.

"Ooh, look how sexy she looks, lying there like that, GrandPa, with just her body sticking out from the curtain, not knowing who can see her or what they might do to her."

"Would you like to do it like that?" I rubbed more butter around her asshole and stuck in a finger.

"Ooooh, that would be scary. Yeah! Let's do it like that!"

"I was hoping you would say that. Amy, why don't you lick Bitsy's pussy while she sits on my prick? Ready, Bitsy? Just squat over the head of my dick and let your asshole rest on it. Amy can lick your twat to take your mind off any discomfort you might feel at first, and when the girl's father starts ramming his big dick in his daughter, it might make you feel like having something in your body, too."

"Ok, Gramps. Ooh. That feels good, Amy. Look, GrandPa! There he is now. Oooh, what a big dick he has! Her pussy looks so small."

The more Bitsy concentrated on the movie and the tongue lashing Amy was giving her, the more she slid down my pipe. Before we knew it, she had the entire log in her guts and was resting back against my chest. Amy was now licking my balls in the same stroke that ended on her sister's clit.

When the man in the movie shot great ropes of cum over his daughter's body, Bitsy and I joined him in the throes of ecstasy.

"I'll make it up to you, Amy. Thanks for being so generous. Want to order some pizza?"

Amy's eyes shown brightly as she remembered the size of Jimmy's prick. "Want to see me fuck the pizza guy, Bitsy?"

"You mean it? Wow! Sure!"

* * * * *

"Hi, Jimmy. This is my kid sister. Isn't she cute?"

"Yeah. Hi kid. Is she going to watch, too?"

"If you want to get fucked, she is. In fact, the only way you're going to get fucked tonight is if you give me a little head, first."

"I can't do that. That's dirty."

"Ok. No lickee, no fuckee. Bye."

"Oh shit, Amy. Ok, I guess."

"It's too late now, Sport. You had your chance and you blew it. The only way you're going to get any now is if you suck my GrandPa's dick."

"Oh, come on, Amy. I said I would suck your pussy. Isn't that enough?"

"No. You're not really my type. The men I like to fuck are the ones who will do anything that feels good. We don't talk about 'dirty' things around here. If it feels good to everybody involved, it's good. If it doesn't, it's bad. Got it?"

"Yeah, I guess. Shit, I was really looking forward to fucking you again. Your pussy is so tight."

"Ok. Look. GrandPa, stand over my head. Jimmy can stick his prick in me as soon as his mouth goes on your dick. Here's my pussy, Jimmy. There's GrandPa's dick. How bad do you want it?"

"Shit, Amy. I want it real bad. You won't tell anybody?"

"Nobody talks about what we do here. Is that clear?"

"Yeah. Can I fuck you now?"

"Bitsy, you stand behind Jimmy and hold his balls. If he takes his mouth off GrandPa's dick without pulling his dick out of me, I want you to pinch his balls real hard. Ok?"

It was plenty ok with Bitsy. She had been hoping for some chance to touch Jimmy's equipment. He could have had her cherry in a flash. As soon as his pants hit the floor, she had forgotten all about the chance to get money for it. She couldn't wait to try that log for herself. Jimmy was cute, too.

Jimmy closed his eyes to try to deny the reality of sucking my dick, so I grabbed the back of his head and rammed my prick down his throat. No point in going halfway. Either you're a cocksucker or you're not. We didn't recognize non-inhalers around here. We know what the hell "is" is.

Before long, he seemed resigned to his fate and actually appeared to be getting into the eroticism of it all. Bitsy was caressing his balls while he slammed into Amy, then she remembered the trick Amy had taught her. She wet a finger in the juice that was running out of Amy's cunt and jammed it up Jimmy's ass.

Whoooha! Jimmy's eyes bugged out and his prick began spewing cum like a firehose. It was enough to make me join him. Every shot he poured in my baby, I gave him back, down his throat. Bitsy was having a ball, fucking him energetically with two fingers up his ass.

Jimmy's cock was still spewing cum when Bitsy pulled him off Amy and sat her ass down on his rod. She was still stretched from my earlier training and his prick was slick as owl shit, so it slid in surprisingly easy. Amy crawled over and sat on my prick, to join in the fun.

"Wow! Bitsy! You're learning fast!"

"I'll show this prick who's a kid. Take that! And that!"

Each 'that' was accompanied by her rising nearly all the way off Jimmy's prick and slamming it back into her guts in one stroke.

"We'll see who's a 'kid', now."

"I'm sorry, Bitsy. Damn, your ass is tight. Doesn't it hurt?"

"Shut up and fuck me, pizza boy. Kiss me and let me taste some of that cum you swallowed."

"Looks like you just joined the club, Jimmy, boy."

"Thanks, Mr. Long."

Amy's face was screwed up in thought, then she brightened. "I've got! I've got it!"

"You've got what?", I asked.

"I just thought of a way to get Mom to let you fuck her."

"Hey! Can I fuck her, too?" Jimmy piped in.

"We're all going to fuck her. We're going to make a cum slut out of my mom."

Looks like I had created a monster.

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